Sentence Stem Query Details

Entry IDGLP #Answers
916050nurtures her people.
1166075is firm but fair.
1276086... is a role model for a team in any environment.
1546110needs followers.
1756131is a good listener.
1896141is a good listener.
2396172creates leaders
2406173listens well.
2546185is a good listener
2646193makes everyone better
2686197is a role model.
2926214leads by example
2986219is a taste enhancer.
3046224leads as much by what they do as what they say.
3566274makes a positive difference at any level, anywhere, anytime.
3876300would never ask a member of his team to do something he or she would not do themselves.
4006312is a good listener.
4206331is a person who does not stand still
4546349has lots of people wanting to be part his or her team.
4696354highlights the best in others
4776357is visionary.
4816359is humble
6466427helps people become the best they can be.
7036452Shows the way
7136455is open and honest.
7436472is a good listener
7556479“don’t find fault, findes remedy.” Henry Ford
8866542is like Shackleton first takes care about the people he leads
10976632leads by example
11116638- is willing to be in front
11516659-is a good listener.
11526660is what I strive to be
11696669-is a good role model.
11846680- leads by example
12676716- eats last.
12766723gives you feeling to act like him.
13216750-is aware of those they lead
13246752- is leading by example
14106783- is a really good listener
14586807-does it naturally, so you don't even notice they're doing it.
14636811-should lead by example.
14656813Leads by example
14996827-raises those around them
15046832is genuine.
15706854-leads with heart.
15746857- who cares about his peaple
16266877-enables you to do you best
16506887-leads by example.
16736897... starts with respect.
16916906- is a good listener.
16976912-stands up for others.
17106915-sets a good example for others to follow
17276921-learns from there mistakes
17386925-is always there for his people with an open door.
19056994-must be exemplary
19106997-one who is side by side with their people.
19197002-is someone who is the captain of the ship.
19297011-is someone to look up to.
19517013leads by example
20517061-leads by example.
20787072-leads by example.
21277091-is always willing to listen
21457095will never let a follow stray away-
21597106- always tries to be liked.
22207131-listens to his associates suggestions
22767141-stands up
22797143-listens to their team.
23177156shows the troop where to go
25267212listens before speaking-
26647252-is always a great listener.
27387274-takes the team with on the journey
27757284- makes the right choices
27887288- protect his team
28187296leads by example
28387302-makes you be a better you.
28487307is a good listener
28517308- needs to also be a good listener.
28527309-will have the people they are leading not wanting to disappoint them.
28587312makes people want to be led
29647334-is open to different ideas.
28037342- leads by example.
30397353-eats last.
31357378is decisive
31737385is someone that people want to follow.
31877393knows how to listen.
32327407makes hard decisions.
32487410-adds happiness on Earth 
32597420is honest.
33117436-is respected and liked by his/her team
33567448cares about his/her people
33607449first and foremost cares about the people they lead.
33787458should be a great listener.
34877495- thinks of others first
35117502is a realist
36077517- is the one who makes other better
37967539-listens well to all people.
38117543makes people feel good.
38357569leads by example.
39987580-is always a people leader
40807592- makes sure he/she has some followers.
42117613always stands up for his/her team
42187614-is a leader that is god at leading.
42567619-listens well.
43337634-is someone that leads by example.
43487637is who can talk to hearts
43577640-gives people the missing puzzle piece
45017654-is a brilliant communicator.
45407662-is successful at getting a job done well.
45907672- brings out the best in people.
46477679- leads by example.
47017695is a clear thinker
48047711-must lead by example
49237731eats last.
50117744- has followers.
50877756Puts others before themselves.
53177789-can make decisions fast.