Sentence Stem Query Details

Entry IDGLP #Answers
1436102that I didn't eat breakfast.
1516107for refugees.......
2906212sometimes but soon get over it.
3046224for lottery winners.
3136232for anyone who needs universal credit to work for them.
3486267for people who work for my former boss.
3796292for special needs individuals.
3816294more than I should.
4076318not sure.
4086319for the homeless
4376345that I didn't know my father better.
4476346for people who are sick or handicapped
4936363for all the old people left behind by the society in former communist countries !
5806393for the disadvantaged.
7436472abandon animals
7616483for my daughters who never met their grandparents
7626484for the hope-less
10206597-for the children at the US border being separated from their parents and cannot ignore them.
10826625that my Dad is not around to see my children grow up.
11526660for those having a bad day
11716671for myself sometimes.
11726672-for those that are helpless.
11826678-for those with true disabilities.
11936686-when I run into dumb people.
12726720- for the individuals I sent to fill out the 360 evaluations.
12736721- for my wife and kids sometimes since dad is gone (a lot).
14186785-that my mother never got to meet my children.
14486800- when I see sick children in hospitals.
14566805for 2nd and 3rd generation unemployed.
15036831for my children if they miss out on doing something they enjoy.
15626850for children who don't have potable water.
15726856for homeless people
16486885for those who can't help themselves.
16916906- for my best friend having to leave the company very recently.
16926907very occasionally
17106915-for homeless animals
17196919-a lot of the time
17716946Everytime I need to travel and leave my wife and daughter behind
18246974-for people who are allergic to dogs.
18986988-once in a while.
19277009For daughter.
19297011-for homeless people.
21197088-for people who have little in life
21457095for disabled people-
21477096-for the government employees who were expected to work without pay during the ridiculous government shutdown.
21607107- that I did not really know my father.
22507136-for old people and babies
22797143-for anyone who has only gone on vacation to Disney World.
23617169-for the fans of the German national soccer team, considering how disgracefully the team gave away their chances in the 2018 World Cup.
25067207for people who are sick or in bad physical shape.
27197267-when animals are hurt or abused
27387274-for people on the street
28247298-I am in a hotel tonight and not home
31357378for the poor
31627383- for those who are overwhelmed and paralysed with mental illness.
33237439- for nothing.
34757493-for not much
36077517-very ofter
36887526-to have lost my parents
39867578- for moonbears
40097581-people who have any form of mental illness. It is a terrible disease.
41527604-for myself occasionally
43327633for victim's of natural disasters
46717690-that my relationship with my sister is not better.
49017729-for anyone who doesn't have a home
50277749- for the people who have suffered hurt and loss in the 2019 bushfires.