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17486933- used to be something I saw as necessary to get where I wanted to go, and I still feel that is true to some extent; good theories and skills can be extremely useful and fun - it's nice to know how to drive a really fast car, for example. Now, though, I value the process of growth and learning just for its own sake; to delight me, keep me humble, teach me what I want or need to learn, and I get bigger (and smaller) and smarter (and dumber) all the time. I view others who feel and act this way as fellow pilgrims.
33967466- is awesome. Or rather, learning is awesome, not the education itself. The word ‘education’ is not entirely clear. In general, I like on demand learning, where I learn what I need here and now. While taking lessons and cramming one’s head with knowledge is virtually useless shit. Free choice and mindfulness matter in education – thus one can study what’s really important and desired. And this is in fact tricky, because on the one hand education develops mindfulness and option space and therefore it should be broad (to expand one’s options, not to make one remember them all). On the other hand, it should be narrow and be a matter of choice and desire (which are driven by knowledge of option space).