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10446612-Makes people dream about something, desire something. It's like a dream maestro, where the whole orchestra is playing a different dream, chasing it's true sound. And they all play a beautiful melody together.
12506708is someone who leads through a multi-dimensional approach (i.e. head, heart and guts), is self-aware and a GREAT leader is someone who shifts the way we think, see and engage with the world either through their questions, new technologies or ways of bringing groups of people together.
38907563A huge question. A good leader is first focused on the vision/mission/outcomes they want the organization to achieve, and then brings their own behavior into alignment when those outcomes. Since we are all imperfect, growing humans, this means working on themselves, as we all must. This also means selecting and growing people in the enterprise who can help achieve the mission. A good leader is constantly balancing the hard business results with the need to steward people and the organization to be able to achieve those results. Most performance shortcomings are a function of ability, not motivation. And, if motivation is a problem, I first look to see if there is alignment on the goals, current state and actions.