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Sentence Stem Query Details

Entry IDGLP #Answers
756034I'm out of integrity with myself-- if I've fallen down on my commitments to myself or others, or if I've made choices inconsistent with my values.
816040I have wronged someone, showed a lack of courtesy or respect, or failed to act in a manner reflective of the high values I hold for myself.
1026061how I appear to those closest to me doesn't match how I experience myself--am I then lying?
1046063I deviate too long from my inner meaning in life or if I become too indifferent with the needs of people around me.
1076066if I am out of integrity with myself and do not pay attend to the 'still small voice' within me.
1656121I know that I have let myself down - either against the values that I was brought up with or against the standards that I set for myself.
1876139I'm not doing what I'm supposed to in many aspects of life. So if I think or do thinks that I consider inappropriate, my conscience kicks in. Many times I don't agree with my thoughts, they are my ego.
1976144I'm living or acting outside of my rather well-defined set of values: 1) Committed to rationality and toughminded-optimism 2) Rooted in Nature 4) Self-governing and self-sufficient 5) Civil 6) Devoted to books 7) Respectful of science, critical thinking, and reason, which are the chief tools of human progress
2626191I have not been able to share my thoughts and been honest in any situation as I believe you really only regret the things you have not done
3106230I do what I morally think I should not do. If I do not do the good I know I should. Over the years I must say my conscience seems to have been seared and less bothers me than before. Perhaps it’s living less in a world of strict black and white but grey. Perhaps it’s an understanding of the beauty in imperfection. Perhaps it’s a shift in values.
3736286I have done something that would hurt others in some way, in reference to the internal norms and values I have in place.
4486347I steer away from addressing social issues, though I can help. If I act impatiently, talk irritably to a close one, for example, my Mom. If I spent a lot of time/money on myself. Actually, it doesn’t bother me too much now
5536387...my actions inadvertently hurt or cause harm to others, if I don't speak up when I could ally with others--and sometimes, when I act impulsively or am 'too' expressive--though this seems less like 'my conscience' and more like my shy or introverted self being momentarily uncomfortable.
5846396I speak badly about someone I care for behind their back. Although how I feel and what I say may be warranted, I carry this on my conscience. I see bad behaviour and don't speak up. I reacted badly in a situation and realised later it was uncalled for.
5866398I do something that is against my principles or where I am not strong enough to get up and lift my voice against unfair behaviour.
6256418I've done/not done or said something not in alignment with my personal values of respect and responsibility.
6656438I do something that goes against my moral code, if i have hurt or offended someone i love,
7356465I find somehow I have lost or weakened my integrity or the integrity of the group or project.
8016506I know the motivations for what I do are different from what I pretend them to be, I don't tell the complete truth to the ones who deserve this full truth, ...
8276519-I make a choice that compromises my core values. This may not happen often, because of the terrible effect it had on me. I learned this earlier in life, and have made better choices.
8916546-I know that I was quick to put somebody down in an argument to simply make my point.
9426568I betray my own principles, though I am aware that all my principles are subjective
10006587- I have not, or been perceived as not to have behaved and acted with absolute integrity
10106592If I choose to act selfishly when I could have chosen otherwise.
10296600- I have to take tough decision against a person who doesn't necessarily deserve it (lay off situation). So my conscience is imposing me to do extra effort to help this person facing this tough time in the less worst way as possible. If a person deserve tough decision, I have no problem as I consider I have done everything before to avoid ending up in this situation, so this is the person responsibility, not mine.
10446612-it joins forces with my critical and judging mind and they both really know what to pick to hurt me. My consciousness bothers me when it speaks too loud and by this effort it cannot be so wise.
10636620-a decision to be followed is fundamentally against my value. for instance, to make money through stealing -people do not speak out of problems due to fear of losing their positions or their faces. -a direction been pointed out by my manager or business partner is fundamentally not making sense ( logically)
10726622I am knowingly breaking a rule and am afraid of getting caught. It also bothers me if I hear or see people being mean to others and/or saying racist or disparaging remarks and I do nothing. My conscience is leading me to be less complicit.
12076694-I over advocated in a situation without inquiring into another persons perspective. If I walk away from a conversation not knowing their perspective, I will be disappointed in myself. This is a rare occurrence and I know when it does happen, my conscience will bother me until I take the time to inquire again with that person.
12836727-my actions or words are contray to my beliefs. I then need to seek to rectify to stay authentic to me.
13066744-I go beyond my 'belief system'; however, I am always better if i speak with someone who can show their different viewpoints and their belief system. Once that is finished, i reflect on both views and compare them to the situation: what would happen if I re-did the decision leading me to my conscience being bothered if I used a different viewpoint and belief system? How does that feeling change with the different approach?
13106746-I act in a way that is not in line with my commitments or values. Then I forgive myself and try again. Sometimes I feel remorse for things that have little to do with me, I’m not sure where that comes from, and it passes. Perhaps the boundaries of my self are more expansive than I realize.
13526764-I do something which directly contravenes who I am and what I stand for.
14646812-I am not acting in congruence with my values and how I want to live my life.. it is not a question of being "good" or "bad" it is a question of being truthful to my thoughts and beliefs about the world
14676814-not truthful. I don't tend to lie but many a times have had to withhold the whole truth in an effort to protect or not offend someone. I hate to be placed in those kind of compromising positions.
14986826-I dwell on things I have not done well. It can cnsume you if you let it but I think we all make mistakes and God forgives so we should give ourselves a break too. That's a lesson I try to keep in mind when I go down that rabbit hole.
16246875-I do things that I know are wrong or could hurt others. I do still do them every now and then, but my conscience is closely connected to my moral compass. I try to do what is morally right all of the time and if I hit most, then that's probably okay.
16276878I do thinks that I'm not proud of and I'm just doing them because it is the convenient or rewarding this to do.
16706895I just don't know what to answer. Each time I find something, I tell to myself, but this is a belief not the conscience. My sense of what is good or bad is helping me.
16796902I think/ do / say something that is not aligned with my values (compassion, gratitude, wisdom, courage). I can feel this lack of congruency within my own system and I feel the need to understand why I made such a decision, and can I course-correct if appropriate.
17266920- if i have done something which I feel did not align with my values, when i do not meet the standards of behavior I set myself, or when I feel i would have done more in an unjust circumstance
17806949-I waver from my beliefs and don't do the right thing in any situation. This does not happen often.
18186971-if I get in trouble with integrity. I think it is important to be able to explain everything (if necessary) openly to others.
18806983-I know I have been in denial and didn't 'own' my part in a situation. If I've manipulated people to believe I felt a certain way when deep inside, I know it's not quite how I feel...
18856984- I do not stand up for my beliefs. I find a clash of authenticity vs pleasing the world hard to accept sometimes.
19187001- I am instructed to do something that, even though I have presented the facts to confirm the opposite, I do not believe in. This has been very few and far between, but usually works out in the long run after we have to make an adjustment to the solution.
19247006- conflicts with what I am being told to do. I have to think of the best outcome that benefits the majority of people.
20157038I feel I have hurt others and they are not willing to speak with me about it. My conscience is bothered by silence and a lack of communication, because that speaks volumes to the hurt that a person I care about is feeling. Silence also illustrates that I am not trusted or welcome to participate in a relationship with that individual, and signals to me the reflection that I need to engage in before taking any additional action.
20197041- ethical boundaries are being stretched, being able to reflect back at the end of my career and knowing that I acted with integrity matters to me.
21147087-I am out of alignment with my moral and ethical compass, guidelines, values and my actions. This can be in simple actions, or in big ones. When my espoused values are out of line with the actions, it eats at me.
21817122-I intentionally do something that is not in line with my values. If I make an honest mistake, I try to learn from it but not beat myself up over it. However, if I feel that I should have known better or did know better and made the wrong choice then my conscience bothers me.
21907123I do or say something that is not aligned with my values. When I think that in order to get consensus or action I have sacrifized something that is close to my own values.
22127130-never. My conscience is a reminder, a guide, a teller of my truth.
24487190I think something is not right based on my life principles, and I find myself still wanting to do it, so it comes in handy to ensure I am adhering to what's right.
25417216I am pushed to act or make decisions outside of my sphere of morality; difficult decisions are fine, immoral decisions are not
25807226I experience injustice. It sometimes feels really big when I orientate to structural and social inequity because it is a wicked problem that requires a plural solution that involves us human beings collectively. I guess the evolution of consciousness starts with me first.
26107233- I feel I have not honored my values or I have hurt someone, which is likely embedded in my values.
26457243I misrepresent something, even accidentally, or feel I have let someone down; I feel strongly about maintaining my own integrity and perhaps at times set too high an ethical standard for myself.
26497244I see something that does not follow my very strong ethics and morals of always "doing the right thing", which will always result in me making sure that is stopped, or made visible.
26647252-I unintentionally cause harm to anyone, but also if I walk by or stay silent when I see prejudice, injustice or someone in need of help.
26797259-if I am asking people to do something and I know I am not completely bought in to it; I value authenticy
26937263- I feel I was unfair to someone or took an action that was self-serving rather than for the benefit of all.
28597313- I don't live up to the values and ideals I hold for myself and in particular if I repeat such "errors" after having learned the lesson once then do it again.
29107328-i do something that doesn't sit morally with me, i have pretty high expectations of myself, sometime too high!
29707337-I feel like I haven't been true to my principles. If I have let insecurity or anger rule me, if I have treated someone badly. If I have acted out of cowardice.
29777339I acted outside my own principles. When I know better and still fail to do right, it's a real disappointment. To keep from dwelling on my mistakes, I usually need to seek a silver lining which is often the lesson learned. If I can learn something from my error, than at least it's not all bad.
30487357steer away from 'difficult conversations' or constructive conflict.
31227374- i am not truth to my self, taking actions i don't believe in.
31567382I am expected to not be transparent and candid about matters that may negatively affect the business in the context of my discipline
31827388I don't see myself acting according to my true values. It shuts that behavior down right away (thankfully)
31907396the gentle voice inside me suggests a different path and I chose the opposite...yet I am now more curious about 'that inside voice'.
31707397- I don't meet my own expectations of how I should be performing at work, or if I don't put enough care and attention into my relationships with those who are important to me.
32467409-I promised to do something, but didn’t for my own reasons which I think are incomprehensible to others. 
33337445... there is a disconnect between my values and my behaviors or actions. I am proud of my conscience. She is a sort of extremely efficient watchdog. Over the years, I am more and more disturbed by the Migram experiment. I worry that the context will not weaken my values. I really try to monitor how strong stay my values and how many times do I disconnect.
33897463- I am struggling with a decision and considering doing something that I am likely to later regret. Sometimes my conscience holds me back from being bold, courageous or disruptive because I become very focused on the impact of my potential behaviour on others and the negative impact that I might have on them, and how others perceptions of me may be negatively impacted.
34397485either (a) I let it or (b - and probably because) I feel I could get caught at whatever I have done that is out of line with my integrity. I feel I can compartmentalize and almost intellectually justify most behaviors. I am not proud of this trait.
34737492- I recognise I am acting in a way that contradicts my political and philosophical ideals.
35467511and when I find cracks in the certainties I deeply believe in - especially if I have made important decisions based on and behaved according to those now weakening certainties.
35997516-I am dishonest or my honest actions have unintended consequences. Much like it bothers me when others are dishonest, I occasionally find myself being dishonest- usually because I spoke too soon or reacted too quickly. My conscience also bothers me if I engage in something that has an unintended consequence that is hurtful to someone else. In particular, I find this to be true if I create triangles in sharing information or gossip. I work hard to recognize when a triangle is created or might be created and I try to either avoid or eliminate that triangle by having honest conversations with the stakeholders involved so that we can create a circle of trust rather than the fragmented triangle that had formed.
39627576I have been dishonest in some way. I pride myself on my honesty and integrity, it has become part of who I am and one of the things I value in myself. So, if I trip up, even in the smallest way - embellishing a story, or withholding information out of fear or worry etc - then my conscience bothers me. Sometimes I am able to reconcile this, for example where I face a moral dilemma where neither option available to me is a good one then I chose the lesser of two evils and if that means being dishonest for some reason then my conscience is usually clear - but unless I have made a deliberate decision about this dishonesty, then my conscience will bother me until I address the issue in some way.
42977627- I act, or say things, that are out of integrity with my sense of what is good and right in terms of my evolving values
43867643- I happen to hurt someones feelings, I have bad days just like everyone else, so I sometimes lash out at people, it's hard to do but the good things is that a "I'm sorry" goes a long way.
46677693-I do or say things that are not in line with my core values. This happens sometimes when I feel under pressure to respond to others' expectations
46957699-…I act in a way that even I know is in contradiction to my values and beliefs, and need to do something about it
47267700-I'm incongruent with myself--like when I set intentions to show up a certain way and then go back on them. Or when I try to hide from myself and pretend I'm not actually doing it because the brain is so amazingly adept at coming up all sorts of legitimate reasons for needing to escape. Or if I'm avoiding something or someone because it's a bit more complex / not something I want to be dealing with for more than a little bit. Conscience also kicks into gear if I chose to be a bit more selfish than warranted and slighted a loved one.
47907708... I rationalize something for myself, ignore something that I know should be dealt with at a deeper level.
45357718my ego feels that it is seen negatively by its actions. An example. I would like to think my conscious would bother me if I killed someone. There is a scenario in my mind where I could justify killing someone, and in that reflection, I feel as if I would not have a guilty conscious. So, it is not the action of killing someone that makes my conscious bother me. There is something there about the ego being negatively impacted.
49867740My conscience bothers me if I judge a new cultural environment with moral standard, or when I set the standard of good and bad, wrong or true above all standards, or even when I forget to put aside my judgement and forget to keep open and curious.
50307751- I have a feeling in my gut that something is out of alignment. If something I said or believe doesn't line up. I can try to justify things to myself, but it doesn't help the feeling in my gut. Sometimes say to myself "If I'm 100% honest, and 0% creative, what's going on here?". It normally sorts it out.
50907757if I act or speak in a way that conflicts with my core values. This can happen when expectations are placed on me to deliver outcomes that I may question.
51767765-it conflicts with a decision/direction at work. If I feel something is not right, I will struggle to "go with it". I'd need to listen to my conscience and talk through any concerns I may have.
51847766- I know that I am late on something, did something that hurt someone else, feel like I am taking time for me when someone needs me. At work this my conscience bothers me when I am being forced to make short term choices that are not right for the long term.
53197791-I have not sorted out my internal rules and my actions do not match a commonly held model or my assumptions of behavioral norms of somebody I look to.