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Entry IDGLP #Answers
766035i fail to speak up.
896048i'm not attetive to my family
906049I hurt somebody.
916050I ignore people in genuine need.
926051I am not honest with someone.
1016060I know I am doing something I shouldn't be.
1156074I see something that isn't right
1166075I think poorly of someone.
1186077I don't speak up when I should
1226081I do not stick to a healthy lifestyle
1236082I pass by someone begging without giving them money.
1256084I don’t review the previous week, work that needs to be accomplish the following week.
1336092I feel that I have hurt someone else.
1386097I have let others down
1536109i am doing something hurting someone's interest.
1576113I am unkind.
1586114I do something dishonest.
1596115I forget to do something I said I was going to do.
1606116I procrastinate
1636119I think I might have hurt someone or done something wrong.
1666122if I am late on a project or due date.
1686124I don't deliver on what I promised.
1766132believe that I have let someone down
1886140I feel I have not given proper time to my family.
1946143I did not help others when they need.
2006147I hurt someone's feelings.
2106148I hurt people's feelings
2156153If I see something wrong that needs to be put right.
2196156I may have done something wrong or offensive.
2256158I overreacted.
2276160I try to enjoy live.
2296162Have too little sincere attention for someone
2396172in dishonesty, injustice
2406173I don't speak the (entire) truth.
2446177I feel I've let others down
2476180I hurt someone.
2486181I suppress my voice.
2546185I have let someone else down.
2616190I see the misery of the world.
2646193I hurt someone's feelings.
2656194I sin.
2806204i hide something that shouldn't be hidden
2826206I cause harm to someone.
2886210work diminishes family time.
2926214I hurt someone's feelings
2956217something I've done negatively impacts someone else.
2966218I let people down, either friends or co-workers
3096229if I don't keep in touch with my mom.
3206239I am not trustworthy
3246243if I let people down.
3266245I hurt other peoples' feelings.
3336252I do something I know is wrong.
3346253I do or say something wrong.
3366255I know I did something wrong.
3426261when I offended somebody
3456264I don't support my team enough
3536272I say something bad to someone that hurts his/her feelings.
3576275I feel like I am not always available to assist my children.
3596277I make bad choices.
3796292I say something out of anger.
3826295I hurt someone's feelings.
3876300I treat others with a lack of respect.
3956308I don´t do what I think is the right thing to do.
4036314I renege on my promise
4046315I don't do what I can do.
4066317I'm not being truthful.
4086319when I do something I know was wrong.
4096320If I have not given a task my all and I mailed it in
4136324I make a decision that has a negative impact on someone else.
4306341...I've upset someone.
4376345I think that I have let somebody down.
4476346I do something I know was wrong
4776357I haven't done what I had promised to do.
4836361I've done something which I know deep down is wrong.
4936363NOT IF .... BUT every time I realize that I do not help my mom or extended family more .
4986367I have not had enough time for my family
5836395I am not thinking well of people
5896401My conscience bothers me if there is an indifference to human suffering.
5966403i say i will do something and then i don’t
6076410I get angry for no reason that really deserves it
6306422I do stuff that are not right by God.
6376425I have hurt anyone, failed anyone
6796445I have not done what I said I would
6806446I am lazy or eat too much
7036452I didn’t treat someone properly
7376467others get hurt by what I say or do
7386468I wronged someone.
7626484I ignore the poor.
7646486i hurt someone's feelings.
7666488I have not followed through on something I said I would do.
7796493I have maid the wrong conclusion.
7816494I take some time off or if I take vacation.
7856497I wish that I'd done something differently.
7986504I let myself or my family down.
8006505I did not tell the complete true.
8226515-I tell a white lie.
8246517I don't make the best decision.
8286520-I have been lazy or if I have hurt others.
8496529-if I cause someone to suffer.
8686534- I do not have time for my family.
8866542I can't stick to firm commitments
8876543I feel I made somebody feel bad or left out
9056548- did not do what I have promised.
9186553I know I said I would do something and I don't do it.
9276557-I forget to do something I have said I will do.
9326560I feel I've let someone else down.
9336561-I don't do what I know I have to do.
9346562-I don't treat others properly
9416567-I feel I am not spending enough time with segments of my life. (Family, friends, work, self, charity etc.).
9676576- I don't feel that I am spending enough time with my family.
9776581-I don't call a friend when he needs it
9786582-I lie, drink a lot and don't know what happened the night before
9826584- I am dishonest
10016588-I do things that are harmful to others.
10206597-I've done something wrong or if I've seen others do something I think is wrong.
10346602-I prefer the short cut to the right way
10366604-I do things considered immoral in my world.
10456613- I make others feel bad
10836626I am on the wrong side of an ethical decision
10886629- I haven't done what I think was the right thing for whatever reason
11116638- i exaggerate
11136640-I know I can help someone and I don't.
11186643- I spend too much time at work instead of playing with my kids.
11206645-I hurt someone else.
11286648-if I have a disagreement with someone and it escalates to the point where I raise my voice.
11296649I break a promise to someone.
11556661- I lie or talk bad about others
11846680- I know I did something wrong.
11996689-I chicken or insult someone for no reason.
12106696-when I neglect the ones I love.
12366699-I do something that I know is wrong.
12456705-I think I have let anyone down
12626714- I saw helpless people and animals and I did nothing to help
12726720- if I offend someone in some way.
12796725- it has a point.
12846728-I suspect I may be in the wrong.
12876731-I want to be impulsive
12966734if I have seriously stepped over the line.
13026740I have not done something I promised that I would
13036741I say hard or rough to somebody
13046742-I promissed and somebody did not what I promissed
13056743- I do something I should not....
13296753-if I did something bad and others have problems because of it
13376757-I have acted without telling the truth
13436763- if I don't do what I said I was going to do.
14096782- I can't hold on to what I have promised.
14196786I haven't made efforts to keep in contact with friends or family for a long time.
14216787I betray myself.
14346794- I am not honest
14356795-there has been some underhanded behaviour and a test of truth.
14566805I'm not being honest.
14626810-i disappoint my boss.
14716815- I'm behind
14926821I know I was wrong
14956823I am dishonest.
15116836-I think I may have upset someone
15416841- I feel I have disappointed someone.
15536844- don't give more time towards helping others.
15556845I rest too much.
15576846- I don't address things that bother me.
15846858I shoot before listening.
15926861- the voices get too loud
15946863it should.
15996865i feel i have failed
16146870- if i know i should have done something differently.
16156871I cannot find solution
16176872- I fail my family, not being there for them and not spending enough time with them.
16196873-I know I put myself first.
16236874-I don't say what I need to say
16506887-I do something I know is not right.
16646892-I made a very bad decision.
16756899-I have been untruthful.
16776900I let others down.
16806903I didn`t do anything I had promised.
16906905- I cannot keep my word if I promise something
16946909-do something i know is wrong.
16966911-I am away from my children, or not a good wife.
17106915-do something that I know is not right
17116916-I have an unfinished task and it impacts others
17186918-don't do what I promise
17386925-I do something the wrong way and it forces me to go back to fix it.
17556935I treat people poorly.
17716946I have to fire someone during organization restructures.
17786947- I haven't done what I promised to do.
17796948-I waste time
17816950-I have not got something finished that I knew was needed.
17866953-I think I wronged someone.
17876954- I cause waste - time, energy, food, resources. If I hurt feelings of others.
17896956-don't help someone, when I easily could.
18066961- I do not resolve a conflict with someone.
18106964-I spend to little time with my wife and children
18116965-do not work hard enough
18126966- people can get hurt. When I am lying
18146967- I haven't done something I said I would do
18166969-I forget to do something I promised
18216973if I prioritize my work over the needs of my family
18316976I am not being honest.
18696981-I do or say something unreasonable.
18986988-I start to overthink about something.
19056994-I don't do things the way my morals dictate.
19086995-something isn't done right or feels unethical.
19096996-if i think that I may have done something wrong.
19106997-do something I am not comfortable with.
19166999-I feel that i truly let somebody down.
19207003-I do not complete a task or did it incorrectly.
19217004I've made somebody feel bad about themselves
19227005-I do something that I know I shouldn't have.
19257007-I don't talk through argument with my husband.
19287010one of my associates was hurt by words said at work.
19297011-I miss a deadline.
19317012If I say or do something that I know is wrong.
19517013i know i'm wrong
19747017- I have hurt somebody
19837024-I hurt someone's feelings.
19847025If I think I hurt anyone's feelings
20087034-someone is doing something they shouldn’t
20097035-I am unkind
20277046-when others are upset.
20337048I hurt someone.
20377052-I do not do what I said I would. -I spend time on my electronics gadget rather than with my family.
20397054I feel like I have broken a promise to someone.
20427055I am ever dishonest about something.
20517061-I am not truthful.
20547064-I am not kind to others at all times.
20567065- If I have any pending at work
20577066I haven't accomplished what I've planned
20737068-I know or see something is wrong and it should be fixed
20787072-i lie for any reason.
21017082-I cheat on a person.
21117085-it doesn't show up.
21197088-I don't get my work done
21207089I pay too much attention to it.
21237090I hurt people
21277091-regret my choice
21417095I promise something and I cannot fulfil it.
21477096-I can't complete tasks that I have promised to handle.
21487097- I did not act like a decent person
21547102- I hurt someone.
21587105- my actions hurt someone
21617108- I lied or I am doing something I don’t really know.
21667112- I hurt someone.
22047126-I feel that I have done something wrong.
22467135-My conscience bothers me if I think I am not able to reduce my weight as planned
22977151I haven't given my best to a task at hand
23107153- I said something, and it might have hurt someone's feelings.
23117154-I criticize someone
23197158-something is missed due to my negligence.
23387164- if I have to lay off people
23477166- I deceive people.
24177179I don't help others (humans or animals) in need.
24197181.. If I don’t speak up when I need to.
24217183- a lot more than it used to
24407186- I know something is happening that is wrong
24797197I'm dishonest.
24827198I think I've done the wrong thing....
24857200-I tell lies. If I hurt people.
25067207I have mistakenly hurt someone's feelings
25267212I have something to feel guilty about-
25597221I need to travel a lot for work where I know my sons dread it every time I'm not there.
26017231-I eat too many sugary treats.
25557249I've hurt another person.
26677255-I treat people poorly.
26827261- I have I have upset someone.
27047264I'm not spending enough quality time with my family.
27197267-then I must be questioning an action
27257269-I am dishonest or withholding.
27387274-I made a mistake
27447276I do anything as I feel quasi always guilty
27677281- I over indulge too much.
27697282I don't think I have done the right thing
27797286- I cannot follow through on my commitments
27937291I haven't told the whole truth.
28027324-No conscience per say. I don't live in phycological conversations. Water is wet rocks are have. The universe is the ultimate guru.
28187296if I do something I shouldnt
28357301-I have said something inappropriate or hurtful to someone.
28387302i did something wrong knowingly.
28477305- I knowingly do wrong.
28497306-I fail my Team.
28517308- I don't take the opportunities.
28527309-only i do something i shouldn't.
28547310-I did something wrong on purpose.
28587312if I hurt people's feelings
28797316someone is hurt over something I said.
29007319-I have done the wrong thing.
29017320I don't always listen to others around me.
29047321-I don't deliver results.
29057322-I'm too hard on my girls.
29187325-I let people down
29387329I've done something wrong or failed to do something right.
29677335-i'm trying to stay away from that feeling and i'm trying to never had to have conscience problems.
29767338-I second guess a decision or action.
29897341if I don't do what I know to be right.
28037342-I am dishonest.
30177349-I throw away plastic.
30397353-I let others down.
30897365I judge people.
31337377I say something I shouldn't have said
31357378I am withholding something
31627383- I've been under-charged something in a store.
31737385I make a decision and it ends up being the wrong decision.
31817387I talk about someone I care about.
31867392I pickup $20 on the ground.
31877393when I know I made a mistake about something.
31887394I am not honest.
32027398-I have not told the truth.
32047399-I am unkind to people.
32237403I feel like I might have let others down.
32267406-I know I did something wrong.
32327407my actions hurt someone I love.
32557417-it borders on my complexes. 
32567418-conscience does not bother me, since the level of my energy enables my consciousness to stay out of destructive fields.
32577419-I yell at someone who is dear
32817425-I hurt someone
32867429- I promise something and fail to do it.
33097434- I focus on the negative.
33107435- share my thoughts and opinions.
33117436-I am ashamed of myself
33267440-I don't talk to my father for a few days.
33347441- I have said or done something that I believe has hurt someone else's feelings.
33557447-do things that are not in line with my faith
33567448my actions or words hurt someone
33607449I treated some poorly.
33627451-I find myself on the side of something that my family disapproves of.
33677454-I forget something.
33687455- i don't treat someone well
33777457-don't help others who are in need.
33787458I think I have mistreated someone.
33927464- I've done something wrong or those around me have done something wrong.
34117471-I feel I've hurt or disappointed someone.
34147474I haven t done something I had promised.
34207476I can't pin down why I feel it needling me.
34247479- if I have acted wrongly or treated others badly.
34567486a lot. Thanks anxiety.
34547488My conscience bothers me if I bring garbage from elsewhere and throw it away in the private trash bin of another convenience store. My conscience bothers me sometimes if I don’t listen to my father.
34867496-I know I have done something wrong.
35207505- I don't spend enough time with my loved ones.
35287506- if I think I should have made a different call about a situation
35437509-I've broken an agreement.
35447510-something can’t comply with corporate rules and regulations, so, I will do my best to get it back on track.
36077517- I am think too much about it
36127518- I take wrong decisions
36647523-I do not speak up when something is wrong.
36867525- I forget to do something important.
36887526-I do something outside of my religion's teachings.
37967539-I fall behind.
38107542I know there is something not right
38177545-I did something that hurt my wife's feelings
37497547-I couldn't help someone or a situation as much as I think I could have.
38547549-don't follow it
38587550-I did not finish something that I should have.
38887561i am not following through on what i promised to do if i let people down
38917562I remember how self-centered I was during my time with my siblings at home, interacting little with them
38957564I know I haven't done the right thing/
39117566- an associate is unhappy being in the team.
39677577-I talk about others unkindly
39987580-I didn't give my 100%
40157582-they hurt someone else.
40437586-I don't do what I promised.
40657590- I take the easy way out.
40897593-i dont spend time with my kids or i have not done what i said i would
41057596-i hurt someone's feelings
41317601-I wrong someone.
41417603I leave an issue unresolved for too long.
41637606- I feel I am not good enough for my kids, parents, husband.
41807607-I am mean.
41787608-when I did something that hurt another person
42227615-I was not sincere with someone
42237616I say the wrong things
42287618- if I don't choose my works correctly and feeling guilt
42567619-I did something I should really not have done.
42657622- I feel like I have upset someone or I believe my family are not happy.
43327633If something goes left undone
43237635-when I do not follow my religious beliefs
43487637it goes too ahead of my feelings
44607650hurt someone's feeling
45017654-I've done something that I know is wrong.
45107658-I was not nice to someone.
45407662-I feel like I am not being truthful.
46477679- I'm not honest
46687688- I haven't worked hard enough on an assignment.
47037696- I haven't done what I said I would do.
47877707-I have treated a person ore a situation badly.
48087713-I see the defenseless hurt.
48397720I have let someone down.
48877727-if I did something I should have not done (is only very rarely the case)
49017729-I know I have done anything wrong
49147730I think unkind thoughts about others
49457736it makes me feel guilty for non-important things.
49727737I eat too much chocolate.
50177745I am letting people down
50277749-think that I have done the wrong thing by someone else.
50287750-I have something I need to complete
50837755If I don't give enough time to those I love, primarily my family
52127767-I have said something that hurts others
52207768- I haven't done something that I said I would do
52307769- I don't do good things which is very seldom as i believe I am good person.
52497772-I let someone down.
53087780-I don’t spend those evenings with my child when there is no objective need for me to stay longer at work
53107782- it keeps nagging 
53167788-I am not carried away by other thoughts
53187790-I have harmed someone.
53237792-I have offended someone.
53537795- i let people down