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786037Is amazing! Before I had children I didn't really care whether I had them. Now that I am raising them I can't imagine my world without them. Watching them experience the world through naive eyes is intriguing. Knowing that there are people in my life that I would die for without thinking is inspiring. Trying to help children see their value and find their way is a full time job for both parents but it is one we relish.
876046isn't really the right term for it. You create a family, and become something together. It's also fucking exhausting, and an enormous responsibility.
1106069Is a new thing for me and something I was not good at initially, but something that I have grown into and now enjoy, value and recognise as being one of the most important things in my life
1146073is unimaginably complicated. As I do not have children, I am relying on my memories of my parents raising me and accounts from my contemporaries about their experiences having and nurturing children. I am also recalling study of family systems therapy during my training. I think of a family as a system constantly constructed, reconstructed, and renovated by its individual and unique members, who are themselves constantly changing and growing. The system morphs and adapts to changes in membership and each member's progression through the life cycle. The family system exists and operates in interaction with the physical and socioeconomic environments surrounding it, with other family systems, local and global events.
1336092is surely the greatest achievement and although I have not done so I am constantly amazed at how special and fragile the family can be, and how parents and children impact on each other.
1396098brings meaning to my life but at the same time the most challenges, meaning am I doing a good job and raising smart confident kids who will choose to make good decisions and find their purpose in life
1476103has been an amazing developmental experience for me. I respect the choice of others not to do so but I wonder how human life as we know it would be sustained if biologically there was not a driver to have children and raise a family.
1486104never ends. One comes to this responsibility with an inherited experience of how to raise a family and adjusts their own approach as a result of what was most pleasant or useful and that which was most painful then filters that through whatever societal expectations one has interpreted and whatever cognitive, behavioral and affective resources one has to work with. Raising a family will bring you face to face with your values and your own constellation of paradoxes. It can on occasion seduce you into thinking you have a modicum of power to influence another's behavior and patterns of thought, but more often realize you are but one of a thousand voices (for those you love with a primal force that is beyond what language can adequately express) to consider and a role model to observe. At the end of the day you can only hope to be lucky enough that it all works out with as little heartbreak as possible. With such a primal love and group of identities in the balance there is much at risk. Raising a family helps us take perspective on how we are in relation with others, how to hold on to them with parts of your being and let go of with the rest and hope that somehow it helps the next generation.
1536109something in life that complete you but sometime can't help thinking that without burden from raising child maybe i will follow another way of living. lately, this thought has gone away. maybe now i will think my family is the meaning, and i can picture a image when we together and sharing the pleasure...
1726128Is one of the most difficult and rewarding things anyone could do. No book or education can prepare parents to raise a family. There are ups, downs and all around. Raising a family teaches you to think outside yourself and sacrifice for others, It tests your patience, your perseverance and your values. raising a family teaches you about you, your significant other and how to live for someone else
1736129is one of the hardest things I have ever done in life. I have found much strength throughout life in my ability to independently make things happen for myself. Raising children hijacks me from being in control and from the joy I get from being competent in most things and able to achieve success when I seek to. It is challenging to be a parent and at the same time, humbling and necessary to teach me new kinds of lessons in life: how to suspend my own immediate wants and needs for the wants and needs of my children, how to manage my sleep and time choices better.
2336166is something I have done only on the sidelines, and have deep respect for its complexity, and deep appreciation for the depth of connections between family members who love each other.
2376170has it challenges, is fun, is a mirror, gives meaning to live, is a responsibility, means letting go and being there at the same time. Means trust, together and finding yourself and each other again when you lose track of your destiny.
2386171is both rewarding and with regular very happy/proud moments (more intense than you could not imagine before having children), as well as very hard work and with moments of despair and not knowing how to act.
2466179would be so much easier if we had a video of the outcome that showed that we had developed children who can love and work and that we have continued to grow and develop ourselves in the process.
2726201is the most rewarding experience of my life as it has taught me that developing mutual respect, showing humility and having fun are a great set of life skills.
2856209might have been very different for me had divorce not stepped in when my son was three, however as a father I developed a very close bond with my son, which remains my greatest joy even to this day.
2996220is really hard work! I have 4 children and 90% of the time it is excellent and some of the rest it is awful and I wish I was somewhere else... and then feel guilty about that. I would not be without any of them and it is the best of times.
3376256is such a great adventure! I'm passionated about reproduction and breeding (no kidding, I was really an expert in that field for animals). The miracle of life still amaze me. Puppy , kitten or baby, it's kind of the same miracle. And then, bonding with a small human being and guiding him through life is just the right balance of instinct and rationale, and is rewarding. It's also a journey of humility, and accepting consequences of choices.
3656282has been very important to me. My family has become my motivation for my drive to succeed. At the same time, it has also helped me a better leader and role model for other associates on our team. It has given me more perspective on learning how to help others in similar situations, and to better understand
3736286is something all animals are programmed to do at a very deep level, however, increasingly this is becoming replaced by careers and distractions under the guise these will provide us with more satisfaction, though often the lack of this instinct being fulfilled leads to dissatisfaction in the absence of the relationships that are core to our very reason for being alive.
4306341...is a constant experience of living with the gap between the aspiration and the reality, but the hope that there is another chance in the morning to try again.
4336344requires a lot of time and energy, but it's one of the most important things I have done in my life. Besides, I learn a lot from my kids because they show me the things I do without even realizing I'm doing them
4486347is a huge chunk of my life that emerged recently and became a treasure trove of discoveries about myself and ideas for my professional life. I think it’s a part of our life which manifests and reflects both our biggest talents, best traits and our shadows
4596352...is something that fills my heart, that gives me a lot of joy, a lot of pleasant memories, and put a lot of sense into my life. Of course that is something hard in some moments (specially when you do not sleep well!! haha!), that put a lot of responsibility on my shoulders, that create uncertainty and fears, but the positive things helps me to cope with this.
5536387...has been one of the most rewarding aspects of my life--even with the challenges of being a single parent, it has been (and is) a rich, deep, profound journey of love and fruition.
5556388... is one of the most important and inspring things I have ever done. - My son "teached" to accept things that would have disturbed me in the past. I became clamer and more relaxed and I gained the ability to focus on the really important things. - Looking at him (9 years) and realising that our education made him become the person I wanted him to be (empathic but assertive, talkative but calm, succesful but humble) makes me extremly proud
5886400is both stressful and joyful. It embodies many of the paradoxes of life. You can't have the positive without being willing to take on the negative as well. Raising a family is a key experience of life.
6386426has to be the most rewarding and challenging thing one can do. It is a discovery of self and others. It continually evolves as our stories evolve
6676440is a great teaching! It has taught me patience, compassion, letting go and joy. It has also given me practice in managing anger, grief and loss.
7126454has been one of the hardest things I've ever done! Learning to let go and not be in control has been a valuable lesson. Also, not expecting things to be perfect, taking each day as it comes and not sweating the small stuff has been character building.
7146456has been a great lesson in how to give my son the freedom to be himself within society and find ways to make the most of life - he has also made me reflect on myself.
7356465is jolly hard work and those involved always have to change and respond to each other and the events of life. I appreciate the families of close friends who consider me one of the family and with whom I have shared watching the children grow up and been part of their lives.
7406469is the best part of life! I cannot imagine life without Quinn or Aaron (sons, aged 17 and 19). Parenting is wonderful, stressful, exciting, exhausting and, ultimately, the best job I'll ever love. I'm so very grateful to be raising these two young men with my spouse, Joe. Quinn and Aaron are gifts to us. And, we hope to participate when, one day, they decide to have families of their own.
7456474is hard work and from my observations not always proportionately rewarding. It stretches people beyond where they might otherwise go, and when this is helpful it seems to make them more generous and less selfish. When they do not respond in this way the impact can be destructive for all.
7476475is hard work and very rewarding at the same time. While I blame some gray hair and worry lines on raising a family, I've gained a deeper feeling of love and more belly-laughs you can possibly imagine!
7576481has been one of the most rewarding and also difficult things in my life. It wasn't easy, but I love to see how they've grown and succeeded in their own lives.
7756492is a very exciting but challenging ordeal. Being a parent is one of the greatest gifts but it is also can be a curse. You are responsible for shaping the life of a particular human being so the pressure is immense. You need to be able to balance the concept of wanting to be compassionate, understanding, and "cool" with not being their friend and giving them anything and everything they want. We are also in an era where sending your kids to school is even more dangerous than ever with all of the gun violence and such in the school systems today.
7966503is the pinnacle of self-actualisation and source of immense pride but I am glad I have it behind me now.
8056507Is hard work. Everyone says it's so rewarding - I'm not sure I'm at that stage of the process yet. So far it's been an awful lot of hard work, sleepless nights and constraints. I think the positive returns are around the corner though - everyone else with slightly older children than me does manage to make it look fun. And I wouldn't switch places and not be raising a family - it's a long term investment.
8176514-is the best thing in my life. I could not do it without the wisdom and support of my wife. Parenting is an adventure, a challenge and a thrill. Raising five boys is an awesome responsibility. There is no manual so I make loads of mistakes as a father. It is very humbling and being a parent stretches me to the limit, and occasionally beyond. But I have a fantastic relationship with the lads and we have great crack and fun together. I feel blessed and privileged to have them in my life, which is immeasurably richer for their presence and love.
8266518is the greatest pleasure, the opportunity to teach and learn from a child is amazing. My daughter is bilingual and I am engaging in learning french with her, she is not judgemental, she is open and she is teaching me to have the confidence to talk french with her.
8586530-gives a great sense of pride. Seeing my children transition into adulthood is a very rewarding experience, albeit with a bitter-sweet feeling as they will soon not need their parents! It gives me a sense of excitement for their futures and what they will make of life.
8826540- can be stressful at times however is phenomenally rewarding, with unconditional love like nothing else.
9326560is my wife and my greatest achievement; it's what we both live for. It's not always easy and we don't always get it right but we have consistent principles and morals that have been a great help in raising our two daughters so far.
9386566-for years I thought it was a kind of slavery, now I see it as an optional life project. And as such, you can do it unilaterally or in collaboration with more actors (partners, family, friends...). For me the sense of raising or creating an extension of the family that comes with it would be to discover new ways (me and my family) of giving and receiving love.
9996586-is a privilege and has been an amazing journey over the last 20+ years. It's a huge responsibility that throws up many challenges but the rewards are incredible. I love the fact that I have helped shape my children into the yound adults they are today and now live my own aspirations through them. No one gives you a hand book or a set of rules for parenthood which makes the journey so exciting.
10006587- for me is the most wonderful experience with some many extreme emotions of joy, pain, happiness, sadness etc. ; it has shaped me as a person and made me more caring and self-less
10046590-is fun, difficult, and gratifying. What a pleasure to see kids evolve into young adults. What a shock when you see a reflection of yourself. I'm particularly proud of emphasizing independent thinking but also nice manners
10056591-is one of the most beautiful and challenging tasks that I carry out day by day, it is an act of love and a great responsibility. It's a challenge I chose and enjoy watching it evolve.
10156596- has grown me as a person in every way, I value the grounding, fun and challenge it provides and strive everyday to truly embrace all that comes with being a dad.
10546617-Raising a family has been an incredible blessing and I love to spend time with my husband and kids. It's been hard to move all the way across the country and not be able to connect with them and see them very often.
10726622is something I thought for many years that I was supposed to want and struggled with why I didn't. Society tells me I should want this. It took me a very long time to be comfortable with the fact that no part of me wants to raise a human family, and that's ok. I do, however, love raising a furry family. Caring for rescued animals and watching them grow and develop brings me joy.
10766623- means love, responsibility , commitment and readiness for sacrificing yourself; - means a clear option for your own continuous development to become a better person; - means a life-time journey full of exciting experiences; - means becoming complete
11196644Has been the most glorious, fulfilling and challenging experience of my life. It is one of the most important roles in a community/society. Raising a family is about providing a fundamental structure of safety and security from which children can launch. It's a paradox because you provide structure so that the kids can transcend that structure to discover themselves. As a parent, you are completely focused on the child, but ideally that child is not completely focused on you - rather their back is turned to you (metaphorically speaking) as they engage with themselves, their peers, and the world they are entering. It's a relationship filled with love, compassion, interest and understanding while maintaining the strength and willingness to say 'no' and to challenge/stretch the child.
11346652Has completely shifted my priorities and I didn't realise how much I would love two little people. It's a daily test of team work and planning to keep two little people happy and content and I couldn't do it without my husband. It's rewarding, difficult, emotional, draining and amazing all at the same time.
11576662- Is one of the most rewarding legacies a person can have - it is challenging and exciting and frustrating all in the same day but you have to give as much of yourself as you can each day so that you can provide the best start in life for others that you could and that they might go on to do the same one day.
11586663- Was a very important thing and a very interesting experience in my life. Life gets a different, extended content. You think and feel in a broader context. You have more responsibility. You learn to discover life in new ways. There are new other challenges, especially when the family gets bigger, meaning that children enrich them. You learn to think in other horizons and at the same time to grasp details that you have previously ignored. You live close together with people you love, who need you and who you need, who put hope and trust in you and who are a very essential part of your life.
11706670-is a complete joy and privilege. It is the absolute hardest thing I have ever done - but also the most worthy effort. I love my children more than anything. It is a love that cannot be explained. I didn't think I was good enough to be a mom until the last few weeks when our situation at home changed putting more responsibility on my husband and me. But, we have survived and I believe I am a better mother for it. I want nothing more than to raise a wonderful, healthy and happy family. I want my girls to love others and be kind. I want them to know they can accomplish anything. I hope I am being a good role model for them.
11856681-is beautiful chaos that is better than my wildest dreams, looks nothing like I planned, and has humbled me with some human version of nearly unconditional love...
12016691-shapes children’s future – their ability to react to failures and successes, accept oneself, that’s why it is important to give space to children to make their own choices while modeling desired behaviors.
12116697means, for me, deciding, after a thorough process of introspection, to welcome into my life another human being and then walking by her side on her life path for a while, showing her the landscape of this world, giving her space to discover who she is and opportunities to wonder and challenge herself, help her become as conscious as possible, until the time comes when she no longer needs my guidance, as she'll be ready to venture out into the world on her own and create her own journey.
12516709- Is meaningful and tough. It's part of my life journey. It's something I choose to go through and I feel no regret to. I feel exhausted from time to time but I still feel meaningful. Though sometimes I feel I can do better and sometimes I feel I really want to give myself sometime and freedom. And sometimes I feel hard to breathe and totally stressed out. I still feel it's part of my life journey and I choose it without regret at all.
12686717Is a wonderful thing. Seeing children and others across the family develop and grow, including myself. For me, divorced and a single Dad, has made me a better Dad, a better partner and I’ve landed in a place where there are few rules on how to do all this ‘right’.
12796725- can be another opportunity for learning and growing up (particularly helping to become less self centred!)
13106746-is an important commitment. On the one hand it becomes very important to take into consideration the perspectives of each person in the family, including one’s own perspective. Raising a family means bringing beings into the world and so to do this it’s important to be ready for the commitment and to really want to engage in the work that’s necessary. It’s also very important to find a partner who one would want to raise a family with (or partners) – and – perhaps no partner at all. It’s also wise to consider the community and organizations that we consciously bring the family into. Lastly, get ready because you are the instrument and the experience will show you your growth edges and will change you. There’s really much more to say, yet time…
13366756-is difficult and surprising. I thought I knew and would teach my children. I learned that sometimes I don't and I can also learn from them.
13556766Has been a very deliberate journey and choice for me. Due to circumstances beyond anyone's control, my childhood was full of dysfunction, drama, and trauma. My mother abandoned me at 13. My father was trying his best to keep our family together while dealing with his own hurt and feelings. I didn't understand everything at the time and I still am working to grasp the impact it had on me. But I did see an opportunity to create for myself and my family all that I didn't get to have as a child. The man I married, the way I parent, the choices I make in how we spend our resources....time, money, energy...are usually very intentional to build a beautiful life for all of us, including me, full of joy, memories, unconditional love and acceptance. It has been the most amazing journey and what I have so much fulfillment around. My hope is that it outlives me and creates a legacy of how my children's children's children live.
13876773-is the greatest challenge I have ever faced, but it also the most rewarding thing I have ever done. It is a huge responsibility to raise children to be good people and live "the golden rule," and I am extremely hard on myself if I think I have let my family down by not acting with respect for them and others.
13896775-provides the deepest insight to my ability to listen, guide, resolve issues and be open to forgiveness - is not an easy task at times, but well worth the undertaking - teaches me boundary setting and "letting go"
14376796Has been beautiful... i have learnt so much through it, and I feel a better person for it. At the same time, it is time consuming and tough... it tests all my boundaries and pre-conceptions. I love involving my girls in my passions, and watching them develop theirs.
14546803-should be one of the most important jobs you have to do in life. It's also one of the hardest things you will do. Finding a balance between work and family can be challenging and there will always be compromises. It's about choosing what makes everyone happy and healthy.
14926821-is my #1 job. My kids are my priority and I have always put them and their needs at the center of my universe. I may not always do it perfectly but they know I would do anything and everything for them. In the early years I did not accept new positions in my career so that I could focus on them and ensure their safety and happiness. As they have gotten older, I have begun to put more focus on myself and my career and they encourage me to do so which is refreshing.
14986826will be the greatest satisfaction of most peoples lives. But it is challenging and will test you to grow in new ways. For many, if you even approach the type of parent you wish to be then I say you have done a great job.
15086833-Is awesome and exhausting. Growing up I didn't necessarily envision having a family and kids, but now I can't imagine life any other way. My kids truly inspire me everyday - they are simple and bold in their thinking, learning every day, and full of energy. I feel so amazingly blessed to be able to be a part of my family and shaping these 'little people' to go on and do great things...
15236838- Is the source of an immense amount of existential joy for me. I love my wife and I'm lucky I have her. And my kids are profoundly irritating, crazy, funny, noisy and a perpetual surprise to me in so many ways. I always thought kids and family would get in the way of my life. Turns out they are the way of life.
15446842is the most astonishing privilege and even on the tough days I'm grateful for the opportunity to love or argue or challenge or cry or whatever it is we are doing, and also sometimes I find the future a bit scary-sounding and just want my children to co-create and live into the best form of future(s) they can manage.
15556845-was scary and stressful but now that my children are grown, it is very fulfilling to look at the past and have hopes for their future.
15626850is a mine field full of success, failure, love and laughter bombs.
15636851is a blessing, a great mutual responsibility with my lovely wife, and challenging! Family is a place where you really can see highs and lows in the sense that there can be such great love and support and we can tend to take advantage of that if we are not mindful. Being a foster parent now, I have greater perspective on how the interconnected aspects of life - education, culture, economics, family history, government, personality etc - impact and influence raising a family.
15646852-is hard, stressful, anxiety-provoking, exhausting, and triggers lots of self-doubt and of course, it's also incredibly rewarding, enriching, delightful, and magical. I'm grateful for all of it.
15916860- is an privilege and responsibility. I love to see the children learn and grow, developing their own personalities and interests. It can create a whole range of emotions; love, exhaustion, exhilaration, comfort, frustration, but at the end of the day I feel proud of the people that I am helping to raise.
15976864-Is the greatest privilege I have ever had. It is the ultimate responsibility to be in the care of young lives that so shaped by your presence and guidance. It is such a grounding and rich rollercoaster, it is so deeply fulfilling to create love and be surrounded by it. I've never so deeply wanted happiness and beautiful life for another person as I've wanted and want it for River. It has also been the ultimate challenge and progression for my relationship with Paige.
16596888-Is a balancing act between focussing on the immediate needs of the child/children and pursuing your own purpose and in doing so being a role model for your children. I seek to be present when I am present with my partner and children, and I show little compromise in my pursuit of excellence in my business and the transformation of business practices. I can feel a tension between contributing to those close to me and contributing to global goals / on a wide scale.
16706895was my best choice ever. I have 3 wonderful daughters and like the mother in "little women" says to her daughters: "the world if a better world now because of you". (or something like that). I've been able to create a "family" culture that allowed each member of the family to grow the best inside of them. A family is a system and each member should have a place and be seen for what he/she is. Now, with two new sons in law, we are opening the system to make them feel a part of it. It's amazing, I feel blessed.
16796902is a blessing, a gift and also the best teacher. It is a blessing because you would (ideally) be surrounded by and receiving love, and giving love wholeheartedly in return. It is a gift, as not all are so lucky to have a family to raise. Being a parent is also the best teacher of life, as you will be stretched, triggered, forced to to be honest with yourself as you see your children, balance giving/receiving love, how to practice self-care, how to guide them through their own rites of passage whilst going through your own trials in life. And many more lessons! I don't have my own husband and children yet, and I look forward to when that time comes.
16936908-is extremely challenging and is a never ending process. It offers the greatest sense of accomplishment and pride but also the most heartache and disappointment.
17486933-is outside my realm of true understanding, except as being a child in one. I can only witness, I never had children. It looks incredibly challenging, heartbreaking, and sweet beyond comprehension.
17796948-is a very responsible task with a lot fun and sometimes some frustration underway. The hardest part is to balance my own needs with the needs of the family. The most joyful part is the sometimes sudden appearance of growth in the kids
17856952Raising a family…is the most cherished and valued opportunity and privilege of my life. It is at the heart of how I would define what love is for me. My family has also raised me in a sense - as the learnings I have had in raising a family have indelibly shaped me and contributed to my growth and success as a person. It is arguably the most indelible imprint a person can make in this world.
17886955-is a lifelong process that brings me enormous joy, difficult challenges, hardships, and heart break, and helps me appreciate life's journey.
18216973requires a sense of purpose, a purpose that unites you and helps us get the most out of life by living a meaningful life. Raising a family requires both mental well being in the form of affection, understanding and expectations as well as a feeling of belonging.
18806983-is both a privilege and a challenge. It's been my biggest source of personal development over the past 15 years.. Watching my children grow, being part of their shaping, the never-ending conversations with my 15 year old are simply everyday joy. Yet this joy has also been accompanied by a whole range of other darker emotions: anxiety, helplessness, frustrations, sadness.
18866985Is something one should do only if they feel it's for them, not because society says it is mandatory. It is a very high responsibility and it is useful to do it when the level of awareness of the person is somewhat high. Being an example for someone else (a child or more children) requires a high level of self awareness, a big tolerance for the unknown, understanding that other people do not belong to us, but are merely our companions on this journey called life. But, raising a family, a healthy, functional family, bringing up wise, strong, kind and resilient children who then become adults is one of the most beautiful and meaningful ways a person can contribute to the well being and growth of the world
19006990Is one of the greatest gifts and challenges that I’m engaged in right now. I’m in love with my son and my wife and deeply appreciate them, in the same breath...they can both trigger me, overwhelm me and reduce me down to a cave man in minutes. Then I repair and I’m back in love and laughter with them again.
19187001- is very important to me. It's been very challenging at times, but more rewarding and cherished than I could possibly have imagined. It's a lot of work helping, supporting and raising a family, but they also support me in times when I need more than my strength to get me through the bad times. They are my heart, my life, my everything!
19767019is hard. I have no idea how people balance raising a family and having a profession. The idea is mind boggling to me. I have such respect for those that do both, or choose to sacrifice one over the other. I'm sure isn't an easy decision. I'm also jealous of them in some ways because they are building a legacy in ways I likely will never have.
19817022-has become one of the most meaningful parts of my life. I am learning every day what it means to be a Dad, a friend to my children and what that means to them. I am constantly surprised by I mean to them and I love that ongoing adventure.
19867027-Is the greatest experience and has bought me more joy than I could have ever realised. It has changed me as a person, my outlook on life and how I treat others.
20267045-is the most joyful and wonderful experience compared to anything else. It helps you develop every side of your personality. Adapting to the different habits, choices, preferences of your partner and children is an opportunity to grow. Bringing up a family teaches a person the value of adjusting, adapting, learning and giving. It also helps develop resilience and strength. Facing the ups and down of life while raising a family is one of the best ways to bring the best out of ourselves.
20527062is a rewarding and hard at the same time. I love that my son has achieved his goals right out of college. There are times that as a parent you wonder what you could have done differently to help your child.
20887078-is the greatest challenge I have faced. Initially you have great plans how you, your children and your partner will develop as a family but you soon realise that everybody is different, you love them whatever their faults and you look to help then develop while trying to protect them from some of the toughest things this world has to offer. Also, just remember at the end, if you have been successful, your family will be there!
21417095is tough and rewarding at the same time. It doesn't matter if it's a team (company) or a family (personal relationship) it takes a lot of energy and resources but it is probably the most rewarding and awesome thing. Failing, growing and evolving together is so rewarding on so many levels. It requires a lot of transparency, open-mindedness and trust from all parties involved.
22117129-Is central to who I am and how I relate to others. Interestingly, my youngest son leaves for college in the fall so this will take on a new meaning and dimension. I have deep empathy for the women I work with that are single mothers or are struggling to 'do it all' and am working to create a work environment where women do not have to choose between their children and work.
22767141-has been the highest, the lowest, and every point in between for my life. It has given me the opportunity to feel every emotion, including the scary ones.
23417165- Is one of the greatest privileges one can be given and the fact that Maryellen and I were not blessed with children of our own; perhaps, life's greatest disappointment.
23607168-can be overwhelming. I have a large family by choice; four biological children and two step-children. I love being a mom, watching my children love, laugh, and be their best, but they all have specific needs as a person, and I wish I had more of me to give to each of them. I often feel inadequate and wish I was present more. Being a parent has been the most humbling thing I've ever done. That being said, the journey has made me a better me, a more understanding and less judgmental me. I have learned I'm not going to get everything right, to forgive myself, and to enjoy the gift of my children.
23717171I don’t have any experience in it, but I favor the approach where children are treated as adults which promotes their awareness, autonomy, judgment and maturity, where children get a chance to try lots of different things so that they can choose what they like and focus on it, where adults recognize they are of little interest to children and the latter should get more opportunities to communicate with other children; except for treating them as adults and providing them with as many opportunities as possible, raising will not have much impact.
24157177has been a learning adventure, although the early years were tough as I wrestled with the journey to adulthood.
24447189-is a wonderful and rewarding experience that is very hard work and has a huge impact on the community. Knowing that you are "creating" humans that will go out into the world with views, opinions, and dreams, and plans that are all formed and created as you guided the development through childhood can be a very daunting thought. Raising a family is also a reciprocal process and parents can learn as much from their children as we can teach them.
24497191- is an important social contribution and is something that should be recognised and shared more broadly across society, even among people who fall beyond traditional ideas of family.
24837199is a lifelong mission and partnership - a joint effort. it is something you need to through yourself into without hesitation and completely. it is hard, it feels like you are chipping away at raw stone, the little slices of insight you see in your kids are worth it.
24997205-is wonderful and rewarding and joyous and difficult and stressful and relentless, the more children you have, the more of all of these things it is. I have eight children ranging from seven years old to 29 years old. . .
24927209is hard, a daily challenge, the greatest responsibility one can undertake but also life's most rewarding experience. My two teenage daughters teach me as many truths as I attempt to impart to them.
25357214...is something I question. I'm currently single, and don't have children. Others around me, and society, hold raising a family up on a pedestal. But, it's just another choice as to the life an individual wishes to live - and not a right/wrong choice. It's the idealism of raising a family that I question. I love being able to input into other people's lives (e.g. my niece and nephew), and would love to foster or adopt a child, but I know that there are alternatives to realise my value as a person, and give to others. Birthing more children, into a planet that's struggling to cope (and, a world that's a freaking tough place), is something I grapple with understanding fully.
25427217Is something I’m looking forward to doing. I’m sure it will be messier, more emotional and more life changing than I can imagine, but I like the idea of bringing someone into, and up in, this world.
25827227- has been the most challenging and humbling aspect of being human for me. It has been the intersection of my deepest pain and my deepest joy.
26007230-Is an honor with great responsibility and pleasure. Not everyone gets the opportunity to do it. Motherhood is a trait and lovely gift of nature and that why's nurturing plays a major role to shape the family values. Motherhood has no gender, it is a beautiful, selfless, spiritual experience of nurturing the best compassionate lives into butterflies.
26147234-Has been tough. I had a very strict upbringing. Not much obvious love. This has made it hard to know what to do with my family. We have a traditional family with myself earning virtually all the money and Erica being a full time housewife. This was a joint decision. Consequently I have been more of a weekend father. Whether work has been an escape, who knows...
27377273- Is probably the most challenging task we can undertake in life. Raising a "family", not just the children, requires the right balance, attention and focus between the children and your partner. It requires sacrifice, humility, empathy and a deep understanding of human behaviour. - "To have your heart walk around in someone else's body" is a phrase often used when parents have young ones finding their place in the world. It is however a great opportunity and privilege and not to be taken lightly. - Raising a family within a wider community of other families, or social groups I believe to be incredibly important, and something that has been common for thousands of years. Unfortunately the current cultural, social and environmental conditions today mean that many families are isolated and therefore under greater threat.
27707283-has been the biggest challenge and greatest joy in my life; having two grown daughters who are extremely different has challenged me to question my own assumptions about what it means to be "successful" in life and to love them for who they are, not who I want them to be.
27767285is important to me. It is about sharing values, appreciating what we have, showing the good in the world, teaching about how to give back whenever the opportunity offers itself and supporting a positive and realistic mindset about life. It is not about influencing anyone to be exactly like me. It is about helping them see things for themselves.
27907290- Is not something we are trained to do but is the most enormous of responsibilities, nurturing a child into an adult, striving to provide the best environment emotionally and materially. Realising you can only support and guide and experience the evolution from complete dependency to a grown up individual. One hell of a journey and I wouldn't trade it in for anything in the world.
28467311is possibly the biggest challenge in life. We want to give them the best possible opportunity to be successful in life and in the process run the risk of taking away the learning opportunity. Knowing when to let go and allow them to get hurt ( and ensure growth ) is almost impossible and one just need to trust , be clear in your relationships and believe that all will be ok with those that you love.
28597313- has not been part of my family in a traditional way of having children and raising them but takes on new meaning for me at middle age when I become more of an "elder" in my extended family of siblings, nieces, nephews - and even a recently widowed mother - as "raising" becomes about the role I want to play in supporting my extended network of biological and chosen family connections.
30107346-is challenging but extremely rewarding beyond comprehension, it motivates and guides a lot of who I am and why I strive to excel.
30827363-is some of the most challenging, and rewarding, personal growth for myself as a human being. It has helped in the reorienting of my universe, my values, my yearnings, my values, and my pleasures.
32557417-triggered the most global self-cultivation process in me and enabled me to view myself and the people around me in a totally different manner.
33357442-has been one of the most satisfying and challenging things I have done in my life so far. Seeing the transformation in myself and being the person I want my son and my daughters to look up to is by far the most important job I have and will succeed at.
33537446-as a good parent is perhaps the most difficult responsibility of any adult and is like a roller coaster with many ups and downs but ultimately most fulfilling.
33507456-is hard, all encompassing, and super rewarding. I don't often speak in cliches, but the old adage of "the days are long but the years are short," has really been resonating with my wife and I recently. We are trying to make sure we stop to enjoy the moments we have as a family and with our kids, while recognizing there are definitely the ups and downs along the way. But couldn't imagine doing anything else but raising kids!
33817460-is not necessarily something I aspire to undertake. But I believe everyone should have the right to do so, and feel that more should be done to ensure that families are supported, financially, emotionally and materially to provide the best outcome for themeselves and their children. Issues such as gender pay gaps, child care and climate change shouldn't be considered in isolation. As a society we need to be considering how we can support the now and plan for the future to ensure the best outcomes for all generations.
33897463- has been both wonderful and extremely daunting at times. The joy of bringing 2 new lives into the world and the unlimited love and bond with each of my daughters has been something that I am most grateful for. I've also felt overwhelming fear at times when they've experienced illness when they were quite young and feeling inadequate with knowing how to ease their pain. Also the doubt that I've experienced in how my husband and I are raising them and whether we are making the right choices to ensure they have a carefree upbringing that brings out the best in each of them. I've loved watching them grow and evolve through there childhood phases and for my oldest daughter who is now a teenager and someone I feel very strongly connected to and admire for her perceptiveness, intelligence and humour.
34097472-has been part of my life that has allowed me to become more humble and understanding of everyone, due to the humility and innocence of raising a child. Their innocence and complete reliance on you as an adult, does bring an element of pressure and self reflection, however the joy children bring over the days, weeks, months and years makes raising a family and inspiring and enjoyable activity.
33917473-is a learning process. However I try to do things well, I can never feel like I have figured it all out. I will always be a first-time mother for my son, because he is changing, getting older year by year and I am learning to be his mom every day and every year. The same with my daughter. I am not just raising them and educating them, but I am also learning from them. Raising a family is a co-creative growth process for all the family members. For me raising a family means to create an environment, where my family feels safe to be themselves, to discover who they can be, where they can get the emotional support, what they do not always get in the society. And at the same time raising a family is not only individual, but also a societal issue. A society has to be supportive, because if we support families to raise healthy, responsible, empathetic, happy citizens, the society will just get so much better.
34957498- is a gift, a priviledge, a joy, a responsability, an engine in life, sometimes a challenge, always a learning jourey.
35037500Is hard work but its amazing. There is nothing like the love you have for your children... nothing!
35437509-is one of my life's great blessings. I didn't birth my own children, but I have three step-children. We have had a strong relationship from the start and now have nine grandchildren. It's wonderful seeing our children grow into good and loving parents and seeing their children thrive. While as step-mum my role is perhaps one step removed, it has been lovely to develop relationships with the children and provide a loving space in which we can all come together. I've always sought to respect and build up their natural mum, as she did a great job raising them, this seems to have helped in us having strong and respectful relationships with each other.
37197530- is something I waited to long time to do, which in one sense I regret and in another I don't since if I didn't wait I would not have the family I'm part of today.
38657555-Is a joy. It makes me scared sometimes as I fear loss of what I see as so precious but the pride I feel in doing my best creating an environment where my wife and kids can have choice to be who they want to be is exciting and deeply meaningful.
38777558- is the hardest thing I have ever done - the pressure i feel to get it "right" is intense. I love it! and I find myself being challenged daily by my children - both literally and in my perspective on the world.
39627576has been a blessing for me. I have eight children ranging from 30 years old down to 8 years old. Raising my family gives me purpose and joy and makes my heart sing. Watching the children grow up and become their own people with their own values and ideas and lives is a wonderful thing. I am especially proud that my children have all grown up with a strong sense of service (they work in jobs such as innovative justice, policing, nursing and emergency services), a strong work ethic and an understanding of how important honestly and integrity are. Of course, raising a family has also been very challenging at times - from basic human needs like sleep deprivation when they were babies, to the agony of watching a child struggle with a health, relationship or learning challenge and then the process of having to let go and allow them to make their own decisions - even when you think you know better.
41007595is rewarding, levelling, very hard work and full of ups and downs, but I wouldn't like to have missed out on that.
40977598-is something everyone should experience in their life, it is a challenge, at times overwhelming, but to see the joy, love and happiness of the unit just brings a warming feeling within.
42767624-is a joy for me. It is not an easy job but the most rewarding work in my life. I enjoy seeing the growth of all the family members including myself. As a father with two daughters, I try to do my best to help them become better, but I often realize my efforts helps me become better as well. I appreciate their presence and the relationship with them.
43147629Has been the most important work of my life. I love my wife and son deeply. I have come to think that raising my son has had a similar maturing effect on me that was not available to me as a child (as my father was not present in my life).
43257631- has many ups and downs but even during the hard times there are benefits that outweigh all the trials and tribulations.
43457636-is an adventure in which I grew a lot as mother, daughter and sister
43867643- a roller coaster ride, I've never before cried so much and from time to time been so frustrated but on the other hand I've never been so happy and laughed so much either, now is definitely an easier time than has been, sleep is good again, both of my girls are fantastic, loving and wonderful at the age of 4 and 7, I wonder how things will be when they're teenagers.
44257646Is not an easy thing. Approx. 10 years ago I saw a show about marriages, when an older married couple was discussing with a young one on how they see it. The young one was saying that older couples are often dull, boring, only nagging one another, while they see that they are different ones and they will be able to keep romance in the room until end of their life. That the older ones stop caring for one another and that it will not happen to them. The older couple was saying, that it is only after you have kids, sleepless night, troubles at work, illnesses and are able to see each other and respect still, then you know your marriage is successful or not. I was agreeing with the young ones back then. Guess what? They have just announced they are getting a divorce after all this time. And after all those years, of course I am much more agreeing with the older couple. Raising a family is a lot work and compromises.
45257660-Is a privilege and one of the most important roles I play. It hasn't always been easy for me as my family of origin had difficulties and I wanted to parent in a way that was different from how I was bought up. I have made mistakes along the way, some of which I regret, and am enjoying now being a grandparent and able to, as they say, 'have all care and no responsibility,' although in truth we are very closely involved with our grandchildren and our family lives by the motto, 'it takes a village to raise a child.'
45517666is a verdict in our culture but it shouldn’t be the only purpose of living, I think that it’s one of the reasons that marriage has an expire date here because when you raise a family that means you reached the only goal and also fall in habit with your spouse, both at same time, you will stick in a routine life after that
45707670-for some is a primal urge, others an accident, some a chore and for many is transformative and brings the person into a new relationship with their family, the community and the future they will not live to be personally part of.
45827671is the centre of my world. It brings me so much joy and has become the perfect balance to the absorbing intensity of my career. It allows me put things in to perspective in a way I haven't been able to before. Since becoming a parent, I have been able to make decisions about my life that I would have almost been scared of before because I know that there is more to life than the CEO or business person I am
46957699-…is one of the more complex parts of my life. It is both the most rewarding and most challenging, given how much emotion and responsibility is associated with it. Doing this myself now makes me truly understand how special my parents are for what they did for our family.
47267700-is the most blissful challenge that interweaves itself through every aspect of your being and is capable of taking you to the highest highs and lowest lows emotionally, energetically, spiritually, physically, mentally. But what a treat--to bring about another human into this world and hope to influence this human to be a force of good, an addition of love and smiles in our universe.
48877727-is the best that happened to me in my life, it has brought out emotions that I have not known before (unconditional love to a child which is different to unconditional love to a parent) but also the contrary when the kids have driven me absolutely nuts when they were little. It opens my heart to see how they develop into their own personalities but share the same values by adopting what they saw at home.
49417734-has been a beautiful discovery for me. I was scared of it and thought it might threaten my life as a whole but it has made it more beautiful and abundant and i want more abundance. Its really hard on me physically, and emotionally but also completely humanizing liek nothing ive ever experienced. im sos so glad i chose to have a child bc i almost didn't. but its hard.
49867740It is a sweet burden, a warm responsibility, and an expedition and learning in the stage of life. Generally, it is not a business of one person. It takes two people (the other half) to coordinate and cooperate, only in this way can we create more beautiful memories for each other during the process.
50057743-Is the most rewarding experience of my life. Although a challenge and many times difficult to strike the right balance, it gives life true meaning and I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.
50067746is so demanding of time, energy, emotion and head space, but I cherish it because there's nothing more rewarding than seeing my kids master new skills and challenging my understanding of/assumptions about the world.
50857754is really hard work but it builds character and makes you realize the immensity of love that you can have for people (especially your kids...usually).
51367761-is raising oneself, it makes no sense to raise anyone if one is not raising herself. Our children are our teachers and the more we accept and understand it, the more chances we have to be true friends with them and walk the path of life together.
51847766- has been a humbling experience because you are always making up what comes next. It is both very rewarding and worry inducing; little kids little problems, big kids big problems. It makes me appreciate even more all that my parents did for me. I had always hoped that I would have daughters, but as the mom of two boys it has been a joy and lot of dirt and laundry.