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Sentence Stem Query Details

Entry IDGLP #Answers
776036I care about people and do my best to treat them with kindness
796038my consideration of other people's feelings
826041my drive, my intellect, my empathy.
836042that I relish being called a nerd.
866045my ability to be outspoken and confident in my beliefs.
876046my compassion, and my energy.
916050I lead with my heart.
926051I am an optimist and I want to make the world a better place for others.
946053my positive outlook on life.
996058I'm doing more things outside my comfort zone and having fantastic experiences.
1006059...my combination of physical and intellectual.
1036062that I care for the well being of other. I treat other how I want to be treated.
1066065my passion for people and life.
1086067my incredible sense of humor - adds perspective to sometimes dull experiences.
1166075I love with a full and open heart.
1216080my quick-mindedness together with my love of people
1236082I am constantly learning and accepting how much more there is to learn.
1286087my integrity.
1336092my ongoing efforts to be true to myself and others.
1356094that I have a can-do attitude and roll up my sleeves to get things done and make a difference.
1366095...my ability to hold 2 opposing thoughts and see both view points of most situations
1396098my sense of humor and willingness to relax and have fun
1406099I always push myself. I believe one should always strive for better and achieve as much as they can.
1416100my dedication - be it to my work, family or anything I do. I have a real dedication towards my nearest and dearest and will go out of my way to help them,support them, care for them, love them...
1496105I pay as much attention to being decent and considerate as being smart or successful.
1526108my flexibility.
1546110my desire to learn.
1576113my enthusiasm.
1636119is my unrealistic , albeit humorous, optimism.
1706126my ability to learn and grow.
1796135what I have achieved in my life so far.
1836137that I am confident and mentally strong
1996146that I am really happy to live and enjoy life in a fulfilled way
2006147I try to help easy others' burdens.
2106148My curiosity and desire to learn new things every day
2136151is my energy and attitude to everyday situations.
2166154that every action I take is moving me closer toward my ultimate goals in my career and family life.
2266159I am honest, sincere and optimistic.
2276160is my decisiveness and care for people arround me.
2296162enthousiastic, positive.
2316164I develop myself and I am always trying to help others.
2356168That I can achieve things.
2386171that I am smart, open and caring.
2396172positive attitude
2416174I have a thankful spirit , and I am generally happy
2426175I try to live with no regrets.
2436176I am a positive person and try to see the positivity in life.
2446177my ability to move through difficulty in a practical way
2476180my mental life.
2496182I'm learning, I'm growing, I am not finished yet.
2566186I have a generally positive outlook and want to think the best of people.
2576187my hair. Kidding, though not really. I have good "ear" for people and situations.
2596189is that I am an optimist.
2666195I bring the best out of people, especially at work
2886210to take quick decisions.
2906212my constant desire to learn and improve myself.
2916213my ability to continually transform myself into something more.
2926214I would prefer to provide versus being provided for
2986219keep learning new things like a child.
3016221my curiosity - it keeps life interesting
3036223That I am an optmist. I can always find the silver lining, even when not initially obvious.
3046224I've got a good moral compass.
3096229that I can do anything that I put my mind to.
3146233Creative drive and drive to fix problems.
3156234my ability to take risks and to learn from my mistakes
3186237knowing my potential.
3196238the fact that I take pride in everything I do.
3206239my capacity to see something positive in every situation.
3236242that I have a very broad range from smart to nice to colourful.
3256244my drive, compassion, and work ethic.
3276246that I am genuine, and that what people see is what they get.
3296248my ability to relate to people at all levels within an company.
3326251I am confident that I can adjust and handle any new challenge that comes my way.
3386257i have genuine interest in others
3416260I am a good person and work hard to do the right things for myself and those in my life.
3426261long-term thinking and people focus
3436262Endurance and will to always do what is right, regardless if it is against my personal interest
3476266I can understand others and talk to others
3496268I am upbeat and genuinely care about people.
3516270my competitive nature; to strive to be the best I can be no matter the task at hand.
3526271my warm open personality.
3566274the person I could become.
3576275I am self motivated and have a very competitive nature.
3586276that people often ask me why I smile so much.
3606278my willingness to try new things.
3636280integrity and loyalty to some values + transparency with the others
3676283I always try my best and never give up on any chance, even it is only 1% opportunity, I will make 100% effort.
3686284my ability to set a direction and motivate people to come with me.
3756288I am a very determined individual.
3766289my drive to complete tasks.
3776290my balanced and rounded view of the world and the opportunities which it offers.
3786291my positive attitude and energy
3796292my self confidence to improve myself.
3816294my energy and my upbeat approach on life. Trying to see what I can with the cards that I am being dealt with.
3846297that I am generous with my time and like helping and supporting others.
3896302that I am very even keeled.
3906303my determination to succeed.
3976310that I am not perfect and that I am happy with my vocation being a husband and a father.
4006312my personality and the care and respect I show for others.
4046315I like to guide people to grow up
4086319that I raised to very happy daughters.
4116322that I'm competitive and don't give up.
4136324I am driven to achieve results and be the best I can possibly be.
4176328is that I am extremely dedicated to my family and my employer.
4216332dedication and desire to move ahead
4236334are my strengths which I constantly develop
4286339I have a great family and am successful.
4476346very driven and have high expectations
4576350how I'm a work in progress.
4776357is that i am open minded.
4836361my energy and ideas.
4966365that I am a compassionate genuine person.
4986367that I enjoy my own company in doing different things
5636389the drive to succeed and improve
5746391my sense of fairplay, everyone deserves a go.
5866398my passion for the best solution and to bring things forward.
5966403is my determination
6046408that I have an active imaginiation
6076410getting through new challenges
6096412my integrity.
6216415...the connection I feel to each person and to a larger group, whether team or consultancy or organization or family.
6276420that I make friends easily and get along well with most people.
6306422I am comfortable with who I am.
6476428is that when I go for something I typically succeed
6536430that I am someone who cares about others and try to help them to be successful.
6546431I try to see the good in all people and I always assume positive intent.
6576433My neverending positive attitude and energy
6636436that I have a deep set of values that drive me, and that I stay true to. I treat people the way I would want to be treated.
6646437I am always learning.
6866450my unwillingness to settle for mediocrity.
7136455my passion for people and life.
7226458my integrity
7266462I have a pretty good sense of humor and can come up with some witty comments from time to time.
7376467most things. Fairly comfortable in my own skin at this stage of life and relaxed about the stuff I could do better.
7506477I am generally laid back and approachable.
7556479is that I am open to new things.
7596482that i like seeing success in the things I try to accomplish
7656487that usually, I enjoy engaging with other people and trying to help them.
7686489I pride myself on accountability is business and personal set.
7816494being open and warm
7906498my resilience
7916499my sense of humour and ability to make people laugh.
7926500that I have developed the life skills to achieve what I want in life.
7956502that I am hard working and always willing to learn new things.
8096509- when I make a commitment I see it thru.
8166513my ability to jungle responsibilities and get things done.
8226515-that I am honest & genuine.
8246517my drive to succeed. I may not always be the best, but I know I tried my hardest to be successful.
8286520-that I am curious and inquisitive.
8436524-my positive spirit.
8466526-I have a great judge of character.
8476527my ability to get on with a wide range of people.
8676533- my ability to see and understand the other person's point of view.
8736535-my height and my authenticity.
8746536- my persistence to keep trying.
9126551-I always try to listen and look at things from all perspectives.
9186553my openness and my desire to help others.
9256555...that I am very positive and optimistic. I always look to find a good outcome and result to any situation whether at work or in my personal life.
9266556- my practical and direct approach to life along with a sense of humor
9366564-my flexibility, my ability not to cling to things
9376565-my never-ending curiosity
9426568something I subjectively perceive as an important part of me
9456569The thing I like about myself is my continued drive towards success.
9726577- my balance and ability to take the broader business view.
9746579-my outlook, love life, love work, love my family and love my sense of freedom.
9776581-how I enjoy connecting the the others
9816583-that I am outgoing and can fit into any crowd.
10106592my belief in the inherent goodness of others.
10126594-open minded and sensitivity.
10146595-that I am always trying to learn and grow so that I am a positive force for others.
10386606-everything, except for fears and complexes.
10426610-passion to win and sense of humor.
10456613- the fact I am always searching
10806624I don’t do anything I don’t believe in.
10886629- how I always try to do what I think is the right thing in the right way
10906630-I can be happy doing my own thing with just myself....I am comfortable in my own skin.
11046635my unique perspective and enthusiasm for learning.
11116638-people trust me
11126639-my penchant for adventures.
11136640my quirky sense of humor and excitable nature.
11186643- that I keep responsibility and always feel to have control over my destiny!
11286648-that I am a work in progress.
11296649that I like more than one thing about myself.
11426655I respect everyone and I respect my own values + the ones of people in front of me
11456656-that I am easy going and understanding
11516659-I am able to prioritize what is important in general and at specific moments.
11556661- I do what I say I will do
11616665I like helping others, my ability to connect with others.
11716671my self-awareness - I know who I am and where my faults/cracks are.
11726672-effort to achieve more.
11746674I don't take life too seriously.
11786675most of all a can do attitude and determination.
11806676that my inner compass plays an important role in my life.
11866682-my inquisitive nature
11886683I am usually very even keeled.
12056693-my open attitude towards most things.
12106696-willingness to sacrifice for others.
12366699-I am a good person who cares about people very deeply. I'm proud of that.
12376700my confidence carries me further and faster than most of the people I know
12406703that I very often take a neutral stance to issues and try to find the opposite view on things.
12526710-my ability to use practical logic in order to see things more objectively than others.
12536711-I am optimistic and am a half full type of person.
12556713that I am reliable and a support to many of those around me.
12716719-that I am extremely kind to others and try hard to help others before helping myself.
12726720- is that I take ownership for my actions.
12766723that I like to explore, I am not one sided.
12796725- my increasing ability to be easier on myself
12836727-my ability to continue to move through challenge and excel.
12846728-my openess to new ideas.
12866730-that I can be happy with my own company.
12986736-that I am outgoing and easy to get to know.
12996737-that I am normally a positive and motivated person that does not make excuses.
13006738I am a hard worker and will put in the time and effort to become successful in life, both personally and professionally.
13016739my ability to apply myself to something.
13126747my ability to tackle a wide variety of challenges and overcome setbacks along the journey.
13166749- I have clear priorities and values that consistently drive my personal and professional decisions across the time.
13346754-the family I have been blessed with and for the most part I am well liked.
13356755-my ability to connect the dots and anticipate what is to come.
13386758- Being able to see life in a positive way.
13396759- My capacity to look for settlements/solutions     
13406760-I am a good listener and I am fair.
13416761- my ability to see paths through complex situations.
13426762- that I'm a good dad and an authentic person
13436763- my genuine caring for other people and the passion to serve others.
13546765- I believe I am smart and analytical. I believe that I can solve any problem with enough dedication and passion. I have a somewhat unusual combination of technical and business smarts that can help me navigate environments that need both.
13756771- I have a vision and goals and I try to make my vision come to life through team work and teaching others.
13876773-that I can usually make someone laugh. I like to bring happiness to people, and see them smile.
13966779how consistently I do what I say I am going to do and when I am going to do it.
14096782- the willpower I have to achieve the goals I have set for myself.
14186785-I like that I am self-sufficient but also social.
14226788- I have a positive attitude, I like talking with people, and have an adventurous spirit.
14246790-my compassion
14286793-hat I am pretty independent and empathic
14346794- I work hard to accomplish my goals.
14356795-that I am fair, truthful and honest.
14476799-looking forward and being positive.
14546803-I truly want to be and do the best I can. I like pleasing others.
14556804- My drive and determination.
14566805that I've done meaningful things in my worklife.
14576806having a practical mind complemented by simple but left field thinking
14586807-my sense of humour even in adversity.
14626810-my genuine approach to people and my interest in their lives.
14656813I can get along with anyone and build relationships quickly
14866819-my interest in learning about other people.
14956823that what you see is what you get.
15026830-I am a good leader and natural role model at work, at home and with my friends.
15096834my love to listen and lift others up.
15106835-my ability to empathize with others.
15506843- that I keep learning.
15536844- I am loyal, giving, and courageous.
15556845-I wish for all of us to succeed and be happy.
15576846- that I persevere through challenges.
15586847-my ability to be persuasive.
15666853-ability to stay positive and optimistic despite setbacks
15716855-I truly care about others, even if I don't always show it. I put most people's feelings above my own and I care for my colleagues, friends and family deeply. I'm also pretty damn funny!
15746857- open mind and care about others
15846858not really something I have ever thought about. A trustworthy and reliable dad, husband and friend, who would always be there.
15936862- my positivity. Despite being a Solicitor, I am actually quite a positive person, which also means that I am happy.
15996865that I have curiosity for everything
16146870- my optimism and tenacity.
16196873-Is that I try my best in everything that I do.
16236874- my genuine interest in developing and helping others
16266877-I taken some risks and benefitted from them
16476884-my determination to keep moving forward
16496886-I am a very positive person and I see the best in people.
16636891When I look back, probably my professional career path.
16646892-I am dependable and trustworthy.
16676893- I work hard to achieve whatever I've set my mind to do
16716896-I'm self sufficient and I control my own life.
16736897... I think I become more self aware everyday ... and (hopefully) become a better person each day.
16756899-that I always act with my morals and convictions in mind.
16786901- I like to be a better person every day and learn from my mistakes.
16846904my ability to see the both sides of a situation even if I don't agree with both.
16906905- that I am opened minded
16936908-my ability to work hard and strive to achieve results either personally or professionally.
16956910- my action oriented positive energy.
16966911-my bold thinking, and that I'm a good mother.
16976912-I am very confident and take responsibility for my actions.
17186918-I am thoughtful and kind, a good mother and role model to others.
17266920- my thirst for continued learning and experiences
17446929-my ability to successfully achieve goals when the goal is important to me.
17456930-my survivor mentality
17556935that I am independent and enjoy my own company.
17616940- I'm an optimist.
17676944… being disarmingly.
17716946My composure and logical thinking
17816950-The success I have achieved both educationally and career wise.
17866953-my drive to continually learn and do new things.
17896956-I am intelligent, yet possess common sense.
17986960- I am warm, smiling, friendly and positive and I do things with passion
18106964-I'm usualy in a good and strong (mentally en physically
18126966-difficult to say, I am a loving father and a pleasant man
18146967- I always give everything my best shot and I care deeply about those close to me
18156968- I have an inner confidence that I can do and accomplish anything that I put my mind to.
18246974-I tend to be someone others rely on for support.
18306975-That I am a go-getter. I welcome challenge in good and bad ways. Life is too short.
18696981-that I am dependable, honest, and hard working.
18976987-knowing how much people appreciate being around me.
18986988-that I strive for excellence each day.
19036992-I am able to find humor in almost every situation.
19177000-I am very honest, trustworthy and devoted. Others often tell me if there was one person in the world they would trust with their life it would be me.
19197002-that I am honest and hard working.
19217004being somebody who encourages younger people to follow their dreams
19267008-I am always open to people and experiences.
19277009That I am always looking for improvement.
19287010I have a career, a beautiful family and I can keep house and balance our budget. This makes me feel whole.
19527014-I'm self aware and find it easy to get along most people.
19747017- I believe that I'm generous and considerate
19797020-my comfort with silence.
19827023-my ability and willingness to tackle and problem solve.
19867027-I am kind and try to be fair and reasonable.
19887028I am strong and open to change,
20057031I am a caring and loving person who likes to set ambitious goals in many areas of my life.
20067032-being consequent, - being myself in private and professional life
20087034-my drive, ambition and glass half full attitude
20107036-my outgoing personality and my smile.
20117037-that I am able to see and respect things from many points of view.
20187040-the positive way I respond to adversity and challenge and my get up and go attitude.
20197041- that I enjoy challenges and working on new ways to solve them.
20217043I am concerned with the well being of others - strangers and close relationships alike.
20227044-Courage, Strength, Influence, Love of people
20277046-that I am dedicated.
20287047that I am on a good way to "be"
20357050-my curiosity and willingness to understand how things work.
20367051my ability to empathize with people's situations and seek ways to help.
20387053my curious nature and ability to keep finding things I didn't know I could do.
20427055I try to find humor in most everything.
20477057my determination
20487058that I can be objective in most situations.
20497059-I am very open to change and willing to take a risk.
20517061-I can find a point of connection with most people.
20537063- my humour and my energy!
20577066My dynamism & dynamics, The fact that people can count on me
20787072-my self confidence and my ability to not be bothered by small issues.
20897079- ik ben open en transparant en geinteresseerd in andere mensen. - I am open and transparent and interested in other people
20917080- my dedication and drive to do well
21197088-how determined and motivated I am for life success. Everyday I wake up, I am that much more hungry to keep climbing for success. I strive to the best each day and learn as much as I can
21207089My unusual personality, my loyalty and my sense of humor.
21277091- I have a big heart and am very generous
21427094my ability to reflect and learn from my mistakes
21507099- problem-solving skills, structure, initiative.
21587105- the ability to transform ideas into habits. For example, there is an idea to go to bed at 10pm and get up at 7am. I have enough motivation to stick to this schedule until it becomes a habit.
21597106- what I try to develop.
21617108- that I can solve any problem. At least the things that first seemed impossible, I was able to do them and exceed my expectations.
21627110- a set of my strengths which define me as a person to a significant degree.
21677113- belief in unlimited capabilities and kindness.
21687114- what I mostly notice in other people.
21697115- that I like myself.
21717117- hard to verbalize and belongs to me alone.
21727118- the desire to learn and solve new problems, hands-on knowledge (besides managing and setting goals, I know how to get things done and can give subordinates useful tips when needed).
21757121my spiritual soul that always brings me back to peace and openness.
22077127I don't take myself too seriously.
22097128-my sense of humour and that I try and understand how other people are feeling
22267132-my ability to pick myself up and keeping moving forward.
22507136-I am a hared worker that very rarely relies on other people
22637138-that I am a great listener.
22717139having a high level of empathy.
22767141-my empathy for others
22747142-that I try to have a positive attitude and help others reach a common goal
22837146- I try to be simple and take care as much as possible of having quality time either in my professional life for my clients, stakeholders, bosses and shareholders, either in my personal life for my family and friends.
22927149-The thing I like about myself is my openness to new people, ideas and opportunities.
22977151clarity of thought and an ability to empathize
23177156a "doer" that delivers
23097161... the combination of two traits: Good intelectual capabilities and being empathatic.
23377163my tenacity and empathy.
23387164- being open minded enough to try out new things and focused enough to stay on track to finish tasks.
23417165- I am a blessing to many.
23487167I enjoy learning and teaching.
23697170-I want to believe in good, until otherwise prooved.
23937174-my determination to achieve my goals
24157177that I have the capacity to make people laugh at most things.
24177179I am grounded and pragmatic.
24187180-my authenticity and sense of humour
24207182- my desire to learn.
24217183- the company that I keep, the family that I have and my drive to succeed
24237184I am honest and willing to challenge myself
24397185I can achieve amazing accomplishments, and help others to do the same.
24507192-I am calm and back myself to achieve.
21257194-my ability to quickly learn something new and become self reliant.
24717196-I lead or work with others constructively so that we can achieve together.
24797197My ability to have empathy.
24827198I'm still evolving....
24917203- I am open minded.
25167210I am happy in my own skin and comfortable with who I am
25177211- that I don't take things for granted.
25287213- my ability to make others feel comfortable
25397215my capacity for immense resilience and resourcefulness.
25137218- I am a lioness.....I will rise to the challenge to protect the pride
25487219-my fighting ability and my optimism
25617222I am genuine and open.
25637223- I feel like I've fulfilled much of my potential and have done better in life than I imagined as a child.
25817225- my energy, power and my family
25907228- I am persistent and easy going.
26147234-I am determined and focussed leading to some significant achievements despite some major health drawbacks.
26377237- I live my life with a decent ethical and moral compass .
26507245- that I feel so much love and enthusiasm.
26517246-my ability to see through emotion and understand people
26547248-the great opportunites life has given me and what I did with them
25557249the way I listen to others and observe the world.
26597251- I've accepted that I'm always growing.
26647252-my capacity to make a positive difference to others.
26827261- my ability to follow through and stay true to my goals and values
26927262-I am authentic and empathetic.
27047264my ability to connect with people around me.
27177266- My resilience
27197267-I'm positive, outgoing, usually energetic
27207268-I rarely give up and others find strength and confidence in that.
27377273- I am confident to lead, motivate and encourage those around me.
27427275-I have good resolve, both professionally and personally
27447276my willpower and the family that luck and willpower enabled me to build.
27517277-I never take myself too seriously.
27757284- I can look myself into a mirror... straight in the eyes
27797286- my commitment to do what I have promised and my loyalty to family and friends
27787287my compassion for others and I always treat people in the way that I would want to be treated.
27977292-I'm nice, solid, my values, loyal to those close to me (ie family)
28317300I am a good person who chooses to be around other good people.
28387302that i can be a positive influence on others.
28407303-my determination and it gets me through both professional and personal challenges
28477305- that I've become a better person over time.
28497306-taking coaching and utilizing these events to better myself.
28517308- my inclusiveness and confidence.
28527309-the ability to make people smile and laugh
28787315-is that I am laid back and usually keep calm in all situations
29017320staying positive and always looking at opportunities to improve myself by reading or just learning from others.
29597330the way I interact with others, and the impact I can have on them.
29607332...that I always try to do the right thing and behave in an ethical manner.
29617333- I am eclectic and unique.
29677335-I am open minded
29767338-I am on a mission personally and professionally that holds unlimited potential.
29857340I am not a finished product!
28037342-my competitive nature and drive to be the best at everything i do.
30057344- I am always hungry to learn more about more things and that I like to share what I know.
30087345- people, my friends and my family can trust me
30167348- my work ethic and dedication to get better each day to be the best I can be.
30177349-I feel really comfortable in my own skin, and when something isn't working, I act.
30247351that I have an optimistic attitude and can find a good side, and humor, in most any situation.
30427354-my optimism and ability to diagnose an issue or challenge and discuss various options or opportunities.
30497359the fact that I can keep a certain sense of humour in a complex and stressful environment or situation
30567360-the enthusiasm in the things I do and the desire to create new opportunities
31057368honesty and commitment.
31227374- that I am a really good listener that cares about the response and people.
31257375-my energy, passion and positivity.
31337377that I'm dependable
31367379-keeping to my values and making a positive difference in people's lives.
31627383- my resilience.
31807386my integrity and my sense of humor
31827388I'm smart but not arrogant and I really care about people.
31847390I understand myself and have grown personally/professionally despite having consistent barriers throughout my life to overcome.
31857391that I like to help my team and get to do it more and more.
31867392my drive to make a difference.
31877393I am self-motivated.
31707397- that I am compassionate and very supportive of people who are important to me.
32027398-that I achieve what I set out to do
32047399-my ability to be reflective.
32207401-I still have so much to learn.
32237403is that I am open minded.
32347408-My compassion and sense of humour.
32527414-that I analyze information fast and try to use it right away. 
32567418-openness to new experience, even if it’s scary.  
32597420I have a lot of empathy for other people.
32637422...my drive to acheive.
32787423- often condemned in the Russian society.
32807424- the ability to assume responsibility in extreme situations and make fast and effective decisions.
33267440-I am biased toward action.
33347441-my positivity and outlook on life, I am a generally happy and outgoing person who sees the best in all situations.
33487444I nearly always try to do the right thing. I feel good about where my ethical compass is pointed.
33557447-my drive
33607449that I am overall pretty competent at a lot of different aspects of my life, from career to family.
33627451-my ability to relate to people.
33647452- what needs support and development.
33677454-my positivity.
33777457-I am compassionate and care about others wellbeing.
33787458my decisiveness.
33897463- my ability to set challenging ambitions and goals and then focus on getting there. The bigger the challenge, the greater my focus.
34117471-I am always open to learning something new, especially about experiences and cultures that are different from my own.
34167475-I am inquisitive and always looking for ways to improve team and me
34207476my ability to figure out how to do almost anything.
34187477- is what I have achieved. I have a wonderful life. I have a great wife and two amazing children who are growing in to very special people. My work is both rewarding and satisfying. I have some good friends and live in a nice house in a lovely area.
34567486my intelligence and my willingness to keep learning and moving forward.
34547488The thing I like about myself is positive and curiosity. I strongly believe that anybody can improve themselves even if they weren't match for the job or they are not talented in the field which they want to develop themselves.
34677489learning and being open to try new things.
34707490the ability to put myself outside of my comfort zone and challenge myself.
34717491my courage to face an international career and keep enjoying it after so many countries change over the last 20 years. For 6 times it took my family on a journey to move from one country to another. That´s not an easy job, even if when you move back to your home country temporarily after many years away. I enjoy this journey and it´s for sure something I´m proud about.
34877495- good intentions, positive energy
34907497- I am grateful with my life and having a happy family.
35027499I care so much. I care a huge deal about the things that really matter to me. I would do literally anything for my family, closest friends and the business.
35117502that I am real and I am okay with being me
35447510-to make decision through deep and comprehensive analysis in a calm and rational way.
35727512- that I tend to find ways throughout issues
35767514making people laugh and always wanting to succeed
36247519- My desire to grow as a person
36627522I consistently demonstrate my life mantra of "work hard, be kind, be ethical."
36887526- I'm caring and most of the time joyful
36907527- that I can find good solutions for most of the problems that I face
36987528- my ability to remain calm in difficult situations
37197530- that I have lost 28 kg the last year which has improved my health in a good way which makes it a lot easier to have energy to play with my child after work.
37217531-I am committed to improving my environment. The people around me, my family and friends, my work.
37297532-that I am hard worker and that I try to empathize with others.
37277533that I evaluate the risk and payback before making a decision.
37367535Is that I can be really fun when I let myself go - I just need to do it more.
37457536- my dedication and hard work.
37967539-I try to be fair.
38107542-Very level headed and cautiously reserved.
38177545-I accomplish goals without always having the best plan
38427548-I think I am honest and fair with others.
38557551-when I see the goal, I will move towards it with full speed and efforts
38637552-self drive and self made success
38657555-My spirit. The energy of hope and love that I have inside.
38777558- I care about others, I want others to be happy and contented around me (& I have great eyelashes!)
38787560- straightforwardness and the ability to achieve goals I set for myself (from private to buisiness).
38917562that I do not need to take me too seriously and manage to enjoy most of what I do.
39177568- I set goals and I always strive and work hard until I can accomplish them.
39187570- I am an involved father , husband and friend , and I work hard at everything that I do.
39247571- that I can be pretty reasonable, fair and loyal.
39357572- I am self aware, and principled.
39427574my ability to get people to follow me and succeed when they do.
39497575-that I am motivated to accomplish my goals.
40097581-I am a friendly happy person and can normally get along with anyone in any situation.
40247585- I am not afraid to take on difficult situations because I trust my moral compass.
40737591-I am true to my values and am authentic
41207599- that I am happy with the life I lead and can find enjoyment in my professional life and my personal life.
41387602-that I am compassionate, but also smart and capable.
41587605- My drive to be the best person i can be for my family, and in the work place.
41807607-my values and my honest desire to keep improving.
41847609-my learning agility and that I treat others with kindness.
41777612- The thing I like about myself is my unquestionable values of trust, honesty and empathy.
42117613- the way I am able to look at problems and solve them by putting my brain in motion.
42187614- that very thing I usually can never have.
42237616no matter how hard the problem, I don't stop trying to solve it
42287618- out going and like to help others
42587620-my ability to care for others and always trying to be positive.
42667623-I am always curious and want to learn.
43017625- that I am very even keeled and rarely overreact in any situation.
43107628-that I am driven and like to achieve in the face of adversity.
43207630the influence/trust I generate with clients. Also professional achievements coming from a small village and the results obtained in the different stages (academic, professional and personal) with huge effort.
43257631- I am extremely dedicated to whatever i am working on either in the professional or personal field
43337634-my level of common sense. I believe it to be one of my greatest strengths that works in aspects of life.
43457636- I am true to my commitments and values.
43577640-hidden behind what I dislike
43607641my curiosity in everything, other people, situations and the world around me
43917644-I enjoy engaging with others, especially those different to me.
44397647my ability to work things out.
44807652not easily give things up.
44977653-I always try to have improvement and moving in my life, I like challenges that make me improve.
45037657that I have had the courage and conviction to define my own journey....and I also like being tall!
45107658-My ambition and hard-working attitude.
45257660-My ability to forgive and be compassionate to others.
45417665- that I am a man of action. I also enjoying being just a little be non-conformist.
45947673-how I have been improving my mindset along the years
46167674-my sense of humour and my passion
46277676-Is my honesty and integrity.
46347677-Believer in possibilities.
46477679- my competitiveness with myself; the strides I've made in being more self-confident.
46497680I am honest and trustworthy
46547683- the same things I like in others
46577686- liked, I hope, by people around me as well
46657687I give my all to things and I'm loyal.
46687688- my wide ranging interests and ability to enjoy simple pleasures.
46997694looking and creating ways to solve, to fix, i.e. move forward.
47237698that I'm healthy in body and mind, which allows me to work hard, eat and drink well, spend times with family and friends and travel.
47717706thirst for action
47877707-I have the ability to both listen and give energy to others.
48127715-my optimistic outlook and red hair.
48197717-the result of significant self-work
47517719- my resilient nature and my ability to dust myself down and start again.
48557725that I am caring individual who is driven.
49237731that I have integrity.
49457736my ability to behave in accordance with my values and ethic.
49727737that I am professional in any way buy having fun what I do - in business and private.
49837738-I set and achieve my goals.
49917741- my loyalty and care for others.
50177745my passion to help others be successful
50857754my curiosity and ability to find humor in most everything including myself.
50877756I always thing I can get better.
51157760- my unique experiences that have made me a truly unique individual.
51767765-my self-confidence that I can achieve whatever I put my mind to. I am very driven to complete projects at home and at work. Building a strong team at work or designing/project managing an extension at home gives me a sense of purpose and self-reward.
52307769- my competitive nature to do the best while having humbleness not to take my success for granted.
52337770how I recognised I needed to change my approach when working with my clients - I am here to serve them and it is not about me !
52497772-I can be trusted to do the right thing.
52917775- perseverance and passion for what I do
53087780-something that may be seen as a disadvantage by others
53117783-will and discipline.
53147786-something that may irritate others 
53197791-what provides me with a basis for further development and change.
53237792-my independence and bravery.