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766035for people who lose hope.
796038for the state the world is in today
816040when I hear stories of tragedy or suffering on the part of human beings or animals.
846043when I see that people upset, especially if I made them upset.
856044for those who are struggling in their daily lives.
916050for joyless people.
946053when I know i could have done better or that my actions have hurt someone.
996058for people who are enduring emotional or physical pain.
1126071if I can't do more.
1136072for young children who do not have a solid support structure in place at home.
1166075for anyone or anything in pain.
1216080when I let people down
1226081when I learn about bad things happening
1236082for people who have fallen through the cracks
1246083when I have treated someone in an unfair manner.
1266085for people who do not have support around them
1276086... when I wound someone unintentionally
1316090when I think I have hurt someone.
1536109when i get wrong about others
1606116for people who feel alone
1636119for the bugs that I kill.
1716127that yet another of my colleagues has dies of cancer at a relatively young age.
1776133when I have hurt somebody.
1796135when I unintentionally upset someone.
1836137when I do something disrespectful.
1946143If I misunderstand you.
1976144for anyone (or anything) suffering.
2006147for all the pain and suffering in the world.
2116149... that the world of politics is such a mess. Very disappointing.
2296162When I hurt people
2366169for lonley people, and ill people
2396172if I someone deficiency do
2436176for those less fortunate.
2536184for people that cant find happiness.
2546185when someone is sick or in pain
2566186when I realise I have not behaved as well as I should.
2586188for those less fortunate than myself
2646193for those who have not had the good luck I have had.
2696198... when I lost my patience.
2706199when people are getting hurt or treated in a bad way
2786203When I feel like I could have tried or done better.
2806204when I've hurt someone
2956217when someone else is hurting.
2966218for families that aren't as lucky as mine is, we have a very good life
2986219when someone feel uncomfortable because of me.
3016221rarely but when I do it leaves a real impression
3036223People and animals in need.
3146233When I hurt people's feelings
3156234when i hurt someone
3256244for those less fortunate.
3296248for those that have a limited world view.
3336252for sick children and animals.
3426261when I offended somebody
3496268when I say things I later regret.
3566274when I can not help.
3576275when I see elderly people without family support.
3586276when kids are abused.
3596277when I let someone down.
3626279for those who have lost loved ones too early or tragically.
3636280thinking about the people I disappointed
3686284for people who are unhappy.
3826295for abused children.
3836296I bring some trouble to others.
3856298for neglected children.
3876300But that's just the way that cookie crumbled, and milk is spilt now so walk it off Princess.
3906303those less fortunate.
3936306for people who aren't as lucky as me, i have a wonderful wife, 2 fit and healthy girls and my own health.
3956308for violence and non respect others.
4116322when I feel like I don't meet someone's expectations.
4156326the less fortunate people in the world.
4236334about some of my words and deeds
4326343when I witness or become part of something unfair
4776357if i upset people.
4816359when I disappoint my team
4826360for ignorant people!
4836361for people who feel sorry for themselves. Life's too short.
4896362when I am not able to help someone.
4946364for people who fail and give up.
4966365those who have not had the opportunity to travel.
4976366for people in any pain.
5016368that I have offended those close to me with my actions.
5876399when I treat others unfairly
5996405when I see part of the world being misled by ill-intentioned organisations, people
6236417when i cant help others
6286421when others are hurt, particularly animals.
6306422about the state of the world we live in.
6466427if I let people down.
6576433When i don t performe at my best
6796445when I upset someone
6866450for people who have lost those close to them.
7226458for our youth
7256461that I wasted so much time on useless things.
7276463when I can't say I tried my best.
7376467when people suffer. In school, we see all human life and some people have it hard.
7566480when I cannot help someone more with issues
7596482for people who are less fortunate then myself.
7966503when I hurt people's feelings.
8226515-when I hurt someone's feelings.
8246517when I wasn't able to help someone be successful.
8656532-for those who are less fortunate than myself
8846541-when I hear others are suffering with health issues
8866542when people get hit by a strocke of fate
8896544- if I hurt someone's feelings.
9096549-when I hurt someone in a discussion
9146552-about many mistakes I made.
9346562-when I don't get to treat others right
9356563-I don't speak English
9366564-the political moment we are living in Spain
9526571...and I have a big smile in this very moment.
9676576- for my sister (and her friends family) who informed me this morning that her friend has just committed suicide.
9726577- for the genuinely disadvantaged.
9776581-I didn't react sooner
10116593when I “hurt” somebody.
10346602-that I often failed to persist in financial negotiations and would not get a fair pay
10356603-about wasted time.
10366604-in the mornings after I had one too many.
10376605-about certain actions in my life.
10426610-when I cannot help my close ones.
10456613- For people who struggle
10536616-for people who don't have children. They are missing so much.
10716621- for those who are less fortunate then myself.
10766623-when I realize I hurt somebody unintentionally.
10836626for the less fortunate
10876628when I make a mistake.
10956631-This is my fault. There's more I can do to make up for my mistakes.
10986633-when I see physical or mentally ILL people
11046635when I see people who have not had the privilege, opportunities, love, and support that I have had in my life.
11126639-when I've hurt other people
11186643- when I see a kid with tears in its eyes.
11296649when I make mistakes.
11426655when I fail or disappoint someone
11496658when i have hurt another person.
11556661- if I cause inconveniences or problems to others
11606664- when I hurt others
11696669-for those less fortunate than I.
11736673-for those who make excuses and blame others for their shortcomings.
11786675if i could not help
11816677for children who are brought into the world without a safe, loving family.
11866682-for the impoverished
11926685-for the people who require physical help from strangers.
12106696- for kids without parents that love them.
12366699-for those who are going through difficult times.
12386701-for people less fortunate than I
12496707for those less fortunate than myself
12536711-for people who do not have HOPE in their lives.
12626714- for this planet
12636715-for victims of abuse in whatever form
12686717For any hurt I’ve caused.
12716719-when I disappoint other people or let them down.
12836727-for those who are disadvantaged.
12896732I feel sorry for those who are incapable of helping themselves.
12976735- about the environment and the damage humans have inflicted on our planet
13006738for people who have no family in their life.
13036741then I assign my bad mood to others
13166749- about war and crime
13226751- for children suffering.
13296753-when someone is suffering through me
13376757- For not being able to help everyone to be better     
13426762- for people around the world who are less fortunate than me
13816772-for people that have been dealt a tough hand.
14006780- for people who are not as fortunate as I am.
14106783- for the state in which we are leaving this world and this planet to the future generations
14226788-for children living in poverty or horrible, unthinkable living situations.
14246790-for abused children
14256791when I let people down
14276792-for those who are less privileged than me
14286793-About not being braver sometimes
14356795-for those who are suffering.
14496801-for poor and really sick people, escpecially children.
14576806for the loss of a simplified way of life pre-internet and mobile phones
14596808- if I don't meet the expectations
14626810-for abused animals.
14636811-when things don't work out
14656813For victims of radical behavior
14716815- when bad things happen to good people
14726816-when someone suffers a misfortune.
14866819-for people who are hurting.
14876820- and scared by the state of things under the current government administration.
14956823for people who are less fortunate that myself in that they don't have access to clean water, food, education, etc.
14996827-for hurting people
15006828-for people going through hardship.
15016829- for people that have a terminal illness at a young age.
15106835-for people who are unwilling to learn from their mistakes.
15416841- when people struggle with life.
15506843- about what we are doing to our environment.
15576846- for the homeless and less fortunate
15666853-what i have done caused pain to someone which they did not deserve
15706854-when I hurt people's feelings.
15936862- for the people who are not happy, for whatever reason. This affects all people of different backgrounds.
16016866-when I hurt someone's feelings unintentionally.
16146870- when people are struggling with something.
16366880-if i hurt somebody
16506887-for children in broken homes.
16706895for a lady I know. Her daughter, 5 years old, is treated for a cancer. It seems that they may be able to save her. That being said, she suffers a lot and ask everyday to her parents to help her. They can't do anything. Everyday, they look at their daughter who is in depression because of to much physical pain.
16736897... for people who have true tragedy in their lives.
16756899-for children without families.
16776900for anyone that has to put up with my humour.
16786901- when I see someone in any kind of distress specially a child or an elderly person
16806903when I hurt somebody`s feeling.
16966911-when I'm away from my children, or when I put too much burden on my husband.
17046913when I hurt others, at work or in family or with friends.
17186918for those who are being left out
17276921- for the losses of the people involved in the mass shooting this weekend.
17386925-when I hurt someone's feelings.
17416927- for anyone who has had major issues or disadvantages in life
17596938-when someone shares that something I said or did caused harm.
17796948-I didn't do more to help people
17816950-for people who are genuinely struggling with mental health issues in the workplace.
17836951-for the occasions I had a bad temper
17866953-for those who have not experienced other places and cultures.
18066961- for individuals that do not know of God's love.
18156968- for people who are unhappy and feel like victims.
18326977-for some of my past mistakes which may have hurt family and/or friends.
18376979- for the children that grow up in broken homes.
18676980-for those less fortunate.
18696981-for those less fortunate
19116998-for rich people.
19197002-for people who struggle with anxiety and depression.
19217004for those that are disadvantaged in life
19227005-when I see elderly men/women struggling.
19267008-when I blow people off.
19287010for children who have to live in a car because their parents either don't have a job or cannot afford to live in a place that provides shelter.
19317012When I see people suffering and hurting because of a disaster or violence.
19517013for children without good homes
19707015- when I've hurt someone's feelings
19737016- for those less fortunate
19747017- for people suffering
19867027-for lonely people.
20047030- for not being attentive enough sometimes and hurting somebodies deep feelings.
20067032-when I made someone feel bad/sad
20117037-for anyone going through a tough situation.
20197041- for people that face challenges in their lives.
20217043when I don't try my best.
20277046-for others who always want it their way.
20397054for people who are not given equal opportunity in this society.
20437056-when I hurt someone's feelings
20477057when those around me suffer.
20517061-for those who aren't self aware.
20547064-for animals that I can not adopt and take care of.
20577066when I'm powerless
20727067- for people that are in bad situations that are hard to get out of.
20737068-when I misunderstand or make a mistake.
20747069- for any of the things I have done over the years to hurt others. Some things were simply because I was scared if I didn't make fun of them, they'd make fun of me. Some things I simply went with the crowd when I should have stood up. I wish I could talk to the younger me and say "Be strong, they won't matter. Don't hurt someone else b/c you are afraid.".
20777071initially when I make a mistake.
20787072-for animals that are mistreated by ignorant people.
20797073-when I fail my family or friends.
20807074for people who don't have anyone to lean on.
20937081when children have to suffer from bad decisions made by adults.
21117085-when I can't help someone in the way they need.
21237090-for those who did not grew up in warm and caring family environment
21347093-for helpless or not loved children
21427094for global warming and poverty in 3rd world countries.
21487097- that I did not believe
21497098- that I sometimes make gross mistakes about people
21547102- when I show emotions in my work.
21577104- when my efforts are in vain
21907123when I hurt people I love with my actions or words
22047126-when people are hurting.
22207131-for kids who's parents don't take care of them
22267132-that I have hurt the people I love along the way in life with my words and my actions.
22767141-when I have hurt someone's feelings
22747142-for people that don’t have anyone
22977151for the state we are leaving the world in for our future generations
23107153- that I lose my temper
23097161... when I disappoint people.
23387164- for people who cannot laugh.
23477166- when I go to bed and eat late.
23607168-for people that are hurting and unhappy.
24197181.. for those that are disadvantaged in the world.
24207182- when I feel I haven't made a strong enough effort to do/be better.
24797197When I'm not working as hard as my team members are.
24827198and regretful when I know I haven't done the right thing...
24917203- when someone else is hurting.
25087208when i don't express my care well.
25177211-sometimes, but try not to have regrets.
25267212for people who don't have love in their lives-
25817225-for being not patient
25807226when I hurn someone unknowingly.
25827227- when I have done something that has been harmful to others.
26387240-for the people I've had to fire or let go over the years...
26597251- for myself when I repeat mistakes.
26677255-when I hurt people.
26707257- if I hurt someone
26767258-for mistakes that I've made.
26797259-when I unintentionally hurt others
26657260- when I need to said NO
26937263- for any pain I have caused others.
27177266- when I hurt someone.
27207268-for those who don't have the opportunities that I have had.
27257269-when I unintentionally hurt someone.
27287270-For animals that are not Loved.
27547278-that there are people in this world who are not as fortunate, content and as happy as I am. I feel very blessed.
27697282for those less fortunate than me
27797286- if those close to me are in trouble
27887288- when I can't protect my people
27937291when I realize the dire state we have left the planet in.
28067293-for individuals that feel like they have no hope.
28077294for the helpless people that crosses my path - and politicians.
28357301-for families who have loved ones suffering from a terminal illness.
28387302-for old people who cant get around on their own.
28497306-when I fail my Team.
28547310-for children that don’t have parents who love them deeply..
28467311when I cannot solve a problem of a friend.
28797316that I didn't work harder in college.
28807317for pessimists.
29597330- for those who suffer.
29647334-when I can't help
29677335-when I think to people I lost
29697336-those who are less fortunate
30037343for people who remain stuck
30057344- for people that settles with their situation.
30087345- when I understand that I have hurt someone because of my direct way of saying things
30107346-for people who have incurred significant tragedy or loss in life.
30397353-for those who have no hope.
30437356when I hurt someone's feelings
30887364- when I see people who have suffered a family tragedy
30907366- for people struggling with long term chronic illnesses, or anyone who is managing any form of pain.
31107370when I hurt someone's feelings.
31227374- when I unintentionally hurt someone.
31737385for those people that don't have a happy personal or family life.
31807386for the inequalities in society
31817387for people who never try anything new.
31847390when people give up!
31877393who don't have hope.
32237403when I let others down due to a lack of time.
32267406-for not helping my dad more while he is alive.
32487410-when a Calamity has happened and it cannot be righted
32597420when I make someone feel excluded.
33097434- for less fortunate people.
33117436-for people that are alone and for those who are seriously ill
33227438- for the unwilling.
30267443when people talks behind my back
33567448for those who live a life of hardship.
33627451-that our political discourse is broken.
33677454-for those who don't have a life.
33927464- when I get things wrong.
34007468For people who do not get the same opportunities that I had.
34167475-for the way we treat some of our associates
34467483- most of the time. It's a flaw.
34567486for toxic people.
34677489if I hurt someone's feelings.
34877495- for people that don't have a support network
35117502that there are people in our society who get vitimised
35287506- for those not in a good marriage
35417508-when I can't do everything I want to do.
36127518- when I fail
36867525- for those less fortunate.
37067529-for basically everything.
37297532when I make mistakes that hurt others.
37387534-if I ever say something that offends or upsets someone
37457536- for people who feel sorry for themselves.
37967539-when I can't help something get better.
38107542-that we live in a world with so much hate.
38117543that I didn't stand up for Becky Cullers in 6th grade when people made fun of her hair.
38137544- when I am not able to help everyone that asks or needs help.
38177545-for people who have gone through traumatic situations
38547549-for those who are limited by their health
38657555-for the planet and the way we take it for granted
38687556for people who haven't had the same opportunities to learn, travel and take on new tasks like I have.
38767559For those who do not want to help themselves
38917562is usually the right thing to say after having tried and failed.
39117566- for the homeless and the less fortunate.
39247571- if I hurt someone.
39677577when I hurt someone's feelings
39967579when I cause others to hurt.
39987580-whenever there is injustice
40157582-people dealing with illness and not having hope.
40227584-for people who hurt/hurting.
40247585- for anyone that did not have good parenting to provide them with a good moral foundation and work ethic.
40437586-for the people that have lost a loved one unexpectedly.
40637589I have very few reasons why I feel sorry at work
40657590- for people who are lonely.
40737591-for the way we treat the planet
40807592- for whomever has to evaluate these sentences, as they do not make any sense to me.
40917594when my kids are disappointed with their friends.
41057596-for people for struggle in life
41087597-for those who are too lazy to help themselves.
41847609-for people that feel lonely and isolated.
41777612- I feel sorry for those that don’t appear to be as fortunate as others.
42187614-Which is a necessary feeling to correlate.
42237616for those who are less fortunate
42287618- with empathy when someone needs support or down on their luck
42627621-when I have created hurt.
43017625-for people with difficult upbringings.
43207630when I do not achieve what is expecting from me...
43287632... when I unintentionally cause folks to feel worse about themselves.
43337634-that I am not a very caring person.
43457636- about intolerance in a team, a company and in the world
45017654-for people when they are upset.
45517666when I loose a thing that I can’t replace it
45947673-when I have hurt someone I like
46277676-for anyone who is having a hard time in life.
46467682-when I do or say things that hurt people's feelings.
46577686- if there is no way I can help
46767692- just before I remember that stories are not true.
47017695for too many things than I care to think about.-
47057697just want to be left alone and will act quite and withdrawn
48127715-when I do something wrong or hurt someone's feelings.
49147730for my dog, Digby! He needs a playmate to keep him happy!
49377732-for those that are less fortunate than me.
49727737for people who don't want to change during their lives.
49837738-for children in bad situations.
49917741- for people who are struggling or going through hard times.
50877756For people that were never had the opportunities that I did.
51577762when I have reasons for this
51627763for people who feel isolated and alone.
52127767-when I've said something that hurts others
52307769-for people who are homeless and when I upset my wife.
52837776-for anyone I have ever hurt.
52947778if I over react and take it out on others
53187790-but I would prefer not to feel it.
53237792-for people who feel stuck.
53537795- for people who are alone in life