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Sentence Stem Query Details

Entry IDGLP #Answers
1126071I like to listen.
1586114I listen.
1606116I take it
2686197I firstly try to find out about the reason.
2906212I reflect.
4086319I listen
4206331I think
9776581-I hear
11646667-I listen.
11846680- I listen
11886683I am usually quiet and listen.
12706718-I tend to get my back up.
14596808- I ask myself the reason why
14866819-I reflect.
16966911-it rolls off my back.
20437056-, I tend to ruminate
20497059-I want to understand why.
20547064-I will pray for the person criticizing.
21107084-I do not get offended.
21237090I dont feel good
24397185I listen.
28787315-I tend to brush it off
29647334-I don't like it.
32857430- I listen 
33107435- I listen intently to the feedback.
34757493-I rarely take notice
36127518- I stay quiet
40737591-I seek to understand why
44397647, I immediately think is this justified.
44607650-I like to know why
45407662-I don't like it.
47017695I think about it.-