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756034a story that we tell ourselves and others that says something about our own values and desires.
1026061a path to using one's abilities to mutually satisfy one's passion and other's needs, and provide for a quality life (security, happiness, beauty, meaningfulness).
1306089a life long journey, or an irrelevant paradigm...
1426101is a good motivator for someone who learns to set and achieve goals. At some point in life it became completely meaningless to me, as it is a status game which destructs people from a real inner development.
1486104a means of self-expression growth, self-actualization and a mechanism through which one enters the paradox of being more independent and connected to a wider community. It is one of the ways one can leave a meaningful impact on society and the countless human beings with which they interact day in and day out.
1536109something like a caterpillar transforming into butterfly, you can not, and should not limit yourself to think big and grow by your hard working and the sense to focus on the big moment in your career which can bring so much difference to you. wake up and grasp the opportunity .
1716127a complex life path that should be built around the intersection of what you love, what you're good at, and what you might earn money to do.
2726201a fulfilling and rewarding element of most peoples lives and along with having someone to love and something to hope for provides, for me, a cornerstone of my happiness.
2776202a path in life where though professional rolese get many opportunities to discover and cultivate our strength and bring them to shine, and to discover traits which we learn to change as we realise they are not helpful. The opportunity to have a job is always an opportunity to contribute to a greater cause, to bring in your ideas and shape the direction every day a little bit. To me career is not reaching the ultimate President role. It is about growing my qualities, letting go of unwanted ones and becoming a better person every day. Therefor a "career" can take place in every part of life and is not connected only to "Corporate Careers".
3106230A career is different things to different people. For some it’s self defining and without it they are lost because it’s so deeply tied into their identity. For Others, it’s a means to and end. It’s more along the lines of work. I work to live, not live to work.
3216240when you personally look back and are satisfied with the path you went, the things you achieved and the memories you left. A career is not only valid for business but also for personal life, therefore the success of a career should primarily be measured and judged by the person itself in terms of satisfaction with the achievements.
3236242best understood in two ways - externally as outside successes, positions and titles, and internally - as fulfillment of one's potential. Both are important, neither should overshadow other aspects of one's life, at least for most people. Both will be imperfect and unfinished for most of us - just at different levels. While a career is an important part of who we are it does not define us.
3286247A somewhat odd concept when viewed in the way I have typically thought of it. I now find it odd to think that doing the same thing (with progression) from the age of 20 to 60+ would be the best way of staying engaged
3696285... an important part of life's experiences. Something that provides breadth & opportunities to see & do things you wouldn't otherwise get, a way of continually learning. It's also something that both helps you have and sometimes gets in the way of home, family & relationships.
3746287not necessarily something that I was planning to do when I graduated high school. My idea of a career was as a good Mom and wife. However my economic situation changed and I began college in my 30's and have had a very successful career since I became a physician assistant at 38. The patients whose lives I have intermingled with over the years have made me a more empathic and compassionate provider and a better individual because of these experiences.
4036314an aspect of self-actualization in society, however there are many alternatives to such actualization, including some people who don't have a need for self-actualization at all
4186329only part of life's rich tapestry and although an important element it needs to run in parallel with home and friends in order to create a truly harmonious and functional whole.
4276338just a means to more important ends. I was once very preoccupied with career when i realised that it was not me who was interested in it, it was just me trying to deposit my anxiety.
4486347development; conscious or accidental progress along one’s professional path in the direction we can call a ‘goal’ or a ‘calling’
5536387...a journey that can be richly rewarding and satisfying when there is support for following your own 'drum' or passion; it can be realized through a spiraling series of stepping stones or through a more linear progression of development; and, it is perhaps most meaningful when the person feels 'well used' in service of something greater.
5716390one that allows a person to have fulfilled life and make contribution to the organisations he has served. a journey of aligning one's dream, competence, character and values. a test of one's fortitude and will power to be the best he could be.
6156413something you do that inspires you, that allows you to grow and develop, that allows you to create meaning and purpose, that your work and self identity can be one
6486429a collection of fortunate events which you can influence through your own abilities and drive. Demostrating flexibility and delivery help you to ensure success though there will be hurdles, either of your own creation or others, that need to be overcome.
7426471intended to be part of a life well-lived. Ideally, it should reward our soul, but in different ways for different people and at different times in our lives -- sometimes through the things it gives us (power, money, time); sometimes through the practice of craft, mastery, or creativity; sometimes through relationship and collaboration.
8016506a word that is hardly part of my vocabulary and that is - in my experience - primarily determined by coincidence and destiny, rather than by personal ambition.
8746536- finding what you are passionate about and what gives you deep satisfaction and fulfillment and joy, and getting paid appropriately for it so that you can sustain a balanced life of happiness.
9326560becoming less distinct from our day to day lives. It used to be the metaphorical ladder you climbed, the structured route from job to job but I believe it's more about the life choices you make and how you merge your work and personal lives to improve yourself and those around you.
9546573-one where a person is able to align one's personality, motivation and competency to reach high performance, one which leads to the next level of learning, commensurate with fair rewards, gives one a sense of meaning and fulfillment, one which gives options that allows for worklife balance, one that allows a person not only to give to the organisation, but to society as well.
10056591-just another instance in a learning process that never ends. It is an important step, but not the only one, in the training or career of any professional. It is an instance where knowledge is acquired, behaviors are formed and habits are shaped that can then be applied in the professional field.
10336601-let's put it like this, reaching a certain level in a profession or business, respect of peers, experience of successes and failures - all this provides an opportunity to tackle more interesting and challenging tasks. However, people often overshoot their level in terms of competences or interest and end up at a higher level choking with responsibility or losing inspiration because they have to organize and control others more than engage in their profession. Or people believe in order, rules and pragmatism, and bungle large-scale projects where a set of rules is not enough, and an out-of-the-box solution is required, etc. It's great if you understand why you are doing it (objectives may change along the way - first you wanted to make a million, now you want to rule the Universe; first you wanted a career at a bank, now it can go to blazes, you dream of directing films or social entrepreneurship) - giving back to society, getting rich, a Nobel prize, being asked for an autograph in the street, influencing political processes.
10446612-A way of bringing a dream into reality. It's magic. It's the material to work on our higher or spiritual selves. It's the river bed.
10496615- a far too boring way to describe exploring your passions while making ends meet, or a far too neutral way to describe pissing away your life on the altar of making ends meet.
10546617-A career is less important to me than a sense of calling and being able to pursue jobs that progressively challenge me and use the best of who I am and what I bring to the table to contribute to society.
11146641- a combination reflection of a person's talents, passion and aspiration. A career is not just a job, it has more significant impact on a person,the people around and the world. Therefore, it deserves every single person to seek and chasing for a meaningful,colorful and joyful career.
11916684DUMMY TEXT
12016691-a way of tapping one’s opportunities which harmonizes one’s internal development with such external manifestations as increased responsibility and expanded scope of action.
12506708an opportunity individually, with a team and systems of people to shift the way people and engage new technologies; a career is far from what it used to be in terms of traditional competencies and job paths - to learning, leadership and life experiences in which someone is using their skills and their life knowledge to work within an org. or create their own...
13106746-much much more than how some people talk about it. It’s lifework. It’s what you do with your time on the planet and how you show up for yourself and others. It’s the impact you have over the lifespan and it goes beyond intent. It’s what you participate in and what you abstain from. It’s how you work through self, others, organizations, and sytems.
14986826-Ok I have a contrarian perspective that makes me stand out on career days but I do NOT subscribe to the common, overly stated belief that a career is the thing you love doing the most - if that were the case there would be too many unsuccessful starving artists and not enough doctors and lawyers. That is Polly-annish. It should not be something you hate either. It is a compromise that you can live with and that enables everything else in your life (hopefully you do not identify only through your career, some do and while I admire that I feel sorry for them too).
15236838- a path. It's a quest for meaning. It's a series of explorations - some forays are dead ends, some are disappointing and yet one will open the next door. I really believe it is part of personal evolution and self discovery and so it cannot therefore be meticulously planned. Why should it? You have to be ready for the amazing door that might be open briefly in the corner of your eye that you may miss if you're hunched over your spreadsheet with endless rows of life goals.
15266839-your chosen profession that you get so much fulfillment out of that it becomes fully integrated into your way of life and identity.
15716855-one of the most important things to me. Although I may have sacrificed much time and energy with my family because of my career, it's the one thing that I've done all on my own that gives me a constant sense of self-worth.
15946863a backbone to a life, it gives meaning and expression and opportunities to achieve. It's also a pain in the arse.
16256876- whatever you devote your life to, whether conscious or unconscious. I suspect that some might be surprised to discover what their career actually is -- and it often can be unrelated to your employment.
17486933- something that adds purpose and meaning to a life, or it least it has the potential to do so. It has the danger of becoming a box that someone lives inside, too, so it is important to periodically check out the confines of that box. Is the career one is in still worthy of giving one's life force to it or is some type of change a better thing?
17586937-an unfolding set of expected and unexpected experiences that sometimes can feel piercingly meaningful and on occasion, what's the point. For me, reconnecting to wholehearted purpose is always what has enabled my career to take the shape that it has.
17666943Something to give a person purpose and drive, a reason to get out of bed in the morning and to keep stretching and pushing yourself, a measure of success and a means to unlock and open more opportunities for yourself and others - both in work and at home.
18806983usually unfolding as life unfolds and opportunities emerge. For some people, it's the manifestation of an early dream or intention. I see many people being anxious about what their career will be and I usually recommend them to just follow the thread of their interests and to trust that it will then naturally happen.
18866985Something people feel is important and gives life meaning. An then, people evolve, their awareness expands and they realize that meaning comes from within. I no longer think in terms of careers, jobs, revenues and things like this. For me, a career that has meaning is that which lets me fulfill my mission.
19046993-a set of experiences that make you more useful for future experiences because of the successes and mistakes that you have lived, as well as because of the numerous human relationships that you have had to manage. In short, it is the value of knowledge and experience.
20207042built over time, in collaboration with others, and on a foundation of a lot of mistakes, from which learning takes place; I am glad I was not promoted more quickly - even though I tried to be - because I would not have been ready for challenges which I think I am now able to meet.
20337048extension and product of my life goals and accomplishments. My career is more than a job, its a constant reminder of how when you put in work and do what you love to do each day the result is happiness.
21127086at its best when it is an extension of our dreams and desires. To do what we love and love what we do is perhaps the greatest professional dream that we can all achieve. I know people who have little in terms of material goods and wealth, but live happy and fulfilled lives because their career gives them joy. Similarly, I know people who are very affluent and, by many societal perceptions, are successful, yet they are not ever satisfied. It is in our best intentions and individuals to place happiness over material wealth whenever reasonably possible, and to use that decision structure to guide us towards a career path that will give us satisfaction.
21147087-aligning your strengths, passions, purpose. This may shift as you shift in your life. A job is transactional. A career ought to seek a greater purpose and aligns with your self identify.
23217157-a marathon, not a sprint - the transition from role to role should be a stretch, but not so great as to cause harm/risk to the individual. A career is such a monumental portion of a person life, its immensely important and should be planned meticulously and really taken seriously - A career is the owners responsibility and no anyone elses. A career can happen to you - so sometimes, its just a case of being in the right place at the right time and being prepared for what is thrown at you!
23607168-a life-long mission. It is serving in the capacity that brings you purpose and hopefully joy. It is the daily activity you've chosen to focus on, provide for your living expenses, and should be what you are most passionate about and can do each day with energy and a thirst for growth and making the world a better place.
25357214...but one path in life, to achieve dreams, earn money, learn about oneself and the world, etc. It means something to me, but despite my seniority in my role, I see it as a journey that's supporting me in a path to 'realising' or 'becoming' myself - and a way for me to contribute to the world.
26167236for some it is increased steps towards a goal. In that context, it has never seemed like it had anything to do with me. I have been a teacher, an artist and administrative support. Whatever I do is what I believe is right for me at the time given the constraints of the world within which we live. I notice that for others there are lots of particular roles, goals and dollar signs attached. For me, it is what do I want to be doing now?
26397239-an important part of how I define my life and my contributions to society. I don't buy into the notion that work and home life have to be entirely distinct or separate, and I am motivated by the concept of building a career that mirrors the values I carry outside of work.
26407241-something we have invented, that brings not much good to the world. I believe in growth and mutuality. Carreer focus often tend to strengthen the competition paradigm we live in, and we desperately need to trancend to the next level - the value focused, co-creational paradigm. And I am excited to ba a catalyst for that to happen.
26457243a long quest that should not be taken alone, it's best navigated with trusted advisers who know your strengths and blind spots, it also is best navigated with self-awareness: willingness to take on new challenges and openness to admitting mistakes.
24877271- an evolving state of how you spend your "working" time, with the ideal goal that over time it starts to feel less and less like "work."
27787287something we often describe as a series of linked, increasingly senior, jobs built up over a period of time however I think a career is less important than striving to gain as many different experiences inside and outside of work that grow you as an individual and allow you to progress.
28597313- a dynamic, emerging "thing" that continues to evolve over the course of my life time in response to what is being asked of me or to which I am being called at a given period of my life and it requires that I stay present, open, flexible and learning in order to meet what is emerging.
29777339a journey. It’s many moments, experiences and aspects of an identity coming together. For example, I am a designer. But this career of mine exists because of my time as a waitress, teacher, history major, design student, wife, daughter, etc. All these parts of me come together to form my career. And I believe my career will continue to evolve over time as a compilation of my experiences and the growth of my abilities.
30107346-part of an individuals legacy and helps create the sense of fulfillment and drive during our active lives. It is also something that you can perform well at while providing a level of joy and feeling of working towards accomplishments.
30247351built through learning, listening, building experience, taking some risks and uncompromising delivery. Career sits at the intersection of: what I love, what I'm good at and what someone will pay me for. Through the past several years, I have been trying to move from a career focus towards a purpose focus which in the intersection of those aspects, PLUS it allows me to contribute to a better world.
32207401-more than a vocation. A career isn't one job, one discipline, or one skill set. It is guided by values, driven by discipline, and shaped by the very nature of a person. Hard to think of Gandhi's career as a job, no?
32347408-An evolution and, in equal parts, an accident. Quirks of fate mean it can change course very quickly and can rarely be curated.
32467409- either a natural professional development path or compensation for childhood traumas through achievements. It depends. 
33337445... different for everybody. For some, being supervisor in a factory is an incredible career. During a part of our live, we fix stretched goals and achieve them. I was happy with my CIO role of a FTSE 5 as with my New York marathon. Both were difficult and nicely done. But I keep in mind that, when I will have eighties, close to death, my career will be vanity. At that time, I will be concerned whit my true legacy, with my children and wife, with my friends.
33917473-a journey of growth in someone's professional life. It is more about growing one's capability and experiencing how someone can always learn something new or even old, but many different nuances. For me a career is not about hopping from one level to another level, but rather about the richness of experience, of gaining new perspectives, enriching our personal realities and experiencing how we can always surprise ourselves by outgrowing our imagined limitations of who we can become. A career is just a mean of evolving ourselves and contributing to the lives of others from various roles, with various knowledge and capabilities. A career implies also a mental, emotional, personal and probably many other types of change.
34957498- a journey plenty of challenges, learnings, accomplishments and failures, where one growths in every single dimension of life (at least a good carreer) while paves the road for other to buid their own ones.
37387534-something that is fluid over time, that sites within one's personal life but does not need to occur at the expense of other interests
37557537-a development path from a fresh, ambitious and energetic start to a desired retirement whose goal is to find more and more alignment between the work you do and your purpose and values.
38907563A means for contributing to the world, finding a way to "add value" in some way that is meaningful, important, and allows you to take care of yourself and others. A career has two parts, the service you do for others balanced by the need to also take care of yourself.
42567619-important - it used to be my identity as an actress - now I am learning to appreciate me as me.
42977627-for me has been an unfolding process of paying attention to how I can best bring my gifts and energy to remunerative, life-enhancing activities where I can continue to learn, grow and contribute my creative efforts
43517639-a component of your life, and ideally gives you more than it takes. At times I try, particularly when things feel challenging and I question what I am doing, to remind myself that it's also an enabler of joy outside of my workplace.
43867643- just part of your life, it's fun and rewarding but don't let it be the only thing you are, you also need to be a person without the title, this can be much harder to figure out and discover than your job, I'm still trying my best to figure this out myself.
45257660-one part of life. It is an opportunity to make a difference in a bigger span of influence than just within one's immediate family and to hone one's strengths and talents. It can also be too seductive and take up the lion's share of life and energy. I have met too many career driven people who regret they have become disconnected from their families and or that their families get what little energy they have left at the end of the day. I have a times in my life been guilty of that too and still struggle to get the balance right.
44417669developed over time in any area of knowledge, responsibility or profession with a good combination of past experience, action learning of new content and capabilities, increasing challenges, and successful results. It can provide a sense of identity, security and belonging in the community and society for most kind of people, not for all of them. Other prefers not being bound in a career and seek others ways of keep a living. Anyone is free to choose his/her own way of living and being in this world.
47267700-not a straight line... or one thing even. It's a windy path through which you collect experience and skills and mindsets and constantly step-back and consider where the newly acquired and combined arsenal can be joyous to implement, where it can add value. You may have an idea (or ideas) of where you want your career to go towards, but it's so much easier to identify your purpose and what's meaningful to you than to predict exactly what job that will land you in the future--best to keep playing and growing and adding value while leveraging your whole self.
48397720a fundamental part of who I am. I define myself by my career above all else.
49417734-a place to grow. to make meaning. to help others. to have security for oneself. To rise. to develop into a version of yourself that can shine. a demanding opportunity but can be really amazing too. self devcelopment, altruism, achievement, a place to have a positive impact on others. make the world better.
49457736a succession of roles with some elements of stretch growth and learning at every step, articulated in a way that enable a progression toward having increasing impact and letting a meaningful legacy.
49967742i prefer vocation ... a deeply held sense of self and purpose. Career seems a more intense, narrower and focussed construct - useful to drive accomplishment but perhaps not satisfaction by that definition
50067746part means to survival, part avenue to support other priorities and passions, part vehicle for self expression and part connection/contribution to the world - every body values each part differently and it shapes their approach to work.
50307751- a strange word now I think about it! Historically I've thought it to be how you spend your time, growing in complexity, doing something someone pays you for. The arc of a career I feel reflects the stage of mind of each person - initially for power, then some change to want to make a difference. At this point the money influence becomes less relevant too. I have felt this myself.
50857754a journey and a blessing in light of the rewards for my sense of self actualization, my ability to provide for my family and to help create opportunities for others.
50907757an opportunity to quench the thirst and make a difference, and do something that can make a change. A career is no longer a ladder that provides vertical transition but more so a portfolio of opportunities. A lattice is a much better descriptor.
51367761-a self-realization that inspires me to continuously explore people, oneself and life in general, and also develops me as a person.
51847766- a long journey and there are many times that you adjust your direction and pace. You take side journeys that show you something that leads you in different directions. You slow down to manage family and life, and speed up to grasp new opportunities. It is only one part of your life, but most of the time you spend more time in that role than any other that you play. I have always told my sons that I work because I love what I do and that I get to learn and grow while helping others do the same; not because I have to. I want them to know that finding something you love to do is important and to keep growing into what ever that is for them.