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Sentence Stem Query Details

Entry IDGLP #Answers
796038is a social necessity
836042is overrated.
866045makes me mostly happy.
946053adds flavor to my life.
1016060Makes me comfortable and happy.
1066065is a great opportunity to learn.
1186077is comfortable
1266085makes me happy and I like to find out things about other people
1546110is usually fun.
1586114can be nice or can be tiring.
1596115is usually better than being alone.
1786134is sometimes awkward.
2196156is very important to me.
2206157is what life is all about.
2256158makes me feel at ease.
2276160is somethings tyring.
2926214is important
3156234is not always my cup of tea
3166235Is nice, good, fun and sometimes difficult
3206239is always a good moment and bring always value.
3296248is important in my position.
3586276that I know, is fun and relaxing.
3766289is one of the best parts of life.
3826295can be very comforting.
3836296I'll try to be friendly and get on well with others.
3866299is something I enjoy and am comfortable with.
3966309is much more enjoyable then being alone.
4046315is important to Exchange good or not good experiences.
4066317is enjoyable when we're doing or going somewhere I enjoy.
4116322is much more fun than being alone.
4126323is most enjoyable when it is close family, peers, and friends.
4236334one should stay herself
4246335is fantastic.
4476346is comforting
4596352...is something that I enjoy a lot specially when is people that I get along with.
4776357is not necessarily important to me.
4946364is good and can be bad. depends on the people.
5016368excites me.
5756392is usually highly enjoyable to me.
5966403is what i like
5976404I usually feel good
6016407I am friends with, is one of my greatest pleasures
6076410it comforts me and I have fun
6736441is a lot o fun most of the time.
6806446important to me
6866450is exhausting.
7226458can be difficult
7236459can make me uncomfortable if I don't know them well.
7596482is enjoyable if we have the same things in common
7636485creates a feeling of fear that I may not be good enough to be a part of the group
7956502makes me feel needed.
8676533- can be great.
8736535-provides comfort.
8846541-requires energy
8866542makes me happy and allows better results
9146552-make the life more colorful and rich.
9676576- is comforting and good fun.
9776581-sometimes I get bored
10386606-sometimes a waste of time, sometimes it rocks.
10406608-is embedded in us by nature, we are collective, herd animals.
10806624usually beats being on my own.
10976632generally annoys me
10986633-Like being with other people, being work or social. Best part of my job is out of the office with associates or customers.
11116638-is tiring
11716671is everything to me.
11726672-makes me comfortable.
11826678-energizes me most of the time.
11866682-keeps me from feeling isolated
11926685-means being part of a team.
12056693-can be fun.
12676716- is always entertaining.
12726720- is sometimes awkward if I do not know them.
12806726- is usually fun
12846728-requires boundaries.
12856729-is important to me.
12866730-is part of everyday life.
12986736-is inviting and enjoyable
13036741makes me happy as I like to be surrounded by people
13376757- I feel comfortable and supported
13406760-can sometimes be overwhelming.
13416761- provides a sense of belonging.
14246790-is sometimes annoying
14576806is a natural human instinct
14636811-can be fun.
15576846- makes me feel special.
15616849- is important for wellbeing and happiness.
15846858that I like is great.
15926861- it all depends on who they are.
15936862- makes me happy. I am a fairly social person, and being with friends and family is something I enjoy.
16156871-makes me comfortable and enjoy
16266877-often fills me with fear
16646892-Makes me part of a team.
16696894-is not what I prefer.
16786901- is fun and often cruicial
16846904can be a great time given the right situation.
16936908-makes me happy and I strive to become part of the group.
16946909-is not always a good thing.
17106915-is a part of life
17116916-often makes me happy
17376924-is good about half of the time.
17456930-makes me happy most of the time.
17556935is something I enjoy in limited quantities of time.
17676944… is better than being alone.
17816950-can be great fun, for instance as a member of a motorcycling club I've been all over Europe which I probably would not have done on my own.
17866953-makes me whole.
17896956-is important to my mental well-being.
18106964-Is not always what I need to be relaxed.
18246974- is essential, at times.
18326977-is usually better for the spirit than being alone.
18986988-can be fun and enjoyable depending on who you are with.
19036992-can sometimes be too much.
19086995-can sometimes be overwhelming.
19096996-can be a lot of fun.
19217004is enjoyable but I also don't mind when I'm not
19227005-can be good at times and bad at times.
20197041- is something I enjoy both at work and socially.
20397054usually gives me great pleasure and energy.
20537063-is a mandatory for my personal balance
20547064-makes me happy (as long as they are kind).
21207089Is not totally natural to me as I am fairly selective.
21237090-is my natural state
21497098- at a distance
21557103- the kind of person you want them to be with you.
21597106- is a normal need of a mature person.
21667112- is something that I want at some times but not others.
21747120- is remarkable.
22797143-can be exhausting.
22977151is enjoyable for me most of the times
23417165- Is a joy and a privilege.
23477166- is pleasant and sometimes useful.
23487167is taxing.
23917173is better than being alone.
24217183- is when I am at my happiest
24397185is always interesting.
24357187-Is exhausting.
25167210Is interesting
25267212Can sometimes be exhausting-
25487219-I like to be the protagonist
25777224could sometimes be really boring.
27047264can be draining at times.
27387274-exhaust me
27697282is a core part of human nature
28147297-is what I enjoy most about life.
28517308- is often very pleasant.
28547310-at times can be fun and enjoyable.
28587312is better than being alone
28787315allows me to socialize and talk with others
28797316is when I am most comfortable.
29647334-makes me feel like part of a group
29697336is life.
30247351is something that I enjoy most of the time.
31107370can be exhausting.
31877393is healthy for me.
32237403is my preference.
32547416-is inevitable
32577419-open is not at all easy, and very useful 
32597420can be tiring.
32907432-is great once I'm there.
33107435- can be fun and exciting.
33117436-usually makes me feel happy
33567448can sometimes be draining.
33607449is very important to me!
33647452- is interesting.
35117502usually makes me feel good
35727512- makes me happy and helps me to learn more
36127518- I keep analysing what they say
36867525- makes us happier and healthier.
37067529-is exciting.
38177545-I don't know is hard. I don't do well in groups of strangers
38557551-is a hard work for me
38637552-can be annoying
38627553-is what life is all about.
38767559- Is enjoyable if its with a peer group or group of friends.
39497575- can be exhausting.
39867578-is - mostly - better than not being
40227584-can be very nice. It can be a great experience.
40467587- I really love it, I am very happy when I am with the other people.
40737591-is usually fun and enjoyable
40807592- makes me uncomfortable.
41087597-is ok, but not a necessity at all times.
41387602-can sometimes be tiring.
41777612- Being with other people provides the opportunity to share.
43327633Can sometimes stress me out
44397647is often interesting.
44607650-makes me feel good, most of the time.
46717690-makes me feel happy and connected.
47017695can be stressful.-
47657702- is happiness
52947778is better than being alone
53107782-is tiring.
53187790-honest all the time is unnatural.
53237792-is not something I prefer to do every day.
53537795-is important to me