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2636192I feel distaste at the word helpless, I don't want to be responsible for them - although I have in the past taken more responsibility than is really mine to take. I like to think that there is a spark of ability and strength in everyone and I would now more consciously do my best to invite that part of a 'helpless' person forward - with compassion - doing my best not to fall into old patterns. I'm aware I've answered this very personally - I haven't been actively involved in global disempowerment myself - but as I answer this, I find myself wondering how come I am so focussed on my own reactions - and how the part of me that feels helpless gets suppressed and judged by me.
2836207and I have the ability to either help individual people or can play a role in changing the systems and/or institutions and/or narratives that are causing the helplessness-- I feel it is my "calling" or vocation or mission to do what I can (including dealing with my own beliefs, behaviors, addictions, anxieties, and alienation's that may be contributing to the helplessness of others... and myself).
4036314what matters if what they think about themselves. They may view it as dependence and weakness. Or as acceptance and strength. In a sense, we are all helpless, but some are weak and some are strong. There is place in the world for everything - for helplessness and strength, for cruelty and generosity. We are capable of building a society of great love and humanity that will accommodate the strong and the weak and helpless
10496615- it might be like the kid in Q1 not joining the group activities all over again. What do these helpless need? Who says they are helpless?What do the people proclaiming this helplessness need? (Helpers sometimes need helpless people more than is healthy for either part..) I know it's not a thing to say out loud, but also consider how soft and comforting it sometimes is to declare and feel yourself helpless. Can we find something more appealing for people than that?