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Sentence Stem Query Details

Entry IDGLP #Answers
736032I had more energy.
806039I lived closer to a grocery store.
826041I could sleep in.
856044I had less worries.
896048I could contribute more to my community/society
976056people were kinder to each other.
986057I put more time an engergy into making the world a better place for everyone.
1056064my be loved grandma is still alive
1076066I could get a full 8 hours of sleep and feel more rested.
1516107I had children
1536109i can live in another country, just for a new experience. could be fun, i think.
1636119I had human children of my own and a long-lived marriage.
1706126I could live part time in Montana.
1716127I would win the mega lottery so that I could start a foundation called "The Davinci Group" to bring together wise people to solve truly terrible world problems.
1756131the world would be a better place for all the people not only for a view.
1886140those negative influences in the world/ office could be squashed permanently.
2166154my boss had a higher action logic than I do.
2266159I have not married and have child.
2346167there would be more global peace, so I could be sure my kids can enjoy there life in a secure environment. I remember my easy life as a child, and I would like my kids to have that same joy!
2356168I could live in an other country.
2416174I had a better voice
2426175I had had more children.
2536184i could help more people.
2546185my kids were further along with their careers
2676196that I could pass on my good fortune to others.
2696198... my mom would still be alive.
2826206I were born an upper middle class male.
3016221I could relax
3256244we focused more on people.
3436262We could do more for creating a better world
3446263I lived closer to my extended family and good friends.
3476266cell phones were never created.
3576275I lived closer to my family.
3676283I can have a second opportunity to make things even better.
3766289I was better at being handy around the house.
3896302everyone was moving in the same direction and outcome within our company.
4046315spend more time with my mother
4286339I had no worries in life
4816359World is much more tolerant
5896401Sometimes I wish that I was born earlier.
6236417the world is in peace and complete harmony.
6266419I had more energy.
6346423the company I currently work for had the same company car policy as the one I worked for before.
6536430all know an love Jesus our Lord and Savior
6806446I lived in America
7036452I was able to do more
7076453there would be less suffering in the world.
7566480I could know what God's full plan is in my life
7816494I could see my family more
7906498needed less sleep
8106510....I was in Zell am See (Austria) skiing with my wife and dog (not literally skiing with the dog!)
8156512my close family lives close by.
8386523- I was living in a country where the weather is warmer.
8596531the humankind would raise to the next level faster than it seems.
9246554- life could be more fun and that the horrors we see our loved ones go through didn't happen.
9346562-life was more relaxed
9366564-I could win the lottery and have a lot of money. I dream of what I'd do with it.
10496615- people I love would see themselves as I see them.
10826625I lived closer to family and friends.
11116638- life was fair
11126639-i could slow down a bit
11296649I could have it all.
11466657I lived in a warmer climate.
11636666-we lived in California.
11726672-things were different.
11996689-I could scrap it all and scram [the country].
12636715-we treated the planet better given the damage we are doing to our environment.
12686717There were no mobile phones or email.
13046742-people would be finding way to do task, but not a reason why task is nonsense
13126747I would have gotten married and had kids at an earlier age.
13226751- people did not have to escape their countries.
13296753-that I did not do something better
13346754-I lived in California
13376757- Everything would be very easy
14046781-climate change was not a reality.
14396797social media had not been invented.
14566805We'd had a 4th child.
14716815- I didn't have to jump though so many hoops
14936822-things will turn out as well as they possibly can.
15106835-I could be more direct when needed.
15236838- I had brothers and sisters
15616849- the tough stuff was easier.
15626850I could have a bigger, more significant impact on preventable diseases.
15666853-i took more risks in life
16016866-I was laying on a beach in the sun.
16096869- I had known my grandparents as an adult.
16336879- lived at the beach all year round.
16366880we can transform the world to make it better for all
16476884I could see my brother again
16626890I was a really organized person.
16946909-life would just slow down.
17386925-I could be more musically inclined.
17816950-I had not first got married at 21
17876954- some problems were subject to easier solutions.
17956958-I could live on a beach
18116965-making money would come easier
18166969- My brain was working a bit slower (that I am not so aware of anything/any feeling)
18676980-I spoke more eloquently.
19026991-hard work did always equal results
19096996-I could retire and travel.
19197002-I could do more to help people.
19247006- money didn't make the world go 'round.
19277009Could eat anything I want at any time that I want.
19737016- I could take a break
20067032-I live at the see side
20217043-people didn't suffer as much as they do.
20387053I could do that again!
20487058education was as big a deal in our society as sports.
20537063- human people care more about nature.
20567065- That our good actions and / or our good decisions have a greater impact on people, in our areas of work and in the lives of others
20917080- I cared less about my job
21197088-I married my girlfriend already
21207089I could be a successful writer leaving in the South of France, near the sea.
21497098- I could afford to sleep for 20 hours.
21547102- I would do nothing.
21557103- I could spend some time alone in my alpine house :).
21727118- I could do stupid things.
21747120- I were more courageous, slim and colorful.
22267132-I could spend more time helping people because my heart is so full of joy when I help people.
22717139I was smarter, healthier, more interesting etc.
22837146- I sail to an Island with friends&family.
23177156my twin brother had the same luck as i had
25077206there could truly be world peace!
26017231-I was famous.
26107233- I had more children.
26707257- to get more slots of happiness
28587312people were not allowed to be politicians after their 45
29097323-more people had the same drive and determination I do.
29107328-we could all feel whole and complete.
29597330- the purpose of these questions was clearer to me.
29857340I could do more
30487357I had a better memory!
31107370weekends were more than 2 days!
31217373-My dad would ask me what I did and give me some praise for my success.
31857391People were more logical.
32207401-there were less suffering in the world.
32327407I could clone myself.
32547416-I lived in the woods
32557417-I became a god and fixed the world.
32637422...I could talk to my sister again as she is no longer with us...
32867429- I would go to a bar
32907432-I could care less.
33267440-I had had children.
34167475-I manage my emotions better
34227478I was sitting by a pool in the sunshine listening to a podcast.
34247479- I could play the drums. Just never seem to get around to it!!!!!
34757493- things could be a bit easier
34767494I could adopt more animals who need a good home.
34877495- i could change an environment
35447510-a new technology can be found to resolve the air quality issue of our country.
36127518- I could help more my colleagues
36627522slavery and guns never existed.
37197530- my wife was natively speaking the same language as I.
38017540London was sunnier than Rome!
38177545-I was more sociable
37497547-I had the ability to talk with my Dad
38587550-people wouldn't gossip and spread false rumors.
36717557Everyone was interested in being healthy through fitness and nutrition.
38767559- I lived in the woods of Alaska.
38357569I am a multi-millionaire and can retire to a beach now.
39357572- I am a better orator.
40247585- everyone had my work ethic.
40917594some people would not see ghosts and my kids would spend more time with me.
41207599- people in my country did follow the rules more often.
43017625-I could retire soon. 🙂
43497638- I was satisfied
44607650-I was not so shy
45017654-I could give my family more.
45107658-There was a cure for politics.
45947673-I could have a stronger impact on the World
46347677-how to meditate.
46207678...I could let everything go.
46557684- I were at the seaside at a good hotel with a good book and in a good company.
46577686- I took a pause
47017695life wasn't so complicated.
48127715-I was more bold.
48467721-I had a drink with my friends.
49837738-work politics didn't exist.
50117744-people would more frequently see things the way I do.
50177745I came from a smaller family
50277749- I could get a good nights sleep.
52127767-I could sleep 7 hours straight through
52497772-I could speak another language.
52917775- I listen more to my
52837776-I could be wealthier, thinner and more good looking.
53107782-I knew weird things like varieties of wine.  
53127784-I broke rules. 
53137785-I performed in a theater or were a rock star. 
53157787-I could find myself by an ocean or a sea at sunset whenever I wish.