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Sentence Stem Query Details

Entry IDGLP #Answers
746033were still alive she would be proud of me and all of my family--how they have developed into wonderful families of their own.
766035could get me to listen to one of her pieces of advice it would be to no be a workaholic.
776036were alive I think she would be proud of the person I've become and the work that I do to contribute to something larger than myself.
786037was ever dissapointed in me, it was the worst feeling ever.
816040were here, she would tell you how wonderful I am.
826041weren't my mother I'd be sad. And much much less of the person I am today.
836042were alive today, she would still be proud of me.
876046could do anything, she would offer me the ability to rest.
926051did not have so much anxiety I could take better care of her.
1056064be happy in the way she live, there is no better news than this.
1066065were to do this test she would find it just as curious as I do.
1096068didn't suffer from long term ill health, I wouldn't be the person I am today.
1116070would know (unfortunately she passed away 10 years ago) what I am doing, she would be happy !
1126071had better opportunities earlier in life, she would have been happier.
1136072would make some more friends, she would better enjoy life.
1156074were not in my life I don't know where I would be
1186077mattered more to me that would have been better
1226081and I got along better in the past, I would have never experienced boarding school
1256084were alive, I will continue expending as much time as I could. I miss her; I miss talking with her and miss having she around providing me with her support and guidelines. She was, is my hero, my inspiration, she was a strong woman that took her of the family and me. She was a good example and inspiration of love and a hard worker. She was a warrior.
1266085would worry less it would really help her.
1356094were alive today, she would love to meet and spend time with her grandchildren, telling them all about their Dad, when he was their age...
1476103did not have dementia she would be experiencing a very different life
1496105tells me something, I may argue but I always listen.
1506106....hadn't lost her husband (and my father) in her forties, she may have been a very different person.
1546110were alive she would be proud of me.
1606116could see the bigger picture beyond herself
1656121ever gives me praise it is incredibly unnerving!
1666122were President, the country would be in great shape. She is kind and generous of both time and spirit. She is a brilliant business woman with a tremendous financial acumen.
1686124is a survivor and a winner in her own right
1716127had it her way, she would live well beyond 100 without suffering any effects from aging.
1746130Were alive I would sit down and talk to her about all the things I never did talk to her about, and ask her lots of questions and tell her I love her.
1776133would have lived longer (she died very early when I was 10 years old), I wonder how my life would have enfolded - because I'm very happy with my life.
1786134is alive, I hope she finds out that I'm ok and that I realize the sacrifices she made to give birth to me and the emotional guilt she may have is unfounded. (I was adopted)
1886140were still alive today, I'd thank her and tell her she was amazing.
1916142saw me at work she would be proud of me
1986145had bring me up in a different way, I would have been a different man.
1996146is with me I just recieve support and love
2116149...were still alive she would not understand what I do but she'd be proud of me anyway.
2126150were here, she would have been extremely proud of the person that I am.
2146152had an education and had not faced the enormous challenges of being a young, single, Honduran mother in a new country as an immigrant to the U.S. at the age of 19, I wonder where her path would have taken her.
2156153Was still alive, I think she would be proud of how I have turned out.
2206157only knew how much I appreciate her.
2256158is more interested in me, she would know me better.
2326165is straight in her meaning it's difficult to like her and let her go.
2386171confirms my ideas i feel supported. I value her advise and search for approval.
2406173dies, I die as well. I love her. But she is like fish: remains fresh for two days. (dutch saying) Very stubborn and super optimistic.
2416174was here , I would invite her to go swim with me in the ocean....her most happy place when she was alive
2446177were young today, she'd have had many more opportunities to show her talents
2456178did not pause on her career to raise me and my sibling, I would have had much different childhood memories.
2466179were alive today, she would be very proud of me and all that I have done and we would still be talking by phone every morning to check in and share what is most important in our lives.
2476180were here, she'd be proud of me.
2486181knew her daughter, she would be proud.
2496182could see/hear the many ways she inspired others--she would be very proud.
2536184wants something she will get it, but in a nice way.
2546185gets stressed, I try to get her to laugh at herself.
2596189woyuld brag about me, she would point out similarities between me and her.
2616190had better prescription that would make me happier.
2626191could see me today, she would be proud of the person I have become, proud father, loving husband, supportive friend / family member and successful career
2636192Stood her ground with my dad, she would have had a happier and more expressive life.
2646193were alive, she'd be proud of my family.
2686197is asked about me, she is proud of her son.
2696198... would have lived longer, she would have had a huge impact on my life.
2726201were alive today she would be really proud of my children whom regrettably, she never had the chance to meet.
2786203Would know you, she would advise you to manage this kind of interviews face to face.
2816205..were in any type of trouble, I would move heaven and Earth to save her. If anything bad ever happened to her that was out of my control, it would tear me apart.
2836207could have possibly been a better mother, I'd be hard pressed to describe how.
2896211.. recognises that she can not be any longer on her own I am happy to have her with me.
2906212were less anxious and more relaxed about things I feel that her health would be better.
2926214was not supportive, I would not have been successful
2956217would know how often I do and say things just like her, it would make her smile. It makes me smile too.
2986219where still alive, I think she will be proud of my kids.
3026222only knew how much i respect her for raising us single
3046224was reading these responses, she'd tell me to stop being so pompous.
3086228were alive, I would get her advice on something that I needed a clear non sugar coated answer on.
3096229could write a book, I would love to read it.
3126231applied herself to something she loved, creatively, she'd excel.
3136232was here I'd be paying attention to her and not filling in this form. I have very little time left with her and every minute is precious.
3156234was here she would say that i'm a strong woman with a big genereous heart
3176236wasn't such a huge part of my life, I would be sad.
3186237was not in my life, I would not be the person I am today.
3226241would be still alive, she would tell me, that a Jaguar is a great product and would ask me, if they have a good canteen in their company?
3256244understood technology, life would be easier
3306249spent less time being resentful about her childhood and how other people let her down, she would be a lot happier,
3316250would take better care of herself and made better choices she would be in a much better position
3326251had stood up to my father a little bit more, they would have had a better life for themselves.
3336252could do life the same again, she would, a lovely lady.
3346253were to give me any advice it would be to always count to 10 before reacting!
3356254hadn't passed away when I was very young - I would have loved to know her, as she sounds like an awesome person.
3386257was anything different than she is today, it would be awful. she is wonderful
3396258Saw what I did every day she would be proud and scared! I have no doubt that she would point out how I could do some things better and she would be very proud of how I did others.
3406259were to talk about me, she would say how proud she is about what I have done in my life.
3416260would be a little more hands on with me and my family I would like it a lot.
3446263could spend all her time with her grandchildren, she would be ecstatic.
3456264were alive she would be happy with my success
3476266raised anyone else they would feel loved, welcome and confident
3486267had not been divorced twice, we'd probably have a better relationship.
3546273Looks at me now, she is very proud. She spent so many hours supporting me during my studies.
3646281were not as supportive of me my entire life then I would be completely different.
3656282wasn't diagnosed with cancer 20 years ago, I often times wonder how her life and my life would be different.
3696285... and father had been as open with me as I try to be with my sons, I'd have been a slightly less mixed-up person!
3776290was more in touch with my family, then my children would benefit by the "grandma connection".
3786291could see exactly what I have achieved she would be very proud... but rather concerned about my industrial language
3806293isn't a saint, I don't know what she would be..
3846297was not so blinkered she would be able to have a more fulfilled life.
3886301watched what I did everyday, and listened to what I said everyday, I hope it would make her happy.
3916304would allow herself, she could be happier.
3976310forgave her family, I would be much closer to the ones I grew up with.
4046315let me do what I wanted, it would not be who I am today
4066317were here in-person I would thank her for the endless support and for raising a great family.
4096320was alive she would be proud of who I have become.
4136324were not so hard on me I would not be who I am today.
4156326wasn't so afraid to fly, we would have more travel experiences together.
4186329could have fulfilled her dreams of travelling and most importantly had a garden to tend and care for.
4196330could go back in time I know there are things she would do differently in her life.
4216332criticized me when I was a child, it has been helping me
4276338where a live, i would hug her and say thank you.
4296340stopped worrying so much, she would be a happier person.
4306341...hadn't been so critical of me, I'd probably be quite different.
4316342If my mother were alive today, I think she would be proud of my accomplishments in my professional career and personal life.
4326343were alive, we would go to the mountains together. Or would simply sit together in silence
4336344weren't so focused on the negative aspects of things, I believe she would be much happier
4376345was alive she would continue to praise me even if I didn't deserve it.
4486347can relax and let go of all her hard feelings for my dad (her husband), she will be able to “breathe a lungful of fresh air”, she’ll be healthier and more joyful
4536348had worked, she would have had a great career
4576350could be more compassionate to herself, she would let more love into her life.
4596352was a big company, and a person who took care of me very well. She could enjoy and relax more in life, that would be very good for her.
4766356had not died so young I wonder if my father would have made more of his life.
4776357could, she would always be there to protect me.
4786358Had the opportunities that I've had, she would have seen the world in a more fuller and complete way.
4836361made more effort to see me then we'd have a stronger relationship.
4946364was not the person who she is I wouldn't be be who I am.
4966365works at it she can become physically and mentally stronger.
4986367would have been equally fair to all children, I would not need to carry the burden of all unfairness I have experienced during my life
5536387...had been born a few generations later, she could have attended college with accommodations for students with disabilities (she had polio), and might have followed her passion for love and healing to become a physician.
5746391makes a point its usually worth taking a moment to check, she's normally right.
5806393had been emotionally available I would not have had to go through years of therapy.
5836395had been alive today she may would hopefully been proud of what I and my family have accomplished
5876399was here she would ask why I am doing this in the last minute
5886400had received more education in her growing years, she would have become quite successful in the corporate world. She grew up in tradition-laden Malaysia, where girls were not encouraged to receive much education; and on top of that, she grew up during the world-war years under Japanese occupation.
5896401If my mother could do it all over again, she would do it the same way.
5966403were alive she would be really proud of me.
6006406Were still alive, she would be happy I am moving to England!
6046408could have it her way, i would be living a lot closer.
6076410had been in a better economic position, maybe I wouldn't be the way I am.
6186414were alive, I would be able to appreciate all the love and caring she gave me as I was growing up
6216415...had been less exacting, I'd be less picky and critical.
6236417was in this world, she would be a great leader because she know how to inspire, influence and care about people...
6256418had made different choices in her life, I might not have been born.
6266419talked about me, she would say that I have amazed her.
6366424would have got educated , I could have made some of my learning curve shorter.
6376425had spent more time and energy with me and showed/expressed more understanding, care and love...
6466427ever scolded me, I know that I had done something against her values.
6536430nothing...she is a loving, caring, and wonderful person who loves and knows she is loved.
6546431were still alive, she would tell me to see the good in all people.
6576433Had n t given me 2 brothers i would have felt very lonely
6586434we’re not my mother and we met in another life she would probably be a best friend
6676440is ever low or down it is a rare event and she can easily be cheered by a conversation with me by wife or my siblings. I have very grateful for her positive and optimistic attitude to life despite her having been a widow for twenty years and now in her eighties. I am also pleased for her that she has made such a rich life for herself.
6746442could, she would give me the world.
6786444were alive, I want to hug her, say how much I love her and have deep conversations with her to benefit from her wisdom.
6866450were alive I would love to talk with her again.
6876451were widowed by my father, I think she'd really struggle.
7036452Were here she would reassure
7136455were to do this test she would find it just as curious as I do.
7146456were to live her life again, she would have been a window-designer in retail instead of a secretary.
7236459calls me and I miss the call I feel guilty
7256461would have encouraged me to take more risks, my life would have been different.
7266462were alive, I believe she would be proud of her family.
7366466had been happier I would have had a happier childhood.
7386468I not sure the relevance of this question?
7416470would stop worrying so much so would be more relaxed.
7426471had lived, I believe that she would have learned to like me (we did not have very compatible personalities and she died when I was 20) and that we would have laughed about life a lot.
7476475is at a dinner party, she will always help clean up and finish the wine.
7506477would provide you with feedback about me she would say she is proud of how she raised me and proud of what I have accomplished in my life.
7556479tells me an advice, I listening and teflecting on it.
7596482wasn't the mother that she was I would probably be a totaly different person
7616483was still alive I think she'd be proud of the woman I've become
7626484...was still alive, she'd be proud of me!
7686489were still alive she would be so proud of me and I would tell her I love her everyday.
7746491were to describe me, she would tell you that I always bring a "twist" to everything I do!
7756492would have had a job when I was younger we could have had more money however she would not have been a part of my baseball team (Team Mom) when I was growing up and that I felt was more important than having a couple of extra toys.
7796493said something to me, it means a lot, because she knows me very well.
7826495could see me now she would be very happy for me
7836496would hear about this questionnaire she would be honored that I am invited to take it.
7856497Understood my career we would have a much closer relationship.
7916499were here, she would remind me that things tend to work out just fine.
8106510....saw me at work, she would cry.
8166513were alive she would be proud of me.
8236516had not been as supportive, any success that I have had to date would have been much less.
8296521-was a superhero she would be wonder woman.
8436524-only knew how much she has shaped who I am.
8476527were alive today, she would be very proud of her family in Ireland.
8496529-was stricter about my scholastic achievement then perhaps I wouldn't have become as passionate about self-learning.
8586530-tries to overfeed us then I have now learned to say no!
8596531would ask me to spend the summer with her in the countryside, I would kindly reject her request this time.
8676533- could see me now she'd be proud.
8746536- had been more open-minded and less focused on me following in her beliefs and viewpoints, then we could have been much closer today.
8806538-was alive it would be very nice as she was a great source of wisdom and common sense.
8816539... hadn't been a child psychologist, I wonder if I would have turned out different.
8896544- saw me at work, she would be proud.
8906545- was more strict when I was growing up I would be more disciplined with small tasks and be less driven by emotions.
8916546wasn't as fortright, I would not be the person I am today.
9026547would have had more opportunities to grow her life would have been different.
9096549- could overcome her flight anxiety, I would love to have her visiting us and spending time with us in our environment
9106550-If she can she will repeat 1,000 times how proud of me she is, as her daughter and as a woman, giving me the opportunity in all sense she didnt have.
9186553was here, she would tell me to take care of myself.
9246554-were here, I'd tell her how much I still love her and miss her.
9266556- were still alive I'm sure she'd be proud of my achievements but more importantly my family
9306558-would be here now I would tell her how proud I am of her and how I still need her as she is one who sometimes can read my mind.
9316559-dies I will be devastated. She is my go to place and I can't imagine not having that.
9356563-had had a more open mind she could have been happier
9366564-were to realize her impact it would be much better for everyone
9516570were here right now, I would tell her how amazing she was raising three children, and thank her for always being supportive.
9616574-If my mother wouldn't die a year ago I would have made her a bit more happier by doing things I planned to do with her but postponed all the time (e.g. travelling to countries and places she wanted to visit and see) and would fill our relations with more love, care and friendship.
9756580-needs something from me, she knows I am for her, as she has been for me since my birth.
10006587- where still alive, I know she would be proud of how I am supporting my Father and Sister since she passed away last year
10106592was here with us, you'd see that she is a sweet, caring and understanding woman. I have always felt fortunate to be her son.
10116593could, she would bring my wife and me closer to my parents hometown.
10126594-have spent more time for herself she would be more happy.
10156596- was here id tell her i how much i love and miss her.
10206597-gets through this first year intact after her sister's death I will be amazed at her strength and endurance.
10256599- had any influence on me... it is ... - look after the pennies, the pounds will look after themselves.... I also think you need to look at the pounds!!... ;and - attention to detail..........if you are going to do a job, then do it well...
10336601-gives me advice, I see red. She is powerful, much more powerful than me, positive, social and sociable. She's always ready to help, confident, your classic sanguine extrovert
10346602-approves of a morally challenging decision, I know for sure it’s fine
10356603-found a bottomless accumulator for love, she would still find a way to overfill it.
10376605-cries, unfortunately, I don’t react much, because she used to do it for show a lot.
10496615- had been less conscientious, she might have avoided drinking herself to death.
10636620-I was never close to my mother. Instead I was very close to my father since I was little. Hence I was truly upset when my father passed away ten years ago. My mum since became a close contact to me. As she is growing older, she likes to see me via video-chat everyday or at least talk over the phone to check whether I am well. I know she loves me and now she is very much like a child of mine and I take care of her both financially and emotionally. I bought her an apartment this year and I listen to her worries at life and work. She does not know what I do exactly but she has a strong confidence in my knowing that I usually do things at work very well. She only concerns that I worked too much hence often she ask me to rest and play.
10826625took time to do more for herself, I would be happy.
10866627-was still alive she would have been a great enrichment for my life
10886629- saw what I did every day I think she would be proud of me
10906630-were still alive I would give her a huge hug and tell her how much i love her and have missed her. Then i would fill her in on how wonderful her grankids are doing.
10956631-If my mother tell me what I can't do, and I'll choose what I want to do and try it on the sly.
11056636-were alive today, she would love to see how all of her grandchildren have grown up and live their lives.
11116638-only new how much she was trusted
11126639-were here, she would say I need to stop working so much
11136640-hadn't been a career woman, then I doubt I would have been.
11186643- feels worried it must be really serious.
11226646- gives me advice, I listen, and if she asks for help, I'm there.
11286648-had a father that didn't die when she was very young I think her life would have turned out much different.
11326650-was alive today I think she would be proud of her children.
11356653- understood everything that I do for a living, she would be even prouder.
11496658was my age, she has said, she would have made different choices in her life.
11586663- We are very pleased, especially since she lives with my father 6 hours away. I consider it very important to always maintain a close relationship with his mother or parents and to maintain trust and love for one another.
11716671had been less critical of me growing up, I might have better self-esteem as a grown woman.
11736673-were here, I think she'd be proud of me!
11746674was here, she would be asking many questions.
11826678-wants a better relationship with me she needs to stop treating me like a kid.
11836679-advises me or tells me to do something then I always respect her views.
11856681-would let me know her it would be such a gift.
11866682-was here i would want her to be proud of me
11886683could be more adventurous.
11916684DUMMY TEXT
12016691-chooses a path I disapprove (relevant in medical contexts), I will have to accept her viewpoint.
12056693-were alive she would love everyone the same.
12076694-was still here in living-being she would be so proud of the woman that I have become personally, professionally and spiritually on this life journey.
12376700is concerned, i am usually concerned because she has had years of wisdom that i have not yet achieved.
12406703has had a more strict approach to raising me, I would't be where I am now.
12486706-were not here my children would not have been blessed with her presence and her unconditional love
12526710-could come to work with me once she would have a much better understanding of what I do for a living.
12556713were still alive I think she would be proud of the woman I have become.
12636715-were alive I think she would be proud of me.
12686717Could live some more of her own life for herself, we would all be happier....
12706718-had taken more risk, she would have been happier.
12726720- were alive she would be very proud of her boys.
12736721- was alive, I'd hope she'd be proud of me and would be overjoyed to know my kids.
12746722-weren't here to help me with my kids I wouldn't be able to have the job that I do
12836727-were alive I would talk to her about her life experiences.
12846728-cared less what people thought, she would be happier.
12856729-did not teach me to be kind and empathethic, I would be a very different person.
12866730-could see me at work, she would be proud at the achievements of the deaf son she raised.
12896732If my mother didn't have the experiences she did as a child, she would have never been able to teach my brothers and I some important life lessons.
12956733- would have worried less about her children she would have had a more relaxed life - woul dhave left my father she might have been happier
12986736-would have told me I would be just like her when I grew up I would never believe it.
13026740was here she would be interested in my answers and would want a hug
13046742-would be alive, I would spend more time with her
13146748could see me now, she would have been proud.
13166749- don't respect my decisions or way of living, I may tend to stay apart for a period of time.
13356755-wasn't who she is, I wouldn't be who I am.
13376757- Worked at my company we will see an example of team devotion     
13406760-was born in another decade she would have done something noteworthy.
13416761- could really feel how much she is loved by her family, she would happy cry all the time.
13426762- wasn't such a strong parent, I wouldn't be where I am today
13546765- I have the sweetest, most supportive mother in the world. I am so lucky to have her. If there is one thing I could have changed when I was young it would be for her to hold me more accountable, to be more involved, to challenge me more to reach my full potential, to challenge me to reach for the sky.
13676769-were here beside me as I write these sentences, she'd say "just be yourself" and "trust your instincts".
13816772-would relax a little bit, our whole family would have a better relationship.
13906776was writing these sentences about me she they would be fascinating for me to read!
14006780- was allowed to have an education then she would not be stuck with an abusive husband for 40 years (or that is my fantasy).
14186785-were alive I hope she would be proud of me.
14196786calls me Stephen then I know that I am in trouble. She means business and has a clear point that she wants to make.
14216787could see me today she would be proud of what I have done with my life.
14226788-were here she'd probably nag me about something. My desk having piles of paper everywhere, or running late for meetings, or working on things like taking this survey or my united way responsibilities and not doing my actual work.
14246790-could do it, so can I
14256791-could please just stay as she is. She is fab!
14356795-was in better health she would take the opportunity to travel the world.
14486800- was here I'd introduce you to her.
14536802hhmmm.... if my mother was ruling the world, it would be a much much better world. She is loving, intelligent and effective in everything she does.
14556804- Had the option she would surround herself with family constantly.
14566805dies before my father, he'll be lost.
14636811-could see me at work, she would be proud.
14716815- wasn't as hard on me, I might not be as strong as I am today.
14726816-were here she would remind me to be compassionate and to think about the big picture.
14856818-were alive today, I would hug her and tell her I am sorry and I love her more than she could ever know.
14956823understood me, we would have a better relationship.
14966824was still alive, I think she'd be both proud and disappointed.
14986826-Were alive I would like more than anything to have her meet her grandsons in person (and have them meet her).
15016829-lived in Australia she would be a great help to my family
15096834were alive, I would hope that she was proud of who her son is as man, father, citizen.
15106835-were alive, I think she would be proud of what I've done with my life.
15266839-saw me at work, I think she would be proud and impressed.
15416841- was alive she would let me know she is proud of the life that I have created for myself.
15556845-was still alive, I would hug her and tell her that she was a great doctor, mother, wife, daughter, grandmother, knitter, gardener, seamstress, painter, and an overall vibrant person.
15576846- asked me to do something, I would do it without questioning her.
15606848could be a role model for more people in the world, I imagine and believe the world would have even more inspiration, that people would achieve even better outcomes in their lives and work and for society, and that people would be even happier and more fulfilled in their lives.
15666853-were more educated she would have been more independent
15716855-was more emotional or affectionate, I would be a completely different person.
15936862- was a superhero, she would be Wonder Woman. I can only hope that I am as good a Mum as she is.
15996865was an animal, she would be a lion!
16036868-needs anything from me I will be there for her. She raised me and is one of the most important people in my life.
16156871- hears me or sees me, just a Dream
16176872- would have more support as a woman when she was a child she may had pursuit her dreams of being an artist.
16196873-Were alive I would enjoy watching her pleasure at being with her grandchildren.
16336879- passed away she would be a borderline saint for dealing with my father, brother and I.
16386881-were still alive, she would love seeing how successful my two children have become.
16486885were writing these the answers would be much different.
16496886-had something to say about me she would say she is very proud of me.
16626890gives me advice, I take it very seriously. I trust her as much as anyone and know she has my best interests at heart.
16706895was still alive, I'm wondering what kind of relation we would have together.
16736897... learnt technology ... she'd be better linked into the broader family.
16776900dissaproves on what I say or write then I should be embarassed.
16846904were still alive, she would be crazy over my son.
16916906- were still alive, she'd be quite happy for me I think.
16926907were still alive I think she would be proud of what I have achieved both in my professional and personal life and the fact I try to keep her cultural background alive (she was German).
16936908-was alive today she would be very upset that my marriage failed and my ex-wife and I have a very adversarial relationship.
16946909-could see me today, she would be proud.
16966911-didn't help me with my children, I wouldn't have the career I have.
16976912-would be more social she would probably be happier.
17056914- was here, she'd say I was a decent person.
17146917- was alive (unfortunately she died 21 years ago) she would love to see my family, my for kids growing well, but for sure she is looking us from the heaven
17406926- still had the cognitive ability to understand what I am doing now professionally, she would be proud.
17416927- could hear, it would be a great help!
17436928- was still alive, I would spend more quality time with her, support her more, and learn more on who she was deep inside
17446929-would control her emotions people would take her more seriously.
17516934were alive, she would be proud of who I have become as a person and what I have been able to accomplish as a husband, father, leader/career, and friend to many.
17556935has any regrets about my childhood, she shouldn't.
17606939-had forgiven herself more she would have been happier
17616940- were a better listener, she'd be perfect.
17716946Stops praying for me, my life will be way more difficult
17796948-were here she would smile about this questionnaire and give me a big hug
17806949-were not so strict, I would not have developed into the man that I am today.
17836951-would write down her memories from 1929 to today, it would be a fascinating book.
17866953-were me, what would she do?
17896956-knew how much responsibility I have, she would be proud
17986960- could change something in my life she would like me to work less
18096963knew the influence she had on my life she would be proud.
18106964-would have chosen an other man she would have had an easier life
18126966-had expressed her feelings better, I could too
18146967- was not in so much discomfort it would bring our family a lot of relief and joy for her and it would mean that our children could spend more time with her
18166969Was more stable/healthy I could have had an easier life
18186971-were healthy I would like to do nice mother / daughter things. I would like to ask her for advice in the education of my own children
18216973was typing this she would tell me that everything works out with hard work, focus, plenty of sleep and making the most of your time with your family.
18246974- only knew how important she is.
18376979- would only know that her humble character, made the man I am today.
18676980-was still alive, I would tell her I'm sorry.
18996989- would stop smoking and take better care about herself, it would make me very happy.
19086995-is my favorite person to talk to.
19116998-had married a kinder man - she would have been glorious.
19177000-had only one person in the world to trust it would be ME. She often tells me that I am the most trustworthy and loyal person she knows. And I am proud of that.
19207003-is happy then we all are happy.
19217004could slow down it would be good for her
19247006- was a mother now, she wouldn't have been able to help raise us as a stay-at-home mother. She would have to have a full time job.
19517013is happy my dad is happy.
19737016- was watching I think she would be proud
19747017- is in some way watching me I hope she likes what she sees
19757018-would not have had to live separately from my 7th grade to the completion of my high school, I would not have become so independent early on.
19817022-had her way she'd see a lot more of me.
19827023-didn't continue to push me to be better I may not push myself as hard.
19837024-were born 30 years later, she'd be a successful entrepreneur, probably running her own PR firm.
19857026- were still alive she'd be very proud of my children and me.
19867027had her time again, would have embarked on a completely different career.
20057031knew the strong impact that she had on my life she would be very proud.
20077033- wasn't so bossy, I would probably be an architect instead of what I am now! I had a choice to go to university in my city and study architecture or go to another city and study engineering. I chose to go away because I wanted to be more independent.
20087034-were answering she would say I am very like her, determined and driven to succeed
20097035-was alive I'd talk to her more about her younger years in London and as a young Mum and her experience of my father's death.
20107036-were alive, I would continue to call her and ask for her sound advice.
20117037-could have more self worth she would be so much happier.
20187040- asks for help you know there must be something seriously wrong.
20197041- was born today, she would experience far more opportunities than she did when she grew up.
20227044-was Catholic she would be a given Sainthood
20287047would know, how much damage I took from my childhood, it would not change anything.
20517061-truly cares about my best interests
20527062is available I still talk through issues with her whether they are work or personal. We have a very close relationship.
20537063is sad or in difficulty i will do my best to help her , as she would do for me
20737068-gives me advise, I listen.
20757070-If my mother would become more interested in my life rather than just being focused on hers I would be surprised!
20777071were to describe me, she would say that I have achieved almost every goal that I have set.
20787072-knew how to deal with conflict, i'd have a better relationship with my sister.
20797073ever told me 'no' and I disagreed, I would probably have asked my father.
20807074ever saw a person in need of something, she will provide them with the shirt off her back, her car, all her money. She is selfless and only sees good in people. (sometimes naively)
20847075-were alive she would be thrilled to spend time with my family.
20857076-no if with my mother. I love the way she is with all her qualities and defaults.
21027083-wasn't so mean to my older sister, I would be a lot happier. I have never enjoyed being her favourite daughter when I think my sister deserves as much as I do.
21107084-wasn't strict, I probably wouldn't be as disciplined.
21207089Had spent more time with me (one on one), I would live in more harmony today and I would be a stronger individual.
21237090was here, she will continue to be proud of how we live her values
21277091-weren't in my life I would feel incomplete
21347093-gives advice, I listen to evaluate what she has to say, as I trust her fully. Even if I don't follow later the advice
21417095ever needed anything from me I would help her without hesitation. She's the most amazing person in the world. She has never done anything for herself. She's taken care of our whole family, almost alone. She's the strongest person I know.
21487097- is afraid of something I am usually not, and the other way round
21507099- is happy, there will be one conundrum fewer in the world.
21587105- devotes more time to her happiness, I will be very glad.
21597106- asks for something, I will try to do it by all means. Or will try to persuade her she does not need it.
21617108- stays with us, it’s hard for me to get along with her, if she is far and rarely visits, I miss and love her very much.
21567109-had been more nurturing I might have grown up with a better self esteem and more confidence.
21677113- then my father as well.
21707116- If my Mum [Elena emphasizes use of the more intimate ‘Mum’ over the more formal and somewhat rough ‘mother’] were a bit more engaged in my upbringing and communicated her values clearer, I would not be filling this questionnaire now, I think.
21717117- makes a decision, she will make every effort to implement it.
21727118- calls me when I am tired, I don’t feel like talking and there’s nothing to discuss, I will still try to talk to her concealing my weariness and irritation.
21757121was able to care for all the children in the world, she would and she could find finance for and take on any project with a meaningful intention
21997125- were asked about me, she might say that I can be too obsessive about keeping things tidy and under control.
22077127hadn't raised 5 children she'd be half the woman she is now.
22097128-was still alive I hope she would be proud of me and love my children
22127130-were here with me today I would love to hear more about how she managed the full range of life challenges and opportunities she experienced from youth to death.
22267132-knew how strong and courageous she was, she would have more confidence in herself. She is one of my best friends and in many ways my hero.
22507136-could have been in my shoes, she would have treated me differently
22637138-educates me regarding my thought process, I listen to what she says.
22737140-were any other person, I would have exchanged her for the one who raised me.
22837146- ask me 100% I give her 300%, because she's the most incredible human being I ever met. Unfortunately she died of cancer 4 years ago.
22927149-If my mother were alive, she would still be very proud of me and the fact that I am still aiming to excel while sharing what I know with those who are less fortunate, all while having compassion for society as a whole, and its future.
22977151didn't have such a high bar for me growing up, I would probably be a different person
23057152was given the opportunity she (and my father) gave me, I am confident she would have been highly successful.
23107153- had been born in my generation, she would have had so many opportunities and successes.
23197158-were still alive, I would be much happier. She was my rock. Her loss has been an incredibly painful journey to navigate.
23227159-paid more attention to her grandson, we'd all be happier.
23327162- had been raised with a father, she'd probably have more self-esteem.
23387164-would know that I really admire here discipline and that I quote her sometimes when I talk to my team, she would probably blush.
23477166- finds a significant other who can give her the feeling of intimacy and relevance, my life will be better.
23607168-were to die my world would be empty. I'm not sure how to explain it, but she is the one person I can take any of my worldly cares to.
23617169-was here to see where I was today, she would be extremely proud of me and I would be the happiest person walking the face of the earth, trying to share her kindness and wisdom one last time with those dear and close to me.
23697170-was still with us, I would be able to give her a lot more appreciation now that I have raised my own boys a bit less than three years.
23717171communicates more with me when I initiate it, we both will be happier.
23917173-were here, she would tell me to take this assessment more seriously.
24147176-would still be alive I would have appreciated to introduce my new partner to her.
24157177carries on dealing with the loss of my father (three months ago) as well as she is doing, I will encourage her to write a book.
24167178-were still alive I would tell her how much I love her and she would be so happy that I have asked Lena to marry me.
24177179was alive she'd relish me moving to and living in Nashville.
24197181....didn’t encourage me to go to university I would have been tradesperson.
24207182- is upset she cannot easily hide it.
24217183- ever needs me, she knows I will be there, just like she always has been for me
24407186- was still alive my life would be absolutely complete - she left too early and missed some amazing things in my life
24357187had any business instincts she would've been a world-renowned artist.
24487190were alive she would have been very proud of me and our family and there would have been more love in our extended family.
24507192-I have the best Mum and am very proud of her and lucky to have her.
24827198needed to ranked - she'd be my number 1 supporter and critic..... I'm lucky to have her.
24857200-Would stop going to church she'd be better off lol. Oh goodness, I wish for my mother lots of insight, happiness and joy.
24897201-Alive she will be proud of me what I achieved so far.
24917203- were alive she'd probably be proud of me.
25077206had the opportunities that I have had, she would have been very successful in the professional world.
25177211-were still alive she would see how beautiful and wonderful her grandchildren are. She would be so proud.
25417216were asked about me she would say I was bright, inventive and always willing; and that she was proud - this matters
25617222could tell you something she'd say she raised her girls to believe they were smart, beautiful and could do anything they want.
25637223- has any faults they are well hidden behind a very loving exterior and an ambition to do good and enjoy life to the fullest
25807226had been emotionally available I would not have had to go through years of therapy.
26007230- Says that you have to help someone, I find pride in that as she is the epitome of spiritual, compassionate and selfless living.
26157235and my father could spend more time with my kids being closer to my house, I think it would be great for everyone. You need time to build a strong relationship.
26377237- Was born today she would have been able to do so much more. She was born into a very poor family and left school at 13, she was bright and capable and would have got so much out of a good education and wouldn't have had to do 3 jobs, just to make ends meet - Had seen my children grow up she would have been very proud - Had seen more of the world, would have been more tolerant
26397239-could see my responses to this test, she would probably laugh at how similar we are in many ways!
26647252-were less pessimistic I would share more with her.
26677255-were alive today, she would be proud of me.
26767258-could have picked my career, I think it would have been in the realm of social justice.
26797259-were alive, she would be proud of some of the things I have achieved and dispair at other things I have done.
26657260-was alive, I would tell her how much I miss her and love her and how sorry I am that I was not generous enough with my time for her
26927262-was in the office, she would hug everyone and tell you how proud she is.
26937263- taught me one thing it's to be true to myself and to care for others.
27047264could remember me, that would make me very happy.
27117265-were here with me today she would be enormously proud of my loving family and give me a great warm hug.
27177266- tell me something, I listen carefully.
27207268-is an amazingly supportive person who managed to have a successful career and raise a family.
24877271- were to form a better relationship with my wife, it would make be extremely happy.
27347272talks about my childhood, she often says that my grandmother told her not to break my spirit.
27377273- could read this now, I hope she would be proud.
27447276had been a better mother my chilhood would have been much less sad
27617280- cared less about what people thought, she'd be a much freer person.
27937291were able to spend more time with me as a baby I'd probably be a more well adjusted adult.
28067293-didn't accept me for who I was, we would have a difficult relationship.
28077294is very caring, soft spoken woman, very religious, and mentally not very healthy
28187296saw me, she'd be proud
28147297-is proud of the man I've become, then I've been successful.
28287299- had put less expectations on me, I would not put so much importance for career.
28407303-taught me one thing it would be kindness
28477305- has an opportunity to travel she will take it.
28497306-was alive, she would be proud of the Father and provider I am.
28487307Would only realise the strength of character she has and how priceless her support has been over the years
28517308- was a politician, she'd be running the country.
28547310-would just exercise she would add years to her life.
28467311tried to solve all my problems, I probably would not have understood the purpose of failure and hardship in the learning process.
28797316only knew how much I respect her and look up to her.
28857318had had her way, I would be a bank clerk today.
29007319-saw me at work she would be impressed.
29017320was around today she would be proud that I have taken her values and hard work ethic.
29047321-were alive she would be proud of the life I've built.
29107328- Would have had a better upbringing i think my childhood would have been a lot better.
29597330-could respond to this, she would say that she is proud of my achievements and grateful for my support.
29607332...could see that I was interested in something as a child, she made a real effort to develop that in me.
29647334-was aware of how awesome she was, she wouldn't have felt so bad about herself.
29857340were alive she would be proud of me.
30037343was still alive I think she would have been proud of the life I have created for myself
30167348- was here she would be proud of me but would have a ton of advice whether I liked it or not.
30207350stopped bragging my past and current achievements then my brother and my wife would like her and me more.
30247351were alive, I would talk with her multiple times everyday, making sure she knew how important her presence in my life was/is.
30277352-hadn't been one of seven children, we wouldn't have the incredible family that we have.
30447355calls, I always make time for her. She doesn't require alot of support but I want her to always feel welcome in our lives.
30497359was still alive I would like to spend time with her asking her advices and guidances. Asking her whether or not she is proud of her son
30567360-lived I would be very proud of where I came from because she was a tireless fighter and a solid support when needed
30827363-were the Virgin Mary, life would be perfect.
30897365listened and inspired rather than scolded and directed.
31267376understood how deeply she was loved she could embrace imperfection
31627383- chose not to move us as a family to Queensland, I wonder how much of our lives would be different.
31827388hadn't worked so hard her whole life I probably wouldn't have such strong work ethics and insisted in being a working mom.
31857391Only knew how impressed I am with her accomplishments in life.
31887394had more support at home when I was a child, she could have been extremely successful in the business world.
31897395was alive I would take her out to dinner to her favorite place and talk about ancestors.
32047399-criticizes me at this point in life it still matters.
32117400knew how well i do in my work, she would be very proud
32207401-had a shot at higher ed, she would have been an utter bad ass.
32227402had to work in our environment today, it would be challenging for her as she lacks the technology skills needed today.
32257405could share her wisdom with others, there would be stronger families in the world.
32477412were alive today, I hope she would be proud of whom I have become and the way I have done it.
31137413- was alive to today she would have been so very proud of the child she took on as her very own.
32537415-would read all the books I give her, she would make me very happy. And also I want her to be young and healthy again. 
32567418-IF denotes variability of embedded scenarios and does not depend on the object/subject 
31457421wasn't the person she was I wouldn't have been the one I am, past, present or future.
32637422... wasnt there for me and supportive I would have a big gap in my life. I rely on her very much in my family life.. I am who I am today because of my family.
32807424- is upset and gloomy, I feel bad as well and I want to help her any way I can, even at the expense of my plans/goals etc.
32827427-overreacts to Grandma, it irritates me and I consider her a little, silly fool at that moment. We discussed it with her and she concluded it happened more often and was more pronounced in public making her look worse than she was.
32907432-had grown up today she'd had a better careere.
33067433-would be disappointed or disapprove, I generally avoid doing it.
33357442- can feel better, there is nothing i wouldn't do to help. She is such a strong women and has given so much to me and our siblings and she deserves to enjoy her life.
33487444hadn't been so busy and worked so hard, I think I would have had a happier childhood.
33567448were proud of me for anything, it would be because I like to live life with integrity.
33627451-sets her mind to something, she gets it done.
33647452- does not take pride in me, I will be upset.
33437453spends time with my family she is happy and content but exhausted at the end given the energy of the children.
33687455- was closer (geographically), we'd see each other every day - is the strongest person i've ever met.
33507456-had her say, we'd live a lot closer to her in Florida! Both my and my wife's parents are in Florida, so living in California, particularly, as they age, definitely poses some challenges. We do try to see them as often as we can living on opposite coasts, but isn't ideal.
33787458calls me by my formal name "Kristen", I know I'm in trouble.
33807459-took more time for herself, she would realise she is a great
33827461-were alive I would love to talk to her about her life experiences and those of her family and ask her advice.
33957465-Did anything differently in her life, I wouldn’t exist, and the world would be different. Does this imply determinism?
34107470-wants support I will go out of my way to help. She has provided unconditional support for me and I attempt to offer the same in return.
34117471-were more sentimental, we might be closer as a family.
34187477- wants to come and visit us she never asks. I have to guess by the hints that she drops during conversation and then suggest she comes and visits, which she will then accept.
34227478Hadn't had such a horrible up bringing then she would have been a much better Grandma than she has been.
34247479- were still alive today, I hope she would be proud of where my brother and I are in our lives and it would be great for her to be with her grandchildren.
34467483-only know all the times I hear her voice in my head, guiding my decision making.
34527484could see me at work, she would be proud at the achievements of the deaf son she raised.
34677489were here, she would be proud.
34717491Could she would find me job back in my home country. Not my fault if I had an education to be free and enjoy discovering the world. I wish I will do the same for my daughters, even if I will miss them when they will take to road by them selfs.
34757493-was alive I think she would be proud of me
34877495- would have made different family decisions a long time ago
35117502had been taken seriously by health care professionals when she described my symptoms, I might not have ended up being me and we would have all missed out.
35407507were alive today, she'd be proud of how I am living my life.
35727512- was living with me I could learn more from her
35767514can forgive me, then i should forgive me
35847515-were still alive I would love to ask her more about our family history
36867525- can strive to be something (going back to college in her 40s with 4 kids) then anyone can.
36907527- were alive she would enjoy playing with my kids.
36987528- were alive i believe she would be very happy and proud of all of her children and what they are achieving
37067529-was alive she would be very proud.
37217531-called me right now I would have a huge smile on my face and we would talk about family and food. 🙂 My mother is an angel and set a wonderful example of how to treat others. She is an angel.
37277533were alive today she would still treat me like a child.
37387534passed away I would be loosing one of my closest friends and supporters - she is one of the most important people in my life
37957538- would be able to forgive more, her life would be more fulfilling.
37967539-was still here I would not miss her as much.
38177545-was better at communicating my emotional foundation would be stronger
38427548-was alive she would be very proud of her grandchildren.
38627553-could see how much of my best qualities come from her, she would be very, very proud.
36717557Would only speak up to my sisters when they say and do things that are inappropriate and disrespectful, their behavior would change.
38777558- lived nearer to me life would be better. She lives in England. She comes to stay for long periods of time and it's stressful - I want to see her but her living with us is hard. It was much better when she lived 20 mins away!
38767559-Would have been more stable in my early development.
38887561saw me at work she would be proud
38917562were to visit she would be proud.
39677577had lived in my generation, she might have been less frustrated with her options
39987580-can worry a little less, she would be much happier
40247585- was a philosopher she could have written books on the matter.
40437586-was alive she would be proud.
40737591-was alive today she would be hugely proud of her boys
40897593- was alive she would love my kids and would be very proud of the life i have created
41057596-here she would say that I'm to hard on myself
41087597-would only stop talking, she might hear what I have to say the first time.
41387602-had had a college education, she would not have had to maintain three jobs to support her family.
41807607-died tomorrow, I would feel I hadn't evolved our relationship to where I really want it to be. It's gotten so much better, but there's more to do.
41787608- needs help, I'll give up everything I will run to help her. she is an amazing person and I Iove her very much
41287617-was here today, we would have a conversation about life, children, how technology has changed, education, food and death.
42587620-would not be closed minded, I think she would have a better life.
42627621-were still alive she would love the peace and abundant nature of Paradise in Byron Bay
42667623-really loves us, she should have seen my sister and I more often when we were kids.
43107628-were to not be here I would lose a significant coach, friend and mentor in my life.
43457636-were optimist, our life would have been easier
43607641decides everything will be very well-organized and planned ahead, and not much left to coincidence or spontaneous actions.
43917644-were more mobile she'd have a far better life.
44397647had had the opportunities she gave me.
44607650-was alive she would be proud of my achievements
44777651was alive today, I would tell her again that I love her and that she left an amazing legacy of kindness and compassion in action.
44977653-Be satisfied with me, I will be successful in my life. Watching her happiness is one of my enjoyable times of my life.
45017654-was asked about me she would say how proud she is of my achievements.
45037657had been less committed to the dreams of myself and my brothers then she could have achieved so much more for herself.
45107658-Is not my real mother, that would be just fine by me. Could not ask for a better mother 🙂
45257660-was still alive, I would be so happy. She was a very beautiful person, gentle and kind and much loved by us all.
45447664stopped having children when she probably should have I wouldn't be here.
45417665- I am drawing a a blank here. My mother is alive and mostly well. I have a fine, but not deep relationship with her.
45827671needs me I am there for her. if she is wrong I tell her. if she wants to talk to me I talk to her
46247675- were still here today I would be delighted. Unfortunately I lost my mum when I was 11 years old , I have to say the saddest day of my life. This has given me great strength and determination and makes me appreciate life.
46277676-were alive I think she would be very proud of me. I miss her very much.
46477679- lived closer, she could spend more time with her grand kids and help us manage our difficult 3 year old.
46497680-wasn't such a determined, resilient, strong superhero, I wouldn't be here today.
46507681- changed her diet habits she would have improved her health - but can you change habits of older people (70yo)?
46467682-could have done anything better when I was growing up, I'm not sure what it is.
46547683- had not tried to assure my education and wealth, my life would have been different.
46557684- needs something, it’s a clear signal for me to address this issue right away. My mom should always be preferably in a good mood, she should be healthy and carefree.
46577686- expresses an opinion, I try to hear out and understand her
46657687had her time again I think she may have done things differently.
46687688- were still alive I can only image what kinds of wonderful things we could talk about.
46707689-is still alive today she will be proud of me.
46767692- could see what I see, she would see infinite love.
46677693-lived closer to us, she would love spending more time with her grandchildren and also would enjoy learning more about my daily life and work
47057697I take after my mother too much with being blunt and to the point, and don't sugar coat stuff, also due to a tough upbringing and life experiences have learnt to just deal with a lot of shit and move on
47677704-went into her favorite thing again, I would be very glad for her
47697705-was alive today she would be so proud of our adopted girl
47877707where not afraid to make mistakes, she would have an easier and more content life.
48037710-had a more positive attitude, she'd be happier. She needs to interact with other people and enjoy life.
48087713-had been more stable when I was young I might have become a very different person.
48107714- was looking over my shoulder as I fill this assessment out, she'd tell me to stop taking myself so seriously
47517719- was still alive she would be shocked and horrified about the state of politics in the UK.
48477722-is calmer and more optimistic, she will feel better.
48557725didn't care for my brother and I as much as she did after my father passed, we would not be as successful.
49147730could have one wish, it would be to meet her Dad, understand her Mum's story and come to terms with her adoption
49237731was alive today I hope she would be very proud of the life I have led whether that be through work, family or sport.
49377732-were alive today, I'd hope she would be really proud of me
49457736has less fears she would be a happier woman.
49837738-taught me anything, it was to be kind and have a good heart.
49867740If my mother can always be as optimistic and cheerful as now, and travel around the world with my father few years later after retirement, it will be the most assured time for me at that time.
50057743-spent more time focusing on herself she would probably be enjoying her retirement more
50117744-had gone to London to study music when she was a teenager, things woudl have been very different.
50177745instilled one thing in me it is to be resilient
50197747-were to see me now, then she would hopefully be proud.
50277749- was alive she'd be so pleased with my garden.
50287750-had to give up work at age 88 she would be unhappy
50477752would not take on the weight of the world on her shoulders, she would be more rested and relaxed.
50857754were here right now (she's still alive), she'd tell me to go home because it's Friday night and I shouldn't be at the office.
50837755If my mother hadn't left my sister & I when is was young, my dad would have had an easier job bringing us up and she would be very proud of my sister & I.
50877756Could have all of us together all of the time, she would. It makes her happy.
51107758-Was alive today I think she would be extremely proud of me and my immediate family. I miss my Mom
51137759- has more confidence in herself, she will be happier.
51367761-had been alive, my children would have had the best granny in the world.
51627763realised how amazing she was I think it would break her heart knowing the impact she has had on so many.
51767765-knew I were applying for a new job opportunity, she'd be proud. She's always been there to support my decisions and offer encouragement in all I do.
52337770was alive I hoped she would be very proud of what I have achieved - she died when I was 12 ….
52477771had the opportunities that I have today, she would have attained a senior leadership role in a large organisation.
52497772-didn't have Parkinson's, my entire family would be uplifted - it's terrible she's lost her ability to enjoy life at too young an age.
52567773-hadn't been a rebel I wouldn't be here! A story for another time
53237792-were alive, she would be proud of me and I would feel more secure.
53317793- needs help I will always provide this where I can - is unfairly critical of others I seek to persuade her to take an alternative view
53537795could have realized she is more than the sum of someone else’s opinions then my life would have been different.