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776036has strategic vision, seeks to empower those she manages to reach their potential, builds a team, gives credit to others, recognizes that everyone makes mistakes (including herself), is calm at times of stress, creates an environment in which people can engage in constructive conflict (including disagreeing with the leader), understands that those she works with are individuals, is mindful of them as individuals and understands how best to motivate and coach them given those individual characteristics, has integrity.
976056is always learning, asks questions, is intuitive, is open and sees situations from multiple perspectives, creates an inclusive culture, allows others to see them as a person, has a sense of humor, cares about developing their team, demonstrates balance between work life and personal.
986057one who can take many perspectives, is open to the ideas of others, seeks out contratidicting opions, seeks out feedback, cares deeply about the organization, the people, the work; integrates personal, community, and work. A good leader is one who can communicate to influence, persuade, and listen deeply. A good leader is self-aware and mindful.
1006059... looks back and sees that people are following; puts service above ego; maintains a sense of ethics and morals, in spite of the temptations of power.
1026061is growing themselves, and understands each member of their team well enough to provides the context in which each can grow and the team can self-organize.
1056064can manage contradiction in a harmonious way, merge two polarities into one, such as people vs task, long term vs short term, process vs result, control vs empowerment, etc... Facilitating the endeavor of self-fulfillment of his/her followers.
1286087has integrity, listens, asks questions, seeks and provides constructive feedback, sets a clear vision and is a great coach who helps to develop others.
1306089does the best they can within the bounds of their current ability/perspective and leadership context, whilst ever open to and provoking/testing the unpredictable/unknown.
1486104longs for a socially useful outcome, is aware of the real and symbolic role they hold and the impact it has on those who might follow them. A good leader is able to take perspective of their own inner theater and is cautious and wise about leading with what goes on within them and around them. They are keenly aware of the ripple effect of their words and actions and that power not something they unilaterally have but is given to them by others and becomes generative only when it is collective.
1716127recognizes that he or she is ever-evolving over time, particularly if he/she has the discipline to reflect, experiment, and be deeply curious about everything.
1726128Is always willing to listen. True listening not provide an audience. A good leader has to take risk, be fallible and learn from their mistakes. A good leader need to demonstrate humility but also command. A good leader needs to be flexible and eclectic in their approach since no situation can be handled in the same way. A good leader have to listen to their heart and the hearts of others. A good leader has to be human and genuine
1736129is entirely based on the context of what it is he/she is leading. There are hundreds of traits that a good leader might exhibit. In general, a good leader is able to motivate/inspire others, take care of the feelings of others, communicate a vision, and make decisions that will benefit the people around them.
2376170is inspirational, helpful, gives direction, motivates people to work according to their abilities and talents. Has a vision which is part of a broader perspective on society. A leader understands different interests of different groups of people and integrates this knowledge in his actions in daily worklife.
2636192sees the whole picture, knows their strengths and their weaknesses - is authentic about them, appreciates that there are different contributions and enables them - and enables others to champion them in each other. A good leader has a vision and grows that vision with input from fellow leaders - sees the interactions with the area he/she leads and other areas - leads with the whole in mind. And is not too serious - laughs, loves.
2706199listens, creates good working structures, creates a climate where decisions are taken in a good way, creates reasonable time to do the tasks. Put pressure to the organisation when needed, but then also try to create efficient ways to solve things. Utilise all parts of the organisation and a feeling of everyone is supporting in the best way.
2816205..models appropriate behavior to the people he or she leads. A good leader should be the face of what is the right thing to do in any given situation. A good leader needs to understand that he or she is a servant to those he or she leads and act in a responsible, appropriate manner.
2836207is constantly in a state of exploration and self-examination while being a student of the people around them and the organization in which they operate (if there is an organization).
2846208has the ability to motivate people around a common goal and achieve it. He/she is able to build their group up to elevate their own leadership skills to the point that their team/subordinates surpass them; a good leader wants to see his/her team achieve more - succeed.
3236242understands that leadeship is at it's core an emotional and social task and then combines what he/she knows and who he/she is to actively form a group's beaviour, emotion and dynamic. Oh, and comunicates, communicates, communicates.
3736286has a wealth of experience behind her but more importantly she uses her embodied experience of leading to help shape the people she leads towards a set goals and strategy she is also informing and influencing while helping them her team to develop and grow towards their goals. She also enjoys her work.
3886301is someone who casts people in roles that are a perfect fit for their personal ambitions and skills, and allows them, through constant support, to be the best they can possibly be. Diversity in a team is a must, this is the only way to make sure that all possibilities have been considered.
4036314is a person who sees multiple perspectives, looks far ahead, believes personally in what she does, can inspire others with her ideas, can take first-person perspective off the table, hears the close ones, is prepared to change herself and the world around, makes decisions and can see different perspectives on results, can recognize mistakes and learn from them, adapts to the reality and develops herself.
4236334understands systems and sees their interconnections, senses himself and others, can inspire them, possesses strategic vision and thinking, constantly develops himself and others, is open to the world and change, is honest and guided by his mission
4306341...creates a climate where everyone else can lead, whilst setting an example of how to lead with courage and integrity through the few key issues they take personal responsibility for.
4486347can come in all sorts and shapes; what matters is that she should have an idea, believe in it and be prepared to do something in this world to translate it into life, also a leader does give a damn about the people around, she takes care of them
5526386-listens to his team and those around him -is not afraid to make decisions and correct them as needed if new information becomes available -recognises that those around him are key to achieving great things -must protect his team someone who provides a framework for building connections between all team (or group) members that will invite everyone to bring their unique talents and ideas while valuing the contributions from others; is someone who carries the visionary 'DNA' for the organization and provides inspiration while surfing the waves of change; and most of all, is someone who genuinely cares about the work and life of others and the organization.
6066409maintains his centre, knows and manages himself in order to serve his team in the best possible way. Create a positive influence on others. He sees creative, complete and resourceful people and always maintains a vision of expansion, possibility, illusion and love.
6286421needs to be incredibly adaptable and flexible in the current climate. Leadership theory and development is shifting to focus on ‘being’ rather than ‘doing’ and enabling and empowering others as opposed to role modelling historic ‘white male’ behaviours (directing, taking control). However the workplace / wider society has not caught up yet and I see a lot of unconscious bias towards the safety of a familiar figure. Donald Trump is a good example of that.
6386426if we are talking in the context of an organisation is a person that is aware of self, others and the context in which they evolve in the moment. It is a person that has empathy, understands the concept of time (past, present and future), can function with ambiguity, understand the importance of the narrative in an organisation be it their own and also others. Can assess situations from multiple perspectives, make meaning of them and develop a narrative around it. Has the capacity to see an organisation as a living being, an organic system that evolves with it own set of rules, norms (overt and covert) with which he/she is part of and can influence.
6856449provides a strong (agreed) vision and on-going direction of where we're going equipped with the Why. This is then combined with a genuine interest in the interests, concerns and motivations of their people (and the people of others) and setting them up for success in delivering the vision.
7406469sets a vision, aligns resources, supports others in achieving the shared definition of success. She cares about the people she has the privilege to lead. She supports and encourages and challenges them to go after what they want -- personally, professionally, inside and outside the firm. She is forthright and honest with direct reports about their strengths and their development areas.
8016506is authentic and truthful is what I still use to think and believe though I must admit that I've seen quite some examples of what many consider as good leadership where authenticity and truthfulness are in my view not the core characteristics;
10106592treats people with trust and respect. He/she inspires and motivates others in authentic and intrinsic ways, enables others to make meaningful contributions, and always works with the good of the enterprise or whole system in mind.
11096637... is able to handle structural and social complexity, and also has a deep interest in the people that work for/with them - not as means to an economic end, but for their own sake as people.
11146641- can set inspiring vision and goals, attract the right people to join, empower them to collaborate, leverage all kinds of resources and achieve the goals & make the vision alive. He will share all the joys and sorrows with people, he continuously stretch self and other's development, he dare to challenge the status quo and the rules, he has the wisdom and outlook to dream for different future. He is really an influencing person, impact on people, the business, the industry and the globe, not only now but also the future.
11196644I have come to believe that leadership is contextual and that there are (almost) as many ways to be a good leader as there are leaders. So for the purpose of this instrument, this is a general response. A good leader: ensures that there is a strategic direction and identity (although s/he doesn't need to be the one to create it); builds a sense of cohesion and enables others to act so that they can achieve the strategic direction; ensures there is a sufficient organizational design (work processes, structure, systems, etc.); gets/allocates resources such as people, time and money; removes obstacles; cultivates the organization's culture and "encourages the heart"; ensures that performance management, learning and change are happening -- knows when/how to direct, when to coach, when to delegate, etc...
11336651-is very clear about what the team needs to do / achieve but yet able to harness the energies of the team, get agreement to that direction, he/she is also authentic, willing to be vulnerable, relationally transparent and has relational honesty about what is working and what is not.
11576662- Drives commitment and engagement from a distance and makes time pass quickly when they speak - they embody motivation unconsciously in others
11916684DUMMY TEXT
11946687-makes sure the team falls in love with him. Consistent in his decisions. Communicates with his employees and knows them well. Ready to come to their aid at any time. Loves his work and tries to make sure others do so as well.
12026692-is able to rally others behind vision and purpose. A good leader connects the mundane tasks to the greater meaning. A good leader does not burn people out on unimportant work and constantly evaluates the value of the work for the result it generates. A good leader builds up others and listens to others. A good leader makes decisions in a way that gets others to buy-in so everyone is working toward the same result. A good leader is not only about making a profit but improving this world with a focus on protecting the planet and equal opportunities for all.
12116697is somebody who does not seek power because they simply don't need it, somebody who is mission driven rather than achievement driven, somebody authentic, who inspires people not by the things they say and not even by what they do, but by who they are every single day and particularly on the worst days.
12516709- is hard to be defined in a simple way because things are situational and dynamic. Still, there are many attributes if as a leader, not only a leader, but as a human being, could have, the being state could be very healthy and have positive impact on the environment. e.g. authentic, open, accountable etc. And I have a belief that to be an effective leader, you have to learn how to be a congruent person, with very high self-awareness and be mindful.
14046781-creates space for people to connect with meaning and purpose in their lives. Her sense-making and sense-giving skills are honed to a fine art. She has the ability to sit in the centre of paradox and use the creative tension that arises from the pull of opposites to help people discern the next steps. She knows that leadership and 'follower-ship' are inextricably linked.
14986826-Listens and takes input but is ultimately brave in moving forward with the confidence that they have considered everything well but still remain open to being wrong. Also they share info and they share credit and opportunities with others (a leader looks good by making others look good and NOT the other way around).
16016866-Cares deeply about their people and making a difference for their team and the company. They tend to be good communicators who empower their team, letting them fail sometimes but always there to pick them up and help get them back on track.
17486933-has spent significant portions of their life refining their character in order to be fully available with the best they have to give to others, depending on what is called for in the moment. And for the future:).
18336978Leadership is not one-size-fits-all. However, there are some things that all effective leaders do, to become an effective leader, become clear about what needs to be done. To become a good leader, be prepared to listen to everyone — even your critics. To become a wise leader, walk with wise people “Great leaders have the uncanny ability of not letting rumors spread by being open and transparent and embracing solutions not problems. A leader has to be able to say, I’m sorry. If you want your organization to be constantly innovating and improving, your team members must be reflective and self-aware. You need them to know when they’ve made mistakes and correct them so they can get better. This is only a realistic expectation if the leader of the organization is willing to do the same thing. A good leader will say, I made a mistake, I’m sorry, and here’s what I’m doing to get better.
18866985Is a person who sees the potential that has yet to emerge in his/ her people. A good leader is a compassionate human being, a facilitator, a trusting and wise person, an inspiration, a humble force that helps people grow wings and lets them have all the credit for flying.
19006990-overcomes abstraction and connects with the people he/she leads. Makes difficult decisions about what to leave behind and what to take forward and removes obstacles for their people to get the right things done and keep learning on the journey to success.
19116998-reads to understands context and to understand humanity so that said leader can maintain and conserve certain permanent things regarding the depths of what it means to be human and then lead humans no matter what the endeavor with a sense of the whole context of humanity, long game, generative thinking. Also- a good leader knows their deficiencies and hires or finds people to come alongside that and fill that gap. Leaders aren't super heroes.
20157038is what I strive to be. I think good leaders are strong, agile and flexible communicators, are relationship builders, and are dreamers and visionaries. I imagine that good leaders think and ponder, dream and wonder, and take calculated risks; I know that they make an impact on others and sometimes in order to do that, they take action alone.
20207042communicates a shared vision, makes the path to the vision feel attractive and achievable (often by consulting others on what it is), and makes each person feel as if they have an important part to play in the community of the organisation achieving the agreed goals together, giving credit away as much as possible, and absorbing bumps on behalf of others when (s)he can.
20857076- is somebody that has an objective to help the growth of every element of the team to bring them to an ambition they would not have by themselves, to bring them beyond the limit they think they have. To explain to all a goal, direction, strategy to reach that goal so that the whole team is empowered as one with the objective to reach that goal with the inspiration brought by the leader.
25807226What is good? Good for me is about ethics. Unfortunately, leadership these days is about the transactional externally expressed behaviour, where charisma and gravitas are judged by the degree of visibility and influence s/he wields. For me I am interested by the leader who lives by his or her principles, is an ethical being, centered in his or her value system and uses it as the compass by which to lead himself or others. This description could also be the servant leader, who through service to others is seen as a leader not because s/he wants to be a leader.
26537247-Works to understand herself and her impact on others. Does her work (adaptive work), demonstrated courage over comfort, is self aware for real and this is ongoing and she knows it, listens to learn, understands that failure is part of the path and uses it to continuously learn and help others grow, asks for real feedback and creates a culture of transparency by demonstrating vulnerability, setting clear boundaries, circling back when she makes a miss, challenges people to think and be learners, demonstrates courage in her actions, acts with integrity, asks for help, grows her people, takes the time to understand the problems before going to solution, surrounds herself with people who are courageous, have integrity and are self aware, creates the conditions for trust, vulnerability, bravery to flourish...
27707283- is someone who knows themselves well enough to understand what where their weaknesses/blindspots are and humble enough to rely on the people around them to compensate for those weaknesses in pursuit of a common goal.
28597313- is one who has access to the full range of energies within him - herself and has the awareness and agility to respond to what is emerging on a moment to moment basis for the sake of moving those who he/she leads towards some shared future.
26667327Yes, a lot can be said about what it means to be a good leader. I once asked my collaborator in the Sahara Desert in Morocco (in connection with the Retreats I am holding there) about how he leads his teams. They are characterized by being very productive, committed and proactive and displaying an excellent service borne by kindness and generosity. With his brother he runs a travel company with a Bedouin camp in the desert as a center, a music festival for peace, a social and sustainable employment project. His response was relatively short "they need to know why we are here, I have to treat them properly and set them free". I believe that this is reasonably good - what a good leader is. But let me unfold my perspective a little more - my best guess is ... a good leader is a person with great self-insight and self-knowledge (projections, shadows, reaction patterns, assumptions and beliefs, strengths and vulnerabilities - in short, a person who is reasonably critical of his biographical material). It is a person who, in cooperation with the employees, is able to promote high psychological security - thus creating an experience of belonging to a community of connectedness and cohesion, where it is safe to express, show vulnerability, merely his mistakes (here helps, presence, empathic listening, compassion and kindness and generally great relational capacity). The good leader must be able to facilitate a space in which the organization's members naturally want to contribute their commitment, cultivate and unfold their human potential. The good leader is a person who can handle great mental complexity such as guard against tunnel vision, inhibitory assumptions, blind spots and arrogance, and not being able to respond with timely care. Generosity is also a trait that should be emphasized (generous with inspiration, encouragement and support, feedback, appreciation, and importance as well as commitment to others success). Courageous and bold, including the courage to show their own vulnerability and fragility. Humility should not be forgotten (don't think you are SO important, don't believe it is so much about yourself and dare to doubt), and ask for help. And, of course, promote a partnership that leads to a meaningful and inspiring purpose. The good leader must also take the lead in the process of fostering an environment of resilience (high degree of flexibility and adaptability in relation to, for example, stakeholders, the market and especially emergence - as well as the capacity to regenerate energy and resources after pressure, strain and vibration and thus secure the balance). And above all, see the organization as a natural part of - and thus not isolated and detached from the evolutionary process of pushing humanity forward toward better life.
29777339listens. I learned this the hard way. Five years ago I took over a small team. It was very clear what some of the challenges were on the team (I learned about them during the interview process), so I set out to make some improvements right away. About a month into my time with the team, a few of them invited me to a meeting with them and HR. Over the course of an hour, they shared their concerns with me about how I was doing. They were not pleased with my approach. The strongest theme from their feedback came across loud and clear: i had not yet earned their trust. While the changes I sought to make may have been the right ones, my biggest mistake was that I did not spend enough time getting to know them, listening to their concerns and wants, and instead I just went full steam ahead. They had no reason to trust me and my care for them, because I didn’t show care for them! This experience was hard, but an invaluable learning experience and I am proud to say I haven’t made that same mistake since.
31007367-actively works for everyone's perspective to be heard and respected. They do not have an inherent assumption that their position as leader makes them any better than those around them. They recognize the fact that diversity of thought and approach is what makes a team strong, and they leave space for people to actually deploy those different strategies and perspectives.
32467409-first, can hardly be characterized as good unambiguously. “Good” is already a judgment. A leader is a person others follow at their own discretion. They follow his example and aspire to similar results in life.
33897463- builds a strong team around them that they trust. A good leader creates a shared visions, communicates regularly and empowers their team to achieve that vision. A good leader tunes into each person, learning about each person's interests, needs and motivations and creates opportunities for individuals to work according to their strengths, providing regular feedback, encouragement and recognition. A good leader has courageous conversations, including acknowledging their own mistakes and weaknesses.
33917473-is first of all a great human being, who is in constant learning process about himself/herself, others and the business. Someone becomes a great leader through various life experiences and through a lot of self-work. Great leadership is not random, is a result of a deep self-work. Great leaders are able to respect and love themselves, give compassion to themselves, therefore they do not need others to strengthen their egos and confidence. They can give to others, what they naturally give to themselves. Great leaders are able to hold together seemingly opposite phenomenon: they are nice and rigorous, they are supportive and requiring a lot, they are funny and serious, they are simple, humble and sophisticated and complex.
39627576is someone that brings their whole selves to work and makes sure that work is a safe place for their team members to do the same. A good leader seeks to understand what each team member needs and adjusts their style or offering to meet those needs. I love leading, I really do. I like inspiring my team and I love being inspired by them - I never stop learning. Nothing gives me more satisfaction than knowing that, under my leadership, my team are performing better, are happier, more engaged and are genuinely greater than the sum of their parts. I have seen this recently with the development of our new human resources strategy. I formed a small team of eager participants from diverse backgrounds, I gave them the tools they needed and then I got out of the way - the work they produced over the course of a couple of weeks was nothing short of magic - it was just so much better than anything I could have done on my own.
42977627-shows up as a whole person, has drive and determination, sees actionable possibilities in complex situations, and mobilizes others through principled values to work for a collective purpose and better future
43147629-Takes care of themselves and strives to create a positive, 'resonant' relationship with those whom they lead. They recognize the significance of the relationship between him or herself and those they are leading. They work to create and sustain a compelling vision for their group or organization. At times, a good leader may also need to be a good follower. One additional thought: some situations may call for leaders we might not consider ‘good’ in less volatile times. E.g., I think Churchill might not have been considered a ‘good’ leader in positions before WWII.
43517639-is able to navigate complexity with a level of objectivity to self, shapes themselves to the needs and styles of others not the other way around, illuminates confusion rather than contributing to it. A good leader speaks to the best of us, and helps the worst of us grow.
44437648- understands they have a deep responsibility and privilege to shape the lives of those they lead while also shaping the ecosystem in which they all co-exist
45047656-draws a big blank space without limitations, stays out of the box and lets his/her followers paint and draw their dreams freely. Then gets into that colorful world created by them like a soul and brings it to life.
45257660-has to continually learn and grow through humility and constant inquiry within and outside their organisation/system. They have to have the courage of their convictions and take calculated risks and experiment and learn through the results of that action. They have to be compassionately communicative, be present when they are with others. They also get good support for themselves and have a life outside of work
45707670- thinks and cares very deeply about large systemic and time horizons, can see the sightline between her/his actions and this large system/time horizon and therefore weights up both everyday and strategic actions & decisions around people/resources/decisions within this large canvas. She/he is conscious in everyday interactions to be kind and humane to the people around her/him as she knows the power of her/his position magnifies her/him impact whether it be harmful or good.
46957699-…is difficult to define given subjectivity. Leadership and it being ‘good’ is a construct judged through the eye of the beholder with a continuum of assets: traits, skills, mindsets, behaviours, that one person may think is good, and others not so. Despite possessing whatever ones defines as the definition of a good leader, one still may not apply those assets in alignment with others values, beliefs etc and hence difficult to define.
47667703-is a strategist who sees what others don’t and takes her organization to a new level. A leader who is followed by others. She unites people, knows how to challenge the status quo and is not afraid of taking unpopular decisions which will lead to success in the end. She can recognize her mistakes, she encourages others to take smart risks and look for solutions.
47907708... is a good leader when the task is done and the people say 'we did it ourselves'. Quote I saved years ago. Can't quite recall every single word but this is the gist of it. Encouraging/clearing the way for a self-sustaining empowered system.
45357718is a metaphor for my subjective view of the world, based upon my experiences, family or origin, culture, etc. A good leader is a bad leader. A bad leader is a good leader. I have a found that a good leader in this world is one that comes from within, like a guiding spirit, that you just simply must follow. What I have found ironic is that even a bad leader has a good leader within.
48967728- is a consciously evolved, discerning, considered individual who recognises his/her place in the context and what that makes possible for him/her and therefore engages with it for the betterment for all/for the greater good, not just as he/she sees is, but also taking into account the perspectives of a wide cross section of his / her followers/society.
49417734-Takes other people's ideas into account. cultivates creativity. has great people skills. enjoys being around other people. can leverage talent. builds a team that grows into something exciting. Is humble. Can create magic. sees opportunities and goes for them and invirtes other people to create those opportunities. is bold and takes risks and cares about humanity. facgtors in personal life and realizes that work isn't the only part of life. Respects others and makes people feel like they can do it. advocates.
49967742mmm which theory of leadership are we working in says my brain ... a good leader LEADS ... whatever that means or requires in the context and that includes, as a good friend agonised many years ago, that good leadership will be found in both "good" and "bad" contexts
50067746is comfortable living in paradoxes and complexity, acts with the system in mind, and above all, values their humanity (embraces own and others' strengths and flaws, is consciously inclusive etc)
51847766- builds and shares a vision with their team and then supports, encourages, pushes, evolves, persists, compromises, evolves, rethinks, refines, removes barriers, adds challenges and above all listens. I have learned over time that there is no one right way to be a good leader but there is one thing that all good leaders have and that is trust. People take risks to become better versions of themselves when they trust their leader. With trust comes communication, collaboration and vulnerability. Good leaders aren't perfect people, but they are great at bringing out the best in others.
52207768- facilitates and connects me to the organisation's purpose and team's priorities; see's and values my strengths; enables my development and learning and is open and transparent with me including having conversations about how things are going; has my back, supports and champions me and the team with others... is capable of managing up, across and with clients so our work has the greatest possible impact
53167788-Oh, it’s such a well-worn word, I am not sure who or what it is. If I replace it with ‘one who leads’, then he should obviously believe in what he’s doing and where he’s leading. At the same time he should stay tethered to reality, be able to recognize mistakes, accept and plan changes. Believe in his people as much (and sometimes more) as they believe in him.