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1006059... blame and criticise others, complain and are negative, who make themselves victims of circumstances; who are arrogant.
1066065are closed minded and yet I also recognise the contradiction and accordingly I often question whether someone is actually close minded, whether a situation has caused it or whether I am mistaken.
1306089indulge in malevolence without reflection or remorse.
1486104feel entitled to advantages without having to work very hard for them (according to what I consider 'hard') as it causes me to feel that it isn't fair, and for some reason that matters to me. This always triggers me to take perspective on the fact that fairness is something that matters to me and the fact that it does, isn't always useful. I also can't stand people who passive-aggressive and selfishly manipulate and take advantage of other's (OK, mostly it bothers me when it happens to me!) good intentions as it causes me to feel weaker than is emotionally comfortable.
1626118are unaware of the impact they can have on others, especially children. On the other hand they can be useful reminders on parts that I have disowned, "What you spot you've got".
1726128Lack integrity. I have a visceral reaction to people who lack initiative, are self promoting and put themselves before the needs of others. This is especially true of that that work in healthcare. I cant stand people who take credit for others work and use criticism of others as a way to empower themselves. Since I am on a roll, think of themselves in higher that their actions support
1736129make assumptions and don't seek to test them, particularly those people who accuse people of negative intent or assume there is negativity involved. We cannot know the intentions of others - we must ask them if we feel it's appropriate to explore that intention.
1886140who are passive aggressive, lying, manipulative in any way, and refuse to take responsibility for their actions.
2116149...are lazy and disengaged. I laugh as I recognize that I fear this in myself so tend to be an overachiever.
2196156remind me of my shadows, so I embrace them.
2466179do things which trigger me to react judgmentally, rather than being able to step back and be curious about them and their views of the world which seem so different from my own and yet, at some level are more similar than I like to admit.
2666195take decisions for reasons of status or politics, even if they know it's the wrong thing to do
5536387...who seem to be narcissistic or entitled, especially when it is jeopardizing someone else; and I work to see them with compassion and understand that there is a deeper story.
5846396Lie, are deceitful and take advantage. What I can or can't withstand also depends on what that person means to me.
6066409make others responsible for what is theirs, the one who constantly complains or critics without having to. Although today it is a little easier for me to open my heart to them and be with them from the acceptance
6386426point fingers to others without having the self-awareness of first pointing a finger to themselves. If they did they would realise we are all connected, part of the same societal fabric and thus co-responsible.
6536430...first of all it is not the person but the action that gets me at times. I think some can listen more to others before having the answer to everything.
7136455are closed minded and yet I also recognise the contradiction and accordingly I often question whether someone is actually close minded, whether a situation has caused it or whether I am mistaken.
7246460lie and manipulate in the work place or in every day life events. When someone lies, the truth will always come out. Building relationships is extremely important to me. To build successful sustaining relationships, they need to be built on trust.
8266518are superficial, who focus on marketing what they are doing rather than focusing on what is important, on the bigger picture. I like to work with people who have heart, who believe in what they are doing and the sole purpose is not self promotion.
8346522- are mean/rude/hurtful to others for no reason. I seem to get 'second hand' anxiety or emotions in certain circumstances and when i see someone getting uncomfortable or highly embarrassed, i feel it also, and it makes me very uncomfortable. So, i really hate seeing someone do that to someone else.
9736578-Who does something he shouldn't and even convinces you that it's your fault. "It spits on you and convinces you that it's raining." What really bothers me is my reaction, feeling bad myself.
9756580-A part of me does not support lying, cruelty, manipulation, violence... I know that these are human behaviors, that they are part of each one of us and my intention is to know them better in my person: how they live in me, how they express themselves: to investigate in an appreciative way what makes me sad or angry, with compassion and without judging and annulling it.
10036589-are arrogant, egocentric and using other people for their own benefit. For some reason, I have in my relationships been drawn towards people like that way too often.
11096637... actively make their life harder than it needs to be - I have a couple of family members and friends who are struggling a lot to make progress in their lives, in large part because they have a terrible attitude that they consciously reinforce whenever they get a chance.
11346652Are two-faced. The only way a person can improve themselves or act on feedback is to hear the feedback directly. Talking behind someone's back may be satisfying for the individual doing the talking, but it doesn't allow the subject of the feedback to respond to what is being said.
12006690-engage in idle politicking and whose only objective is to maintain processes for process’s sake, whose activity focuses exclusively on self-defense not on creation.
12116697are incongruent, speaking about certain values or principles and then acting in direct opposition to the the things they purportedly uphold and, even though I know there is a story behind every behaviour and I try hard to find compassion and understanding, this kind of "not walking the talk" and lack of integrity still gets to me.
12416704- regret things (please refer paragraph 10 on my mother :-)) - are complaining - say it is impossible - are using violence instead of words - are selfish - are not experimenting - start sentences with "in any case" showing a bit of fatality
12506708it's hard for me think of people I can't stand, the one's I can't stand are usually a mirror of something important for me to learn or be aware of - the most difficult are the one's that are unwilling to look and engage in their own growth constantly projecting their distortions or theories as hard truths.
12516709- behave in an uncivilized way, and who are vulgar and coarse. When I perceive those behaviors around me, I feel disgusting, angry and wanting to punish that behavior. Though I do realize at the same time that I shall look inward and get curious about myself. I heard one sentense: something you cannot be with is something exist in you. Though I cannot understand fully sometimes but I can often realize that I have this polarity thinking at that moment, which prevents me from seeing the oneness.
13106746-say “I just can’t stand people who”. That was a joke. I guess anyone can become myopic and self-centered given certain circumstances. So I try to give people the benefit of the doubt. Most things that people do that upset me are quite reasonable given their perspective. It just takes a moment to step back and consider where they are coming from. It’s also important to realize that they (we) all have room to grow, so just because we fully accept ourselves and others doesn’t mean we can’t also acknowledge room for improvement.
13556766Honestly, not sure if I can't stand "people" or can't stand the behaviors and/or choices they make. When I really, really think about it there are only a handful of people...I actually know...that I just don't like at all. But I imagine if I got to know them better or heard their story or heard their side of things, I may feel differently. It's easy to say I can't stand Hitler or people who hurt puppies and children. Cruelty, long-trending evidence for a complete lack of respect for life definitely would make my list of things I can't stand. But don't all people start out as someone's precious babies?
14676814-try to push their moral and religious agendas onto everyone. I firmly believe that people should have the right to decide how to live their lives without judgement or persecution from others.
14986826-rely on their status (title, degree, years of experience) rather than their knowledge to defend a position. I don't care if you are a Doctor or a plumber you should answer a question patiently, intelligently and invoking data and facts and not fall back on declaring yourself an expert whose opinion should not be questioned. And similarly I don't like it when people in authority over others don't know what they are talking about try to tell others how to do their jobs. It is a trap that is easy to fall into the longer you have been away from the work you are supervising.
15606848hurt others, who don't consider that everyone adds value in society and that don't consider supporting those with disadvantage to achieve their potential is of value, but I can always support these people that I can't stand to think or act differently, or to reconsider in my own mind whether I need to change my perspective of the situation.
15636851Who want to manipulate/rule over others for their own gain.
18866985I can not finish this sentence because it requires me to make a general and permanent statement and I don't feel I can. There are thing I don't like about how people behave sometimes (I don't like violence, abuse, for example), but a person is not his/her behavior so I can't say I can't stand people, I just get annoyed by thing people do sometimes, mostly when they hurt others that are weaker.
18996989- There are no people that I can't stand, but what I very much don't like is when people are mistreating others, and using their position of power (hierarchy in the organization or physical power or seniority on private life). Also, if people are over manipulative or constantly lie to others I would not choose to spend too much time with them.
19116998-shame others and then disengage from the relationship pointing fingers as they go.
19187001- are too judgmental of the people around them and not self-aware enough that they possess some of the same issues they are judgmental of other for . . . unbelievable to me.
19807021-Disrespect other people. and they' re not responsible. But above all disrespect. Because I think I've been disrespected when I was young, it's a feeling that comes from the bottom and caused me to disrespect myself now. I'm getting ready to change that. I'm worth a lot more than disrespecting myself. That's why I hate people who disrespect others.
20207042have done the same thing for decades and aren't prepared to countenance the benefits, for them and others, of thinking about new ways of working, or being, or thinking, and therefore don't want to develop, grow or become more than they already are.
23197158-are manipulative and conniving in an effort to advance their own career at the expense of others. Not a big fan of people who complain all of the time either.
23237160-Having means and a remarkable level of consciousness they try to violate and manipulate others to impose their ideas by force, going as far as they have to go, without scruples.
24517193-kill other people. I'm a believer in free speech and expression. People should be able to be themselves whatever their race, creed, faith, sexual orientation etc. And we should encourage everyone to express themselves respectfully. We should draw the line when people are causing harm to others.
25417216don't care about what they do but still talk publicly as if they do to maintain a public persona
26537247-I'm not sure that I can't stand people who anything. I can say things that annoy me... but with the caveat that pretty much everything I "can't stand" in others are things that I do and am hypocritical about. Things that annoy me are people who lack self awareness and shit everywhere. People who are super judgemental, who lie, sociopaths, super rigid, mock others, self righteous, harm children, commit genocide, etc. etc.
28597313- this is a harder one to answer because it feels rigid - when I am at my best I am able to step back from the people who most trigger me, those people who are unaware of the impact they have on others or are unable to see the part they play in a given dynamic, and think about what might be happening for them to cause their blindness. Of course, when I am not at my best these same people drive me crazy.
26667327Lose the ability or the courage to doubt, move through life without being confronted with the inherent fundamental conditions of life, losing their critical sense of ideological projects they are in love with, people who believe gender is a construction. There are probably more.
30507358-I see as negative and moan. I realise thats my perspective and sometimes those people that appear negative in one situation can appear totally different in another.
33817460-cannot empathise with others. I believe the world cannot be divided into black and white. There are few things which are purely right or wrong. Murder is an example. Many people would view it was wrong, but when in the context of war, or self defence or survival, would that be classified as wrong? Empathy helps you understand someones story and constructively relate to it.