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Entry IDGLP #Answers
1026061for not knowing how to respond to the needs of others in past relationships: my crushes, my ex-wife, a long-term roommate, etc.
1306089that significant individual efforts which may be characterised as 'good' ultimately amount to very little or nothing in the grand scheme of things (noting that the same also applies to 'bad', destructive acts)
1726128When I make logical and critical business decisions that negatively impact the lives of others. In particular, closing of programs, eliminating positions that are no longer relevant and staff that can not succeed regardless of support. Anytime I tale a way someone ability to work, regardless of how well justified, I ruminate about the impact. I feel sorry, when I let my staff down
2186155for people that don't get the chances they need to do a job they love doing, I consider myself extremely lucky to be working in an industry I feel completely passionate about and try to empower people around me to find their passions in what they're doing too.
2726201for the animals who share our world and who are suffering severe decline due to our slow mobilisation for environmental sustainability but I work hard on driving this agenda into all the leadership roles I have held.
3346253for people who don't get opportunities or the support to fufill their potential
3746287lately for those suffering from addiction, especially heroin, because they cannot see their way clear of their situation despite all the help that is available, if they could only get the courage to take the first step.
4336344I don't feel sorry about many things. I wish my personal development had not cost me my marriage, but I think it's part of what I needed in order to grow, and I don't feel sorry about that.
8266518That other people are doing jobs which they don't love. As a child I dreamt of making a car, it was all I ever wanted to do. Once this ambition was realised, I understood the pleasure was not in the delivery of the product but in the decision making involved in the role, in the challenges faced and in the engagement of others.
8746536- for those who are held back by their beliefs and assumptions that there are limits and walls and barriers (when there are not), and especially for those who are held back by actual limits and walls and barriers that are established and maintained by others, and I want to contribute to resolving that for the good of all.
10446612-For people who are totally stuck. I feel sorry for myself when I am totally stuck and can't change a harmful behaviour for myself. I feel sorry for weakness. In a sympathetic way.
11416654-that I feel so impotent right now. I am not at my best when I am this vulnerable. I feel sorry that I'm looking into other opportunities because I don't think that I can achieve what I need to achieve in my current role. I feel sorry that I didn't spend enough time with my dog Guinness during his last month's alive; instead I spent time at work and that time feels like it accomplished nothing.
11856681-in any situation in which another person feels that I have harmed them--even thought I believe that we are all ultimately of our own design and under our own control, it is never my intent to do that which is perceived as harm.
12506708for the limited thinking that keeps world-systems in place that keep some communities across the global in conditions where they can barely survive and live on meager resources while elevating the waste and excessiveness in other regions of the world (that not only creates polarity in wealth) more so in life experience and life quality.
13106746-well, really it’s remorse, when I act in ways that aren’t aligned with my values and commitments and the result brings suffering to others. Sometime I feel remorse for the actions of groups that I’m a part of or systems that I’m embedded in – realizing that although I might have a small part to play, it’s still a part, and I can define (to some extant) the limits of my part.
15236838- for people when they confide that they are frustrated or sad about aspects of their life. Many people can't or won't make the changes that are so clear to me, but so obscure or difficult to them. I really believe you can change your life in the next minute.
15636851for people facing challenges in life that seem insurmountable. I feel for sorry for me at times when I get lost in the narrative that I'm not living into my purpose fully or making the impact I want to make in the world. I feel sorry for the world which seems to want so many common things and yet seems to be moving further away from those things at the same time.
17586937-when I fall back on old, tired patterns of behavior, even when I realize I'm doing it in the moment!
18316976for people who have a very narrow perspective on the world and the society we are living in, from this perspective they are afraid of many things, which they transform in hate or ignorance.
18866985Because there is discrimination and inequity in the world, because not all of us have access to all the resources available on the planet. i feel sorry because we are destroying the planet and we, humans, will cause our own extinction if we don't wake up and change our ways. I feel sorry for the victims of violence of any kind and for children brought up by ignorant people, because there is a great chance they will end up the same.
20337048for those who don't try, who feel less valued and have low expectation on what they can accomplish and are afraid of their best self.
21567109-for people that cannot feel empathy or enjoy the simple things in life. Sometimes its not about the big fancy vacation or outing but rather the quiet simple events and being silly.
23417165- When persons can't find peace and are driven by their torments.
24147176-for the way i have managed my team during my previous job. During that time I was member of the board of directors and leading a team of 5 managers. One day they read a letter to me in which they told me that they felt insecure with me. Insecure for their job and insecure to share their ideas and thoughts with me. At the same time they wanted to continue with the team and wanted me heading the team. They greatly appreciated my ideas, enthusiasm and inspiration but felt at the same time my attitude intimidating and dominant. They stopped sharing their ideas with me because I always knew better. The felt insecure as the felt I was more connected to the board then to them. This was shock for me! This was exactly not what I wanted to be! But I had no single signal picked up, no idea what was going on. We decided to embark on team coaching and after a few sessions we were able to re establish faith in each other. We came out as a very strong team enforced by mutual understanding and respect. I know that there are many roads to the same goal, but why does it always has to be mine? Why haven't I noticed that I was loosing the connection with my team, the guys that were actually doing the work? Without them I am nowhere! Why did I not realize that??? The fact that I did wrong is clear to me, what I want to understand is why did I act as I did. What is there in my personality, how can I learn not only realizing I should stop doing things and start doing things differently but also actually do so!
25357214...all the time. I try not to feel sorry for myself, but for the situations of others, and the position that this world finds itself in. I grapple with other people who lack insight into themselves. But when I'm feeling sorry for myself, I try to reframe or transform it into understand they 'why' behind it, and seeking advice from others or experiences which can challenge and change the 'why'.
26167236hard question. I don't think I like the phrase "I feel sorry . . . " In order for anything - including myself - to grow or thrive - we need to start with the ground that we are on. So, if this is how it is then what would I like to see and how can we move toward it? I don't like lots of things in the world: racism, sexism, poverty and Donald Trump. I like even less when I discover these things within myself.
30487357when I fail to give others the benefit of the doubt about the frames explaining their behavior. Particularly when I 'vent' about poor behavior of our 'constituents' in the presence of my team. I feel like it's my job to model a more charitable view.
31567382for individuals that do not cope well or struggle with change and transformation and are alienated instead of picked up and made to understand how the new position benefits them and how they may contribute and feel engaged in the process
32787423- I can’t live several parallel lives in the shoes of totally different people and I still have not been able to discover myself to the full and find my calling.
33967466- that I betrayed myself when a child, that I could not defend myself and live by my wishes and my smarts, go my own way. Returning to self took several decades unfortunately – it is only happening now. It’s a shame that losing oneself required just a couple of years, while the way back is taking decades. I understand I had no choice, but it’s still a shame. I hope I don’t pass it to my children, I will help them be themselves.
38907563When I've hurt someone, either intentionally or inadvertently. I try to tune into them and hear their pain or loss. I also feel sorry for people I've never met who suffer or are dealing with adversity. Their suffering also affects me. This is a drawback of my heightened sense of empathy.
44417669I let you down. It did not go as I expected. We fool ourselves because we do assume we do not have control about most of things. However, aleatory and unpredictable events happen all the time beyond our control. The only thing under my control is the way I am right now with you, taking in account our accumulated relationship and level of connection and affection developed over time.
46547683- sometimes that I made certain choices or took certain steps, but they led me to the current awareness, so I cannot claim they were wrong
46957699-…for those who have suffered through things outside of their control and have seemingly been ‘dealt a difficult hand’, which may not one day turn out to be a positive influence on their life. While happiness is relative, suffering is not always pleasant.
48067712...when I have been dismissive of someone's word, thought, or deed. When I move fast and don't let others contribute, it's bad because I miss out, but it's worse because I don't value the potential contribution, and don't show that I value the person giving it. Those are the moments I regret. (I started by typing "...when I see others' pain and feel for the predicament," but that's more about when I feel empathy than when I feel sorry.)
45357718for those things that I think are vulnerable, helpless or powerless, but this is limited by my own experiences, which tell me everything, but nothing. So, I proceed within to better understand what is above. I see my own vulnerability, powerlessness and helplessness. My sorrow fades away with the nothingness of my own limited experiences and views, and I see myself in everything I felt sorrow for. I then feel connected, there is no sorrow. There is unity, a sense of communion, a sense of purpose and meaning in that which I had felt sorrow for. And it is in this moment and in this place that I extend my hand to help us both.
49967742... I find myself wanting to attach a "for" to that sentence. genuinely and deeply for things that are lost without consent; where protection should be and is not; where thought or care are not taken ...
50907757for those who fail to see the potential and opportunity that life's riches have to offer; for those who see only problems and barriers but never have the will, drive and energy to change. I feel sorry that those in positions of power in the world who are unable to adapt in the face data that proves we need to change... and do it now.
51707764- (as in the word "sorry") has the power to create spaces for vulnerability, self-reflection, and healing
51847766- many times and for many people. My heart is tender and it hurts with empathy. Yet I shield it to make tough decisions and to keep from always showing my emotions. I feel sorry for people going through loss or illness, for parents struggling with children, for associates struggling with the demands of work and life.
53317793- when I see people failing to fulfil their potential, due to a lack of willingness to participate and learn and collaborate in new and challenging situations - when I observe unfair, and unreasonable behaviour and a lack consideration for others - when I see situations being misrepresented due to the distortion of facts