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736032is true to their values, puts the needs of others above their own, will do anything to see his charges succeed.
746033walks the talk without thinking about it, and does the "right" (just, fair) thing because it is the right thing.
756034serves a purpose much larger than him or herself. The leader's words and actions are consistent with his or her integrity, and help shape a future that wouldn't otherwise be possible.
766035listens, believes in their team and allows team members to dream big
786037motivates and inspires people to be their best selves resulting in their best work.
816040has integrity, is intensely curious, understands the value of relationships, has humility, is adaptable and collaborative, and has confidence (as distinguished from certainty)
846043is patient, develops others, and is open to feedback.
876046knows their strengths, and delegates the rest to team members who own those portfolios and who are enthusiastic about it.
946053is humble, has clarity/vision of what needs to be done, communicates this vision, decisive on how to reach the goals, assembles a team to be part of this journey and leads by example. A leader has passion to see others grow as we go on this journey.
996058can create and establish a strategy, align her team, build trust, inspire her team to go beyond their limits, provide support and encouragement, help her team to see different perspectives, and achieve success.
1036062is exceptional at relationship management who possess focus, confidence, integrity, passion and patience.
1046063takes care of people, not only gently but also challenging and creating discomfort.
1076066is flexible, supportive, and authentic enough to meet people where they are to support their transformation process and development.
1096068enables their team to be the best they can be through providing the right guidance and direction at the right time - leading from the front. the middle and the back at the right times.
1106069Is someone who cares about people and recognises that creating and environment to unlock the potential of people is the most valuable asset in any situation
1116070provides a vision and strategy to the team, takes the team into the boat when developing this and gives direction once strategies have settled in the execution phase. He/she divides and conquers complex problems into pieces for execution, controls the results and provides feedback to the team.
1136072knows how to uncover talents that one doesn't know they have, and they lead successful teams.
1146073matches his/her and colleagues' strengths and abilities with the requirements of the circumstance, meaning he/she assesses then aligns actions with context. This requires a good leader to be curious, perceptive, flexible, engaged. The best leaders are versatile, able to shift their personal approach in response to or to initiate change.
1216080takes responsibility, is accountable, listens to and empathises with people and can adjust his or her approach accordingly.
1236082is a good listener and a good thinker and can bring out the best in the people around them
1246083is self-reliant, learns from others and own mistakes and inspires others to move in the same direction together.
1256084is who inspires, influences, teaches, provides guidelines and direction. It is also important that a leader understands people’s strengths and limitations and provides direction accordingly. A good leader listens and uses others points of view, does have bias or discriminates. A leader is an objective person that exhibits care for others. It is who balance things when there is not an agreement. A leader takes responsibility of his/hers decisions and said sorry when needed.
1266085looks after its team and makes decisions when others don't want to but always listens someone who can build relationships to many different people and is able to influence and inspire them.
1316090enables and empowers others, challenges, supports, forges forward in new directions and unchartered territories, inspiring enthusiasm and energy as they go.
1326091is somebody who has a vision and is able to inspire others to share it and achieve it.
1336092listens to understand, acknowledges people and their contributions, recognises the need to develop a vision that meets the organisational demands and individual development.
1356094is trusted by his/her team, able to inspire and motivate. He/she wins that trust by listening, being honest, and communicating a clear vision and path - a path that the team wants to follow.
1366095...understands that "one size does not fit all". Different leadership style for different levels of skill and experience
1376096Gives their team the confidence to be amazing.
1386097knows that in a couple of minutes they could become a bad leader so they better keep thinking and learning
1396098is authentic and compassionate but challenges people to exceed their expectations and look beyond what they believe they are capable of and take risks
1406099is one who people look up to. This might sound trite but, for example, in the context of a career it is essential to work for someone you admire; otherwise, how can you progress in a constructive way?
1416100inspires, motivates, encourages, develops their team, gets to know them and makes time for them. I lead a small team and try to encourage active engagement. No process is fixed as if we can find a better way of doing something then lets do it. I also try and encourage them to develop themselves within their role and potentially beyond (one girls is looking to take on a larger role outside the team and I am trying to help her - encouraging her to do courses that will equip her with additional skills, work on differnet projects again to give her different skills).
1426101is on a mission to build something sustainable and long term, which is much bigger than he/she is.
1436102is cognizant of their flaws and listens more than they speak.
1496105is respected rather than feared, and listens more than he or she speaks.
1516107can inspire from afar and up close, they are with you even after they have gone.......
1556111gets to know team members, is a good listener, and takes advantage of and maximizes the strengths of individual team members.
1566112Serves his/her team, creates a vision and helps the team get there. Along the way there will be some obstacles. Some pain and hardship is to be expected, but achieving the goal elegantly is the name of the game.
1576113gives good people free rein and makes sure that they have the support they need to move forward and helps alert them to potential pitfalls.
1626118has the interest and potential of their followers at heart. A good leader is selfless, honest and inclusive and always open to challenge and different perspectives. They lead by example and are trusted and trusting.
1656121is someone who, in their own way, can foster a sense of purpose and endeavour from their team and in doing so will get more from them than would otherwise be possible.
1666122leads by example and is not a hypocrite. A good leader provides counsel and advice and supports the team. Actions are louder than words.
1696125is successful when he/she listens to, learns from, connects to, supports, promotes processes improvement within, mentors, earns respect from, and offers vision to the team, which will lead to a greater understanding of the complexities of their environment on a micro and macro level so that the will be engaged to deliver the highest quality "product" because the team will know they are valued, and supported.
1706126understands the importance of relationships, fairness and trust.
1746130is someone who listens to others, has a very good mind, and can decide what needs to be done
1766132creates a unified vision and empowers their followers to apply their talents to achieve the vision
1786134takes responsibility for all that happens or fails to happen, motivates those who others feel are not worth the trouble, and mentors leaders more effective than him/herself.
1796135is able to motivate others through their words, their actions and their charisma.
1866138leads with humility, good example. a leader is never outworked by those he leads. a leader brings out the best in others recognizes when those he leads have more talent and ability in an area than he does, who sets clear goals that are measurable and achievable, who demands people work effectively toward those goals yet is always accepting the following; Either the people he leads will always succeed, in which case one must strive for more ambitious goals; or accept that often the people he leads will fall short of optimal goal, and reassure, support, innovate and reevaluate goals so the person knows it is the process, not the person. a good leader makes those he leads really enjoy participating in the task
1876139uf, how to answer this one... difficult to characterize, it depends on the situation... many different leadership styles for many different occasions. I like authenticity as I mention before, but understood as being who you are.
1886140can develop his team to achieve their goals in the face of hardship or lack of manpower.
1916142puts the good of the whole (their team and the organization) above their own self interests.
1986145shall be technically skilled, diplomat, team builder, coach and visionary.
1996146is able to have a vision, describe a strategie to implement it (to tend to the vision). He/she can involve and move people to take part in optimising and making the vision true in a way, that they feel they are the owners of the achievement. one that helps to develop other leaders; lives a values-based life; puts others' needs first and leaves a situation better than s/he found it.
2126150is one who can rally others to a common goal / vision, spot differences and misalignments in focus between different groups and resolve those differences so everyone is rowing the boat in the same direction!
2136151is someone who establishes a clear vision and insight, providing information and a direction in how that vision can be achieved through bringing people on a journey.
2146152knows how to get the best out of people and cares about developing them and is skilled at motivating. They know when to talk and when to listen and when to lead and when to follow.
2186155is a good listener. They should be open to communication, ideas, opinions. They need complete integrity, honesty and consistency. A good leader displays passion, energy and drive. They support those that work for them.
2206157is one who leads by example, who walks the talk, and who cares about the people more than the mission, knowing that people who are well cared for will ensure the mission is fulfilled.
2286161has a good vision, has good human skills, a motivator, supporting his/her team without benefiting one (for sure not his own position) above the rest, giving people some free space within a given scope and challenging goal, accepting faults/mistakes and seeing it as a good learning, accepting diversity, am inspirator
2336166is highly emotionally intelligent, understands their responsibility and responsibilities, and is constantly recalibrating in order to achieve, and develop in others, optimal self-actualization.
2386171listens to others, develops a vision and inspires others achieving that vision.
2416174listens first , shares responsibility and makes clear and transparent decisions
2426175inspires, motivates and supports others.
2436176is someone who deliberately brings out the best in others and the situation that without them wouldn't have happened.
2446177is someone who uses strong relationship skills to encourage, guide, direct and challenge others in service of a common purpose
2456178demonstrates that he/she has strong core values, is trustworthy, respectful/respectable and is accountable.
2466179inspires others to continue to learn and grow in ways that benefits them and the projects and people that matter most to them, recognizing that we all function far below our potential and to become more is exciting.
2486181inspires, empowers, connects, grows people while building a more global community/family.
2496182helps others see what's possible; inspires others to dream, think, and act in ways that benefit more than just themselves; motivates others to take action.
2536184leads with conviction, compassion and a sense of purpose and works to grow those beneath him/her.
2566186creates a strong vision for the future - a shared goal - but acknowledges the ambiguities we all face in achieving this (eg short versus long term priorities, individual versus group motivations etc).
2586188is one who inspires and knows that there will times that they become a follower
2626191is one whose team is 100% behind them, provides the environment to succeed, that welcomes challenges, empowers whilst holding individuals to account because if the the leader is to succeed their team must succeed first
2656194recognizes their strengths and surrounds themselves with a team full of people whose strengths are in the areas of the leader's weaknesses.
2666195provides clarity and purpose and supports his team to become the best both individually and collectively. Great results will follow.
2676196is a tool, a conduit, a vessel for a group to achieve something; they know that it is not about them.
2716200is a trustful leader and is strong in "decissions". My experience gained during working life: Even a wrong decision is better then no decision.
2726201will deliver results in a controlled and measured manner whilst great leadership provides both the force and direction to transform situations to delivery outstanding results.
2776202is someone who conveys hope, compassion, stability and trust. Is someone who does not shy away to say that love is a core ingredient in our ways of seeing and action on things. In our organisation other traits are of course important, too, like the Mars Leadership Capabilities, the Five Principles and the Associate Concept, plus current cultural transformation elements such as decisiveness, agility and entrepreneuship. I agree to all of them, and by providing an environment where people see hope, compassion, stability and trust - even in the biggest times of change, we will find it easy to apply all other leadership traits, too.
2786203Is efficient in fixing problems with others, is driven for results, is inspired by others, is taking the right decisions, is empathetic and supportive.
2806204listens, appreciates, nurtures the talent, understands when and how to coach and when and how to provide feedback, welcomes feedback, has vision/sees the big picture, holds the line of what is in scope and out of scope of the business and when to expand, has presence, is not good at everything but puts talent around the group that maximizes and compliments to create a full set of strengths, recognizes and values diversity of individuals and thought
2886210has strong principles, engages behind a common vision, is authentic.
2936215knows how to find the right talent, inspire and stretch people to achieve their dreams, eventhough they may seem un-reachable.
2956217builds and develops a strong team, articulates a vision for a better future, and empowers the team to achieve it.
2966218has to balance inputs from the team and directions back. Decisions still reside with the leader, not the broader team.
2996220needs to be flexible, resilient and a very good communicator. You cannot lead people if you do not know what makes them tick and you have to be able to articulate what you want in a way that they and others will understand.
3026222makes clear choices, sets clear direction, and takes care of their people at all costs
3066226Is a loving leader , one who can develop each member of his team to his fullest potential , making the interest of his team and the company above his own personal ones. He is also the one who is seen as a model of integrity and trust and who can deliver above expectations in any given situation. Is the one you can count on when there is trouble out there - he will face adversity without fear of repercussions, he will do what is right for the greater good of the company and its people .
3076227leads by example, listens, learns from their mistakes and is decisive.
3086228has the ability to lead a diverse group of people to achieve a common goal, understanding that people are successful when they know what success looks like and they are given all the tools and information to succeed.
3096229Has vision, integrity, courage, and work ethics.
3106230creates a collective ability to create shared direction, alignment and commitment. Empowers others to reach their full potential. Is willing to step up and down / back for teh good of the destied outcome and team. Seeks to serve others. Recognises the polarity of being able to be at the forefront and follow from the back, tough and gentle. Remembers the privilege and responsibility he / she has. Understands the impact he /she can have on others by their behaviour.
3126231Listens, is fair, is decisive, is compassionate.
3156234is someone who sets the tone and gives his team the taste of sharing a wonderful human experience where each member of the team becomes a better human being
3166235Gives inspiration, direction and trust to the team while empowering them to make it happen
3176236knows their purpose, brings it to life for others and helps others be the best they can & want to be.
3196238is able to bring out the best in his team, is able to deliver against a vision and operates with a high degree of integrity.
3216240is the conductor of an orchestra, combines visionary thinking with strategic planning and operational requirements, has and shares a big picture and is target-oriented, creates a framework in which his team can grow, encourages and empowers his team, allows mistakes as long as they happen only once, stands behind his employees while at the same time giving guidance and direction, is transparent and shares relevant information, actively develops his staff, is ready to learn and doesn't claim to know everything best.
3256244listens to others, engages the team, follows through on commitments, and drives the culture.
3266245sets the example for his team. Is thankful for the efforts of others and can laugh at himself.
3286247Makes people feel that they want to be part of what that person is doing
3296248provides fair and consistent guidance and accountability to achieve results and improve the direct reports performance and capabilities.
3306249is a really good listener, doesn't worry about not having all the answers and is not influenced by their ego.
3326251can always find the sweet spot between becoming a friend who can joke around, tell stories and share experiences, without crossing the line into a conflicted interest or "playing favorites."
3336252for me, is authentic have vision and create a learning and accountable culture for its people to grow.
3346253leads by example, is part of the team and is always there when the going gets tough.
3356254has three innate qualities:- curiosity, courage and resilience, as everything else can be learned.
3376256Sets direction and purpose, Develop and respect people.Has core values in line with the business'ones.
3386257gives their team the ability to make their own decisions
3396258Creates more leaders and leaves a lasting legacy in the lives of those he leads an in the impact his team has in the world
3426261is a person who helps to find right direction, rather than directly showing it to his team
3436262Is a listener of the words, the emotions and the inner element of motivation of his/her team
3446263leads by example. He/she operates with integrity, accountability, passion, responsiveness and decisiveness. He/she is an effective motivator and coach of team members and guides them to higher levels of performance.
3466265is someone who leads by example, listens to you, believes in you and inspire's you to go the extra mile!
3476266brings out the best in others to help them achiever their best, creates a legacy, and creates excitement and energy behind accomplishing goals.
3486267sets clear goals, provides the tools for their people to be proficient in their roles, and rewards their people for their success.
3506269is someone who makes decisive decisions upon available information and input from others, whilst also actively motivating, coaching/developing and empowering their team.
3526271Be a role model and lead by example, innovative, display high integrity and courage, include everyone, improve quality, treat his people as assets, motivate, inspire, develop his team, provide clear direction, communicate clearly, have good business acumen, emotionally resilient, have a can do attitude, approachable, teacher, enjoy the journey, have fun, have a sense of humour, deliver results, set high expectations, make sound decisions based on facts, hold ourselves accountable for delivering results, foster functional excellence, ensure process discipline, satisfy customer needs (internal and external), have a continuous improvement mindset
3536272knows what he's doing and have a clear direction on where things should be going to. Also a good leader protects his/her team, provides air cover to team members, develops talents and provides career opportunities to them.
3546273Listen carefully, decide without losing too much time and communicate, communicate, communicate, communicate
3596277is a good listener, leads by example, collaborates, drives results and rally's the team around a common goal
3636280is sharing a vision, defining the objectives to be delivered by his team. He or she knows the strengths and areas of improvement of the individuals to bring the teams with him or her in a positive mindset
3646281is a person who has a clear understanding of everyone on their team and then puts them in the right position to hit a clearly defined vision.
3656282lead's through their people, can break down barriers, and provide an environment where people are open to speak their minds.
3686284inspires people and provides clear direction and motivation.
3696285... is someone who understands that ultimately it's people that turn average into great.
3746287is someone who can lead by example, has excellent communication and organizational skills, be a problem solver and decision maker and can develop relationships with their staff and/or employees which will make the organization feel like everyone "belongs" and that they are a part of something special.
3756288is someone who inspires and motivates whilst creating an environment in which his/her team can be bold, act as personal disruptors and be comfortable that they can challenge convention.
3776290is one who inspires people to follow because they want to be part of the vision and culture which he/she communicates and lives.
3806293is a good role model, a good communicator and practices what he preaches.
3816294is someone that has a vision, care about her people and want the company to be successful.
3826295creates the desire to achieve goals and provides the tools and training to do so.
3846297is someone who inspires people, is entrepreneurial, can see and live the vision and can communicate effectively to bring people with them on the journey.
3866299leads by inspiration. Engages with people around them, seeks their views and supports them achieve their very best.
3896302demonstrates desired behavior while connecting, motivating, and inspiring others to better things.
3916304is one who brings a group together to accomplish a common goal and in the end everyone feels like a vital part of the victory.
3936306is someone people respect , has humility, empathy, inspiration, drive, determination, tenacity, a good sense of humour and is real.
3946307Has belief in self, people, mission, or cause. Having humility, compassion, and strong conviction to accomplish all by leading/ working with team/others, plus striving to develop or elevate one’s self and share knowledge through mentorship, management, and motivation.
3966309sets direction, takes suggestion, and knows the people whom they lead to maximize the strengths and help improve the weaknesses.
3976310understands and communicates a clear vision, trusts his/he subordinates and underwrites their mistakes.
3996311works with people who are smarter and stronger that s/he is because a leader is just as good as her or his team.
4026313A good leader understands, first of all, himself. He is aware that his internal state, breadth and depth of his perspective critically impact his decisions, choices and relations. He knows what gives him energy and what takes it away, knows his strengths and weaknesses and knows how to manage it all. He sees perspectives of other people. All this gives him courage, strength and magnanimity.
4076318has a strong moral compass, is flexible, understanding and is a servant leader.
4096320is a person that can take different backgrounds, experience and knowledge get the team to work as one to get the best out of all
4106321is humble and looks at his life as a servant to others
4116322is positive and provides a clear vision to the team that includes operational instructions for all members so that they understand how they can help.
4126323let's their team grow in their roles by illustrating opportunities, coaching in the moment, and lifting them up when mistakes are made. A leader takes none of the credit and all of the blame.
4156326is someone who shows good vision, decisiveness and supportive with stretch objectives.
4166327leads with courage, tenacity, and integrity.
4186329should enthuse, guide and nurture others in common goals. to improve, develop for the good of the individual and the greater collective good. Should have empathy for both their work life and home life. Trusted and respected.
4226333is someone who understands true leadership is influencing behavior to drive positive results/actions. This can include leading by example, but it truly about providing consistent coaching and follow-up. I truly believe that most leaders think leadership is "telling people what to do" or "being a chief problem solver". I think that a good leader lives in one of four worlds in every interaction/situation: Train, Observe, Coach, Follow-Up. In most cases, the Observe & Coach steps are missed completely.
4246335creates a foundation for success. She or he has a vision for success and aligns teams to deliver by inspiring and empowering them to achieve the best they can.
4256336Understands the motivations of others and what makes them tick. The best leader sets a direction, inspires people and then gets out of their way.
4266337works as a conduit between what is and what could be.
4276338is the one who truly knows why she is leading, and one who knows when not to lead anymore.
4296340is one whom people WANT to follow, because they set the example and always look out for the best interests of the people they lead.
4326343inspires, educates, helps and unleashes potential of the team/people he leads
4336344helps other people grow and develop. And does so in a humble way, making the other person feel good and not taking credit or pride in his accomplishments
4586351... has to motivate people by making them feel involved and being part of the solution (defining the goal and suggesting how to achieve it). She also has to be firm and take hard decisions when necessary
4766356needs to inspire and build trust while demonstrating integrity and consistency
4786358Should be able to lead from any position- without formal power and influence as wind does on firmly planted trees, soft but effective, sway not in every direction but in a constant and fearless way.
4826360is offering a vision that others want to follow and is leading by example to fulfill that vision!
4836361is someone who has empathy, compassion, intelligence and a great sense of humour.
4896362creates a place where people want to be, feel safe and are enpowered. A good leader is someone that you want to associate yourself with, and are proud of.
4936363He ask the question Why? -Inspire others to do something they normally do not do -are passionate about the change or success they are after -set an example to their people/team - through words and actions -exercise creativity in solving problems -have empathy -are great communicators -They have the ability to motivate. Leaders don't lead by telling people what they have to do. Instead, leaders cause people to want to help them. A good team leader has at least a proficient knowledge of each area of their work so they can properly communicate their objectives and ideas with people
4966365is able to effectively motivate a group of individuals to work towards a common goal.
4976366is a good follower, honest, humble, authentic, courageous and passionate.
5016368is someone who inspires, educates, promotes and holds people accountable by getting the right people in the right seats on the bus and allowing them to perform at their best.
5066369Is he who inspires, generates confidence, involves and permits the development and growth of others. A leader has a clear vision, shares and mobilizes the people around him.
5476385needs self awareness, a big heart and inner guidance for helping the others make the most out of themselves and reach the purpose bigger than himself.
5556388... has a vision he is sharing with his team. Is willing and able to provide excellent coaching to make his team grow. Is dynamic in his way of implementation. Does not take himself to serious.
5636389is respected and shows respect. builds a team and empowers the people
5716390is a Teacher, Mentor, Coach, and Facilitator. is a Teacher whose work is to educate learners to be better than him. is a Mentor who provides wisdom to guide. is a Coach who helps clarify their doubts. is a Facilitator of dreams and hopes.
5746391listens, uses experience, the data, the team and drives for success but is always fair, reasonable and engaged even when setting challenging goals.
5756392is like a gardener. He makes sure that all the flowers and plants have the right conditions to bloom. The gardener might have to point flower to the direction of a sun, and many times he has to weed the weeds so that the flower has a space to grow. Sometimes he has to even give some water if there has not been rain for a long time. But it is the job of a flower to blossom. The flower needs to grow strong roots and to play together with other flowers to get more flowers. The gardener of course can also plant some new flowers that he/she believes will make the garden even more blossoming, but I think it would be wise for the garderer to ask the flowers what they think before planting.
5806393is authentic and collaborative, and at yet times is called to make/take a stand on hard decisions.
5816394listens, learns, and leads.
5846396Is someone who communicates well, you can learn from, cares about their people, is empathetic and trusting. A good leader is also someone that finds some balance between work and personal life and advocates that for others.
5866398ahs a clear vision and a clear goal that he explained to his team and where the team has a common understand of how to get there. But: a good leader accepts various routes to get to the goal as long as the team member is still on track. Empowerment of the team is one of success factors of a team.
5886400is one who provides direction, alignment and commitment in his/her context. A good leader is one who has followers. He/she leads from the head, heart and guts.
59964051. Provides clear objectives 2. Cares about his/her team's wellbeing & commitment to their job/company 3. Knows how to get the most out of his/her peers to his/her team's benefit 4. Inspires
6046408communicates a clear vision, and uses the strenghts of the team to accomplish the milestones leading to the vision.
6086411Is able to provide inspiration to their team and the wider business. They are able to communicate why we do what we do and not just how or what we do.
6096412is one who is able to provide direction, inspire, lead and support others to be successful along wth them.
6156413is anyone who has a desire to develop the potential in others, has the ability to really listen and connect with all people, has the capacity to inspire others to do what they need to do and push themselves into new horizons
6186414is a servant leader who makes a difference in the lives of those he/she leads and works towards societal good
6226416provides direction and then trusts the people to get there by getting out of the way. Also, the leader needs to be respectful of the people and focuses on the development and well-being of the people
6236417inspires, respects and helps others...he is humble!
6256418understands how to get the best from others to achieve their/the organization's goals.
6276420knows himself and is able to give responsibility and credit to his team and individuals in the staff. Good leader is a good motivator and mentor. He understands and respects individuality. Good leader gives leash to his team yet is there to support and backup when needed. Good leader understands that there are many kinds of competence and skills, the ones he himself possesses are not the only ones to be considered good and valuable. Good leader appreciates versatility. Good leader uses all kinds of intelligence not just IQ.
6306422is also a good servant. He/She should first learn to be humble, to serve and walk the talk.
6346423gives orientation to the people working with him. But he does not take himself for that important, his true role is to make himself superfluent.
6366424is someone who understand his environment , his team very well. Leader develops the team and optimizes the resource's at his/her disposal to deliver the best required outcome. Leader also in search of Island of Paradise to deliver the Better Tomorrow.
6376425is one who leads with head and heart, courage and compassion, passion and presence, vision, direction and details, people, product and process, has IQ and even higher EQ and is tempered with balance and wisdom, in control of self, situation and others, has sound values especially of integrity and is fun to be with...
6476428is someone that without authority can get people behind a bigger purpose and takes care of people
6486429invests time in the development of people, leads by example and fronts up challenges. Making decisions and ensuring that the accountability rests with him/her whilst sharing the success
6536430cares about something more than themselves. They have a vision, are focused, intelligence, and engages others effectively.
6586434inspires and empower and is respectful
6626435is one who is not only a role model, but someone who walks the journey with me, showing me how to overcome the challenges of work/life and how to enjoy the success and rewards on they way.
6636436is an authentic leader. True to their convictions, leading by example, inspiring through vision.
6646437integrates thoughts, feelings and actions, listens, and is kind.
6656438gives hope, clarity, has empathy, can be trusted, is credible, inspires people to do their best, to unite and to achieve the vision they create.
6676440is one who as Sun Tsu in the Art of War writes they “say we did this ourselves”. A good leader creates a fertile climate for growth, contains and manages the group’s anxieties so that people feel safe to express their fears and their strengths, helps frame the purpose of the team as something that all feel is a shared endeavour and sets up the process, timelines and other structures that enable the team to meet its goal.
6786444is able to take into account the views of different stakeholders and persuade the stakeholders to his point of view even when it is not popular.
6796445sets a clear vision & purpose, enables others to succeed and authentically leads by example
6806446honest, hard working, collaborative, communicative, joyful and intelligent
6836447knows how to motivate his team to outstanding achievements, unite them with both professional and personal relationships; actively builds relations of trust
6876451has integrity, demonstrates his/her values, is a strong communicator and a skilled executor.
7076453makes sense of what is going on and inspire others to make the best out of it.
7146456has EQ and IQ, sets a vision and empowers their team to deliver for commercial aims and a wider social purpose.
7216457...inspires, and sets the destination, enables those who can, directs those who can't, engages those who will, problem solves, and accepts they aren't Jesus.
7246460listens, communicates clearly, encourages, collaborates, works with him/her on their action logics to focus on their strengths and builds on their weaknesses, makes them feel that their voice is being heard and matters within the organization.
7266462cares more about the success of his team than his own.
7286464is a good coach, who lead with own example and support, good leader nurturing culture of trust in his team and have a shared vision.
7356465recognises what people need to flourish, can make the difficult decisions but is not unmoved by the consequences, is able to forgive and ask forgiveness, has a vision and can articulate it well. Basically a good leader is like Christ.
7376467listens, encourages, thinks, takes counsel - discerns where the Spirit is leading.
7386468is one who listens, sees through the clutter, emotionally in control, brings simplicity & clarification to the occasion. Has vision, mentors & motivates their team. Communicates tirelessly to each team member, so they know where they stand and that they are making a meaningful impact.
7416470is always surrounded by people better than themselves.
7426471has the awareness and skill to assess the situation and adapt her leadership style -- sometime collaborative, sometimes as simply the energy to enable others to act, sometimes decisive action, sometime authoritative, and occasionally as a follower who leads others to follow.
7456474puts the needs of the whole team above their own preferences and seeks to encourage the growth, development and well being of all those they lead.
7476475inspires and is willing to take responsibility for the actions of others. A good leader also has great communication skills which are necessary for inspiration and describing his/her vision.
7486476is someone who takes his responsibility, who is able to show empathy, who can be flexible, who has the ability to see beyond the facts, to see the bigger picture and who knows where he is going.
7516478puts others before self
7566480is caring, compassionate, and is able to motivate people towards an detailed common vision
7576481understands what needs to be accomplished and what the challenges are. They need to be able to help others overcome challenges to be individually successful and for the leader to be successful.
7596482is someone who shapes a vision, who listens, who cares, and who is on the front lines with the entire group
7626484listens and leads by example. He or she recognises his or her talents and those of others. Looks for opportunities to use them together.
7636485creates a positive atmosphere through honesty, integrity and a clear focus
7656487gathers the team, encourages them to develop their skills, accomplish the necessary tasks and develop new ideas and opportunities.
7666488notices the things that are important to people and how this might be used. They see things differently.
7686489is HUMBLE and AUTHENTIC and makes she/he accessible.
7696490has followers. A good leader inspires others toward a common goal and empowers others to make decisions.
7756492has the ability to motivate people to achieve a common goal. This may need to be achieve in many different ways as not everyone is the same.
7796493is a leader that looks on his own behaviour.
7816494understands his team, listens, takes them along, encourages them to achieve a goal, motivates and is not afraid of taking a decision that is not easy or loved
7826495is approachable, a good communicator, hardworking, fair, empathetic, can make decisions, implement them and follow through on it
7916499is able to communicate a vision, inspire other people and help them to be part of achieving a worth-while project.
7926500is selfless, genuine, acts with integrity, puts their team first, empowers and enables their team to succeed.
7936501is someone that has a lot of followers that look up to that leader with respect and that the group continues to grow and improve both as a group and as individuals within a group. A good leader helps move societies and cultures forward in a way that uplifts our communities and makes us better individually and collectively.
7956502is someone who motivates others and leads by example.
8006505is challenging people, is facilitating people, is looking in an appreciative way to people, is making things possible for people, is coaching people, is stimulating people to develop their talents and competences.
8056507knows where they're going, and takes the team along with them; they explain why, rather than relying on good faith. They're able to navigate through the bumps in the road and respond to setbacks.
8066508- is about character, honesty, commitment, patience, and acceptance of responsibility. It requires listening to others, empathizing. A leader must find and deliver what his charges need; not want. Lead by example, treat people as you want to be treated, forgive the mistakes. Teach. Learn together. I must, again, stress honesty and authenticity. These are essential to strong and lasting relationships for building a team that depends upon and cares for one another. You take care of your people, they'll take care of you as the leader. As a leader, set the bar high enough for growth and development of your charges, there's no greater gift for a leader than that of his charges' promotion and success. That takes work and desire. It's making a difference; leaving it, whatever it may be, better than you found it.
8096509- inspires a group of people to accomplish a common goal.
8106510....inspires his/her team with a combination of leading the way, empathising and selling a common goal.
8146511-has a clear vision, has integrity, listens, sets the example, and is humble.
8156512is a good communicator, is an assembler, protect his people, inspire his people, share his knowledge and experience, transparent, able to make decision, gives credit to others, clearly convey objectives and expectations, leads by example.
8176514-inspires, supports and helps those whom they lead to be their best selves. A good leaders leads from the front not just in what they say but equally in what they do.
8226515-gets buy in, creates a game plan to accomplish goals & motivates people to work together on a common goal.
8236516is able to set target goals that are commensurate with the abilities of those that he or she leads but not such a stretch that the individual's current skill set cannot reasonably be improved enough to reach that goal.
8266518Inspires, drives and guides. The best leaders don't need to be subject matter experts, they need to be open to hear, to take criticism, to accept the guidance of their teams and back their teams.
8276519-Has vision, creativity, and the ability to inspire and motivate others to follow them in a quest to make a difference. Leaders are creative risk-takers who can influence people to find ways around the rules, or follow the leader into uncharted territory.
8346522- truly cares about the team. not just because they are supposed to, but they truly care to understand the different aspects of a team members life. (that will also give them insight into that person's actions within the team)
8386523-has a highly developed sense of self-awareness and must be capable of self-reflection. In addition, they should possess a high degree of emotional intelligence and in my view would subscribe to the servant leadership style.
8436524-helps their organization see things as they could be instead of how they currently are.
8456525will always listen to the people that they are leading. Uses that information to help formulate their leadership strategy.
8466526-is able to be both active and passive. Sometimes a leader has to take control and manage things more literally and other times a leader needs to take a step back and allow the people around them to do what their supposed to and have confidence in them.
8476527sets the tone, is strategic, brings colleagues with him/her, enables, delegates, is innovative, is collaborative
8586530-is selfless, egoless, supports and enables their team to succeed, provides a safe space for people to experiment and potentially fail, creates a clear vision of the future with the team and a sense of why the team exists, enables the team to work out how to achieve their vision, listens and does not judge, believes that 99% of people come into work to do a good job, focusses on providing the right environment of processes and resources to enable success, develops their people as individuals with agreed plans and new opportunities to stretch themselves, values the individuals for their strengths recognising that treating everyone the same is not treating everyone fairly.
8596531has been the focus of millions of books and articles - and yet we have not found "the final" answer but multiple answers for what makes a good leader in various contexts.
8656532-is someone with a vision who can inspire others to build on that vision and emotionally engage in what they are doing
8676533-inspires, listens, communicates, provides feedback, provides direction, is accessible and admits (and learns from) mistakes.
8686534- inspires her/his team, - gives direction, - motivates, and - empowers to act.
8736535-is someone who doesn't always know the answer but one who knows how to find the path to the right outcome.
8746536- provides support and guidance and encouragement, hires the best and the brightest they can, treats everyone with full respect and anticipation of their fullest potential, and inspires everyone to do great things.
8806538-leads by example and is not afraid to dirty his/her hands at the tasks set for persons down the line. And the good leader knows how to delegate and prioritise.
8826540- communicates well, has sincere enthusiasm for the business and acts with integrity at all times.
8896544- inspires and empowers his people by giving clear goals but allowing them freedom in how to achieve them.
8906545- listens, makes tough decisions and helps people understand their potential
8916546- has values that are apparent in every interaction.
9026547care about its direct reports, listens, creates trust and a safe environment and empowers them so they have opportunities to learn and grow.
9056548- is present, is conscientious and leads in front of the people.
9096549-can inspire, set clear directions and develops others
9106550- takes care of his/her team in a professional and personal way. A leader shows all talents and what the team is capable of.
9246554- inspires their team to do great things and enjoy themselves whilst they do it.
9256555...leads from the front and surrounds themselves with people who have a range of talents and skills, that compliment and support their own. They are self-aware and open about their own strengths and areas for development, they set the vision and direction for their people and involve the team working collaboratively together. However, they are also decisive and clearly articulate the direction of travel, inspiring and equipping the team members to deliver success.
9276557- gives the team a clear sense of purpose, trusts and empowers them to deliver the tasks and is able to anticipate impacts of internal or external influences.
9306558-is someone who leads from the heart, has a compelling vision as to what he or she is leading for and an ability to inspire people and teams around him or her in a way that people feel valued as individuals.
9316559- is someone who inspires others, motivates, teaches, encourages and really cares.
9326560isn't afraid to set the direction and then get out of the way; supporting, coaching, guiding and motivating others to achieve success on the journey. The best leaders I have seen are those who can lead from the heart, authentically and not from the mind in a way they perceive to be right from literature.
9336561-is an inspiring example for his people. You have to do what he says. And he has to lead by example. For me, the balance between strategy, execution and result is the whole and I observe it continuously. I also observe very much the ethics and legitimacy with which the result is achieved
9356563-is a good person, an example, someone who "serves" others
9376565-feels responsibility towards his team and acts with commitment and in accordance with its principles
9386566-is a complex person who can easily transmit what he is, what he does and what he feels. Consistent with all of the above, it conveys trust and allows others to take into consideration what he says/does/feels and why he says/does/feels it. It makes people identify with own values, mission and vision or of the organization.
9416567-engages his associates, gives them support and tools to work, then gives them the space to get it done.
9426568is adaptive to changes, continuously develops leaders around himself, and delivers results by guiding the efforts of his team
9516570operates with integrity, is relatable, has the ability to encourage and motivate, and is a good communicator.
9536572is able to both inspire and motivate, whilst also delivering on their commitments.
9546573-is one who is able to influence someone else to do better, dream better, be better. Without use of power or status, someone who is authentic and engage at a mutual level.
9616574-A good leader can speak to hearts and minds of people and help them to unlock their potential and stay focused on the goal, feel engaged and resilient, and don't lost believe in success even when the leader himself has gone (e.g. Jesus, Gandhi, Buddha, Lincoln)
9626575inspires, gives me freedom, trusts me and sets a great vision that I believe in. Such a leaders gives me challenging opportunities where I can learn and grow.
9676576- Strikes the right balance between inspiring, directing, and nurturing their followers.
9726577- engages the team through energy, clarity of message and integration.
9736578-A good leader is a person who, with his coherence and his way of acting, is capable of making others believe in him, and to be followed. Able to lead, in the middle or from behind, helping others to grow and believe in themselves. They positively influence others by creating a reference point.
9746579-is someone who takes risks, challenges thinking and looks to the future.
9756580-what is a "good" leader?... for me at this moment, leadership is shared, by each and every one of us... and it is crucial, a conscious, systemic leadership, that is immersed in that internal and also external complexity that we live, with great challenges in the personal, relational, social, institutional, organizational, related to the sustainability of the human species and all life that accompanies us in this beautiful Earth, of which we are all children.
9776581-listens, connects and has quite clear ideas
9816583-provides purpose, direction and inspires others.
9826584- is someone who guides the way, teaches well, learns well, and appreciates those who surround him/her.
9966585-is humble, self-aware, inspiring and develops people.
9996586-is humble, concise in communications and with a clear vision of the future. He or she is capable of inspiring others to follow and in building the strongest of teams where people regularly give discretionary effort and have complete clarity on the objective and the part they play individually to achieve it.
10006587- is not the most senior person by position - they must be authentic with high integrity that empowers, with a clear purpose underpinned by clear responsibilities and accountabilities
10016588-is comfortable in her own skin, always curious and open to learning, enjoys creating dynamic and productive relationships with all her interestgroups, has developed the skills of reframing the situation, co-creates a shared understanding of the goals she and her team are working on, creates an inspiring vision for the future.
10036589- is a mature person, with low ego and wish to serve the team the best way he/she can to get the best out from the team and team members individually.
10056591-the leader is the one who manages to create the contexts for people and teams to develop, who inspires and empowers people and teams to meet group and individual objectives.
10116593is a communicator and online, has a plan and a system towards the championship, is able to improve plan and system with his team, develops his people as well as himself, stands for his team, has a view for the whole and across the edge.
10146595-has a vision, unblocks challenges to moving in that direction and focuses on bringing others along because you're not a leader if no one is following.
10156596- creates leaders, shows fallibility and strives to be the best they can be whilst ensuring an environment where the team can realise their fullest potential.
10256599- Has a vision and knows how to deliver that vision through bringing the right people together to deliver. Qualities include: be authentic/honest/trusted - lead for a cause/purpose, not a promotion; have courage to make change happen when it is needed; have confidence based on knowledge and experience to navigate through that change; want to know the team - understand the structure, skills and the behaviours required, give credit where credit is due and allow room for development; lead by example - be accountable, adaptable, tenacious and collaborative; Listen, listen and listen some more; Be positive and inspiring..
10296600- has a vision, is inspiring his team, is supporting and empowering his team. He should be very demanding to the others but even more to himself. A good leader has to built trust among the team to help the team playing safe and stay motivated. He should as well be transparent because it shows the level of trust and respect he has with his team.
10336601-is strong, globally kind [sic!], full of energy, a visionary even if just a little, confident, able to inspire others, lead them or create the best conditions for their development.
10346602-does not have to be an expert in everything, but should inspire her team, provide them with feeling of security and confidence in being at their most successful inside the team
10366604-is a person who can understand and sense others, predict how events will unfold with maximum precision and avoid bad scenarios.
10376605-is one with passion burning in his eyes, who can lead a team regardless of how heterogeneous it can be.
10396607-is empathetic and knows where he's going. She easily adapts and motivates his team.
10416609Leads by example Leads in service of their people Rolls up their sleeves and gets stuck in working shoulder to shoulder with their people when necessary Gives people a sense of direction Knows when to lead and when it's better if someone else does
10436611-is charismatic, great at motivation so as to avoid value-based conflicts, fair, lets live, creates and leads to success, a psychologist (understands people), a visionary.
10466614is someone who wants to lead, aspires to inspire, and fundamentally cares about the people they're leading. They should be humble and put their teams ahead of themselves.
10536616-I need to communicate a shared and compelling vision regularly so that others are empowered to make decisions that align with that vision.
10546617-A good leader is a servant leader who cares deeply about the people they are leading but is also wise, strategic, humble, and able to motivate and inspire people to join them in pursuit of a specific vision, mission, or goal.
10566618leads by example, strives to raise the self-esteem and confidence of others, gives them opportunities, and in those ways helps build new leaders.
10576619is both firm and warm, supports and believes in the good in people, shows the vision and how to get there and gives people freedom to execute in their own way. A good leader is also able to give concrete support at difficult times and is willing to serve people in need.
10636620-is the core of the team; great people attract great team. -empowers the team and brings the best outcome of the team performance. -understand the differences of individuals and is able to put everyone's strength together instead of weakness. -has a vision that is to be understood and achieved by the efforts of his people. -plays significant roles not only in work place but also in the society/country/world.
10716621- is someone who looks after their team, provides stability, provides inspiration, provides direction when there is ambiguity.
10726622behaves the way they want others to behave. A good leader has a clear vision and keeps it in sight. They are thoughtful, compassionate, and considerate but not afraid to stand behind their decisions. A good leader is someone you're motivated to do things for. You want to make them look good. They inspire others into action.
10766623- should inspire people to pull out their best into a shared direction. An effective leader should be backed by a strong, committed and experienced management team.
10826625is empathetic and someone who not only talks the talk, but walks the walk, leading by example every step of the way.
10866627-shows interest in his team and gives them what they need to perform and feel being an important group member
10886629- is one that is inspirational, supportive and thought provoking ... and people want to do things for them because of this
10906630-is positive, passionate, competent and caring and is the essential foundation to the success of any TEAM.
10956631-Treat everyone fairly The consequences of taking responsibility and risk Encourage others Be good at giving full play to the advantages of each member of the team Pay attention to the growth and development of everyone
10986633-Takes care of his people, teaches them, motivates them and wins with them, eventually celebrates with them
11036634-listens carefully, maintains a moral compass, researches the necessary background knowledge, and considers the long and short term implications of making important decisions.
11046635is able to collaborate to develop and communicate a shared vision, listens to what others need so that they are enabled and supported down the path towards the shared vision, and celebrates team accomplishments.
11136640-has vision, spirit and compassion.
11176642-can get people to achieve more than they ever believed they could in a way that will change them permanently
11206645-leads themselves first, being self-aware enough not to look for validation from others, but leading from a place of true self-worth.
11226646- leads by example, delegates fairly, and doesn't blame others when goals aren't met because he or she knows it's everyone's responsibility, not everyone else.
11276647- has always a vision, sets the guidelines and takes fact based decisions and ist result orientated. He always listens and lets the team work self-reliant in the set guidelines.
11296649leads by example, inspires, and cares about something bigger than themselves.
11326650-is someone who can paint a compelling picture and capture the minds and hearts of his team.
11346652Takes time to think about the direction the team should be heading in, build trust with those they lead and recognise that it isn't a popularity content. It's about considering the direction, looking ahead to what the team might face and staying close to them to help them navigate the way forward.
11416654-is someone that others want to follow and emulate. A good leader is someone who achieves more through the work of one's team. A good leader leaves a legacy. A good leader makes tough decisions and puts the needs of his/her team above the needs of one. A good leader never asks his/her team to compromise on moral or ethical subjects. A good leader promotes others and builds others; a good leader does not succeed by breaking the spirits of others.
11426655brings a good vision, lead a good execution and don't forget he exists through his team
11496658realizes that leadership is a gift from others rather than a role taken on by virtue of a title, status, or rank in an organization.
11586663- is a human who is able to lead a group because of his personality, knowledge, experience, inspiration and motivation. He must define the basic goals and orientation of the tasks, he must set the roadmap be able to track and influence the processes. He must be the driver, the communicator in two directions. He has to know his team and develop his staff. He must be open to change and new ideas, he must think and act proactively. His job is to look beyond the horizon and to realize the company's visions and strategies with his team.
11616665takes their people with them, is courageous, and gets things done.
11656668- makes mistakes from time to time but is always true to themselves and to the team they lead
11706670- is authentic, inspirational and consistent. Goal is to paint a vision and talk about why the vision and help keep everyone headed towards the vision.
11736673-is able to see the future, create a strategy accordingly, adjust the strategy as reality deviates from the future, and manage his team to execute the strategy.
11746674knows his shortcomings but doesn't let that phase his/her ability to lead.
11826678-collects information by asking others, makes decisions quickly and delegates responsibility.
11836679-knows the way,shows the way and goes the way.Many outstanding qualities of a good leader however humility,inspiration,integrity and honesty are clear leading qualities.
11856681-Inspires thinking and growth and facilitates results through others by providing clarity, connection and support.
11986688-stays in harmony with his essence and lives the values he asserts every second of his life.
12016691-is able and willing to discern the thoughts of people who follow him and work towards a common objective, and can change his strategy based on a sober assessment of the situation.
12076694-comes from a place of authenticity and integrity while balancing the achievement of results with the relationships of those that they are leading.
12096695- creates a fair environment where everyone has the opportunity to succeed, they knock down barriers, they deal with under-performance, and they hold people to a high standard.
12366699-puts his/her people before himself/herself. Good leaders are selfless, yet firm; they have a clear vision; they command respect, not demand it; they help people be/do better.
12376700provides the environment in which everyone can grow and contribute.
12386701-is empathetic, is a great communicator, is honest, has integrity, is open, makes mistakes but evaluates himself or herself and makes the necessary adjustments, strives to change, is self-aware, is aware of his or her followers, keeps trying and never gives up, looks for ways to transform and be renewed, is concerned about his or her followers, finds ways to positively influence others
12396702- leads by way of example and showcases the behavior and characteristics that he expects from his team.
12416704- inpires - motivates - demonstrates courage and stand alone - believes in others - helps and develop - is humble
12556713provides vision and creativity and influences those around them while maintaining empathy toward the team.
12636715-is someone who acts with integrity and authenticity in a selfless way.
12806726- tells them why, shows the direction. Is eyes-on / hands-off. Is on the frontline in turbulent times.
12836727-is strong and compassionate and authentic.
12856729-listens to the people they lead and elevates others to leadership roles.
12876731-is enthousiastic and involves others (democracy) by decionsmaking, but knows when he/she is in the lead when it gets difficult.
12956733- listens - stands up for/empowers his team - has a vision where he/she wants to go - recognizes his/her team - gives the good example
12966734puts their people first and creates an environment where people are energized to do their best every day
13006738is a mentor, inspires others, and leads by example.
13016739helps and empowers other people, rather than being self-centred about leadership.
13026740inspires, motivates and gathers people to a common cause
13066744-can balance work in a way that focuses on both the clear, concise vision of the organization as well as adapting to live in the present with short-term business decisions.
13076745-pushes their people for success, but never puts the goal higher than their morals.
13106746-sees, hears, and respects multiple perspectives and brings his or her authentic self to the world in order to accept it and make it better. There’s a lot I can say about this but I’m running out of time.
13126747sets the direction and vision for an organization in a way that management understands and are equally committed to achieving.
13346754-can see the goal, communicate to those in the group, and bring the best out of each in a positive manor and be the best. Win the prize!
13426762- inspires a vision on what's possible and provides team direction, support and development
13436763- build other leaders, pushes responsibility and accountability down, and understands that it's about the team.
13526764- is unemployed without a team / followers to work with.
13546765- Is someone who knows what they believe is correct and isn't afraid to let people know it. To stand by their beliefs. They are a moral person. They are usually charismatic. They are inspiring. They will a room with energy. People want to follow them.
13656767-is a good listener and a better decision maker. He or she can listen to the demands and wishes of those who follow him or her and then filter through them to determine what changes to make and what path to follow to reach optimal results.
13666768Pushes you to grow and think differently. Some of my best bosses have made change in a way that was difficult but paid off down the road. They also care about you personally as much as they do professionally.
13676769-is focussed on who they are being.
13746770-is a good person ..... Despite leadership styles when their soul and heart are well intended they are good leaders; maybe not perfect but good leaders. They are willing to help and know the role they play in developing their team and making their lives brighter. Good leaders are humble, they are always willing to learn. Good leaders "tell things like they are" knowing it is impossible to please everyone and necessary to make hard decisions. Good Leaders raise performance!
13756771- is patient, kind, cares about people and wants everyone to succeed.
13876773-can clearly articulate a vision, work with a team to create the strategy and deploy it, all the time remaining flexible in the face of challenge and never letting a team forget that the vision is the goal.
13896775- is fully present to all in the organization; open to constructive feedback for the highest good of everyone; always growing personally and professionally - is a servant leader, one who recognizes the organization are the people who are fully engaged at all levels - is one who admits mistakes and willing to right the course of events - guides on moral and ethical principles
13906776will have their own way to inspire, motivate and enable their teams to achieve outlandish goals.
13916777- is prepared to make decisions and lead, but is also listening and facilitative more often, and above all leads with compassion and a sense of the connectivity and mutuality of things.
13926778serves others, gets themselves out of the way of teams, plays the role of conduit, makes connections at the system level, thinks 'big', makes others feel safe, prioritises learning vs discipline,
13966779is one who tries to further the lives/careers of the people on their team without looking to benefit commensurately.
14006780- is one who shares power and who does not get caught up in their own ego.
14116784Is always growing and developing; leading out of a solid sense of their identity; reflective about their motives and getting feedback on the fruit of their leadership; is able to hold the future big vision of what 'must be' alongside strategic paths to reach goals; they need to have expertise in their field so that they can sometimes make hard wise decisions because they fall back on the bigger picture; they need to work well with others, communicating worth and allowing a collaborative approach so that everyone has ownership of a shared future and is released to play their part without micromanagement. Real delegation (with appropriate checks and balances) which values the unique contribution that each person brings. This needs amazing listening skills, great questions and communication. Humility means the leader is secure enough to let others overtake them in expertise.
14196786is someone who inspires others to go further, work harder, and achieve better results. They are considerate but strong. They have a clear and well researched vision and direction. They are able to motivate others to follow that vision. They listen, they discuss, they are not afraid to admit mistakes yet they are capable of bringing everyone on the journey with relentless commitment to the cause.
14216787is someone with a vision, inspires, has integrity and is consistent in what and how he does what he does.
14226788-is someone who listens, makes sound decisions, supports their team, and gives credit and recognition when due.
14236789is so many things on so many different levels. A good leader works as a team but also has the experience and confidence to make tough decisions that are right for the business but can do so with care for his/her team. A good leader, inspires, listens, contributes, gives time, actively seeks out voices that aren't the overpowering ones, is passionate about their role and the sector they're operating in and wants to make a positive difference. A good leader is strategic - thinking about both short and long terms goals - and someone how can influence and take people with them. This is my idea of a good leader....and I have yet to meet anyone that lives up to these high expectations 🙂
14256791-is a role model, brings out the best in others and enables people and business to thrive and grow
14276792-listens; provides a clear vision of the future and strategy to get there; is charismatic; personable; able to inspire the team to contribute their all to delivering against the vision no matter what their role so that they all feel valued; able to make quick decisions after due consultation; and comfortable with failure (preferring to be more focused on what can be learned from it).
14376796inspires people to be a better version of themselves. Inspires people to achieve more, whilst doing it better, and connecting with others. A good leader is human, vulnerable and engenders trust.
14396797-knows who they are, pays attention to who others are, and uses that to enhance the team.
14496801-gives reasoning behind the decisions, support subordinates sufficiently and thanks for good work (and takes a moment to ask 'how are you doing?').
14536802is a good servant and a reflection of what other people want to become. Leadership is a choice, not a position. A good leader make other people see themselves better than they are and perform better (in any endeavor of life) than they believe.
14546803-learns what motivates everyone he is leading so he can give them what they need to grow and become the best person/worker/ partner they can be.
14556804- Is one who is able to inspire others to emulate their positive traits and attributes in an effort to achieve the goals of the entity.
14606809- is confident and inspiring, honest and trustworthy, patient and calm, positive, willing to delegate and to take his/her people on a journey of continuous learning and self discovery.
14646812Has a servant, is solution-focused, will listen to all opinions then make the unpopular decision, will constantly ask different questions, will seek to understand the motivations and desires of their reports, will have a high EQ, will encourage experimentation, will understand how to empower, will make the boundaries, deliverables and remit of each individual clear
14676814-provides direction, support, and leads by example. A leader needs to give those they are leading the tools to do their job effectively and give them the opportunity to best manage their workload. I don't believe you get the best results in micromanaging an employee
14756817- sets vision, inspires, and enables each team member to reach their absolute potential by setting challenging and interesting targets, holding accountable, connecting networks, opening doors and investing in development.
14856818-knows their possibilities and limitations, is committed, inspires others, is accountable, and is willing to do what it takes to accomplish the common goal.
14876820- Is someone that is supportive and looks for opportunities for his/her people. Opportunities to improve themselves and opportunities to develop in the job. Also, someone that communicates well and has a connection with his/her people. Someone that KNOWS the people he/she leads/works with.
14926821-is open, honest and moves things forward by making tough decisions.
14936822-is a good facilitator for communications, processes, resources, and removing roadblocks.
14976825-cares about the people they are leading and not just where they are leading them to.
15016829- has a clear vision, courage, passion and inspires those around them to help them reach their goals.
15026830-knows themselves very well and actively manages their behaviour and its impact on other people.
15036831motivates people, encourages people to follow them and be part of the team that is accountable and achieves results. A good leader also leads by example, operates with integrity and empowers people.
15086833-Is someone that people want to do better and more for, that brings out the best in them. A good leader has an inspiring purpose that people can clearly rally behind and communicate to others. They have high integrity and persistence, build strong teams and see value in diversity.
15096834leads by example, stays later, produces more than his team, and invests his time and resources into bettering the individual.
15106835-listens to what his team members have to say and allows them a safe space to voice contrary views. He/she leads by example.
15166837should be a good listener, a good teacher, a good coach and a good sensor of people and environment.
15236838- provides the ethos for the team and within that sets the example. The core role to being a leader is maximizing the output of the team; and that output is maximized when everyone is highly motivated and engaged in achieving the goal or goals. This cannot come from telling the team how to do it - just what it is that is the mission. In terms of being a "good" leader, that comes with the personal attributes of the person driving this process - personally I respond to making the vision inspirational, good humor, insightful coaching, clear structures, great teams and the ability to give and receive honest feedback.
15266839-provides clear direction and expectations for their team, recognizes their team members efforts and talents, and works strategically to help advance the mission and professional development of the team.
15376840-is values-driven, understands themselves and has the ability to understand others from many different points of view.
15416841- is courageous, inspiring, compassionate, visionary and shows vulnerability.
15446842will presumably have good followers, depending a bit on what 'good' means, and in any case will be able to help people work together towards whatever is needed, whether building a bridge or discussing why we think we might need a bridge and so forth.
15506843- is respectful, thoughtful, serves as a mentor and a role model.
15576846- has many great qualities but one that is most important to me is the desire to serve others.
15606848inspires, supports, steps back when needed, challenges when valuable, has vision, is approachable, considers their objectives and how people can support achievement of these objectives and welcomes and encourages input into strategy and approaches in order to achieve the best outcomes possible.
15616849- is authentic, empathetic, pragmatic and visionary, all at the same time.
15636851is someone who can transform themselves to the benefit of their followers, others in the organization and the organization itself.
15646852-is many things including compassionate, reflective, a good listener, a good communicator, humble, experienced, a 'servant' leader, strategic, can manage paradox, motivated by enabling others to grow and take on more responsibilities.
15716855-Cares about their team, makes the best choices that they can in the moment that the choice must be made, but will learn that they can never please everyone.
15726856listens, solves conflicts and creates circumstances for people being successful
15936862- is an inspiration. They work hard, are a good role model and are respected by their team. They have the ability to influence others and are not afraid to speak up and be heard.
15946863has vision, energy, drive and good followership.
15976864-creates the conditions for those they lead to realise their individual and collective potential and to self-efficacy and ownership over their accomplishments.
16026867-does not need to have all the anwers but should be able to inspire and engage others to collectively build solutions to problems that are better than any one individual could come up with on their own.
16036868-is authentic and empathetic, but still holds people accountable by establishing trust and credibility with their team. A good leader also shows consistency as well as communicates direction clearly in order to focus the team on the most important priorities.
16096869- is a good person. It starts with who you are. That is the basis from which any capability to inspire, guide, provoke & support should come from. The best leaders seem to be highly self-aware. They use the awareness of self to impact the situations around them.
16146870- inspires with vision, supports with understanding and empowers the team to succeed. i had a leader once say to me - my team is my family. i treat them the same. that was very powerful as a young leader. i did not have my own family at the time, but once i did have my family i knew what he meant. you have a passion for your is your job to encourage, support and let your kids stretch, but also have their backs when they need it.
16156871Lead by example, open , transparent and authentic -
16196873-Is charismatic, creates a vision and brings people with them.
16236874- helps to provides vision, aligns teams, develop others, eliminates roadblocks, and ensures the team is set for success.
16246875-is humble, inspiring, makes you feel special and helps with your development. They should never be disengaged, they can be down or disappointed, but they have to make you feel like they will be able to shake it off, its not a long term thing. They get up and move on.
16256876- does everything in their power to allow smart people to do smart things. Assemble the best people and create conditions for success, responding to individual needs where possible.
16276878Is someone who other follow because they want to follow him or her. Because he/she understands the needs of those following and shows a promising way.
16336879- always has a strong presence, the confidence to empower their teams, and leads by example
16366880-is not easy to be ... Good leader brings clarity and direction to organisation to succeed on specific goals, he/she is decisive , he/she is courageous , he/she is passionate and inspire other, and in the same time he/she is vulnerable and humble
16396882is inspiring, humble, reflective and very competent. The ability to communicate clearly and create a sense of direction and purpose is key.
16496886-is one who shares their ideas and strengths to get the company and those who work for him to the next level.
16596888-Takes a stand, listens, offers clarity, uses a wide range of emotions/responses/actions to suit the situation, and calmly faces challenges.
16626890is one who has their people's best interests at heart. Their most important role is to provide an environment, where people have clarity on their objectives, feel empowered to deliver, and an openness to share their ideas.
16676893- listens, motivates and inspires
16716896-motivates, inspires and advocates for their team.
16746898-leads from both the heart and the mind, seeking to serve both the mission and those whom they lead to the best of their ability
16756899-recognizes the strengths and weaknesses of their followers and uses this information to help everyone succeed.
16786901- leads by example, has vision and can communicate well across all sections - up, down and across
16796902is compassionate, empathetic, inspirational, creative, visionary, focused and open. A good leader is able to hold multiple views of the system so that s/he can understand how to unlock and thrive that system. A good leader cares for and empowers the people s/he is working with. A good leader is able to look after themselves, and look inwards, so that they are their best selves for the people that they serve.
16806903is a someone who helps his/her team/organization to achieve goals through inspiration, engagement and development of people.
16846904can not only advise and delegate, but also contribute to the end goal.
16926907is adaptable, consistent, resilient and willing to listen and learn. They provide vision or an end point and they provide the support structure a team needs, clearing blockages and enabling the team to deliver their best.
16936908-has the ability to get everyone thinking in the same way or striving to achieve a common goal and those associates do not even know that he/she is getting them to think or act this way.
16956910- taps into the talents and aspirations of their team, listening to them and empowering them - sets a clear vision and cultural / behavioural expectations in how they will get there - creates an environment that enables people to bring the best of themselves to deliver the required outcomes as quickly and painlessly as possible, working collaboratively and openly sharing with other leaders - is not afraid to challenge, provide feedback / course corrections and never misses an opportunity to be a leader - makes a personal commitment and investment in their team
16966911-is kind, humble, inspiring and courageous.
17046913is a charimsmatic leader, respected by its team. A good leader has to put his team "on stage" in case of success, and to protect them from others in more difficult times. In this case, he will have to tell them the truth, what needs to be changed to success, even if it is difficult to say. A good leader needs to show hopento his/her team.
17056914- creates the environment for his team to thrive. They understand the team is stronger than the some of its parts.
17146917-build a vision in an engaged way, being approachable, leading by example and taking care about his team assuring his development, and having a strong succesion plan in order to keep his legacy
17186918-is compassionate, leads by example, motivates and encourages their team to grow/succeed
17266920- inspires and grows people, has high integrity, is connected to people
17286922-provides clear expectations, puts the needs of others before his/her own, listens, and collaborates vertically, horizontally and diagonally to accomplish the goal.
17406926- sets a good example; truly listens to all voices; is able and willing to make decisions when necessary; is accountable for the team's performance and results; advocates for the team when necessary and appropriate; gives credit and accolades where due
17416927- gets to know the people around him, engages them, inspires them to do well
17436928- cares more about his/her people and projects than his/her own agenda; is humble, authentic, supportive, and shows courage, focus and drive in difficult times
17446929-molds the behavior of others to align with her vision of success to achieve results.
17476932-is someone who owns ALL outcomes. Good and bad. They don't deflect to others and their #1 priority should be developing others to the next level and promoting their strengths and not just their own.
17516934is authentic, caring, humble and puts the interests of others before their own.
17586937-enables good leadership. Leadership is a co-created social activity between groups of people who share work. Until we move beyond the "hero on white horse" paradigm of leader, we're set-up for constant disappointment. It's how each person, including the named leader, embrace their interdependence to set a direction, align their activities, and inspire and commit themselves to the destination, that good leadership occurs.
17596938-has learned to love something in each of the people with whom she or he works.
17646941sets the right direction, is able to delegate, walks the talk, has the bigger interest in mind, inspires and is authentic
17656942-leads by an example and creates a vision which people can easily relate to. Isn't afraid of to make hard calls, but does this with clarity why and showing empathy.
17666943Is somebody who can connect with their people, who can visibly show the passion and energy they have on a direction or strategy to show people they truly believe it in, somebody who can build a relationship based on trust and who walks the talk on what they want their team to do.
17676944… is someone who listen, stands for his people, accepts that errors can be made. has an aversity against politics and takes a decision when necessary.
17696945appreciates that leaders do 3 things: shape the future, manage complexity, and build teams; and to do these things to their best of their ability they are committed to maintaining self-awareness as the mechanism for activating self-development, and continuously investing in their growth and development as a leader.
17716946Stands for his people, protects them and develops them.
17786947- inspires their team, is willing to listen and makes decisions based on the best knowledge available (which might be incomplete) in the best interests of the team / company.
17796948Knows himself, knows what he's aiming for, and where he's now. He knows the people he takes care of and knows how to let them grow
17806949-is understanding but firm on the purpose of their position. They are flexible but rigid depending on the situation.
17856952A good leader engages and facilitates. Providing advice and counsel as appropriate but most importantly supporting and actively enquiring to expand the thinking of those they lead.
17876954- is remembered for his empathy and how he got people united behind the "why" to achieve something greater than they could have imagined themselves.
17886955-works to understand and develop peoples' motivations, strengths, and potential, and works to orchestrate and leverage these to achieve goals
17916957-inspires, empowers, enables. is optimistic and calm. is authentic. knows when to manage and when to lead.
17956958-is someone whom surrounds themselves with great people and listens to both compliments and concerns
17986960- is the one having a great dream that he shares with everyone, he is charismatic and inspire his people/team to follow his dream and achieve together amazing results, he is bold and supportive and caring and does not leave anyone behind
18066961- has a caring heart, passion to inspire others, willingness to empower, and the courage to fail.
18086962recognizes and develops organizational and employee goals and objectives, while training, guiding and empowering their associates to execute to that strategy.
18096963focuses on the people and the organization. Provides clarity, direction and understanding.
18146967- is self-aware, externally oriented and creates an environment which enables their followers to leverage their strengths
18216973finds the potential in people they lead and potential in the organization they lead and cares for and is connected to those they lead.
18246974- leads by example, not by slogan.
18316976is in close contact with his or her own values, is not afraid to show their own vulnerability, is not afraid to stand alone. Gets the job done. Can motivate others.
18326977-communicates well with everyone. Will put the needs of others ahead of themselves. Has an open door policy and is never unapproachable.
18376979- is humble, respectful, confident, inspires, has integrity.
18796982-accepts their team members for who they are. Does not measure one person against another, but values each individual's contribution to the team.
18806983-is rare to be found and come in many shapes and form. My preferred type of leader is the one that has a good level of self-awareness and who knows how important it is to prioritize one's development. It's someone who can create spaces for people to thrive, who is authentic and who can connect with people both from a head and heart level, who is courageous, who knows s/he doesn't need to have all the answers and who is not afraid to be vulnerable.
18856984- Leads from within. Without self-management and self-awareness of who we really are we can never be as affective for those we lead. Primarily ourselves.
18966986- Sets a great example, listens well, coaches rather than tells, is open and transparent, and builds relationships. Personal relationships are vital. You need to invest in know your reports and you need to give up some of yourself to them. It needs to be personal to last. Otherwise, the first negative disturbance will destroy everything.
18996989- shows empathy and understanding. At the same time he/she is constantly moving things/people in the right direction, providing course, sense and support. He/she understands the big picture and knows hot to translate it to all of the "followers". To be a good leader is extremely hard, and so far I've met only few of them over the last 10 years of my professional career.
19046993-is the one who is able to influence others in an almost imperceptible way, makes you reason, makes you rethink everything, motivates you, takes you to action, manages your development, sometimes imposes you reasoning his argument ...
19166999-Is able to direct/motivate/inspire and enhance a teams ability to work toward a common outcome.
19187001- is responsible, knowledgeable, compassionate, skilled, a good listener, and a motivator, etc. A good leader guides the team to the company and department's goals while creating a feeling of teamwork among the team.
19217004develops a strategy, vision and empowers the team to deliver
19527014-leads by example, does not make decisions based on emotion, and has the ability to connect with all types of personalities.
19707015- is someone that you 100% trust, they are open, authentic, share a compelling vision and their team run through walls for them
19747017- is perceptive and flexible in thought and actions
19757018-leads by inspiring others, by being a role model, by helping people achieve their full potential. A good leader walks the talk. A good leader genuinely puts his team's goals ahead of his personal goals.
19767019listens and inspires in ways that creates an environment where others succeed.
19797020-is capable of sharing a inclusive vision that uplifts everyone and can articulate a roadmap on how to get it.
19807021-It is someone who speaks from the emotions, who transmits because, that's why he influences others. A leader speaks of a cause that each one sees himself following. I consider myself good at it and I like it. I like it as a game because I see how easy it is to transmit emotions and when I do it and dedicate myself to it, I see that people follow me. It has a dangerous side that people can follow you and still be bad for them because of influence. A good leader is one who does it with a good, healthy, empathic goal. I like this part.
19817022-is such a difficult thing to define. Everyone has their own view of what that may be, mostly based their own experiences. They should listen, create opportunities, trust, expect a lot and forgive a lot. Give people enough rope to develop trust and experience. Talk things through and ideally be tuned in to peoples hopes and desires. Be clear about the direction and heading and work towards that place with kindness, clarity and hope. They should adapt to the obstacles which come up and stay calm.
19847025is fair, open to feedback, treat all followers equally, communicates and is empathetic when needed.
19857026- leads by example, and leads from the front, but makes sure that others receive credit and recognition for the success of the team.
19867027-motivates, encourages and engages people who then in turn want to support and work with that leader to achieve both personal and group goals.
19887028-is the person for whom others go, even on the stake. A person who is so authentic and open, in what he does, that it is easy to sense these authenticity, is a person who sees the value of other people and can take these values out of them.
20027029- has a strong vision, is able to communicate it to inspire fellowship, leads inclusively, is authentic and walks-the-talk, is humble and shares mistakes they've made, celebrates the ups and downs, creates trust, builds a strong bench and constantly challenges status quo.
20047030- has good intensions, vision and love and respect to people. I believe that you cannot cheat people, we are smart enough to read good motivation. Only this kind of leaders are those we accept to follow truly.
20077033-is not necessarily a kind/lovable person. But she/he could easily show the path to other people and make them believe that it is the right path to reach the target. She/he is the first one to step in that path.
20087034-inspires and connects with his or her team, but isn’t afraid to set direction and make difficult decisions
20097035-creates an environment where people perform - by being clear on the overall mission, by being very strategic, by holding people to account; And by listening and valuing the input of their people and teams
20167039-doesn't have to take the credit. A good leader finds ways for their team to succeed and be recognized for their contributions and gives people as much space for growth as the organization's culture allows. A good leader looks for ways to encourage the culture to evolve towards individual and team growth.
20187040-has a clarity of purpose, sets the standard, is resourceful, resilient and treats others with thought and understanding.
20197041- is someone who communicates a clear vision of the strategy, developing a strong team and motivating them to be the best they can be.
20227044-is daring, courageous, measured, influential, caring, ethical, inspirational and knowledgeable
20267045-is authentic, inspiring and brings hope and clarity. A good leader walks the talk and role models the right values and behaviors. He helps people become their best.
20277046-respects, listens and coaches others to be the best they can be.
20287047listens and is able to take responsibility, "Walk his / her talk", knows and shows the "way", where the "way" can change... is accountable but also gives accountability, empowers, inspires, is a good story teller, compassionate about what he / she does, authentic, delegates, knows what he knows and doesn´t know, can work with his / her vulnerabilities and sees a problem as a solution in disguise
20337048Challenges, trust, mentors, appreciates, and values everyone.
20367051is willing to listen and understand those around them and find a way to bridge everyone towards a common goal.
20377052-will not hesitate to speak the truth, even if it hurts, as long as the long term goal makes sense. -will lead by example and walk the talk. -will know his team drivers... as well as the individuals within the team.
20507060-has a good vision, is decisive, radiates energy, is a team player and has good people judgement, can focus and drive for results and should be oxygen to this organisation to ge the best out of them
20537063is a good person who care for people. he is transparent and honnest with his team who believe in him.
20547064-demonstrates empathy and vulnerability in an effort to build trust.
20577066gives a clear vision, meaning, motivates while empowering others, inspires others
20727067- encourages and motivates a team to achieve their goals and to think strategically for the future by being a forward thinker.
20747069- is a good role model and provides clear vision of objectives to the team. They provide support and resources as well as time when needed but also give people a chance to learn and grow on their own as well. They can adapt to many different personalities and are calm and collect.
20777071leads by example, supports his or her team members, and can inspire others to accomplish goals.
20797073-is someone who is clear in their own beliefs and capabilities, who listens to their team and guides them to deliver a future state condition.
20807074can motivate you to be your best everyday. They has a way about them that make you want to work hard, learn more, grow professionally and personally. You don't have to be them, you just want to be the best you.
20877077- is a good listener. A good leader is also someone can craft a simple way of expressing a vision, communicate it, and then build a roadmap with the team to deliver on it. A good leader is someone who lives and transmits the values of an effective team. These are the 4 T's: Truth and Transparency build Trust, which in turn builds a Team. A good leader is therefore a humble leader.
20887078-is somebody who helps his team achieve achieve great things in the task they have taken on and at the same time respect each other and have a little fun!
20897079- heeft de juiste combinatie van de koers uitzetten, maar ook bereid om te luisteren naar zijn medewerkers. Brengt de organisatie verder en geeft mensen verantwoordelijkheid en ruimte. Mensen moeten bereid zijn om een goede leider te willen volgen, met hun eigen inbreng. - has the right combination of being able to set goals and direction, but is also willing to listen to his employees. Brings an organisations further and gives people responsiblity. People are willing to follow a good leader, bringing their own contribution
21017082-must be able to see and define the big objectives in the long term. know how to sell those objectives to the team in a way that makes them participate. Manage teams in such a way that everyone goes towards that common goal. Qualities that I like in the leader is curiosity and knowing how to read people.
21027083-should listen to people at all levels, and ensure people understand and contribute to the overall vision. In my opinion, a good leader should serve their teams as opposed to the other way around which is often what is seen as good leadership.
21107084-surrounds themselves with people that are smarter than he/she. A good leader is not threatened by skill/experience and truly gives their team opportunities for mentorship and growth. I personally believe that my team should not work for me for long. They should take everything I can teach them, make their own management style, and move on to bigger and better roles to enrich their lives.
21127086is truthful, transparent and humble. A good leader looks to mentor and develop those he intends to lead, while continuously improving their self in the process.
21147087-motivates, inspires, empowers other to be better than they are today. This requires the leader themselves to display vulnerability and humbleness.
21197088-doesn't necessarily need to be vocal. A good leader shows the values and creates goals in order to aim on being successful
21207089Should share a clear vision, provide a high level of energy, achieve his objectives, coach the members of his team so that they improve their overall performance (bring them to a higher level which is very rare in my experience) and encourage feedback from members of the team.
21237090is authentic courageos, cares inspires
21297092- cares about the well being of others. A good leader also teaches and empowers other to make good decisions. A good leader helps to build confidence.
21347093-stands for his/her values. Cares about his people and what he/she does, but doesn't avoid difficult decisions.
21427094has a clear vision, can help organize people's roles in most relevant way in accordance with the organisation's mission, is able to help these people set relevant goals and help them achieve those goals.
21417095will always see himself as a student. You will always develop and evolve, you are never finished. A leader has to listen to the team. A leader has to guide, coach and help the team. You give credit always when credit is due and you take the hit whenever something fails.
21497098- is an informal leader who can make decisions and be held accountable for them, communicate with the team, allocate responsibilities and delegate authority smartly
21507099- taps the team’s strengths and shores up its weaknesses. She makes decisions responsibly, predicts risks and motivates the team, providing a morale boost.
21407100Is a person who inspires the team by explaning WHY the team needs to believe in certain things and act in certain way. He also ignites passion and desire to follow him using stories and personal example for the team. He also cares for the team wellbeing and motivation
21517101- is full of energy, knows what he wants, is good at networking and influencing.
21557103- does not interfere with the work of professionals, creates a shared vision, supports, works for the value and shared result of the team.
21567109-is as good of a follower as a leader. Listens as well as speaks. Guides and mentors those in their report. Supports their leaders to make the whole organization or group or family run the best it can.
21657111- does not interfere in his subordinates’ work, talks a lot with them and enables them to develop through mistakes.
21677113- sees the goal beyond the horizon, respects the team, evaluates resources.
21687114- is the one who can hear and feel other people, who understands global challenges and knows how to inspire and lead like-minded people who will enjoy the “march”.
21707116- is one who wants and knows how to lead others, exquisitely builds teams, correctly assesses and develops every team member’s potential (taking into account strengths and weaknesses), explains roles in the team, assumes full responsibility for the team and devotes attention to personal and professional development of every team mate.
21737119- sees everything, senses real motives, reacts in time, clearly sees the goal and steers towards it and leads patiently step by step.
21747120- is a visionary, capable of delegating and unafraid of surrounding himself with smart powerful people.
21757121inspires trust and shows trust by being open, faces his / her fears, knows when to act on his / her gut wisdom and can tap into a calm state, showing purpose, self love and self compassion which contributes to an environment that allows the vulnerable to show up.
21817122-is like a conductor in an orchestra. The conductor is able to synchronize the instruments and musicians so that there is harmony. I feel that a good leader has the same ability - to get others to work together toward a common goal.
21907123is the one that people trust and follow. A good leader is able to create a vision and show the way to reach it in such a way that it is credible, challenging but achievable. A good leader is authentic, shows vulnerabilty and is able to take tough decisions and explain them. A good leader respects everyone and cares for them.
21997125- is adaptive, inspirational, generates trust, has great self-awareness and awareness of the motivations of others, communicates effectively with everyone, has a vision but also a strategy and concrete plan to support it, listens and does not expect to have all the answers, develops others and constantly learns themselves.
22047126-is organized, communicates well and is compassionate.
22077127sets clear objectives, exhibits the right behaviours to achieve it and empowers their people to deliver against it.
22117129-uses their power and position to serve others and a greater good, not themselves. A good leader is one that others WANT to follow and has the ability to align the team or organization around a clear purpose or 'why'.
22127130-brings forth her/his gifts and being in service and support of others and a common or fundamental task.
22267132-is caring, loving, brave, assertive, smart, social, inventive, and generous. A good leader is willing to admit when they were wrong. Fosters good relationships and wants people to thrive and grow.
22297133- Asks for input both up and down the leadership chain then makes the best possible decisions using all available information with an eye to the big picture.
22347134leads by example. Too often good leadership is defined as the Type A dominating personality with high energy, meanwhile history shows there are just as many, if not more, Type B personalities who have led by example for long periods of time and been highly successful.
22467135-A good leader leads by example, is humble, close, caring with people, listen others, make growth decisions and drive the teams supporting autonomy and accountability taking decisions. Succeed is the team, failure is the leader.
22717139provides guidance while setting the example for what they expect out of you.
22737140-listens to his/her followers, accepts that he/she has shortcomings and trusts his/her team and the individuals following him/her.
22827144- creates a culture of respect, openness, positivity and candor, builds and leverages strong teams, sets and rallies around a common vision, leverages diverse perspectives and delivers on his/her commitments to key stakeholders.
22787145A good leader leads by example, sets forth a clear vision and supports people to help them reach their goals.
22837146- shows the example, explain the goal and the road, give sense, takes care of his people (recruits, motivates, develops and keeps), challenges the team and himself, simplifies processes and relations between people, takes care of the "Feel Good". - celebrates - is a leader from 5:30 AM to 11:00 PM
22847147-builds a motivated, high-performing team, guiding the team to develop a vision and defines the strategy how to deliver it, and then perseveringly, but reflectively, ensures it’s implementation and the delivery of the targeted results.
22867148- motivates and inspires the team to achieve the success, and provides the clear guidances and directions at the right time.
22927149-A good leader listens more than he/she speaks, observes and free people to explore more than impose personal beliefs, and understands when he/she really needs to intervene and influence others to act in alignment with his/her vision.
23057152earns loyal 'followers'; listens, considers team members' personal environment, is not afraid of difficult conversations, understands and embraces difference, and as a consequence can create an 'emotional contract', with everyone working towards a common goal.
23107153- understands the bigger picture and can convey to the team, and act with decisiveness. I also believe leaders should be visible and approachable
23117154-has empathy for his team, is transparent, and enthusiastically communicates his vision. He does not gossip, complain, or make excuses.
23217157-is as good as their team! A good leader provides a vision and hope for the future. They are compassionate, they provide stability when times are tough and they are honest and trustworthy - they have their team's back at all time and never expect their teams to do anything they wouldn't be prepared to do themselves!
23197158-is someone you admire and strive to be like. They are inspiring, humble, and have the ability to rally teams around a shared vision and deliver results.
23237160-She knows herself well, manages her ego well, is generous, wishes to contribute to others with respect and without attachment, and acts with determination and clarity of intention. It seems to me that being a good leader is something aspirational, a path more than a goal to achieve.
23327162- can equally speak and listen well. Many leaders speak better than they listen. I think this is due to the way we choose our leaders and I do think we could do better choosing the right leaders.
23387164- cares about his team, is authentic and creates an environment that the team can perform at the best level.
23417165- Inspires, serves, and is able to take the pain of the community into his/her heart without lashing out.
23607168-leads by example. They are compassionate, secure in their mission, not afraid to get their hands dirty, inspires others to be their best, and will motivate others to embrace new adventures, even when the odds are against them. A good leader is able to see others strengths, areas for growth, and provides opportunities to improve on both. A good leader listens and is not afraid to fail. A good leader has difficult conversations and remains true to his/her self. A good leader has a growth mindset and is always looking for ways to improve their practice.
23697170-leads with example, encourages to go forward, offers space, offers time and is capable to be in the background when the one doing the work is capable to take it forward. Sets realistic, but appropriately challenging steps, offers appreciative feedback ja keeps oneself as equal no matter how much of an guru he/she is himself/herself.
23717171inspires, knows his stuff, is charismatic, can easily influence people, evokes respect, knows how to attract talented people, set goals and solve problems relevant to his level.
23767172has great humility and fierce resolve, sets and nurtures the culture of the group or team, defines acceptable norms of behaviour in conjunction with the team, establishes the ethical framework, is always seeking to develop talent, with the necessary current and future skills, who can lead the organisation in the years to come, helps crafts the purpose, vision and strategy of the team or organisation, is calm under pressure, selfless in giving others the space to deliver and ultimately seeks to leave the organisation in a better place than they found it, leaving a lasting legacy.
23937174-A good leader has a long-term vision and strategy to achieve a set of goals. A good leader supports her team and has a strong ability to delegate her decision making or responisibilities to her key team members to ensure the decisions are made as part of a team, rather than an individual. A good leader is a strong communicator, has the ability to motivate her team, is accesible and open to new ideas from the organization. A good leader should also have a reasonable good work-life balance.
24007175Has dedicated followers who are respected, influential and are leaders in their own right.
24157177is one who inspires followership, through vision, clear thinking and love and encouragement.
24167178-is empathetic, driven and knows how to motivate people around a strong vision.
24197181.. is respectful, a good communicator, empowering, encouraging, set a good example, provides recognition, demonstrates integrity.
24217183- is inclusive, advocates for good people and sets the example and the clear pathway forward
24237184Is decisive, listens, is willing to adapt and is sensitive to the needs of those around them.
24397185will only be truly successful when they lead with both their heart and mind in an authentic, respectful and inspiring way.
24437188-is inclusive and listens, but can also make tough choices and take decisive actions. He or she is transparent, even if the news isn't great, and helps people understand the impact of things and how they can be part of the solution.
24447189- is someone who can inspire, be a good example, has integrity, and vision. I think a leader should make me feel like I can do better and be a part of something great.
24487190inspires, is confident and also humble and vulnerable, is a human after all.
24497191- needs to listen and question, while also providing direction and instilling confidence in those around them.
24517193-is someone who inspires and develops their team. A good leader should establish/communicate a strategy for their team and bring the team along on the journey.
24697195helps others reach their full potential, even when they don't believe they can. A good leader listens. A good leader inspires followership.
24717196-is authentic, true to themselves but also true to others.
24827198connects, listens, inspires and empowers.
24837199- understands and connects with the people, knows how to paint the north star and describe a compelling destination, knows how to continually provide the context to help others make great decisions.
24857200-Is many things. My personal belief on leadership is that if you can ignite the fire inside an individual, they can blossom and do anything. Leaders do many things well, but it is through others and for others. I like Mary Parker Follett's 'Power with'.
24897201-who has vision, focused, persistent, patience to see end results and inspire people who is a role model.
24967204listens, actively seeks input from others, is decisive when necessary and takes accountability for achieving results.
24997205-is someone that inspires and nurtures and engages others and, in return, is inspired, nurtured and engaged as well. A good leader brings out the best in people and allows others to bring out the best in them as a person and a leader too.
25177211-Brings people with them. Empowers others to achieve without needing to take the credit.
25357214...seeks to understand others, be adaptable to multiple changing contexts and volatilities, be curious, be kind, be willing to be wrong, be willing to apologise, foster the talents and outcomes of others, go the extra mile to understand themselves, and back themselves in their decision making at each point in time.
25417216is authoritative, not authoritarian, permissive or neglectful; collusion is unhelpful to.
25427217Listens and empathises, but is firm, crystal clear and direct when the circumstances call for it.
25137218- works hard to ensure they are lifting themselves above, looking out and across, and not just downward into the silo. A good leader is authentic, and acts with integrity at all times. Particularly when the going gets tough.
25497220-is the one who brings out the best in the people he leads, who knows how to share his vision and who empowers his team so that they become complementary in order to obtain the results that are considered
25597221Enables others and leads from behind when things are going well and success is celebrated, but leads from the front when things go bad and danger is near.
25617222seeks to adapt and transform at all levels - self, people, systems, global - she/he can.
25827227- is humble and confident, clear and flexible, strategic and practical, compassionate and just, inspiring and directive, understands their own limitations and moves courageously from their strength.
25997229-Calls the group to settle down and listen to the leader then opens the floor for people to participate, sometimes by using silence which creates a space for others to jump into. explains the purpose of the group and asks for others to share their ideas for the purpose too and appreciates the individuals who step forward to take responsibility for parts. A good leader helps the group value itself by acknowledging individuals who have made a difference in forwarding the group's purpose. Different goups need different kinds of leaders. Teachers need to offer information and direction and monitor particiation and offer feedback and opportuity for self-evalustion, while leaders of informal groups need to open the space to allow the group purpose to emerge and the leader supports and questions the ideas to help people firm them up, but some of my groups are very open ended and the leader just creates the container while the group creates the content.
26007230- Is there to create change and first of all he lives by it. Walk the Talk of compassion, Love, caring, and growth. He believes in the growth of his people.
26047232Leaders are not born. They are developed. They are just like everyone else, except they have chosen to move outside their comfort zones in order to pursue their vision. They are the explorers, the pioneers, those who are willing to put sweat and passion into their ideas, the courageous who are willing to embrace disappointment and two steps back if it means eventual success. this is the definition I value the most
26107233- can help his or her team create new possibilities for themselves, their organization and their communities.
26147234-Inspires you to self management of wider objectives. In other contexts of course this may need to be different in a conflict situation etc. So a good leader results in desired results using whatever means and techniques that are necessary for the situation.
26157235is driving enthusiasm, motivating, sharing a vision, and able to create a strong sense of team spirit that enable people to overcome any obstacle for the good of something bigger than their own individual interest.
26167236-There is no one type of good leader. There are styles that I prefer more but I notice that the style I might prefer is one most like me. Generally, they are capable of listening to teammates, understanding the context within which they work or live, and then behaving in a way that aligns with their values. I have a friend who likes to say " I am not gonna follow and you can't make me lead." We are all in this together!
26377237has many facets - Clarity of vision - Passion and energy - Are decisive - Shows both courage and humility Leads in all directions - down, up and with peers
26187238-inspires their team and makes them want to work harder. A leader should find a way to unlock the best part of everyone who works for them. They all have a talent to leverage and just need to be utilized in the best way....unless they have a bad attitude or create a negative culture. Then a good leader must address them and manage them out.
26397239-should be able to speak with authenticity, prioritize tasks, offer a clear and motivating vision, give credit to colleagues and teammates, roll up their sleeves and be willing to pitch in and do the work
26407241-helps people to see the larger, deeper, wider perspective of both the world and themselves. Helps to see the illusion of opposites. Helps to see the needs beyound solutions.
26437242-is honest, open and transparent; recognises their own strengths and weaknesses; treats their team with respect and as equals; and encourages success through leading by example, not asking their team to do anything they aren't prepared to do themselves.
26457243above all, knows how to truly listen; also he or she takes multiple views, shows vulnerability and empathy, is a decisive, respectful and clear communicator.
26497244creates the environment for a team to achieve the very best that they are capable of, through setting a clear vision and strategy and communicating it well so that the team as a whole can deliver it, for the benefit of all the team and the organisation that they work in.
26507245- can reach great visions together with the people who chooses to join them.
25557249knows when to get out of the way of the people they are leading.
26627253-is a good listener who treats people with respect and kindness, fully leverages the diversity of talents, backgrounds, and experiences of their team, and empowers each person to be their best in service of the organization's mission.
26607254- broad-minded, future oriented, emotionally agile, has and use his intuition
25547256has a focus on the development of the people he or she leads. Leaders must lead themselves, lead others, lead results, and lead change. From these, I find that leading others is the most rewarding and complex. As I look back in my career, it is the development of the people I have worked with and influenced that has had the most meaning. Leading results and change can be rewarding, and they can easily translate into success. On the other hand, leading others can generate resistance, experience apathy, and even friction. However, helping others succeed and grow can be incredibly rewarding, and I believe it is the sign of a good leader.
26767258-sets a guiding vision and empowers their team to achieve it, providing support and feedback along the way.
26797259-listens, coaches, shows humility, shows respect for other's opinions, is there for their team and makes clear decisions as required, and is happy to admit mistakes and alter course when new and material information comes to light.
26657260- inspires one to excel, is true to their values and that of the organisation and creates a shared sense of vision and goals
26827261- gives trust, enables people to flourish and give of their best, and has the courage for tough conversations
27117265-connects their team to the mission, provides autonomy with support, focuses on results and is 'real', authentic and warm.
27177266- is someone with qualities and defaults who inspire and gets the best from his team.
27197267-listens. knows themself. suspends judgment
27257269-inspires and ignites a shared vision amongst a collective whole so that each one's gifts are energetically employed in service of a mutually agreed upon, worthy goal and so that all know they are valued, engaged and take pride in the outcome.
27287270-Uses the least effort and the most imagination!
24877271- is honest, vulnerable when appropriate, decisive / able to make hard decisions, and overall sets the framework to enable their team to be successful and grow.
27347272is such a precious gift and often hard to find. A good leader never seize to learn and grow. A good leader goes first and stands the ridicule of people without insight.
27377273- is something that has been documented at great length, and everyone is entitled to their own opinion. - For me Integrity is at the heart of leadership, without it people will not follow, nor offer discretionary effort. - One must lead by example, and lead from the front, whilst being humble, and being prepared to "roll up their sleeves" and "stand alongside the troops" - Other key characteristics are the ability to be brave, kind, and open whilst still being consistent, honest and obviously delivering on the results. Achieving the results "no matter what the cost" is not something I associate with good leadership.
27447276gives a clear vision, leads by example and is charismatic and fair: a good combination between content and form
27517277- is someone who have strong belief, can inspire others to action together to acheive the same goal and take good care of them
27547278- is confident, collaborative, trustworthy, consistent, authentic, self aware, supportive and builds and maintains great relationships.
27557279-is humble, empathetic, knows their identity, and owns the challenges of being a leader (e.g. making hard decisions) with grace.
27617280- is one who communicates, is transparent, honest, aware, innovative.
27767285genuinely cares and passionate about what they do. He/she has a balance of vulnerability and authenticity. He / she appreciates the role and responsibility they have as a leader. He/she seeks to constantly learn and grow for themselves and others.
27797286- empowers, challenges and supports
27787287is someone who sets clear vision and objectives, defines the framework that the team can operate it, empowers them to do the work in the way that they feel comfortable, provides support and encouragement when they need it, provides air cover if things are going wrong, recognises their contribution and communicates their success.
27897289- should know her team members well, respect them, provide honest feedback (although a difficult conversation might follow), support her team members in their career, but also set clear rules for wow.
27907290- is someone inspiring, able to draw a vision and make it meaningful to achieve. Who can explain and motivate and instil strength and confidence in people to give their best for the vision or goal.
27937291sets a vision, is inspiring and cares about the business AND their people.
28027324-are unreasonable and in the service of others. Able to be disliked and function, powerfully. Totally committed to the death.
28077294"walks in front", earns trust, are respected, but have good relationships, have the back's of people he is leading, developing them to do more, become more resilient, be good to their families through as much work-life balance as possible.
27987295is someone who will listen to the people he/she is leading and whose goal is also to develop the people being led. Furthermore, a good leader should be visionary and stay alert, be continuously learning.
28247298-empowers and develops others, maximizes their potential, listens to others and provides direction as needed
28287299- enables team members to develop and use their full capacity.
28357301-leads by example, is not afraid to get their hands dirty and is firm but fair. A good leader will also build relationships at every level of the organization.
28397304- needs to strike the optimal balance between great ambition and the pursuit of excellence on the one hand, and ensuring the well-being of his troops on the other.
28497306-realizes leadership is a choice and not a rank and understands being vulnerable and humble makes you a stronger leader to your Team.
28467311is fulfilled in all he does and enjoys the achievements and growth that is enabled in others
28857318….has to like people. ….sees himself as a coach who empowers others to be abe to reach results that would not have happened otherwise. ….has self-awareness and self-direction ….has a vision. ….is strategic ….focuses on his/her strenghts rather than weaknesses. ….acts as a role model ("say what you do and do what you say") ….does not fear to take difficult decisions. ….should have emotional intelligence and Integrity. ….should have the ability to motivate and enlist the help of others to his cause.
29097323-provides a clear vision, is trustworthy, humble and leads by example.
28717326is someone who listens and can make a synthesis, is someone who does not think he knows everything, that has doubts, that is inclusive, role model, approachable but knows also when to be strong and who can learn continously
29107328-is someone who leads by example, coaches his employees, includes everyone, says we instead of I and admits when he makes mistakes. A good leader also understands their weaknesses as well as their strengths and they employ people around them that inspire them and they can learn from.
29387329- enables others to use their gifts, helps them to work effectively as a team to pursue a common goal with enthusiasm, perseverance and success
29597330- meets his/her goals by meeting people where they are.
29547331-shows up to serve and leads from the heart and looks after the needs of others - team, individual, company, etc., knows their strengths and weaknesses, is present, vulnerable and shows up with their truth and is able to share and collaborate. They have a high bar and vision of what is possible. A good leader leads through people and creates a team that is capable of doing more than they ever dreamed possible.
29707337-Accepts and acknowledges his mistakes, assumes responsibility and tries to improve continuously, changes his mind, feeds on criticism. He listens to others and learns from them. It distributes merits, facilitates development and promotes it. Believes in what he does, is enthusiastic and generates enthusiasm. Takes time for himself, reflects, rethinks. Adapts to change and facilitates the adaptation of others, catalyzes transitions. Believes in what he does, is able to see the "full picture" and takes into account the impact of his actions.
29857340has vision, courage, integrity, humility, looks to the future, accepts accountability, builds trust and operates in a collaborative and ethical way.
29897341takes an interest in their team, devotes time to the team's and their own development, and models behavior. A good leader helps the team keep their eye on the vision and purpose of their roles/team, and helps them feel their roles are meaningful to the business. A good leader is as transparent and honest as possible, especially with change.
30057344- is who has clear vision of the end objective even when the how may not be clear and has the energy and personality to engage the team to do their best on making it happen
30107346-is someone who can provide the vision for others to follow yet manage to support and provide a framework for others to thrive and develop personally.
30147347is strong, empathetic, encouraging, not a micro-manager, gives feedback and trusts that people will do the right thing if given the opportunity.
30167348- gives credit, supports his team and awards high performance.
30177349-understands both the emotional motivations and the professional ambitions of his/her direct reports.
30207350has a vision of the future and courage to lead, supports and takes care of its own people, communicates what is possible in a way that people are excited and motivated to work towards achieving that goal.
30247351delivers against targets, guides the Team to achieve higher performance, builds trust and relationships so that the Team has each other's back and doesn't shy away from the tough conversations.
30277352strives to harness the skills, aspirations and preferences of individuals to achieve the goals of the group, organisation or entity,
30427354-Sets clear direction, removes barriers getting in the way of success, empowers, coaches, serves and learns.
30447355finds ways for their people to grow in their careers, motivates people toward a common goal, and is optimistic about the group's success.
30507358-leads by inspiration. Engages with people around them, seeks their views and supports them achieve their very best.
30567360-is aware of the influence he has on others and takes advantage of it for the good of the group
30757362-sets out a strong and clear vision, inspiring others behind that vision and leads by example delivering against high standards and expectations. Building trust and empowering teams to achieve is critical to everyone's success.
30907366- listens, learns and delivers by setting his/her people up for success and then the performance will follow.
31067369- is someone who can understand, motivate, empathize and develop teams to enable them change the future state but do so in a rational and structured way.
31097371must listen to his employees and not strong arm them to getting them things to be done. They must also lead by example by being a servant leader.
31217373-Motivates, gives clear direction that their team believes in and has a team that supports them as well as each other without question. Can threat spot and protect the team to enable them to focus on the main objective.
31227374- is a person that have a clear vision and direction, a person that dares to take bold decisions and is a good listener.
31267376is someone who understands that leadership is an attitude not a position
31567382is passionate about what they do, has confidence in themselves and their team who they have to inspire and motivate.
31627383- is likeable and courageous, rallies the troops, provides clear focus, builds trust and a sense of team within her people to deliver required outcomes.
31727384- is a good listener and dares to let everyone take responsibility. A good leader is driven by love and not by fear.
31807386inspires, guides and delivers
31827388has empathy, is selfless and can create a clear direction for their team. Is not scared of getting escalations and is also not scared of escalating either. Doesn't shy away from the hard questions and is a good listener. S/he cares at a deep level.
31837389is open minded, a good mentor but understands priority and can provide guidance
31887394is trustworthy, able to adjust leadership style to the situation, listen, communicate vision, include and motivate others, and learn from mistakes.
31707397- recognises the differences in what people need to be happy and perform their best and works to enable this.
32207401-is a rarity. I have worked with one good leader in my life. Some have been kind (some not), others ineffectual. I currently work under a phenomenal, charismatic and visionary leader. And it is awesome.
32227402empowers their people to believe in themselves and soar on their own. A good leader is open to feedback and acts on the feedback. A good leader sometimes has to make the tough decisions.
32237403is thoughtful, approachable, and provides direction.
32247404leads from the front and does not expect things from followers that they do not expect from themselves
32257405is able to inspire others through integrity, honesty, commitment, accountability, empathy, an ability to listen and an ability to communicate.
32347408-Is measured, calm, creates confidence but, at the same time, gets excited about stuff/has some colour. A leader knows how to deftly have a tough conversation to get results but in a way that uplifts somebody.
32517411-sees opportunities in partnerships, successful deals and alliances. People join him, look in the same direction, believe in his “business religion”.  
32477412can inspire, motivate, bring people together for a common purpose which results in enhanced goals & outcomes (versus where theres a lack of good leadership)
31137413- is not afraid to take risks and not afraid (or incapable) of rolling up their sleeves and getting down in the trenches with the team to help them get the results they are seeking.
32547416-surrounds herself with talented people and gives them freedom, opportunity for creativity and responsibility
32567418-is a matrix game/illusion; he reads the space/time matrix and helps elaborate conditions, rights and responsibilities of every player. 
32787423- is selfless, courageous and wise
32807424- inspires to pursue one’s goals, leads the way, helps succeed by teaching and correcting mistakes.
32837426-is energy. And clear vision. And the ability to lead.
32827427-is primarily about people, about authentic contact and understanding them, about collaboration and respect for people; he knows how to take responsibility.
32847428- gathers a strong team and inspires it to great deeds which benefit everyone.
33067433-is clear, open, approachable, able to change direction if better alternatives manifest themselves but can paint an enticing vision of a direction that people are keen to follow.
33097434- has the right mix of passion, caring, and ability to make hard decisions that will impact people.
33227438- is someone who listens, motivates, and engages the team.
30267443is who is followed by his/her personality and way to treat others, and not by his/her position
33487444is able to deliver for his team while telling the truth and behaving ethically.
33337445... deeply understand that everybody is different. His first concern is that any single employee starts his day at the office engaged. Some are motivated to have tasks done. Some have pleasure to use their brain on difficult problems. Some like to project the future. Some need to see friends happy. His second concern is that everybody progress: new activities, new tasks, new challenges, new feedbacks... Honestly, it is a really difficult job. You need to continuously frame a vision, stretch, care, drive energy, coach and be a role model. But it is why a love it.
33537446- cares more about others than for himself/herself and is open to changing their mind and constantly challenging their own assumptions.
33687455- honest, direct, open - empathy - inspires others to be their best self.. to do what they never thought was possible - is present - builds more leaders - not empire builds!
33507456-is someone who communicates a vision well and inspires followership and results with their own actions. The best leaders I've observed are present and engaged, and have a unique ability to connect with people of all types and levels of seniority. That versatility translates into bringing out the best in other leaders and teams, and is something I try to emulate as I progress in my leadership journey as well.
33807459-brings their community along with them as they build skills and plan ahead, so that power does not sit with one person
33817460-cares. I have seen the impact a compassion and caring leader can have on an individuals work, their people, and their stakeholders. They often set excellent standards of support, transparency and promote cultures of sharing. Teams are accountable collectively for good outcomes. This is the kind of leader I aspire to be.
33827461-leads by example, is values based and sees the humanity in everyone.
33927464- should be able to identify talent, understand what motivates the individuals in their team and provide vision and inspiration, along with support and challenge.
33957465-Finds a way to integrate many people and parts into something greater than themselves, even when this specific integration has never been done before and is considered impossible.
33967466- creates certainty and guides people’s energy towards goals. He also creates safety, so that manifesting oneself were easier and people’s energy flowed. He creates such a system and selects people so that their goals match. He helps people recognize their objectives and progress towards them.
34007468Is someone who listens, learns and communicates a vision of the future whilst considering the starting position and capabilities of the team to deliver and then leads by example.
34067469-had the ability to inspire faith and trust, they are credible and authentic - people will follow where they lead.
34107470-Doesn't provide instructions, but asks questions to get people to think and analyse what they have done to make changes and assess the results. A leader needs to provide a safe environment for people to take risks and develop.
34097472-is first of all a good listener, has integrity, humility, honesty and a clear focus on what they want delivered. They are then able to turn this focus into a clear direction, which they can communicate effectively and inspire others to follow them with.
34167475-needs to be true to himself, humble and develop his team eventually making himself redundant
34187477- makes you feel special! They will coach, encourage and develop you to achieve results and better yourself and others around you. They will still challenge you and ensure there is a healthy tension but there will be mutual trust and respect.
34227478Is Visible, Positive, Engaging, Honest, Approachable and has a sense of fun.
34247479- is a person who encourages and motivates individuals in the team and / or the collective team through consistent messaging, getting involved, challenging the team to learn and achieve.
34377481-is a leader who cares about those who work for him, who acts with never wavering justice both internally and also with their business partners. A good leader is a person who nurtures the values of loyalty, respect, teamwork, humility & gratitude, challenging mindset, accountability, integrity and customer first within his team and workplace.
34407482- inspire and get trust frompeople - builds strong team around him and makes sure that is the case below him too - absorb pressure and gives clarity
34397485is at the front of their team when things are going bad and way, way at the back of the team when they are going great. A great leader doesn't have to be there for a team / organisation / culture to perform well.
34647487knows how to serve, by which I mean that he or she is able to identify and selflessly meet the true needs of the people in his sphere of influence.
34547488A good leader has lofty ambitions and she doesn’t hesitate to do what she believes with courage. She influences the people who surround her. She supports the people who work with her and takes their advice. She doesn’t force them to adopt her views and opinions.
34677489guides when needed, steps back when not needed, owns the failures and shares the successes of the team.
34717491Has sense of humor, creates a smart vision, trust people, is very transparent, work with passion, creates a culture where is OK to make mistakes but not OK to do not learn from them, celebrates victories, accept all blames, share all credits, knows when to push harder and when to back off, act ethically and set up high standards. A good leader will create more leaders, and not drive for more followers. A good leader will leave behind an outstanding legacy.
34737492- is receptive of the needs of people they are leading, and makes decisions based on compassion and kindness.
34767494is a good story teller, able to take their people on a journey to great things and genuinely wants the best for their team.
34867496-Shares control to teach, motivate and grow others. Is about something bigger than themselves.
34907497- should able to identify common goals, and remove the barriers alone the journey to the goals, so each of associates can succeed. A great leader inspires teams to have confidence in what they can do.
34957498- has a vision, builds the right team, aligns it the best way and takes the team to their maximum potential while keeps the morale and values high for everyone. someone who can inspire people, engage a team, navigate calmly through challenges and tough times, articulate a vision (whether it be theirs, the companies or a collective vision) and help align those around them towards that vision. A good leader is someone who really listens and responds proactively. ...knows what motivates each member of their team ...recognises wins, achievements, hard work and dedication. ... communicates well. ... is constantly look at ways to keep improving and learning.
35037500serves the whole group and recognises the strength of the group as the group and not any individual. Learns constantly, leads by example or (sweeps the sheds), doesn't tolerate behaviour that is in conflict with the groups values and is swift to take action. Is reasonable, pragmatic, honest and caring. Shows the same level of respect to the receptionist as the Board of Directors.
35047501- Understands that inspiring the hearts and minds of his people is his/her most important lever to achieving long term success
35217503is a leader who inspires people, make them grow, is not afraid to make them grow even more than himself, is able to see the unique potential in everyone.
35207505- is adaptative. My vision is that leadership is not really about what I need, but more about what people (the team) and the organization need. So I would say a good leader is an adaptive leader, depending on the maturity of the organization (forming, storming, norming and performing) and the challenges the organization meets (turnaround, development, inception, crisis,…).
35407507achieves outcomes that are greater than the sum of the parts of the team by inspiring, setting clear expectations, harnessing each person's unique gifts, supporting them, and being open to experimentation.
35437509-builds others, discerns opportunities, works collaboratively to build strategy, casts vision and supports teams/organisations to achieve outcomes resetting as new conditions and opportunities arise. Developing sense making systems, communications and a unifying narrative are also important. It's also important to adapt style and approaches to support good performance in others and in the organisation. Seeking to build partnerships and coalitions of support is also key. Note: I had a break here
35467511in my experience is a rare occurence and often a conjunction of the right person, at the right place at the right time.
35727512- knows how to dive into details while keeping holistic view and giving direction
35767514has good people around them and inspires them to achieve great things together
35847515-has the respect of his/her people, - gets things done not by force but through vision and strategy - understands their own strengths and weaknesses - is a great listener and appreciates diversity - but can be decisive when needed
35997516-is honest, strategic and deliberate, has the ability to hold multiple perspectives, makes hard choices, cares for others, practices inquiry- especially with those who he/she leads, seeks fairness and justice, accepts criticism, practices reflection, communicates with others, and serves with integrity.
36437521- is a valuable asset for any group or organisation, and will lead them to achieve success in their aspirations as well as enabling their personal well-being and growth.
36647523-is self aware, understanding of others, has a vision of where (s)he and the organization are going and communicates well, both up and down and across the organization.
36887526-listens, has a vision , motivates, plays to employees strengths when assigning work.
36987528- is hard to find and when you find one they often have people who move with them wherever they go. Good leaders find the best in others and the possibilities which is a skill to have. Good leaders can have a profound affect on individuals and teams
37197530- is a servant leader who has the ability to listen and coach her/his coworkers while still fulfilling objectives from above.
37217531-provides vision for what we are trying to achieve. Encourages collaboration and ideas. Provides both positive and constructive feedback. Lives their values.
37277533knows how to create a vision, inspire, then motivate others to reach that state.
37387534shows individual team members their contribution is valued and enables them to find ways individually and collaboratively to achieve in their roles by providing support, guidance and challenges, rather than telling them what to do.
37367535Is decisive, is comfortable with being unpopular at times, is caring about their people, lets others talk and truly listens.
37457536-is not plentiful. A good leader continues to learn all of the time and tries to get the best out of their team which is more than that person would have been able to do on their own.
37557537- is not a command and control leader, is self-aware, has a strategic mindset especially when things are uncertain and complex, empowers others and values the process of learning.
38017540is someone who will jump over the cliff and people will follow! S/he is charismatic, inspirational, decisive, humble. Out of the extensive literature around leadership, I quite like the Goleman model of the 5 Es: Envision, Engage, Energize, Enable, Execute.
38037541-sets an example, sets the mission and objectives of an organization and gets out of the way. The leader's role is to figure out how to remove impediments to success for the organization and for the people within the organization.
38137544- is only as successful as the team and the team members.
38237546-Communicates, trusts, and inspires confidence.
37497547-is someone that is inclusive and has a way to engage everyone in the group to make them feel part of the group. The ability to have the team work on a common goal, achieve that goal and have fun along the way.
38427548-gives a good example, inspires people, and is respected but not feared.
38547549-is one who is forward thinking enough to see the vision of what should be accomplished, able to clearly communicate that vision, explain the teams contribution in the accomplishment of the goal and do so in a way that gets people to do what they otherwise wouldn't do on their own.
38617554- should be acknowledged as such, respected by everyone, be fair and wise, a hard worker, and a postive role model in every aspect of his life
38657555-serves his team, creates connection with purpose and creates an environment were everyone can contribute and find meaning
38687556is brave, honest, warm and thoughtful.
36717557Has these these attributes, honesty, integrity, inspire others, commitment, passion, compassion, good listener and communicator, decision-making capabilities, accountability, delegate, empower, creativity and innovative.
38777558- has 4 things; compassion, trust, hope and stability. I know that these are the gallup 4 needs of followers but I truly believe in them.
38917562is first a good human being that people can relate to and respect while also driving the best out of him/herself before doing the same for his/her team.
38957564is self-aware and emotionally balance, is a great communicator, can set a clear and inspiring direction, is continually learning and encouraging others to do the same, lives by their values and beliefs and supports the people around them to be the best versions of themselves.
39117566- is someone who has clear vision and the ability to rally people to align with the same priorities and is able to make a positive change in an organization.
39177568- is someone who takes into account others opinions and consolidates them to make an executive decision that will positively impact all of those around them. Someone who others can trust. Someone who is an example to others and is well respected because they have earned it.
39247571- cares, inspires and communicates effectivelly. A good leader leads because he/she cares about a cause, a project and its people.
39677577leads with vision, learns and grows, admits mistakes, and sees potential in others
39867578-listens, tries to draw out people's goals, has a core set of beliefs, encourages. And cajoles
40227584-is clear, direct, supportive, honest, fair, ethical, uses resources well, develops their followers/subordinates, among other things.
40637589is someone who can inspire using the right mix of freedom - fear - recognition.
41007595has a genuinely enthusiastic interest in helping people grow without them realising he/she is doing that.
41087597-helps their team to develop and grow in their currant roles, which preps them for their next opportunity. He/She, challenges their team's skills, delegates responsibilities, coaches and teaches.
40977598-has the ability to motivate others, have passion towards their profession, are able to commit to the cause, lead by example, has a clear and precise vision to succeed and most all has integrity.
40597600Inspires. Makes you feel you are part of something truly larger than yourself and that your contribution is material to that endevour, that you matter.
41387602-is thoughtful, well informed, hard-working, and seeks to build consensus but does not avoid making difficult decisions when necessary.
41417603takes the lead. Has the vision, courage, ambition and strength of character to succeed. They create an environment that gets the best from the team to enable the team to perform to their optimum and drive success.
41587605- inspires and empowers people while showing empathy. Listens, seeks to understand and creates a vision that energizes people to get behind. It is about your ability to influence and build trust and respec, not about how you use power. True leaders know it’s better to be part of the parade than walk at the head of it.
41807607-listens widely and constantly works to keep their ego under control. If you think you've worked it all out, you're in big, big trouble.
41787608- is the one who has a mission and believes in what he/she does and inspires people around, who cares about the followers and empowers them and helps them grow, who gives credit for success to his/her team
41847609-communicates in a consistent and timely manner and deeply cares about the people he/she leads.
41877610-assembles a great team, sets them up for success, and gets out of their way.
41957611- cares deeply; - is focused more on their people than on themselves; - knows and understands who I am and what matters to me; - backs me; - respects and values me.
41777612- A good leader is humble, takes responsibility and acts with integrity at all times. They communicate openly and honesty, whilst exuding confidence in the vision and providing clarity of purpose, to inspire others. They should also show clear commitment and passion, along with empathy resulting in a closer emotional connection with the business.
42227615-has a vision, positive confidence that it is realistic, has a sense for people, helps them develop, relies on his strengths, knows his weaknesses and how to compensate for them. Works all the time to become a better version of himself.
41287617Have integrity, strong communicators, focus, Visionaries, strategic planners, and take responsibilities. -
42287618- good communicator, Integrity, Inspires other to be creative and Innovation, accountability and Listens
42627621- inspires followers and creates a movement that does not need them anymore.
43017625- is decisive yet thoughtful, fair and inclusive.
43007626inspires, includes, has an opinion, has answers, is responsible rather than reactive, cares to make a difference, serves and supports and ultimately makes choices for the sake of something bigger than himself.
43107628-has vision, is organised and cares about their people; helping them to be the best they can be.
43207630shall be somebody who inspires, who is respected and respects, who takes decisions, who is (proudly) humble
43257631- is a person that will join in and help no matter what the job or task is and not just speak about what should be done.
43287632... clearly identifies what is most needed in different situations and is able to provide that whether intrinsically or through others.
43237635leads by example, lets their subordinates know the mission, and allows them to use their ideals-
43457636-is inspiring while giving vision and purpose but also role model regarding people management.
43497638- is authentic, driven and dependable
43647642- is able to inspire people, create a vision in their heads, is charismatic, stays calm in hectic situations and wants the very best for his / her followers.
43867643- is available, listens and gives a general heading instead of a full path, people tend to surprise you with their ingenuity when you present the problem instead of the solution and don't forget that you're a role model, people will do what you do, not what you say.
43917644-listens, delegates and provides a context for action, visibly, when necessary.
43817645-Is wise, dynamic, has wide range of motion, understands, respects and trusts his team, listens well, builds strong bonds amongst his team members, is vocally self critical, self aware, is able to rally people towards a common goal or vision
44257646is finding individual ways to work with employees or followers, is extremely inspirational and acting as a role model in all situations. Making sure the result is achieved. There are only a few true leaders I know. Most of the ones, claiming how successful leaders they are, are one the contrary very mediocre.
44487649- takes on people with him/her and makes them enthusiastic about the road to follow.
44777651can have profound effects on people's lives, wellbeing and their sense of purpose in the world.
44977653-Will help her/his staffs to improve and train them for improvement, and try to solve their personal problems, and give them the sense that the business is for themselves and by any success of complex, it’s benefits come back to staffs. it couses to work efficiency and success of her/his complex.
45037657provides clarity, direction and encouragement, whilst also being personable enough to recognise the strengths and weaknesses in those who will be relied upon if a successful outcome is to be achieved.
43587659is a hole in a Whole in THE WHOLE .  
45287661- builds other good leaders - takes on the responsibility for the well-being of others - knows that he/she does not have all the answers
45397663- Inspires, has gravitational pull, is fair, takes responsibility, is ethical, stand for whats right, accepts challenge and is respected
45647667-sets the right example, inspires people and doesn't ask others to do things he wouldn't do himself - he makes others want to be better people
45637668is the leader who is able to be a member of the team, not who which order others make them do what he/she wants.
44417669listens, nurtures, mobilizes, challenges and energies people towards a common goal. A good and effective leader do what a good leader does but also aligns people to a common vision in challenging times and reach expected results. Beyond an effective leader, an extraordinary and remarkable leader deals effectively with uncertainty and complexity, takes people, the industry, and the stakeholders to unimagined places, value creation and rewards.
45827671is a good listener, is approachable, is human, is empathetic, is kind, is fair, is reasonable, is decisive
45947673-is someone who has the ability to motivate a group of people around a vision and to make them act towards achieving the related goals
46167674-inspires, listens, has passion and integrity, takes accountability, cares about their people, the customer and the business and empowers their team/people ie gives them the space & tools to be the best they can be
46207678... is a good listener, observer and self-assured.
46497680-is honest and trustworthy and know that they work for their people, not the other way around.
46507681- stands behind his team. Good leader will show compelling vision - something that will be motivating but and the same time will not be 'groomed' by corporate policies etc .... Leadership for me is not associated with titles.
46467682-cares deeply about the mission of an organization, is a good listener, and cultivates a collaborative and positive environment for individuals to flourish.
46547683- is the one who can combine parental care with a teacher’s strictness to confer as much knowledge and experience to her charges as possible
46557684- is a person who thinks about others, his team, not just himself. He assumes responsibility, listens to and can carry others, knows (for certain) where he is leading his team.
46567685- is not afraid of accountability, initiates change, does not conform, and sees farther than others.
46577686- is very valuable to the team, organization or society and is usually the result of hard self-work of anyone who aspires to greatness
46657687gives clear guidance and direction, giving team members ownership of the delivery of the required objectives/outcomes, not micro managing. A good leader inspires, encourages, listens, holds people accountable to the objectives, has difficult conversations when necessary in a caring and respectful way. People want to follow a good leader.
46707689-amongst other things, be a good listener, able to filter information efficiently, pragmatic in approach, self critical, in critical situation be decisive and take responsibility of decision taken. Ability to attract talents to build a good team and able to inspire others are the most important of all.
46717690-is self-aware (feelings, emotions, personal dynamics), can read other not taking own's opinion for granted, is compassionate to the human nature, have a vision for the team and is able to drive others towards it while communicating with the team in a clear non-violent way, cares about developing people and enable them to grow by giving them responsibility and listening to them with an open mind.
46727691Open, transparant, clear direction, listener, give clear expectionations, give possitive and constrative feedback.
46767692- provides opportunities to learn, space to grow and challenges to transform.
46677693-sees opportunities where other see issues or obstacles… and focuses on realizing the potential of his/her team as the main mean of achieving ambitious goals.
47237698communicates honestly, with conviction but also a sense of humor and in a timely manner.
47267700is authentic, compassionate, thoughtful, inclusive, accepting of experimentation and failure, does not always know all the answers and is open about his/her own limitations, welcomes diverse perspectives to help shape choices, appropriately decisive and firm.
47347701-a kind/humain leader. A good leader is a leader who communicate well on clear objectives; understand different people and that they have different qualities.
47677704-loves what he does, sets a clear goal and gives the team the freedom to achieve it independently
47877707-are conscious about their values and take responsibility of their actions, they also inspire and motivate as well as support and confront when it is needed ¨they make people grow hire then themselves¨.
47887709- empowers the individual/team to be the best they can be. Inspires, engages, supports, challenges, coaches the team to achieve agreed goals. They listen and are able to offer insights/provocation to help people achieve. They are courageous and bold in making decisions and supporting the team.
48037710-trusts himself and others, innovates proactively from a systemic view, conveys a vision and creates a shared purpose whose impact goes beyond the team, provides and receives feedback, feels comfortable with uncertainty and promotes change.
48067712...notices tension, frames problems, asks questions, observes, listens, practices curiosity, and inspires the best in others. Good leaders meet people where they are and shine light on where they're going.
48107714- is compassionate, adaptable, resilient, calm, inquisitive, a life-long learner, develops themselves and the people around them, recognizes that "it's all about the people", and is a servant to those they lead
48397720I let my team know that I am on their side, that I am there for them, and I will support them. I set high standards, but I help them achieve it.
48497723A good leader listens with intention, leads with head and heart, is empathic, is transparent, leads by example, learns from their mistakes, is humble, and invests in the growth and development of his/her team.
48557725is someone with commitment, a good communicator, able to make decisions and someone that can lead by example.
48877727-is authentic, has the combination between heart and head, open, honest, able to lead tough conversations in an empathetic way and to praise and care in a genuine way, has perspective and is future focused while appreciating the past, walks the talk and is down to earth and humble
49017729-can inspire people, make people want to do more, be more, achieve more
49147730inspires individuals, teams and societies to make a meaningful impact that others would not think possible;
49377732-is someone that sets a clear vision for the future, brings an empowered team with them, is personable, listens and, above all else, is genuine and credible.
49527735- is inclusive, listens, develops, and builds effective strategy.
49457736inspires, gives clear direction and empowers their team.
49737739Holds a rigorous personal commitment to a great vision to influence complex human systems towards that end.
49867740A good leader is someone who is interesting, learned, and warm. He or she is someone who can master the vision of future, and also lead the way and encourage the team to move forward together. The most important thing is that even if he is not in charge, everyone is willing to follow him.
49917741- comes in many different forms but should set the direction and enable people to thrive.
50057743-is someone who people want to do their best for. A good leader doesn't have to ask for attention or dedication, they just command it. A good leader also truly understands the people they are leading.
50197747-listens, is decisive, learns, and grows from his/her experience.
50277749- trust their staff to do their jobs and provides support and direction, and removes obstables.
50287750-is inspiring, a coach, collaborative and empowering with strong values. A good leader also needs to be politically savvy, unafraid of taking decisions and have edge when necessary. They also need to be able to look at the big picture and be strategic but able to get into the detail as necessary
50307751- supports their people, is not above them, and helps the team bring out their own magic.
50477752is authentic, vulnerable, listens (to what is not being said), and works in service of others. A good leader looks for the win-win - doesn't see the need for someone else to lose in order for them to win.
50727753- is empathetic, leads from the front, a role model, gets the best out of me, my coach /mentor and guide.
50857754is humble and unafraid to get in the trenches but knows how to zoom out and make connections for the sake of his people and the business.
50837755Brings clarity to complex topics. Is inspirational. Creates framework for optimal teamwork. Listens to feedback from colleagues, peers and stakeholders, but also knows when to be decisive when it matters.
50907757will be able to see the vision for the organisation and articulate that vision for others to align with. He (she) will provide opportunities for the organisation and for others to be successful, and will nurture their successful development. A good leader will see opportunities where others might only see barriers.
51107758-sets the vision and direction of travel always explaining how challenging situations can be achieved, communicating well so that everyone understands their accountability and responsibility. A good leader is supportive but challenging showing the way forward.
51157760- understand the strengths and weakness of his/her team and is able to compel them to see something much larger than what they think possible while leading by example and can be lead from the front and from behind when it is best suited to do so.
51367761-is a strategist who creates a space for development, achievement and success.
51577762he has a strategy, a vision, people understand and respect him, is influential and charismatic
51627763is someone who understands and appreciates both the human AND the commercial side of business, and is attuned to both working as a healthy organic system internally and externally.
51707764- is approachable, listens, cares, is open to feedback and criticism, seeks divergent thinking - is the product of self and others - leads by example - is authentic
51767765-creates and shares a vision of where we're heading and mobilises the troops to move in the same direction. A good leader will assemble a strong and diverse team and ensure each player is clear on his/her role in the mission. You cannot "motivate" others, but you can create the conditions for individuals to feel engaged and rewarded for their contributions.
52127767-involves others, inspires, motivates and has a clear sense of direction
52337770surrounds themselves with people who have skills different to themselves - sets a direct for other to follow - sets an example by leading from the front - supports and nurtures their people to improve - takes difficult decisions for the benefit of the majority
52497772-shows a strong sense of purpose, can execute convincingly, but above all can be trusted.
52567773- leads down the organisation (their team), across the organisation (their peers and other funtions) and up, supporting their boss do the right thing. You have to strike the right balance between engagement and clear direction setting. A good leader need to set an ambition and vision for the organisation that is inspiring. A good leader is not remote but accessible and approachable. Above all you need to find a way to lead that true to yourself
52897774-is one that can take tough decisions and enact them, but can reflect and adapt if circumstance or situations change.
52837776-can be a executor or a strategist and is comfortable taking in information first before deciding what to do.
52927777- has vision, takes risks, can see the 'big picture', inspires and empowers those around them to work together towards that vision.
52997779is a good human being--thoughtful, humble, caring, and able to envision a future.
53097781-leads, infects with her energy and creative motivation.
53137785-is the one who can combine firmness of beliefs and strategy with flexible tactics and soft influence on others.
53157787-must assume responsibility for his decisions, see several steps ahead, should not be afraid of challenges, must motivate his team, take care of people, be a role model.
53317793- is collaborative, open, supportive, inspiring, innovative, humble, able to admit mistakes and to change perspective where circumstances merit it
53477794-makes good choices about which direction to take and is capable of inspiring people to go with them.
53857796- defines a clear direction, is decisive, accessible to his team and listens