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726031at first I take personally then step back and ask myself what or how could I have responded differently.
736032I take time to analyze myself and see if I find merit in it, then change what can be changed.
746033I first personalize it, and then reflect on what is driving the criticism and what I can learn from it.
786037I seek the truth in the criticism and try to find a way to grow from it. Not all criticism can be taken at face value so determining the truth of it with an open mind allows me to use it to evolve.
826041I tend to be defensive, even if I don't express it. I am accepting of the criticism quite well once I have taken a step back.
836042of course, I try to learn from the criticism(sp?), and avoid the pain of being criticized.
846043I listen and try to understand how my behaviors/actions lead to the criticism. I apologize and closely monitor the behavior or action that caused the criticism to be more self-aware/ask others for input.
866045I listen to the person criticizing me, then determine where it may be coming from. If a good place, I respond positively (usually). If not, I often ignore it.
906049I feel bad. I tend to beat myself up a bit. I can get internally defensive but I do always take it to heart and, if relevant, try and change.
916050I work hard to turn any negative initial reaction into curiosity.
926051my immediate thoughts are defensive and then I become self-reflective.
986057sometimes I am triggered, usually I try to take a pause and reflect although I am not always successful. I try to ask how could I be wrong and what can I learn. There are so many different ways of doing things, that I try to learn from the feedback.
996058I try to listen and understand what the other person is saying so I can determine how I want to respond to the statement(s).
1006059...I am much better at not taking this personally than I used to be.
1086067I reflect on the source of the criticism, and work to better identify the causality and the proper way to mindfully respond.
1116070I will listen, try to understand the criticism and improve. Also I will give feedback if I see it in the same way and ask, after a while, if things have improved.
1136072I will generally take a position to explain my rationale in order to shape perspective, but will then look to self-analyze heavily on what I could have done differently or better.
1146073I can feel myself narrowing my focus and attention to precisely what is being said, to ensure I remember precisely as I subsequently revisit the comments, mull them over. I then immediately and often repeatedly consider the criticism, working to situate it in context: who said it, my understanding of his/her character and motives, my relationship with the person offering the criticism, what triggered the criticism, how and when it was relayed, the target of the critique, my impressions and reactions to the criticism, and my attempted objective assessment of the situation and my behavior. I often feel a sharp shift in mood or emotion, as if something unusual is occurring. I become quiet and tense, not from defensiveness but from a strong desire to understand. In truth, I crave feedback, particularly a critical dialogue about opportunities for improvement of my character, understanding, and actions. Though criticism can initially smart depending on the manner in which it is delivered, I strive to conduct a full analysis of any criticism offered and henceforth apply it to personal improvement.
1156074I listen at times and at times may be on the defense
1196078I get emotional a bit first, but I always listen quietly and try to find ways to improve myself.
1206079I try to take the 'personal' out of it. I try to remind myself, the person who is providing the feedback is doing so in order for me to learn. It is okay to be criticized, as long as I understand the why behind the message.
1236082I feel stung and then try to rebalance and see how much truth there is in the criticism.
1246083I ask questions in order to identify the reasoning and if justified use criticism as a fuel for further improvement.
1256084I tried to understand the “why”, to take action in order correct the situation if needed, to learn or to clarify when appropriate.
1296088...I try to understand the critics and its root cause and evaluate both for future actions and development
1316090I tend to analyse the situation, who the feedback has come from, the situation and what I think/feel about it. I would then externally process this with people I trust, deciding during this if I need to accept or reject the critique and if there is any learning to be gained from it.
1326091it often annoys me, but I try to think objectively about whether or not their is substence to those criticsms, as I am fully aware that my perspectives and values will differ to others.
1356094and assuming the criticism is fair and justified, I am first disappointed that I have under-performed, letting down myself and my company. Then, however, I seek to learn why that under-performance occurred and what I could have done differently, to achieve a more successful outcome. From that learning, I ensure I do not make the same mistake twice and, therefore, my future performance is improved.
1436102I am cognizant that's whatever the person is saying is a reflection on them, not me. Critical feedback about something I've said, done, produced, etc.? Great; give me more of it! Personally criticizing "me" (i.e. personal attacks), I'm not here for it.
1516107I can take it personally, I can internalise is it and more often I can see it as an opportunity for deeper understanding about self, others and beyond......
1536109usually is something conflict with my value, and jeopardy the relationship between my friends and i
1556111I want to understand the basis of the criticism, even though I can get defensive.
1576113if it is said in a angry tone I get defensive, otherwise I try to listen.
1596115at work, if the criticism is warranted and if it is something I can fix, I try to do that. In my personal life, I try to discuss and listen and change what I can.
1646120I can be open at times but also defensive at times depending on how I am feeling that day.
1656121I try not to take it personally but to understand what is being criticised and to take this on board.
1666122I often become defensive; feeling the need to explain. I don't suffer fools well. So, I never want to be considered one.
1696125I attempt to understand why my behavior or action was viewed in a negative fashion by reflecting on the act, asking the person what I could have done better, and then consciously attempting to improve of that behavior in the future.
1746130I would feel terrible when I was younger but, as I have aged, I have managed to get over some of that because I have more experience of life and feel surer of myself.
1756131I take a moment to reassess what happened and figure out a way to deal with it within and on the outside.
1766132I try to listen to understand what is going on from their perspective and reflect about the information.
1796135I react defensively initially, however over time I reflect on what was said and why.
1836137I first reflect and then try to understand whether the criticism is right and I need to improve or wrong and then defend my position
1886140I tend to be defensive. I find now that I have to take some additional time to listen, let things sink in, before I react.
1916142I get defensive at first but then I am motivated to address the criticism so I can be better and it won't happen again.
1946143I will be calm and to understand what is the reason behind it, then solve it positively.
1976144I'm grateful the person isn't aware of my more serious faults, because there are many.
1986145I will analyse what are the reasons why I am criticized: do I feel the same, is it done with facts, what is the reason this situation happens, does the interlocutor have reason to do so in private, in public, what are his motivations; Then according to this analyse, i will try to improve in every day life, with a training...
1996146I try to find out why I am criticized and try to reflect if there is a basis on this criticism I can learn from
2116149..., though initially 'hurt', I wait to look for the valuable feedback within.
2146152I may take it personally initially and then try hard to separate the meaningful message or feedback therein. I try to bounce back quickly and respond to the criticism as effectively as I can.
2166154I realize that their are other viewpoints and am open to feedback. Reflect on the situation and have an honest conversation about viewpoints.
2186155I don't make excuses, I try to understand the issue from that persons point of view and reflect on how or what I could have done better so that I can improve for the next time. I thank that person for their openness and willingness to share the feedback and I explain what I think I can do differently in future.
2206157I feel the initial "sting" and then step back to determine if there is something in the criticism that I should pay attention to.
2266159I will feel very unconfortable at the beginning. But it is important to face the criticize rationally instead of emotionly.
2286161it does not feel nice, though I like to learn from it an dot improve on it. Being challenges allow you to give the best of yourself, to improve
2306163I need to embrace this and focus my attention towards change instead of personal emotions
2316164I usually tell myself it is okay, no need to be nervous and be open to different ideas.
2326165I become uncertain but it always helps me to understand what my learning points can be.
2346167I firstly bring the criticism back to a factual perspective, as on this basis I can relate more easily. Objective criticism I can take in and review for myself, even ask people around if they would confirm the critic. If the criticism seems not to be valid, I would counter with objective/factual answers or arguments. If critic is purely based on emotion, it will be though to bring reason in the any discussion.
2366169my first reflex is to criticize as well, but i am learning to listen and wait with my answer
2416174I seek to understand the context of the criticism , identify what is mine and what is not , improve what is mine , and clear obstacles to move foreward
2426175I try my best to avoid being defensive, and consider the criticism as feedback that I might need to pay attention to.
2436176I feel an initial "chimp brain" knee-jerk reaction internally that I look to control before responding.
2446177I feel upset and small at first, and then try to take a more objective look to see if I can learn something from it
2486181I try to learn how I can improve my behavior based on the criticism. I pay attention to the source and his/her intent in providing me the criticism. I may ask clarifying questions to better understand and determine next steps.
2566186I sometimes react against it, or feel its unfair, but I generally reflect on it afterwards, to take something positive.
2576187, I try to understand where the other person is coming from and try to listen openly. There are times I get defensive depending on how the criticism is delivered--I need to work on that.
2626191I am curious to understand the reasons for the criticism, this enables self reflection about how things could have been done differently, after self reflection if I am not in agreement I will challenge the criticism and work through the underlying issues that may have manifested themselves in the criticism.
2666195I try to understand the criticism and then (depending on whether I think I'm right or not) either push back or adapt my position
2676196I am starting to respond with curiosity rather than reacting from a place of being hurt.
2696198... I reflect, validate the critisism and act accordingly, depending on if I can, want and need to change to achieve my goal.
2706199I try to widen my information about the subject. If the subject is important I look for if more and better ideas are availble and that the right people with best knowledge have been in the loop. Then trying to conclude in the team best way forward.
2716200I take full attention to the criticism. I analyze the critique and I ask questions to get even more information. Based-on whole set of information, I assess that information received and I establish improvement. That kind of team culture is very important to me as a manager. That dialogue is key to groups' success and leads to successful products. Saying "Yes" all the time, doesn't help.
2786203At first I know that I will dislike it so I force myself to keep a bit of distance and consider that if my person is not criticized, my actions and behaviors are ; that is a key for me to find some solutions.
2816205..I feel uncomfortable due to my need to fit in, be liked, and please everyone. However, I am learning to take any criticism and use it to empower my own decision making process.
2856209I used to take it personally but now I look more for reasons and perspectives to see whether or not that criticism is warranted.
2896211.. I certainly feel uncomfortable but very quickly anknowledge the feedback as a gift and carefully consider it.
2916213I self reflect to see what I find true in the feedback about myself. I often seek input from others to gain their perspective for additional insights into my behavioral patterns.
2956217the level of my discomfort varies based on how the criticism aligns (or doesn't align) with my personal views of myself.
2966218I become defensive and it takes time and distance for me to internalize and validate the criticism.
3016221I listen to the criticism and judge whether the motivation behind it is positive. If so, I look to learn from the feedback. If not, I try to ignore it or wonder what the politics are.
3026222i am immediately defensive but then motivated to "alleviate" the criticism as quickly as possible
3036223I may feel hurt, but I try to reflect back on how I could have done it differently next time.
3066226I usually react : a- If it is a personal critic . - In a group discussion : I shut down which is perceived negatively by the audience or I fight back trying to bring the audience with me . - One on one I usually accept critics , try to explain my behavior or result and justify myself. b- if it is about my team or my family . I usually protect and won’t let anyone harm them . Even if the critics could be justified at times .
3096229I usually first analyze my performance or action and determine if I could have done better then, I consider the personality of the person who is criticizing me.
3136232I do one of two things - either curl up into a little ball of shame or bite back angrily. I know these are not mature responses.
3146233I get frustrated with my own mistakes or performance but try to always take it constructively, understanding the other person's point of view.
3156234My natural reaction is to fight back but thanks to my spiritual side i learned over the last years how to really listen and hear what others are teaching me about me.
3176236I will go quiet, then seek to understand more, worry about it for a bit too long and then work very hard to address it in an appropriate way
3216240I analize the feedback, make a personal judgement regarding its validity and benefits, filter the relevant part of the criticism, consider how to do it better next time and try to remember in future situations.
3226241...first, I should not "explode" or be "aggressive", I should reflect myself if the critic is justified and based on solid facts or not.
3236242I try to listen to understand, I am fear I have done something wrong which would make me ashame and yet at the end of the little journey I am usually in a good, productive discussion about what we commonly and mutually can do better.
3266245I can get defensive. I prefer to be coached in a positive manner - I am not a kid.
3286247It can hurt if it is coming from an informed place as I don’t like to think I have let down or disappointed people. If it is coming from an uninformed place then it impacts less as I can appreciate it may not be valid
3316250I seek to understand why I am getting the feedback and if I disagree focus the discussion on the area that is in debate
3346253I can tend to feel defensive, then reflect and then can over analyse and allow the criticism to overly effect me/my confidence.
3376256my heart accelerate, I try to understand the rationale, and emotion behind the critic. I really always try to address the feed back.
3436262I take the best out of it. Learn from it when necessary. Listen, analyze and then decide my own way
3456264I listen to those criticism and react accordingly as the intent is to improve the desired results
3466265constructively and with clarity i cope more effectively in modifying or improving this situation addressed.
3476266I can get my feelings hurt but most of the time I am able to take a step back and see the other point of view.
3506269I actively attempt to learn from the feedback, by identifying ways to remedy, the actual or perceived basis, for the criticism.
3526271I take the time to understand why, including the reason for the reaction and adjust by behaviour as require.
3536272I listen to feedback first and try to understand if it's legitimate, then I may respond with my point of view if I feel if it's not a valid/fair point or accept if it's valid.
3636280I feel first hurt and my reaction is negative. I think I have been able to consider the point of view of the others when criticizing to better knowing me and try always to use this feedback as a learning for improvement.
3646281I got defensive at first, but then as I self reflect then I am able to assess the constructive criticism.
3656282I like to reflect on the feedback. I am very open to constructive criticism, and often think of various ways I could have done things different, think about ways to change for the future, and make sure that i have a plan in place to address the criticism.
3676283I took the feedback positively and adjust my actions if anything needed to be done differently. if nothing is my fault, I just forget about it.
3686284i try to reflect on whether the criticism is constructive, valid or deserved.
3776290I initially take it personally, but I continue to analyze it and seek to learn from it (in particular when is it clearly made with good intentions).
3786291I find it difficult to look at the positive element. After a while and once I have had chance to think through the criticism and the circumstances, I can gain an understanding from it.
3796292I don't like it at first, but then I digest the feedback and am willing to accept any faults and adjust as needed.
3806293while it hurts my feelings, I tend to reflect to ensure I can correct the behavior.
3826295I try to objectively decide if the criticism is fair and accurate without becoming angry or upset.
3886301I listen very carefully, make sure I understand fully what I have done to cause upset, and make sure that I seize the opportunity to learn from the feedback.
3896302I can get defensive at first and then use it as an opportunity to improve whatever I am being critized about.
3936306it hurts, but if done in a positive manner it helps me to understand issues and i take it on the chin
3946307I immediately look at circumstances that lead to action. I always take the perspective that individual/s providing feedback, commentary, or direction are experienced in area of concern or dealt with previous circumstances so as to assist in mentoring a better outcome.
3966309I look at the validity of the criticism to evaluate if I agree or disagree and continue accordingly.
3976310I take the time to reflect on the content of the criticism and to never let it define who I am.
3996311I have to work on myself not to feel hurt and see it objectively and use it as a learning opportunity.
4006312I typically take it to heart and push myself hard to improve and/or prove to others that I can be successful.
4056316I listen to the other persons point of view and try to understand where they are coming from. I don't have a problem being wrong or making mistakes.
4096320I take the information in and review what I am being criticized on and determine if the person is correct in their judgment. I also determine how close the person is me and knowledgeable to my actions
4106321I need the criticism to be validated for acceptance or unsubstantiated for an empathic view.
4116322I first become defensive but after I give it some thought, I'm usually able to see the other person's viewpoint.
4126323I evaluate the nature of the criticism as well as the individual presenting the feedback to discern the impact or change it may command under similar future circumstances.
4176328I think of ways that I may have handled the situation differently and identify root causes of the issue.
4246335I pause and take stock of the comments. If I believe that the criticism is valid I will reflect and take on board the comments and try and develop an alternate strategy / path.
4256336I want to understand the feedback and the impact I have had on that person or in that situation. What could I do differently the next time if I were more reflective.
4276338i might be sad for a while, but if i get sad, i know it is because there is potential in the critique, and then i try to transform it into learning.
4316342When I am criticized, I try to understand the issue from the other person's perspective and see what changes I may need to consider for the future
4326343I understand it’s feedback and it’s important for the other person at the moment, I try to understand their motives and what can be improved; moreover, it’s also a way of learning the criticizer better
4336344I try to understand where the other person is coming from and what I can learn and implement (if anything) from that criticism
4376345my immediate reaction is to be defensive, followed by some introspection and then a more rational assessment of whether the criticism was fair.
4476346I think about what was said, either use it to better my self or let it go
4546349I pause, reflect and consider that the individual surely has good intentions and also surely has valid points that can help me improve myself, regardless of how that critique was delivered.
4576350I now realize this says more about the person who criticized me than something directly about me.
4586351... I thank for their comments and try to analyze the situation from a "distant, rational" perspective. Then, I try to understand the other's point of view and try to get some learning points. It does not mean that I necessarily agree with these comments
4596352It is hard for me, typically I try to defend my self but not criticizing the counter part. Usually it lowers my self-confidence.
4686353...I try hard to avoid defensiveness, and think hard about whether the criticism is valid.
4696354I feel angry, then sad, then wonder what I did wrong, then angry again
4766356I take a breath and reflect on whether the criticism is justified before deciding on a response.
4776357I am content to be challenged, but defensive if the criticism becomes personal.
4836361I try to understand their viewpoint and how I can improve, rather than getting frustrated and angry.
4896362I do not like it. Initially I can get defensive and look to justify myself.
4976366I take a moment to reflect and then decide whether it's positive feedback that I need to take in and change or just ignore it.
4986367I try not to take it personally and instead aim to understand why I am criticised in order to learn and make things better
5016368I like to reflect on the information and validate it by asking others if they have seen the same in me.
5066369I feel bad and try to find out what it is that I have failed at and should improve. I concern myself with understanding the point of view of the other and incorporate it as learning.
5476385I try to understand what the other person is feeling and what his /her original needs are behind that to know how to respond.
5746391I can initially be frustrated however I like to understand why the criticism was leveled at me, was issue an error or a lack of understanding by myself or others.
5866398I like to listen and to understand what is the real reason that somebody is criticizing an action or an behaviour. Then I would like to understand what kind of action would be appropriate from the others POV and finally decide and explain why I would do it again, why I would question my action in the future or why I would take over the position of the other person.
5886400the initial gut reaction is unpleasantness and even pain; but it is always an opportunity to strengthen my character, by steering myself to give the better responses and choose my words carefully.
5936402I turn inwardly and think of how I have done the same in other contexts.
6016407I think about what I could have done differently, seek to understand the person's point of view and learn from it.
6066409I tend to feel a twinge in the stomach from which I am learning to get over by returning my attention to the value of what I have done, even if it is not appreciated at that moment and reminding me of what I have done,
6076410there is a possibility that I am doing something wrong and also that doing something right there is envy
6086411I remain calm and actively listen. Even if it is personal and if I believe I was right I can at least try to understand why what I intended to happen didn't seem to work in that instance.
6186414I tend to ask for concrete basis for the criticism and when relevant, I see that as an opportunity to learn and develop
6226416I first listen, then attempt to appreciate the intent of the criticism, clarify if needed.
6236417I am concern and want to know why. So first, I take a deep breath, roll my tong few times in my mouth and listen...
6256418generally I'll listen, try to understand it, adjust and/or correct; and, can occasionally feel hurt if I feel its unfair.
6376425I get very upset and withdraw and then criticize myself even more.
6486429I aim to understand why. Is it warranted? What is the driver of the individual offering the feedback? How best can I accept the feedback and move on.
6536430I talk further with the other person to understand the issue and their point of view. I focus on what the true issue is and try to resolve.
6626435I will feel unhappy at the first instance. I will then deal with the emotions in an objective manner to try to understand/reflect on what behaviours (said or done) I have demonstrated that didn't work for the person that made him/her misunderstand my intention.
6636436I try to understand whether there's genuinely something there or not. I genuinely try to find insights in each criticism....yet I cannot claim to be unemotional or completely objective about it.
6736441I take it a little personal at first, then try to understand the root cause and what I can do to overcome the concerns.
6746442I try to see if their is truth in the criticism. If there is a grain--or a whole field of grains--of truth then I do my best to learn from the criticism. However, if the criticism is unfounded or coming from a place of personal disagreement, I do my best to just move on and keep doing the best work I can.
6806446I take it very personally and often feel useless and become defensive in retaliation
6846448sometimes I want to cower, sometimes I feel like being aggressive towards the person criticizing me, but I nearly always analyze the critique, try to understand whether I could do better or avoid doing what they criticize me for
6866450I feel defensive, but also reflect.
6876451my first tendency is to internalize it. Then I am able to reflect on it to understand where the criticism is coming from and how I might act or reflect on it.
7076453I do my best to listen to the need and see my responsibility in the situation - my best depends on my inner state. I also know a part is not about me.
7146456I get annoyed and try to think about why it has happened - both my part as recipient and their part as criticiser.
7256461I find it difficult to handle, even if I rarely show hurt at the moment.
7266462I feel myself get defensive, even though I realize it is not necessarily a personal slight.
7366466if find it very hard and spend a lot of time analysing the reason and whether the criticism was justified. I find it hard to move on.
7386468I think it over and if warranted, I make necessary changes.
7416470I listen carefully and try to understand it and use it, even if I disagree at times.
7446473I tend to initially be defensive; but I'm practicing reflection and appreciation. I am also practicing application, but that is the one I am not consistent with.
7476475I try to step back and better understand the situation and what I'm being criticized for. Sometimes constructive criticism is difficult to hear especially when intentions are pure. When done in a positive way, it is beneficial for growth.
7516478I have a hard time not dwelling on the situation. I replay the scenario over in my mind to determine what I could have or should have done to avoid the criticism.
7556479I may not like it in the first moments, then I try to understand why, take it constructively and look into what I can change or improve.
7566480I take it as an opportunity to reflect, analyze, and change in order to grow and improve.
7576481I sometimes get upset by criticism, however I try to look inside myself and determine if the criticism is warranted and if I need to make a change to be more successful. I am not perfect, but neither is anyone else.
7596482i look to see if valid and then change actions or readdress with the person doing the criticizing
7616483my first thought is usually a defensive one, so I try to take the information in and evaluate without responding quickly with an excuse/reason
7626484...I try and listen! If it's constructive (and, on reflection justified,) I try and consider the implications for my behavior and action.
7636485I tend to shut down and take it as a sign of failure rather than as a tool for improvement
7686489I use to immediately take offense and go on the defensive although I still feel like this reaction is a characteristic of mine I have learned to let some things roll off my back.
7696490I reflect on the comments that I heard and determine if the comments were warranted. I reflect on how I could have changed my actions in the situation. And sometime, I do not agree with the criticism, and do not feel a change to my actions is necessary.
7746491I can sometimes feel defensive in the moment, but often find it helpful once given an opportunity to digest the information.
7756492I can become defensive and irritable at first. I feel that I put forth effort in almost everything I do. When I get criticized I can take it as a personal attack against me and the amount of time I put in. However after some reflection and understanding I may be able to come to the same conclusion as the person that is criticizing me and try to learn from it.
7796493I Always asking myself if the critism is justified. But if it's not I have to deal with it too. I respect that this will be done in a respectful way. You have to accept each other.
7826495I have a tendency to take it personally but I am trying to step back and separate the personal from the criticism
7856497I listen, ask questions and then where appropriate absorb the information to enable improvement for the future.
7916499I can get defensive but I would prefer to be open to what i can learn.
7936501my tendency is to first react defensively or in a way that protects what I'm trying to accomplish, but I have gotten better at pivoting quickly to reflect on why i'm being critisized, who that is coming from and why they might be critical. I want to understand their story at the time and how it relates to how i'm feeling at the time relative to my story as my reaction may not be appropriate to the action. It may simply be an opportunity to reflect and learn so that both parties can do better in the future.
8006505I'm reflecting about the critic people are giving to me. What can I learn about it? I also go in conversation with the person who is critizing me. I try to understand the critic and try to learn of it.
8146511-I pay special attention to what is being said and try to clarify if the person is trying to be helpful, or if the criticism is stemming from that person's emotions about something unrelated.
8156512I continue to listen while assessing why I'm being criticized and preparing to right arguments to reply back (if needed) in a respectful manner.
8166513for a brief moment I am down on myself. However I pop back review in my mind what I was criticized about and think through what I could have done better. I would plan the changes to be made whether it is mental or a project.
8226515-I try and understand where the other person is coming from, if I am wrong in some way and how to resolve it.
8236516-I try to listen to the source of the criticism to improve upon myself, taking into account the source of the criticism.
8246517I take the feedback to heart. I try to listen to the comments, learn from the experience and improve everyday.
8296521-I listen to fully understand what's being said and try not to get defensive. I always try to learn from situations to see how I can improve and how I could have handled the situation better.
8436524-I do not let it distract me from the task at hand if, upon reflection, my actions were true to my values.
8466526-I like to understand why I'm being criticized, not only to see the other view but to see how I can change or improve.
8476527whilst it is not always easy, I look to respond in a way which is considered and appropriate to the situation.
8736535-it hurts and sometimes I push back but I try to reflect on why to learn from the critisizm and my actions.
8756537- I am learning something about myself that I had not seen but somebody else is willing to share.
8806538-I can react sharply but in my better moments I try to listen and learn.
8826540- I’ll seek feedback and then reflect to ensure a more appropriate approach next time.
8916546-I tend to initially assume it to be true. On reflection, I can usually step away from it and put it into context of a bigger picture.
9056548- I try to take an analytical perspective. Can I learn from the criticism and can I improve my results in the future.
9106550-My first reaction is to be angry and defensive. Literal I feel something in my stomach. I have to do at the moment a lot of work with myself to evolve the emotion in a positive one an make myself open to hear.
9186553I am probably harder on myself than the individual that criticized me, but I try to be open to the feedback and understand where the criticism is coming from.
9266556- I try my best to take that feedback and change my behaviors, though I sometimes find that difficult
9306558-I am asking questions to better understand the critic and see what I can learn from it for a next time. If the critic is not fair I will say this and will disregard it.
9416567-I try to figure out what I may have done and understand the disconnect. In some cases I do become defensive and look for situational reasons that may have influenced my decision making.
9456569When I am criticized I typically remain quite and try not to immediately react to allow time for understanding and reflection.
9526571...I shut my mouth, listen carefully to the person and surely will think about this event much longer than the conversation lasted. Pretty often I double-check with e.g. my wife and/or a psychologist. Depends on the criticism.
9626575Initially I sometimes feel slightly defensive but quickly try to understand why with the ultimate purpose of addressing the cause of this criticism if I can help or address it.
9676576- I listen to understand what is being said and try and understand why so I can decide how I should use this feedback
9736578-I tend to defend myself first and when I realize my reaction, depending on who my interlocutor is, I let them explain and finish talking.
9746579-I like to take a step back from the situation and observe how it is affecting me before I act.
9996586-this makes me feel challenged and a little defensive. I am keen to understand the nature of the criticism and then try and assess whether this is valid (and what learnings I should take from it) or whether this is unjust and a result, for example, of a misunderstanding.
10006587- I try to not become defensive treating the feedback as a gift that I can learn from; provided there is some objectivity, preferably withan example to help me understand the feedback better
10056591-I learn, listen, observe and take what can be useful to me. Criticism is always welcome and even more so when it helps to build or in some way contributes to a better way to what we do or how we are.
10106592I try to understand the context and root cause of the criticism before taking it personally or reacting.
10116593I listen, ask and reflect, try to understand and change if necessary without losing myself.
10126594-I try to talk about behavior but not about personality, I think that it is good way for understanding what you talking about. I try to use real situation which shows the behavior. And I call it feedback.
10146595-it goes to my identify and I can get defensive, but if I am rested and centred, I can respond rather than react.
10156596- its typical for me to be initially upset but I have taught myself to pause for a second, compose my thoughts, take in the criticism and then if appropriate, provide my response.
10246598-I tell myself to not become defensive but to seek to hear what the other person is saying and seek to learn and grow.
10336601-they nearly always say things I know about myself. I know, but I cannot, or rather fail to, change them. Due to the habit of managing my internal problems on my own I don't know how to use advice or help of other people to set something right. When my projects or my work are criticized, I listen but I concur with 1 in 2 statements
10396607-I first get mad and stressed, then I try to analyze and learn my lessons.
10416609I take it personally because I tend to invest myself in the quality of what I deliver. I can get defensive and need to consciously step back to explore the validity of the critique.
10426610-I am hurt and I sometimes respond with aggression.
10436611-more often than not I "set up a wall" since I rely on my "tuning fork", I defend; sometimes I do listen, particularly when I don't have the "fork"; I accept teacher's critique when I am studying.
10456613- I consider the source. If respected, I course correct, if not, I move on.
10546617-I want to try and find out what I can do better and learn to improve in areas where I am weak. It's easier for me to accept and hear the criticism if I know and trust the person giving it to me and believe that they are offering criticism to help me. I have been working on being more proactive in asking for feedback but still have more to learn in this area.
10566618I am usually at least somewhat defensive, but strive to look for the truth in what is being said.
10576619I will always try to look myself in the mirror and see whether the criticism is deserved. Feedback is a gift, but not always easy. Criticism can feel awful, but makes you grow.
10716621- i reflect on the context and content of the criticism. The way in which you choose to react depends on the giver, and the subject matter.
10726622my face feels hot, I feel embarrassed, and defensive thoughts pop up. I am trying to pause, breathe, and respond with questions to better understand the criticism, but it is hard to do.
10886629- I often get quite defensive internally but react and use it as a mirror as to how I can be better at something
10906630-I try to get over the emotional response quickly, not to take it personally and learn from the expereince.
10956631-I will face up to my shortcomings, reflect on myself, receive feedback, and make improvements next time
10976632- I generally recoil, and try to digest, expecting that there is some merit to it
11136640I get cold if I respect the critic and hot if do not.
11176642-I will react badly if I feel that the criticism is unfair but will reflect on its validity at a later date once I have calmed down.
11186643- I listen and reflect on the message. In the end I can decide on what actions to take or not!
11286648-I usually agree with the criticism or at least understand why that person would criticize. When I was younger I was more likely to disagree with or ignore the criticism.
11336651-I sometimes feel underseiged and am not always sure how to react. I sometimes wish I had more ability to be faster in responding to unfair criticisms, in a powerful but non threatening way
11346652I can usually see why it is happening and how my work would initiate that response. Criticism is great feedback, you just have to sift through it in a different way.
11356653- I react defensively, then reflect on it, assume responsibility for the perception and take action.
11426655I am affected but also reflect on it to include it as it deserves to be considered, not less, not much.
11496658i think about what i did to receive the criticism and how i might change so that i do not make the same mistake or hurt anyone in the future.
11526660I first react with defensive behavior and then process the comments
11576662- I have to attempt to understand the opposing perspective before reacting and choose to accept and take on board the criticism or ignore and move on.
11616665I can overthink it. I want to understand the motivation and often try and rationalise it. But I'm able to course correct.
11636666-I consider who the criticism is from and what it means. I take some time to consider the content and meaning before responding.
11696669-I try to use the feedback constructively, but I can instinctively defensive if I feel the criticism is an indictment or an attack.
11706670- It immediately hurts, but I focus on listening to the content (and not necessarily the delivery) and see how can adapt. I believe there is always a bit (or a lot) of truth in criticism. The only way for us to move forward is to embrace the criticism and choose to apply it to your life to get better.
11716671I get into my own head and either retreat to , or defend myself.
11746674I try not to take it personally, however I am very passionate about the level of effort I put into my work.
11786675I am feeling impacted. I accept the feedback and think about if I would change anything going froward. I love critics with positive intent as many of us. They make me stronger faster.
11816677I take the feedback personal, internalize it and then quickly address it or become very self aware of the critique.
11856681-I listen and reflect, I "try-on" the feedback, I find value in the raw material and become more resilient through accepting the insight.
11946687-I get hot under the collar; then it depends on who criticizes me and for what. I am often hurt by criticisms, but I try (with varying outcomes) to become better.
11986688-for me it's a great opportunity to meet myself. There may be some members of my internal family I have not met, someone may experience an emotion which will point to something important for me, or even something long forgotten. Critique is a gift that life brings to me.
12006690-it’s always somewhat unpleasant, but always very useful. It brings forth a passion to win, a motivation to fight and prove you can do more.
12026692-I feel sad. I replay the situation over again in my head. I try to see the other person's perspective. Usually after talking to someone about it, I feel better. I recognize there is likely some truth. I try to resolve things with the person who criticized me so that we can get along better and work together better in the future.
12106696- I am thankful for the feedback, I self reflect, and then seek validation from trusted sources.
12376700I listen to understand the impact of my actions and if its in conflict with my intent.
12386701-I can be defensive at first but if given time to process the information I try to analyze it, check its validity and make necessary changes
12406703I always look into myself to find the blame and rarely start looking for someone else to blame. Unless the underlying reasons for criticism are obvious.
12556713I try to listen and not become defensive and take those criticism in consideration to improve myself.
12636715-I tend to take it somewhat personally and become defensive though try to learn from the shortcomings.
12676716- I can feel defensive, but will always try to learn from the feedback.
12726720I may take offense to it but will always try to look at the persons reasoning to hopefully correct something that I am doing wrong
12736721- my hope is that it is done in a constructive manner and with the intention of helping me to improve on a deficiency or shortcoming.
12796725- i’m less surprised now. We’re all complex to one degree or another - we’re bound to differ though I try to learn what I can from it.
12806726- first it hurts, occasionally I become defensive, and eventually I step back and reflect
12836727-I like to think about how that relates to my actions and what may be that persons own reflections and determine how/if I can improve.
12966734I don't like it but I have learnt over the years to hide that to most people. I hate the thought that others think badly of me.
12976735- it is important to listen, process the words, check for validity and then respond or accept
12986736-I take the feedback knowing this can only grow me as a person and gives me the knowledge of how I am perceived.
13006738I sometimes become defensive, though this is something I am working at refraining from doing and except the criticism so I can learn from it.
13056743- honestly and do not feel so good because, obviously someone points to my failure or something is not done properly. I try to accept it as a good advice no matter what the criticism is. It's hard, but I'm trying to be that way.
13066744-i find myself trying to test these assumptions from others - how can i take a moment to invite multiple perspectives into my view so that I can see my potential blind spots?
13126747I seek to learn more about the way that person feels and make changes if it aligns with my internal compass.
13246752- I will be open to the feedback and not deny it upfront no matter what. However, the way the message is brought across does make a difference to me. My preference is to have it delivered in person face to face with no one else around. I will usually listen closely and digest the feedback before I respond.
13296753- I try to keep calm and understand what is the reason, object of criticism trying answer or respond to it
13346754-I try to listen for important suggestions or what will improve my performance and do better (as long as it is from a creditable person).
13366756-I am defensive and careful before replying.
13386758- They make me a gift, even though it hurts.
13416761- I look for the kernel of truth, the reasons within me that led the other to express the criticism.
13426762- I initially feel disappointed, however when I seek to understand I often feel better about the situation
13546765- It sometimes difficult to hear but I am a much better person for not just listening but hearing the criticism. When I feel I am criticized unjustly I may hold a grudge or want to correct their error.
13676769-I may feel bad, however I always try to hear what is being said, and why, and to then engage with the other.
13906776I take time to 'respond' and not to 'react' - and try to learn from the feedback. In almost every situation there is something to be learned from criticism.
13916777- I tend to blush, and feel very self critical, under duress I can lash out and want the other person to see their "part" in the issue at hand.
13966779I really try to internalize the other person's point of view and see if it can help me get better for the next time.
14006780- I immediately feel a need to respond in kind but mostly don't because I try to practice an "I'm OK, You're OK" approach.
14096782- it is hard for me to accept the critique 100%, but I also immediately assume some of it is on target (even if it's not).
14216787I would try to understand the reasons for the criticism and see if it was justified and if it was, explore what I could or might need to do.
14226788- it's hard to hear and I can get defensive or get my feelings hurt.
14256791-I take this personal. First I will go into defence but soon I will start criticizing myself
14396797-I try and undertand the perspective and reason, to determine whether it something I need to take on board and if so, how.
14546803-I get defensive. I try to do everything to the best of my ability and I don't like it when others think I'm not giving my all or doing things wrong.
14576806I am initially defensive, but willing to listen to the reasoning
14586807-I find it difficult not to take it personally, and need to remember to stay detached.
14606809- I feel disappointed but try to look at it as an opportunity to self reflect and learn about how I can use that information to improve.
14676814-I try to remove the emotion and focus on the act or behavior that is being criticized.
14856818-I listen to my critic and discern what is my responsibility and think of ways to improve or try to communicate and determine what is at the root of their critique.
14926821I do not like to be aggressively criticized and will become defensive in this situation. When people have feedback for me or the need to criticize me I would prefer it to be one on one and in an environment that they ask to give me feedback in an empathetic way so that I trust that they care and are helping me.
14976825-I will get upset (privately), and then try to identify both the truth in the criticism and context of the criticism (including trying to put myself in the other person's shoes if the criticism seems abnormally harsh or off-base).
15016829- at times my initial reaction is to take things personally but I make an effort to take the time to reflect to understand the criticism in a constructive manner.
15026830-I can get introspective and dwell on what has been said, I also get defensive
15036831I listen and determine if the criticism is constructive, try not to take it personally and respond calmly.
15046832I internally become defensive but believe I am good at controlling this outwardly, taking onboard the feedback/criticism and taking away to digest & adjust.
15266839-I try to not take it personally and see it as a place for improvement. I usually take immediate steps to rectify those shortcomings so I won't be continuously criticized for the same behavior/activity.
15536844- I usually get defensive and look for opportunities to strike back.
15556845-I wonder what went wrong, why did something go wrong, and what do I need to do to fix it.
15706854-I can sometimes get defensive but if the criticism is constructive I think about how to use it to help me improve.
15716855-I tend to get defensive, over analyze and replay what created the criticism over and over in my head.
15906859- I try to listen and reflect the cause and origin in order to improve. I do not argue unless i have reflected wether the critics ar right and justified of irrelevant to me.
15946863I am less defensive than I used to be, but will still shut down at times. I'm OK with criticism when it is rational and grounded in substance.
16016866-It stings and I initially get defensive, but after I've had a moment to get through the emotion I can usually see where/what I could have done differently. I own my mistakes and will admit and apologize quickly, especially if it caused someone else harm (extra work or feelings).
16096869- I tend to play with it. Usually curiously to understand it more, sometimes to defend it, sometimes to buy time to think about it. Depending on the nature of it, usually I can continue whatever I am doing by compartmentalising, then will reflect on it later when I am on my own.
16146870- i feel a bit taken back at first, but usually try to see where the criticism is coming from. and, if warranted, i will of course correct it. if it is not warranted, then will work with that person over time to try to improve the relationship.
16176872- I like to understand what can I learn from the feedback and if there is anything I have not noticed before. I believe in change and improvement so any type of feedback is welcome.
16336879- I take a breath and assume positive intent and then take the feedback to improve on how I may approach the situation in the future
16396882I try to listen and not to be overly defensive
16406883- I often take it personally, reflect on it a lot, analyse what could be behind it and what I can learn from it.
16596888-I can go into myself and worry about what I have done one / who I have hurt and/or what I should have done differently. However, this is much less pronounced than in earlier stages of my life. I do however catch myself resisting/or avoiding the criticism at times.
16636891- I tend to be sensitive, but I know myself well and I control my emotions. In the work environment, I will stick to the fact, not to the judgement.
16676893- I try to keep an open-mind and be receptive to the criticism even though it might at times be difficult
16706895honestly, I may feel hurt or destabilized. It depends of who express the criticism with which intention. That being said, the last years, I worked a lot to build and nurture my connection with the best in myself. When connected, I'm able to hold anything in front on me without turning defensive. The outcome is just so amazing.
16736897... I think about what it is being said. Feedback is a gift, and always tells you something (even if you don't agree).
16746898-I pause and step back to understand what i can learn from the critique, determine my own truth and devise a response
16786901- i can get defensive but then I try to think of why and what I am being criticized and try to improve.
16926907My first reaction is personal disappointment. That soon passes and I can then see opportunities for improving or changing things.
16936908-I sometimes get defensive at first but then try to refocus and understand more clearly what is being communicated.
17196919-I both feel attacked and want so much to learn more
17266920- I will analysis the criticism, was it fair and reasonable, can i learn from it, was i hurt and felt defensive and why, and consider if I need to address something personally with someone.
17366923- I am sometimes uncomfortable but understand that this is how growth and development happens.
17406926- I sometimes get anxious and feel as if I have failed to do or be what I should do or be; although I occasionally get defensive.
17446929-I might initially act self-defensive and deflect, but I ultimately try to engage with criticism and reflect upon opportunities for improvement.
17476932-I then analyze myself as a whole to see what I can improve on. I will sometimes over analyze and will be too hard on myself. I do appreciate constructive criticism and prefer it to not getting any feedback from a leader.
17606939-I often feel defensive and scared/threatened and have to consciously remind myself to stay present and open to the person speaking.
17656942-I will listen and assess in my head the feedback to understand the feedback and how I can do better.
17666943I will listen, and almost always respond. Often I can get over defensive when responding which is something I'm working on.
17786947- it makes me reflect and consider alternate views of my actions, but it doesn't necessarily mean I will change my course of action.
17806949-I generally feel badly, evaluate the perspective, discuss with the criticizer and try to do better in the future.
17876954- I seek to understand where is the person coming from and if this is a blind spot I should reflect more upon.
17886955-I analyze the criticism for specific improvements I can make and the outcomes these improvements should produce, and then I look for opportunities to exhibit these improvements and measure progress and expected results.
17916957- I reflect, i'm constantly reflecting. There is always a lesson to be learned. It makes me feel people care enough to give me feedback or at least i'm doing something significant enough and worthy of feedback.
17956958-I try to pause and understand what did I do or say that offended the other person. I also try to talk through the difference of opinion
18086962I try very hard not to take it personal and instead truly listen and understand the person's perspective and consider what changes I could make to improve.
18096963I try to understand the reasons behind the criticism by not reacting but seeking to understand.
18106964-I try tot understand it from the persons point of view and I try to do better or act different, depending on if I agree or not
18146967- I try to understand where the other person is coming from and reflect on whether the criticism feels true for me or whether it was coming from a place of emotion
18156968- I am initially defensive and take it personally then over time, I see it as a learning opportunity to be better.
18166969I try to listen, but I know that I find it hard not take it personal. I will definitely think about what I am told
18186971- then I feel that right in my heart. I try to discover the usefulness of the critisism. On this basis I usually succeed in giving the feeling a place.
18216973I often take the time to listen and reframe as an opportunity to learn more about myself and the person criticizing me. I respond best when criticism is provided responsibly with an example and the impact.
18246974-I tend to take it very personally at first, and then look to see the validity of the criticism and what I can do to improve what i was criticized for.
18306975-I encourage being criticized. Not only is it a form of learning, it is also a way to reevaluate your thought process to make the right decision.
18376979- I usually am not a person of strife, i consider myself a very understanding person, we all have situations in life, rather me trying to inflate the situation or circumstance, usual will tend to change current environment and better the situation.
18796982-depending on whom it is coming from determines how I would evaluate it.
18976987-I always feel some emotional withdrawal but try to find reason for the criticism, hopefully it was meant to help correct the task.
18986988-I sometimes feel defensive however remain open minded.
18996989- I try to understand what is the motive of a person that is sharing the criticism. Also, I try to understand why I have done things (that I am criticized about) in that way. Sometimes it can be very helpful, as it helps me to consider things from different perspective.
19026991-I tend to initially become uncomfortable, but over time I use this criticism as a tool in becoming a better person.
19086995-I initially react, however try to listen and see if there is anything I can change to make the situation better the next time I'm faced with it.
19116998-I cringe and internalize and absorb that I, as a person, am not good.
19166999-although it does personally affect me as I take pride in my performance I do my best to break down the opportunity being offered.
19177000-I take it to heart at first and then tell myself to not take it personally; however hopefully I was criticized constructively and will make it a lesson learned. I openly accept constructive criticism as you can improve and better yourself with something you may have not noticed or seen in yourself.
19227005-I take it in stride if the criticism is rightfully so and learn from it. If it is not warranted, then I do get offended.
19707015- I find it difficult and my initial reaction is personal and inside I feel defensive. I try to absorb the criticism and bounce back strongly and prove them wrong.
19767019I can become defensive, and am getting better at noticing it when it happens so that I can be curious instead. What is the truth in what the person is saying?
19807021- I thought I didn't care and that I laughed at it but I discovered that in the end I laugh at myself because sometimes I don't know how to respond to these criticisms and they affect me. And rather that it affects me a lot when they criticize others. I don't accept it.
19827023-I react defensively and am working on thinking before I speak.
19837024-although it can be hard, I try not to take it personally and look to see if the criticism is valid and how I could incorporate it into making me a better person.
19847025I try to learn from it. Most times if we can look passed being hurt or defensive, there is truth that can help us become a better person.
20027029- I don't take it personal. I reflect upon the feedback, try to see it from their point of view and may adjust behavior in case I see reasoning.
20047030- I may have varied reactions and the main thing here is the intension and motivation of the one criticizing. When the purpose is for good and aiming development I am open to constructive feedback. When I feel and see somebody's personal not good intensions I usually express my opinion.
20087034-I like to understand why and decide what i could, should have done differently or whether further dialogue would be beneficial
20097035-I try to be open-minded and avoid defensiveness at all costs because criticism is valuable - nevertheless, criticism is often personally painful as well.
20107036-I think it is important to understand why, understand where there can be improvement, rather than get upset or allow emotions to take over. Continue to ask questions on how I can improve and work on improving by setting and measuring goals.
20187040- I get angry and annoyed if I have failed to live up to the high standards I set for myself, however If I am being criticized for my opinion I remain calm and explain my position further.
20197041-I view it as feedback, by keeping an open mind to criticism, we all have the opportunity to develop.
20207042I have learned to listen carefully for opportunities to learn and develop: I try to evaluate what, in the criticism, is the theme (or are the themes) that I can learn most from.
20217043I may need to fight off initial feelings of defensiveness depending on the person(s) providing the criticism, and then I quickly seek to understand the criticism so that I may pursue continuous improvement in said area.
20227044-I want to understand why. I also want to understand what I may have done to contribute to the criticism and how can I change the perspective in the future.
20267045-in most instances I try not to react too quickly and slow down my instinct to respond. I try and look at the merits of the criticism and ask clarifying questions to better understand. If discussions are getting tensed particularly in a group setting I try and diffuse the situation. Staying calm and not losing my composure is the most important thing to me. At the same time if the criticism is not founded on facts I would make sure not to give in under pressure and stay firm and unruffled.
20337048I'm open if its done constructively. Constructive feedback/criticism is important if it delivered with good intention. I think the intent is distinguishable by body language and delivery.
20347049-it angers and embarrasses me at first. It usually doesn't stop me. In fact it usually strengthens my resolve.
20357050-it is not pleasant and I focus on listening to make sure what I get the meaning of it and decide what do I do with it.
20377052-I first tend to be angry, then try to understand where the critics is coming from and if possible to adapt so that critics is no longer valid.
20387053I like first to understand if it is possible for me to improve what I have been doing, second to see if there are direct learnings for the next time and third if there are parallels elsewhere.
20487058it is important that I understand the origin of the criticism and reason for it, regardless of my own feelings towards it.
20507060-I try to listen, be open and understand the nature of the criticism, which is not always easy by the way.
20537063- i try to understand why, from who came the critic . then i analyze and take the right decision to change , developp myself or ignore..
20577066My first reaction would be to respond, trying to convince that I'm right Even if I know that the ones who challenge us make us better...
20737068-it doesn't always feel good but it is a great opportunity to learn and understand how to do better or know areas you need to gain more knowledge about.
20747069- I get very upset with myself and can sometimes become defensive depending on the person. I always attempt to do my best at everything put in front of me so I get very upset with myself and can cry. The delivery of the criticism is key and as long as it is from someone I know and trust, I am generally not a defensive person (she said defensively).
20777071I tend to take it personal at first and then I think about how I can use that feedback to grow.
20797073-I listen, absorb and try to understand why and what my next reaction or response will be.
20807074I take the feedback well, if it is presented in a constructive way. If the criticism is presented maliciously, I can become negative and defensive in order to represent myself and my team in the best light possible.
20847075-I reflect on what might have triggered the criticism--a fair assessment, a misunderstanding or other issue so that I might resolve the issue and alter my behavior to avoid future similar situations.
20897079- probeer ik te achterhalen waarom dat zo is, en of het terecht is. Ik vind het lastig om met onterechte kritiek om te gaan, maar probeer wel altijd te kijken wat het mij leert. - I try to find out why that is, and if it is justified. I find it difficult to handle unjustified criticism, but I do always try to see what I can learn from it
21127086I attempt to distance the emotion I feel from the specific criticism. I do my best to take the criticism at face value, interpret and understand the situations that led to the criticism, and learn from it.
21347093-sometimes I feel hurt and defensive, then I check whether there is something I can learn from the criticism, or if the criticism is better to be ignored
21427094I hope I am able stay present and catch my ego and its intentions before it defends itself verbally.
21507099- I must find strength to overcome denial in order to listen and hear the other person. Taking pauses pays off, and it’s a skill I am working on.
21407100I am focusing on understanding the motivation and reasons behind the critics. I am asking a number of clarifying questions to get to the real reason behind the critics and then have negotiation to find common grounds and solution to the problem
21517101- it can be traumatizing or useful and positive, depending on subject and the way it’s delivered.
21557103- initially I get upset, defense is my first reaction. Then I look into myself and the reasons for critique. If I find it fair, I use it for development.
21567109-I try and not take the criticism as an assault against me but rather take the constructive, insight and learn from it and better myself if it is something I see value in improving. But sometimes, if it is just mean and spiteful, I try and ignore it.
21677113- I try to hear the person’s view and I will return to the critique in my thoughts to find a solution, even if I can react emotionally at first.
21717117- I start defending, using various emotional and intellectual methods.
21727118- at first my emotions kick in and produce a defensive reaction wherein I defend [sic!] and stand up for my position.
22097128-I can be a bit defensive and try not to dwell on its and take it too much to heart.
22117129-I try to pause and reflect on the situation before responding. If it is possible, I try to assess my response to the criticism in a neutral way, reflecting if the comments are true or perhaps there is something else going on that I need to be aware of or a message that someone is trying to communicate and it came out badly. If I am triggered by the criticism or feel a physical or emotional response within me, I use centering and breathing practice to stay calm.
22297133- I take ownership and try to have awareness of what is valuable criticism vs non-supportive criticism.
22717139I tend to wait until a later time to analyze and reflect on what was said instead of reacting, positively or negatively, at the time.
22827144- I try to understand the rationale, reflect on the validity of the input, try not to be defensive and respond and react in a productive way and where relevant address the concern and improve going forward.
22787145When I am criticized my reaction often depends on the situation or type of criticism. There is always a feeling of frustration when I receive criticism but I welcome and react positively to constructive criticism. Whether it be in my personal life or at work, I take the time to think about what was said and develop a plan to better myself.
22837146- there maybe a great source of improvement there. Is it myself, the group, the process that has a problem ? Is there any clear process in the place ? Of course energy and action from my side is required to impulse more positive feedback!
22927149-When I am criticized constructively, I need time to personally and carefully assess the comments, its intent, and how it made me feel before responding.
22957150-I sometimes take things too personally and let it affect me on an emotional level. I have been working for years now on taking all criticism into consideration and have done so somewhat successfully. While at one point earlier in my career I may have gotten upset or thought the person to quite simply be "Wrong" I have now grown to a point where I can honestly reflect and consider their words. That said, although I take criticism seriously and act on it, it still affects me on an emotional and confidence level.
23147155-I have both a visceral "wake-up and pay attention" emotional reaction, and then immediately a rational "try to frame and understand" reaction.
23177156i see it as a gift, sometimes i like it, sometimes not. always use it to reflect
23197158-I will take time to reflect if I could have done things differently and would i have wanted to. If the criticism feels accurate, I will take time to map out a plan for change.
23327162-I may take it with me to rethink it, because I know that in the very first moment one may tend to refuse criticism and thus miss the point.
23477166- I experience unpleasant bodily feelings of pinched [sic!] ego and for a long a time I will remember and adjust the behavior criticized.
23617169-I listen carefully to understand why the person is criticizing me and which valid points and improvement opportunities i can take away for my own setup.
23697170-I might first be confused, but if I know that the critique is given for a reason, I will take it on. If the critique is given without ground, I seldom am able to defend myself or even get back to it later.
23767172I have learned over time not to respond in the moment, but to try and understand what the other person is saying and the basis for their criticism.
23937174-First of all, I try to understand the arguments of the cristism. If I think it is a fair comment, I will apologize and I will discuss with the relevant person what I can do to address the problem.
24157177I am usually able to get on top of the fight or flight instinct and gain some insight either into my own behaviour/actions and/or their impact on the person or some insight into the motivation of the person
24167178-I have learnt over time to reflect on the criticism and respond rather than react.
24177179I try to treat it like a gift of feedback and assess it against my insights and perspective to determine what I will take or change and what I won't.
24197181..... I like to establish the facts and what sort of criticism it is and take on board any learnings that I can use in a positive way.
24217183- I get defensive if I am firmly of the belief that the criticism is wrong or ill-informed
24237184My initial internal reaction is defensive. Externally I work to understand the criticism through discussion with the individual(s).
24487190I try to understand more about the perspective and the source of the feedback so that if it is something that I ultimately agree with, it can be an opportunity to use it to become a better human being.
24497191- I try to listen and understand the nature of the criticism and to avoid becoming defensive or dismissive.
24507192-I firstly take it personally, secondly check to see if the person criticising me has a hidden agenda and then thirdly reflect on it with the goal of self-improvement.
24517193- I probably have an instinctive defensive reaction internally however I process quickly. If I'm confident the criticism comes from someone with good motivations then I will strive to learn from it.
21257194I take it pretty hard because I'm generally hard on myself. However, after reflecting on what's said, why, and the motivation behind it, I make a conscious decision to move past it.
24717196-I seek to understand why and to assess whether the feedback is fair and if so what to do as a result.-
24797197I get defensive externally but internally beat myself up.
24827198I can shrink back, be hurt.... be defensive. I then get to processing.
24837199- I generally take on board and reflect before responding. I put myself in the other persons shoes to understand the motivation behind what they are saying. I listen and try and learn.
24967204I feel disappointed in myself if I see the criticism as valid and hope to find ways to improve, but if criticism is unjust, it leaves me feeling frustrated.
25077206I try to find the contrsuctive concepts and accept that everyone has an opinion even if I don't agree with it.
25067207I am not happy about it but I try to learn from it. I also don't dwell on it for too long, I know I can't make 100% of people happy.
24927209I sometimes take it more personally than I should. On reflection, most times it is usually constructive and deserved.
25167210I will reflect and think about whether it is justified. It also depends on whether I value and respect the person who is giving the criticism and trust their opinion
25397215I listen, stay calm and respond to show I have heard what was said and explain why I agree or disagree.
25417216although this may be difficult I try to understand where this is coming from, reflect on it and reframe it to something that helps me learn about myself
25427217I probably respond defensively at first, but if the criticism is valid and well meaning i would take it on board.
25637223- I'm now much better at not reacting defensively in the moment, and I try to really listen, so I can work out where to improve.
25777224I usually try to think about what I did wrong and what I should have done differently, but if I believe I was criticized based on facts or knowledge that is incorrect, I get frustrated and don't always know how to deal with it
25997229-I feel hurt for some time whether a few seconds or weeks or months even. I try to explain myself and also to listen to what the other person is saying and see if I can make it work for both of us.
26107233- I am curious to understand it. Typically, even when not well delivered there is some important learning in it.
26157235I will answer to these critics in the smarter way to make sure it won't impact what people think of myself and won't impact my confidence. I usually deal with it quite quickly to not impact my reputation. More recently (last 3-4 years), I will try to understand and accept them and turn into an opportunity to become better.
26507245- I try to stay calm and ask questions to fully understand what the other person means and how they feel, then I try to explain myself or apologize.
25557249I will first reflect how my action or behavior may have been perceived, second, I'll consider the source of the criticism, and third, I'll either affirm the criticism and make amends, or defend my action/behavior with a detailed argument.
26557250-I try to make use of the criticeism and look after the intention and/or fear behind ht critic. very very seldom I feel critiziced.
26607254-I do not like to be criticized ... my first reaction to deny, but not for long ... I will seek as much as possible additional information from people I trust and respect in order to find why people say so /what is the reason behind it /how I can improve the situation or myself
26707257- I try to deep dive to understand, I can be hurt. and I try to change my behaviour when needed
26797259-I seek to understand why and put myself in the critiquer's place and so seek to see me from their point of view.
26657260-I take it hard and sometimes personally rather than looking immediately at the gift that is offered
26827261- I feel hurt and upset, and then usually recognise that there is a kernel of truth than can help me.
26937263- I feel defensive and hurt and try to make the conscious choice to remain open to hearing the other person's point of view, with more success sometimes than others.
27047264constructively and privately I am appreciative and open, but the opposite is occurs when I am criticized publicly or with cruelty.
27177266- First, It hurts me because I take it personally and in a next step, I try to find rationales behind to develop myself.
27197267-at first I have a hard time with the criticism. then I listen more and after thought am able to take the criticism and adjust my behavior. i don't know if behavior adjustment is long term.
27257269-I want to think that I am open to receiving the criticism (which I often am) but also, if I'm honest, will say that it stings a bit even though I know that it is truly the way that people/I discover, learn and grow!
24877271-, it depends on the context of the delivery, but my immediate reaction is general defensive and then I become more introspective and considering of the feedback.
27347272by people I love and value, I ponder over it for a long time trying to understand what I could have done differently, or why the intended impact was perceived negatively.
27757284- I try to understand what the critic is about, whether it is justified, understand the critic, if it actually is a feedback that I can constructively build on ... i'll try to take it as such and take it into consideration
27897289- I listen and afterwards decide if I accept it or not. What I totally dislike is unfair criticism, e.g. when people make up their mind about why I acted in a certain way without asking me first.
27937291I often get triggered. I can feel my "fight or flight" brain activating and taking over my entire system. To cope with this I often remove myself from the situation if I can, pause and breathe deeply or try to understand the criticizer's perspective.
27977292-I get defensive and angry and occasionally upset if it's someone close to me.
28027324A couple reactions, first ok that what they have to say. I get it. Second hum, I can look at what they are saying and change self.
28067293-I investigate the criticism and check for any truth in the statement and act on the truth, I understand that one's opinion of me does not define me and that is not where my identity is held.
28247298-I get flustered depending on who this comes from I get quiet, or defensive. Sometime I smile
28317300I internalize the criticism at first, as for more clarification, and work harder as no one is more critical of me than myself.
28407303-I take it very much to heart and can be defensive in all honesty, though I do reflect and try to use the criticism to grow.
28397304- my instinctive reaction is to try and understand why - have I really done something wrong or is the criticism an expression of something more deep seated and unresolved in my relationship with that person.
28487307I feel challenged, but accept the criticism and try to learn from it.
28467311it does not land well. It however creates the opportunity for learning and I do reflect to ensure that I am able to distinguish between criticism meant to hurt and positive criticism.
28797316I think everyone can always find opportunities to improve and we may not see those opportunities ourselves.
29017320I try to take what has been said and understand why it was said and look for ways to improve myself.
29097323-depending on the situation, I want to know what I can do differently next time and use the criticism as an opportunity to improve.
29697336-it use to not bother me. The older I get I guess I am more aware. I take it in stride. Make adjustments along the way
29767338I accept/thank for the feedback, respect the perception and take steps to correct behaviors
30037343it hurts but I try to understand whether it is the other person's issue or whether there is some learning for me that I need to value and take to heart
30057344- My first impulso is to respond with facts or my point of view of the situation, I have learn to take the time to think before responding or not responding at all.
30147347I am defensive at first (at least on the inside and may not show it), but I will quickly take it to heart and try to learn from it.
30167348- I become reserved, thinking about the situation and how to react.
30177349-I tend to ask questions to be sure I fully understand the criticism and how I might do better in the future (assume I believe the criticism to be fair).
30207350then i must say initially it is not a nice feeling. I feel sorry and regret that i have not behaved differently. But i try to approach it with open mind, admitting mistakes, apologizing if needed and trying to learn and change for the future.
30247351I try to put on a poker face and listen while I process the information. If the criticism is fair, it can sit with me for a while, even if it doesn't show externally.
30277352-I am learning that the initial sting can be overcome and that it is information and a perspective that contributes to my development.
30437356I sometimes take it personally and work to detach myself and objectively work it through
30627361I first get defensive then try to listen and understand the critique
30887364- I work hard not to reject it as a defence mechanism and try to reflect on the underlying points being made
30897365Unless it is obviously unjustified, I struggle not to take it personally and immediately try to find ways to rectify offensive behavior on my side or to compensate for damage done
30907366- I can initially feel defensive, but then stop to review the validity of the feedback and what I can learn.
31007367-I automatically think people assume I am not worthwhile or have anything to contribute, but then try to take a step back.
31067369-I feel uncomfortable initially but I need to rationalize that another view is valid and I need to take from this and assess it. Sometimes if criticism is constant or petty there is more to this and this should be challenged.
31097371I sometimes take criticism badly when it is not delivered in an more calm manner. Every time after reflecting I look back on the criticism and see how I can improve and learn from it.
31567382I practise what an incredibly wise mentor taught me early on in my career of using my ears and mouth in the direct proportion intended; listen twice as much as what you speak, process the information and consider whether to respond immediately or to request time to consider the critique and come back with a follow up conversation
31627383- I am intrigued, then I want to understand where the criticism is coming from (the why) so I can either make necessary changes in the future (if required) or provide further explanation (if required).
31807386i feel hurt, but also look inward to see how it looked from the other person's perspective
31817387intent and context matter to whether I take it on or not.
31857391I used to get defensive, now i am more likely to think of it as “free consulting”.
31907396may get pinched, then I become curious about me and the other person (what am I not seeing, how am I showing up, what is happening with and for the other person etc).
31707397- especially by people I respect, I take it very much to heart and am more likely to apologise than engage with to what extent that criticism might be justified.
32047399-I first withdraw to assess if there is any accuracy in the comment. I often respond with an apology unless the criticism is blatantly unfair and then I speak up.
32117400i first reflect why i was criticized for, what i did wrong. I will use opportunity of criticism to improve myself. In case i believe what i did was right i will have constructive discussion to explain my point of view.
32247404it bothers me, but then I try to park the emotional reaction and figure out what actually led to the criticism so I can learn from it
32467409-I get upset. If I am upset by critique, it means it hit something that had required quite an effort and I had already done an incredible lot. I get upset because my internal efforts have not been noticed or appreciated. 
32547416-I always ponder if there is truth to it, and where I can improve myself and pimp my skills. Unfortunately, not all criticism is constructive.
32557417-I try to distinguish between constructive criticism from otherwise, the latter hurts much more for some reason. 
32577419-I inflate like a balloon, and some time later, reflect.
32787423- I first take it personally (rather than as a comment about my work), I get upset and think I am being rejected and outwardly I take a stand. Once I have cooled down a bit, I try to separate feelings from the substance and come to conclusions about things to change in my actions or self so that it does not happen again.
32827427-I feel hurt, sometimes clam up, get upset, take offense, sometimes internal aggression wells up. It’s difficult for me to see critique as aid and a tool for conscious growth and self-improvement right at the moment [when it happens].
32797431- I often take it more to heart than I know is helpful or than I suspect was intended.
33067433-I like to understand the reasons and if possible change or challenge if I feel it is unjustified. Above all, I like to learn from the experience.
33117436-I am usually defensive then determined to prove the critic wrong
30267443my mind tends to puts itself in defensive mode, but I push myself to put in learning mode
33557447-Initially I'm defensive / frustrated with myself, however when reflecting provides opportunities to grow.
33607449I often have a visceral reaction, especially when I'm criticized by someone I respect or trust, but upon reflection, I try to glean at least something from the criticism.
33437453it is easy to become defensive so I like to take some time to absorb the criticism before responding.
33787458I accept it, think about if I agree with it, what I can do to change/improve/adjust, and then move on.
33807459-I listen and reflect on mwhat is being criticised about my actions, and also the broader context of who and where that criticism is coming from to understand how to improve.
34017467- I initially feel hurt but quickly seek to understand the motivation behind it to help me improve.
34067469-I take it personally - my performance is my responsibility.
34147474-I take a time to understand, what I have done wrong, or what I might have done better.
34187477- I ask myself and the person who criticized me why. I often seek feedback so need to be open to positive as well as negative feedback to enable me to learn, grow and develop.
34377481-I see it as an opportunity to improve myself. I listen to it without emotions and try to understand the underlying reason why they think so. I do not react as defensive and try to respond immediately but approach as a discovery about myself. If I think they have a right, I thank and treat it as a valuable feedback, and if I think that their thoughts do not reveal my realities, I try to explain why.
34407482- I know that it will hurt at once ! but then I analyse what was said and try to sort out what will help to progress from what is not necessarily relevant.
34527484I try not to take it personally and ask myself whether the criticism is warranted. If it is, acknoweldge and work to improve matters
34397485I become defensive. I immediately look for factually based arguments to counter attach the person. I almost always take the criticism personally and look for ways to prove that person wrong.
34547488I will be upset but I take criticisms constructively to become a better person. I will focus on the issue the person criticized me on and if I had done something wrong, I will apologize and work on improving on my faults and work on improving on my faults. However, my reason of doing the criticized action had a certain purpose so I will also tell the person my point of view.
34677489I try to determine if the criticism is founded in something valid that I need to think about or do better.
34707490I analyse what is being said, take on board relevant feedback and question the criticism where appropriate.
34737492-I often become self reflective and often self critical in order to recognise by shortcomings.
34767494I try to reflect on what is being said and determine if I need to make any changes.
34907497- I need to clam down first and figuring out the reasons of it. When I am open to criticism, what I get is advice.
35037500I am confused as to why someone would criticize me. It makes me doubt myself and wonder 'whats wrong with me, or what did I do for them to feel that way'
35207505- I try to understand the root causes. If I can improve myself I will try hard. If critics are groundless I keep on running my way.
35287506- I automatically become defensive, not because I feel I have done something wrong but I have high standards and its difficult to think I don't always live up to them
35417508I first consider where the information is coming from and try to sit with the feedback long enough to make my own sense of how it lands.
35467511whilst I I often appreciate it as I learn from it, I still too often find myself explaining or justifying, or even worst, being defensive.
35767514i can tend to bristle, but think i am getting better at staying composed
36247519- I try to look at the bigger picture and grow from it
36437521- I try to remain open-minded and calm, then I form a considered view about whether to take the criticism on board, to rebut it, or to rise above it.
36647523-I try to understand and learn from it. I also consider the perspective/understanding of the person providing the criticism.
36617524-I become defensive, but I have learned to accept and treasure constructive critiques.
36887526-try not to take it personally and use it as a learning tool. If criticism is unfair, not easy
36987528- i have learned to see beyond the emotion, unless the criticism is quite personal! I try to reflect on what i may have done and what i can learn from the feedback provided
37197530- I first feel uncomfortable and a bit upset, then I try to understand if the criticism is true and fair and if it is what I can learn or change to improve.
37277533I need understand why and validate the reasons against my own thought process that got me to make the decision in the first place. If it makes sense to me I will correct the course.
38017540I try to understand why I am being criticized and I’m interested to listen to the proposed alternative offered by that person. I always take the feedback in a constructive way and I try to work on it, without taking it personally. The is no perfect recipe, human beings tend to act or react in different ways in different circumstances and therefore it is crucial to be open to others’ views and approaches.
38137544- I like to understand why. When I was younger I would often be offended and quickly become defensive.
38237546-I try hard not to be defensive, and to try and find how best I can improve. Criticism that lets me improve is the best type.
38557551-I try to be pained and get to the bottom of the problem/issue, try to accept it as a feedback
38627553-I reflexively bristle, but usually keep my calm and try to apply logic to what is being said - exploring the 'root' of what is being said.
38617554- I feel bad instantly - In most cases I do not share the criticism and argue with who criticized me, trying to convince him of "his" mistake; - In those cases when I realize I deserved it, I do positive actions trying to remedy what I did and/or beg for pardon of my wrongdoing
38777558- I instinctively want to justify my choices/behavior etc but I am learning how to breathe, pause and be curious about the other person's perspective.
38767559- I listen and understand why but I am emotionally upset if the approach is not correct.
38887561- it hurts, i can take things personally and takes me a while to reflect and think about what i could do differently.
38907563It can be tough to hear, especially if the criticism hits on something I already regard as a shortcoming or something in my shadow. I think I'm more sensitive than many others to the affect of criticism, though I know that I'm more aware of my own reactions than I am of others' internal reactions.
38957564There is generally an emotional response (hurt), so I need to give myself the space to process the feedback, understand potential reasons for the criticism, whether there's learning and the choose how it will let me feel.
39107565-sometimes I feel I could have done better, and most times I take it as a growth opportunity, painful as it may be
39177568- I try to see myself through the other person's point of view and not myself. I translate it into something that could be positive and brainstorm how I could improve. If I know the other person is totally incorrect or rude, I understand that everyone is entitled to their own opinions however, i like to say: "if it is not broken don't fix it".
39247571- I usually feel exposed but, over the years, I learned to pause and reflect over it.
39357572-, I had a tendency to be initially defensive and thereafter, to return the favor. I have since tampered this aspect of my personality and sought to genuinely reflect on the criticism.
40227584-it doesn't feel good but there may be value in the statements. I get to decide.
40657590- I try to understand the reason for this by asking for clarification or elaboration, and always have a positive attitude in order to benefit from this criticism.
41007595I take it very seriously, look for the cause and try to solve it, sometimes find it painful and don't always react as well as I should.
40977598-I take it in stride and analyze what if anything could have been done differently and if unwarranted take a stand to defend the accusation.
41317601-I can be naturally defensive at times but try to listen and understand the others' point of view.
41587605- I will listen to the feedback and try to understand how i can improve/do better. Even if factually the critique is ungrounded, i am a strong believer in "perception=reality" so i always try to take critique positively and try to continuously improve.
41807607-it stings. I still don't like it, but I've gotten much better with age as recognising that emotion, allowing it to pass and then trying to listen properly to the criticism. Then I can decide whether I do anything with it. That's the theory anyway!
41787608- I might get shut down or respond or seek to understand - depending on who I am dealing with and my level of trust with that individual and the energy I feel from them
41847609-I look for the seeds of truth within the criticism to encourage humility and personal growth.
41877610-I feel defensive and self-critical, but do my best to set my emotions aside, hear the critique, look for action items for myself, and move forward.
42187614- it is because I choose to relate and perceive criticism - and in that very moment letting my self be criticized.
42237616I get defensive but listen to the criticism and make adjustments accordingly
41287617-I feel I am learning. I think of this as constructive criticism. I make the decision of how to utilize what is said and catapult the advice to the next step.
42567619-constructively, I like it and ajust if relevant. In my private life I listen, but get hurt/shocked if unfair or said in affect.
42627621-I can become defensive and can sometimes be interested in the other person's view of the world.
42667623-I want to know the reasons and how to improve myself. If that is due to misunderstanding, I will see whether I can clarify or communicate with the person who makes that criticism.
43107628-my natural instinct is to defend myself however I have learnt to listen with curiosity more as I have aged.
43207630I suffer quite a lot... basically because I am both a sensitive and self-demanding person. Fair criticisms produce me pain. Unfair criticisms produce me anger.
43287632... I have an instinctual defensive urge. It is an aspect that I've continued to work on in my adult life as it limits me in both professional and personal settings.
43337634-I tend to get defensive and try to justify my actions or views. Its not till later do I see the criticism as potential positive feedback.
43497638- I try to listen and understand what it is that I have done, or not done and how that has been preceived
43817645-I can get defensive -I awareness of this defensiveness in the moment -I am able to parse through the criticism for nuggets of truth and growth opportunities
44777651I know that something important to me is being activated, so I try to use it as a way of expanding self-awareness.
44997655-As an early adult, I got disappointed quite easily. After being in the professional life for 26 years that's really slow down but not completed removed in how my Physiology reacts to criticisms on. I'd like to reach a cool state of mind under criticism.
45047656-i try to find the main criticism point. I ask questions and try to understand my criticizer point of view. Then i express my own point of view again in a different way. The question is always how we look at a critical point?
45037657I often tend to become a little defensive, but I do always try to maintain an open mind and understand whether the grounds for criticism are justified.
43587659IT is describing ITSELF to ITSELF. As in any other interaction.
45287661- I will reflect objectively on the criticism to determine if it is something I agree with or not - Look to improve - Thank the person for providing the feedback
45397663- I like to understand why and how I can be better in the situation next time. What can I can I and should I learn from the situation.
45517666first I try to prove my self but inside I will think about it to improve the act
45947673- my first reaction (few seconds) is to reject the criticism ; but then i am starting to understand the reasons behind and how I could learn something from this criticism and improve myself
46167674-i will likely defend myself and then analyse why, what i have done and what i can learn and change from the experience
46247675-this is an opportunity to learn. Accepting constructive feedback is helpful for professional development and can lead to improved performance. Throughout my life I can truly say the learnings from feedback have been really helpful to shape who I am.
46207678... I don´t feel good, and might get defensive at first, then start to reflect and analyze the criticism.
46507681- i want to learn what the background is.... i want to learn so that i can improve. However naturally i am defensive. I could also argue if i strongly disagree.....
46467682-I get defensive and upset before reflecting further on what parts of the criticism may be valid.
46567685- I first get upset, then I try to extract constructive nuggets from criticisms to see if I can work with it. If I am criticized for inalienable traits of my multi-faceted personality, I shrug [it off] – I am not a golden ten-ruble coin to be loved by everyone.
46707689-not to allow emotion to kick in, take one step backward to understand the contents and if they are things that can I do differently to change the outcome, I shall do so.
46727691First thought is I get sad and maybe angry. Second thought when I see this question, if it is constructive feedback, I try to learn.
47237698I am often defensive at first, but with some time and a bit of space I will generally process and respond to the criticism in a non-defensive manner.
47347701-I don't like to be criticised, as i am very sad after that. But i always try to fix the problem and to improve after the critics, even if i don't like it. Most of the people who has criticised me in the past, has become my good friends and colleagues.
47667703-at first I am upset and I may lose my temper, I will try to prove my point, then I reflect on it and realize there is a grain of truth to it and something can be changed. If I agree with the critique, I accept it calmly and try to set things right.
47677704-it certainly doesn’t make me glad, but I try to use this situation to better understand the needs of the criticizer or what I can do better in the future if the critique is adequate.
48047711-I don't like it, but I reflect and analyze what's behind it, if they' re right and I try to improve if necessary
48067712...I notice a gap between how I'd like to be and how I am. It takes a lot of effort to settle shame and defensiveness; sometimes I do better than others.
48187716-I get upset, although I realize I should not. Criticism doesn’t create value for the person being criticized, all it does is elevate the critic’s self-esteem.
47517719- I can sometimes take it to heart but I try to reflect on the experience and learn from it.
48527724I lash out, or listen well, am feed by the rains, or feel the other's smell. Sometimes it puts me in heaven, sometimes in hell. In this, like in everything, it is context that is king.
48707726-it's probably because they have different points of view from mine.When this happens I try to get to know them because it will allow me to reflect.
49017729-I try to look like I don't mind and will go away and reflect in my own time as to whether the criticism was fair or not
49527735- I tend to be extra critical on myself as a result, I don't like to fail so I will spend a lot of time questioning what I could have done better.
49917741- I analyse myself and the situation to understand if it is valid and what I could do differently.
50067746it is hard for me to fight my instinct of fighting back or blaming myself and others.
50197747-I strive to understand the intention of the feedback before responding or being defensive.
50727753-Reflect, take the feedback positively to improve. If I find the criticism unjustified, talk to the person and share my point of view.
50837755I listen. It might not always come naturally to everyone but it absolutely is the best way to deal with a situation where your contribution, mindset, attitude is criticised. You might not always agree with the criticism but you should always log it as potential perception from others and keep it as a way to improve yourself...perception is reality for most most people
50907757I am initially, immediately, stung to think why. I try hard to show that I may not be hurt, and try hard not to be defensive, but my inner self betrays those feelings at times. I try hard not to ruminate and understand that I shouldn't worry about anything that I can't control. I try to understand who is providing the criticism, and what I am being criticised about. I am aware that at times I need to be criticised to provide the discussion and debate required for our thinking to develop. I am aware that I provide permission for people to criticise me, as I'm aware that my thoughts and ideas can be radically different to those around me. There is whole question of the difference between criticism and feedback... but this could go on!!
51107758-I reflect on the criticism even when at first I think it is not relevant or constructive as I have found that even if the criticism has only 1 point that I can learn from be adopting this 1 point I will become a better individual or my performance will improve
51137759- I may analyse the reason why I was criticized. At time I may react defensively, however I've learnt that it's very important to reflect on my behaviours and actions to ensure that I've acted within integrity. I would hold off responding to such criticism until I have ample opportunity to understand the nature of the issues.
51847766- I become anxious and start trying to figure out what I did wrong or how I could have done whatever it is differently. It make me feel as if i have let someone down. I will often play it over and over in my head trying to figure out what I could have done differently or trying to determine if there was a misunderstanding.
52127767-I feel very uncomfortable, often defend, will sulk and generally have a bad day
52207768- I am continually working on recognising and then managing my own response to criticism, realising that the criticism is less about me than it is the other person providing the critique...
52307769- I feel it personally, i want to understand the factors why that persons has this opinion , I will reflect and rebound quickly to be in a positive mindset.
52337770after initially feeling defensive I have taught myself to listen and learn - taking on board the feedback as someone who has given you feedback has actually given you a "gift" - a gift of their time and a gift to learn
52927777- I remain professional, listen to what people have to say and go away and think about the conversation, although inside I may sometimes feel upset, I would try not to show that in public.
53087780-I try to find comments useful to my work, even if I am arguing emotionally
53117783-I often get emotionally angry [sic!] and defensive. But then I try to make rational conclusions and change. 
53137785-I consider how I can set the situation right now or in the future. Sometimes I get so carried away with criticism, that I lose my own perspective. 
53157787-I try to listen to the critique and put it to good use; critique shows people care about my actions. 
53197791-I learn to draw conclusions from it and find value besides the initial defensive reaction.