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4786358Is a beautiful experience to live with. It is the work of a creator. To leave and lean into the future, parts of yourself at the same time help bring in people who are independent and would create their own is the most magical thing. A fools' errand towards eternity.
10496615- is a two-way street: your family raises you as much as you raise them. Be prepared to rise together. You might also be surprised at who actually counts as family when you stop to feel around you. Meow. (And when you realise that you are indirectly helping your spouse's difficult-ass ex cope with their life, you also understand that you can't always choose who effectively is family or not.)
11916684DUMMY TEXT
12506708is challenging and involves tremendous psychic growth navigating inter-generational trauma and thinking set forth by previous ancestors/ways of doing things, personality and physical ailments; people's own developmental journeys and still absolving to unconditional love for oneself and those close them despite how they may see or experience the world.
26537247-Is the hardest, best, most come to jesusy adventure I've ever been in. If you want to know yourself, what you are and aren't made of, to see how insignificant and out of control one really is, to have the fire burn away what isn't essential, to have your heart expanded beyond what you ever imagined fall face down again and meet your shortcomings with such helplessness...and then to realize that "oh shit"...I'm the adult here...and raise up...find a way to grow even bigger...again and push against your's like the best truest adventure there is. It's a real responsibility that can feel daunting and its a true privilege, one that I am so grateful for. Not for the faint of heart.
33967466-is in fact self-discovery. IMHO, one should start with himself (something I have ascertained many times) and happy mindful parents are the best education, imho. I mean, the child will copy me regardless, so if I am happy, successful, joyful, flexible and mindful, if I enjoy my life and achieve my goals – it will copy it regardless. I see lots of my grandmas’ and grandpas’ programs in myself which are so powerful it’s difficult to recognize or change. So, imho, one shouldn’t raise children much, it’s more important to help oneself be splendid. Find deep contact and harmony with my partner so that she is happy and mindful, since the child copies her as well and to a bigger extent while it is small, since they have more contact. Therefore, the kind of mother [a child has] impacts the child even more than the father. Therefore, it’s important to help the mother be mindful, joyful and full of energy. Then the child will be golden. It’s an on fleek question – I realized once more what’s important. Thanks 🙂