Podcast & Webinar Series

The Origins and Reach of Action Inquiry with Bill Torbert

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The Origins and Reach of Action Inquiry
A Free Podcast & Webinar Series

Based on the following schedule of dates and themes, Bill Torbert will be reading and discussing his pre-publication autobiography in chapter-by-chapter monthly podcasts, followed by webinars (always at 11am Eastern US time) at which he and different members of the action inquiry community discuss that chapter and theme with you.

Torbert’s book is titled Numbskull: Born Again and Again and Again, Transforming Self, Communities, and Scientific Inquiry. Each podcast will be posted here within a week of airing.

Each webinar will occur at 11am US Eastern time. Information will be given for these during the podcast.

Numbskull, Ch 1

18th March – First podcast launched

15th April – First webinar – Hosts: Bill Torbert,  Elaine Herdman-Barker and Chuck Palus.
Theme: Reconstructing One’s Own Early Development – The Impulsive and Opportunistic Action-Logics
And the Mysteries of Transformation

Numbskull, Ch 2

29th April – Podcast 2

27th May – Webinar 2 – Hosts: Bill Torbert, Heidi Gutekunst, Dana Carman. 
Theme: Living through One’s Diplomat and Expert Action-Logics – Enacting Multiple Action-Logics at Once and Pre-figuring Later Action-Logics. 

Numbskull, Ch 3

10th June – Podcast 3 (Numbskull, Ch 3)

8th July – Webinar 3 – Hosts: Bill Torbert, Shakiyla Smith, Nick Owen
Theme: Engaging the Achiever and Redefining Action-Logics – Deliberately Seeking One’s Own Development

Numbskull, Chapter 4 (summary) & 5 (first half)

22nd July – Podcast 4 & 5

19th August – Webinar 4 – Hosts: Bill Robert, Hilary Bradbury, Cara Miller
Theme: Becoming an Organizationally Transforming Leader –Immersive Action Research

Numbskull, Ch 6

2nd September – Podcast 5 

30th September – Webinar 5 – Hosts: Bill Torbert, Aliki Nicolaides, Steadman Harrison
Theme: The Risks of Social Change: In Over One’s Head. 

Numbskull, Ch 7

14th October – Podcast 6 

11th November – Webinar 6 – Hosts: Bill Torbert, Jane Allen, John McGuire
Theme: Organizational Action-Logics & Double-Loop Learning

Webinar Highlights Coming Soon