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4036314that I cooperate with myself. I like exploring, learning and discovering in myself things I didn't notice before and let them be and easily part with something that has died and recognize that I misread myself and explore again and find again what chipped off along the way…I like my way and myself at every point of this way
11206645-that I've finally gotten to the point at which I can accept who I am. It's been a long road of being hurt, feeling misunderstood, hard on myself, angry, and worried about what others think. Now I'm able to see myself as whole, worthy, and human. The image I have of that wholeness is a kintsugi pottery bowl; broken, and put back together with gold. And it's where the brokenness is that the beauty lies.
12506708my curiosity to find new ways of knowing/experiencing the world, resilience to find diamonds in dark moments of life, go through the life-death-life cycle coming out with new wisdom/understanding that gives hope to my own life and that of others who are dealing with complex and sometimes painful/dark emotions and experiences as a part of life - being that person who can hold light and dark for myself and others.
13106746-ironically nothing about myself at all. When I feel most connected to what I could describe as a deeper self or source I am a vessel for the energy of all that is. That energy flows through me and I act with grace, beauty, and strength. It’s only when I start to believe that the energy is “me” or “mine” or that I am the source of the greatness – that’s when I don’t like myself. When I start to believe that “I” am great is when I act in ways that are less great. I guess my favorite thing about myself is when I channel the energy well and share it with others to connect, ground, and energize.
29707337-my sense of humour, or in other words my ability to see in all situations a bit of comedy. It helps me to adapt, it serves as a catalyst to process changes and understand another's, to get closer to new realities, to overcome difficult moments and to help others. It protects me, it serves as a shield and it individualizes me, it makes me who I am. It helps me to evolve, to discover new approaches. It gives me perspective, makes me understand how I evolve, what I have left behind and what is part of me today.