Sentence Stem Query Details

Entry IDGLP #Answers
856044my hard work and dedication.
896048I believe I'm a good/kind person
906049I'm adaptable.
1016060My ability to get along with most people.
1126071I care.
1186077I can make friends and get along easily
1276086... hummmm... this is a good question that I never answered before...
1316090my sense of humour!
1506106...I can make people smile.
1556111I am intelligent, and have been able to use it to help family.
1596115my sense of humor.
1606116I always see the good in every problem
1986145my analytical mind, my understanding skills
2256158that people regard me as easily accessible.
2406173My energy.
2546185my sense of humor
2586188my organizational skills and ability to build relationships
2616190putting things in order.
2646193I am a loyal husband, son father and friend.
2676196my story.
2686197that one can trust me.
2696198... what I have achieved so far in my life (family and professional career).
2896211.. that I can very quickly build trust.
3176236I generally think about others before myself.
3246243how long it lasted.
3266245I care about others and enjoy teaching others.
3336252I think I'm normal.
3356254my ability to solve problems - there are only solutions.
3456264successfully caring for my family
3596277my ability to relate to all types of people
3806293my devotion to my family.
3826295I like people and want what is best for them.
3856298my devotion to my family and work.
3876300that I always try to be generous and kind.
3916304I am always honest, I never hide.
3946307I believe in myself, abilities, and passion.
3956308I do like to help people.
3966309I can adapt to most any situation and fit in.
4066317my commitment to family and children.
4146325my ability to make people feel comfortable.
4156326I really don't take my work issues home with me.
4196330that I have the ability to get the most out of people I lead.
4536348my drive
4686353...I'm quick to learn.
4696354my sense of humor
4816359I am very much content
5856397an ability to help others achieve & develop.
5876399my common sense
6466427my ability to connect with most people.
6586434not something I have ever really thought about
6836447usually liked by the others as well
7076453my capacity to love
7236459my instincts
7256461that I find easily words to express myself.
7436472my sense of humor
7636485my work ethic
7646486I am honest.
7746491that I care deeply, at work, at home, and for others whom I have never even met.
7986504I always try to do the right thing morally.
8106510....I am popular amongst a wide ranging set of friends, family and colleagues.
8146511-my ability to make friends easily.
8486528-i will try almost anything once.
8756537- people can count on me
8846541-that I am selfless
9146552-that I am able to adopt to may different situations easily.
9346562-my conciliatory side
9416567-I can find ways and connections to get along with almost anyone. All classes of people, backgrounds, education, ethnicity, career etc.
9536572the priority I place on ensuring my family are protected and cared for.
10396607-kindness and dedication.
10406608-that I know a bit about people.
10826625my ability to provide for my family.
10836626I am trusted
10866627-that I know so many things to think about
10876628my ultimate true nature.
11466657my sense of humor.
11526660my sense of humor
11636666-I am a good person and I consider the feelings of others.
11696669-I am fairly well-rounded.
11826678-I am a hard worker and have been true to myself and family. I sleep well at night.
11846680- I enjoy learning.
11936686-that I know how to manage my energies.
12496707my energy and focus
12626714- open-minded and self-confidence
12706718-I'm courageous.
12746722-that I am independent
12806726- a question I could never answer
12856729-I don’t give up easily.
12876731-that I try to make think nice for others.
12976735- my communication skills
13046742-I am good organizer
13076745-I always try to do the right thing.
13226751that I make things happen.
13676769-I'm a good man, and easy to be around - most of the time.
13816772-my ability to adapt to different situations.
14216787that I care.
14256791- loving/valuing the small things in life
14596808- the coherence
14716815- my drive.
14726816-that I generally make good decisions.
14996827-I care about people and like to help
15006828-my open mindedness.
15626850my sense of humor.
15706854-is my sense of humor and my kindness.
15726856ability to listen
15906859that i can cope with everything what happens
16336879- my loyalty to family friends and dedication to work
16386881-that I am easy to talk to and approachable.
16616889-how loyal and kind hearted that I am.
16696894-I see things that other people do not.
16946909-that I can stay calm under pressure.
17116916-my ability to see the big picture
17366923- that I do like to help people.
17376924-I'm a good dad.
17386925-that I am able to stay calm through any situation.
17786947- that I never give up.
18066961- my genuine care for others.
18116965-that i'm smart, funny and good company
18176970-my confidence
18676980-my honesty with others.
18796982-my ability to help others.
19026991-My devotion to my family and their overall well-being.
19056994-contancy and nobility
19086995-my eagerness to help and serve others.
19096996-I am out going and easy to get along with.
19106997-I am friendly and willing to help everyone.
19227005-my hard work ethic.
19247006- that I can help people with their problems/questions.
19297011-my independence
19317012That I am funny.
19517013my ability to learn quickly
19737016- my ability to get on with almost anyone
19837024-my sense of humor.
20397054my ability to adapt and getting things done.
20437056-my ability to find enjoyment in most things that I do
20547064-my self-awareness.
20737068-that I truly care about other people and enjoy helping them in any way I can.
21487097- ideal and liked by other people
21497098- [that I’m not] not evil.
21547102- something I know for sure.
21607107- what also attracts others.
22047126-I am caring.
22207131-being consistent.
22297133- I am loyal and protective
23917173-is my sense of humor.
24197181.... my ability to get things done in a collaborative way.
24357187-I'm incredibly resilient.
24517193-I am dependable.
24967204I am generally kind and considerate.
25087208-my enthusiasm.
25267212I am one of a kind-
25777224I always find something interesting to do and hardly ever get bored
26387240-I am a really good planner/organizer.
26677255-my sense of humor.
26797259-I am outgoing, happy and enjoy life.
27387274-that I get things done
27697282that I want to do the best I can for my family
27887288- calm
28187296my family support
28247298-I like to spend time with my family, play with my kids and talk with my husband
28357301-that I'm a giving person. I put everybody else's needs in front of my own.
28547310-that certain things come naturally, mostly sports related.
29007319-I am happy and motivated.
29047321-my sense of humor / ability to make people laugh.
29187325- is my sense of humor.
29387329-I am an adopted child of God.
30887364- that I always try to do the right thing
31107370my passion.
31207372how much I love my daughter
31357378that I will be there for people in need
31817387I am always up for an adventure.
32267406-I am direct.
32327407my sense of humor.
32817425-what I develop and I want it to be noticed by others.
32867429- pretty much everything – I like my mind, looks and character. If I could choose a different me, I would go for what I am now.
32857430-that I have always been interested in new and unusual things. 
33097434- my persistence.
33107435- I am a good father, brother and friend
33117436-I am grounded and humble
33167437my sense of humour.
33227438-my hard working personality.
33237439- that I think I have a good sense of humor.
30267443I am fast, reliable and disciplined
33567448I am not ego driven
33807459-my resilience when faced with barriers
34147474- wishing everyone success.
34467483-my choices in friends, family and people that I get to spend my time with.
34757493-I am authentic
34867496-I'm always thinking......
35217503difficult to find.
35287506- I am genuine
36077517-I am likable and easy to connect with
36127518- support others
37067529- I am energetic.
37957538- i am patient
38117543I can be a lot of fun.
38587550-I always do the right thing no matter what.
36717557My ability to adapt.
38357569my great bravery, tremendous handsomeness, fantastically sharp wit, the and my humor.
39447573-my humor, reference sentence number 3.
39867578-that I don't do very much thinking about the things I like about myself
39967579that I am gregarious.
39987580-always prepared for the possible outcomes
40157582-I feel I have a good heart and likeable.
40177583-I am dedicated and loyal.
40437586-I have a loving family.
40807592- a sentence I have never considered.
41057596-is that my work ethic is good
40977598- I love food and will experiment with flavours out of the norm just to see if I can create that inspirational dish for guest that the first they say oh my god that is unbelievable can I get the recipe!!!
43237635-I treat everyone as I would like to be treated
43487637I do not shy away trying new things
44487649- I am focused on objectives
44607650-my relative humility
45017654-my humour.
45447664that I am caring.
47017695I'm creative.-
47657702- laziness!
49017729-that I am efficient
49147730I care deeply
50207748I do my best to help others.
51627763that I genuinely love people.
52837776-I don't know what I cannot do.
52947778that I can bounce back from disappointment
53107782-what I try to sell to others.   
53127784-the ability to persuade or dissuade, ability to go deep in processes and structure them.  
53177789-getting bigger and changing
53537795- my disposition.
57077827- I am consistent
57367831-being continually active
57727836-not always good.
58577850I love to help people.
58887852- my faith.
59477866- my sense of humor.
60587893- I am mostly calm and organized.
60747900- is my independence
60787902-that I enjoy lots of different experiences
63667941the ability to learn quickly.
63847944- I fix things and solve problems, whether diy around the house, finding solutions at work or helping my kids.
64147952I'm genuinely a nice caring person who likes to help and support people. Nurturing!
64927958being kind and supportive person.
67038000not clear to me
68258010I am happy being an individual and by myself.
71278026-energy to pursue the truth in any field
72078030that I like to pursue opportunities.
74688059-I always try to be sincere
75028063-I believe I am approachable
75658071-I care about others, especially those who are overlooked or forgotten.
76858086I live so I do not have regrets
77288090my passion for so many different things
78008105my potential for growth
78498095my genuine care and support of others
78708109that I am articulate and rational.
78818110My passion.
78888111-Is the desire to help, to be generous...
78998112-that I don't over react to bad situations-I generally remain relatively calm.
79108116- I have a kind heart
79348120- I'm not afraid of a challenge.
79628124my ambition and energy
79728127-I am calm under pressure
79898131- my balance
80538141- that I am generous
80958153- that I bowl lefthanded but I bat righthanded in cricket.
80978154that I am genuine.
81238161-changing continuously.
81278165- is my big heart.
81548176- confidence 
81628180-I wish I could articulate it
81758186-usually disliked by others
81778190my resilience.
82518210I always try to be kind and thoughtful.
82578212-what I like about others as well
82738230-I talk less, listen more
83348238-I can be counted on.
83418243that I am proud of who I am
83738248- that I’m driven
83878258my ability to connect
83928259my kindness and rationality
84068260- something that others can see differently
84118265- what I carefully preserve and use 
85178284-my drive.