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736032that I start well but I don't always finish well.
746033I expect a lot from myself.
836042The more we seem to progress, the power structure of old white men continues to sway the entire country/community.
856044not letting small things stress me out.
866045I care too much about the problems of the world.
896048tough to pick one - not living in the moment
956054I struggle to separate my professional life when I am on personal time.
976056putting too much importance around the opinions of others.
986057I don't really have a main problem, certaintly varied problems of complexity and severity depending on the day or the time.
996058trying to remember all the things I have learned and applying them!
1006059... lack of focus on what is most important.
1086067my lack of prioritization with work/personal life.
1096068People perceive that I am impatient and have a lack of empathy through my initial reactions.
1126071I worry about getting things done well.
1176076limiting beliefs and fears.
1186077I still don't know what I want to do with my life
1236082I am self employed and love my work but find it difficult to get out and do the business development I need to do!
1246083to be sometimes impatient and a bit stubborn when in comes to getting work done.
1266085not feeling comfortable and therefore worrying
1296088...getting family and work under one hat.
1346093wanting to do more in less time
1396098self confidence
1436102that I get in my own way.
1526108not being able to implement all of my ideas.
1546110I try too hard.
1556111lack of self-confidence.
1616117constantly searching for the next challenging thing in my life to align with my purpose.
1646120getting out of my own way and having the confidence to take more chances.
1666122I procrastinate. I can lack a sense of urgency at times.
1686124I don't have a main problem. I have hassles of life and that is par for the course. I have a good life.
1696125I become frustrated when I see problems that can be improved but are not because I cannot effectively influence those who can help improve the problems.
1746130I am insecure deep down
1756131not having a problem, there are only opportunities for personal growth.
1766132my self critical nature.
1836137not leave my team behind me on our journey.
1886140I set my expectations too high - on myself and others.
1896141that I cannot deal that good on doubts or negative thinking
1946143Have more time to read more books.
1986145too much faith in mankind
2106148Not having enough time to do all the things I want to do
2126150at present, trying to think of my "main problem". We all have problems, if not right now, then definitely at various stages of our lives. But the expression "my main problem" seems to carry a connotation that it's a big deal and unsolvable whereas I'll like to think of problems as just something we all encounter (it's just life!) and can be overcome.
2136151my patience can be pushed to the limit when I see people not pulling their weight.
2156153I get frustrated when others are not as driven to achieve a goal, as I am.
2166154when my personal beliefs are not in line with a rule or with my boss's decision making.
2196156self-centeredness, and I'm making some good progress with it.
2256158in uncertain situation I can be pessimistic.
2276160my impatience and ability to express myself carefully.
2286161always striving to achieve something
2306163that i didn't take care of my own goals and that i do not use my temper to get things done.
2316164what to manage multi tasks at the same time.
2346167that I am very ambitious for me, my family and in business. To make sure this does not become a problem I (and my family) always try to find a balance and realize that we should be grateful and happy with what we have and not take anything for granted.
2396172that I do not see something as a problem quickly
2426175trying to do too much in too little time.
2436176trying to stay in shape while having an outrageous sweet tooth and love of food.
2456178holding enough space for myself for 'think' time and action planning.
2476180minor compared to those of others.
2496182I believe good things come to those who do not wait.
2536184i don't properly express how i feel often enough.
2546185my disorganization.
2576187I tend to hold back and be overly guarded.
2596189that I sometimes can get frustrated over the lack of speed and progress in a project.
2616190that I cannot be everywhere I wish to be.
2636192Financial - I am pretty happy with my life, my attitude, my work, my relationships - but I made decisions in my marriage which resulted in debt and no longer owning property. I have rebuilt my business, and managed to save a big deposit for a new home, but will need to be creative, positive, and brave going forward.
2656194money! There are too many things I want to do with my life and too many responsibilities that require money that I don't get to spend my money the way I want to.
2696198... keeping my professional and family life in balance and to also find time for myself.
2716200too low degree of work delegation. Continuously, I need to delegate more work. Chiefs need to spend time to focus on strategic items, also. A continuous review/ check of teams' right direction is mandatory. As I am no English native speaker, I need to improve my English language skills continuously.
2726201that whilst I train regularly, I have a tendency to over indulge on the not so healthy food front.
2786203Not to be aware of all my problems.
2826206I am not given/giving myself enough time to think.
2856209that I don't really have the money that I would like to in order to affect others more positively and so that I didn't always have the stress of living from paycheck to paycheck.
2896211... that I pretty often have too much on my plate...
2906212balancing it all.
2916213I often focus on accomplishment vs. what will bring me the most joy or value for my life.
2926214work/life balance
2946216We live in an unjust society...
2956217that I'm always trying to find the right balance between all the different roles I play.
2986219that I have no real problem.
3036223I am not satisfied if I don’t have a lot going on in my life.
3046224I'm not always as present as I want to be, particularly at home.
3096229that I am afraid of failure.
3126231focusing on what other people think of me, and this (sometimes) crushing my confidence.
3136232letting my fears get in the way of being bold and daring.
3156234My authenticity and the fact that i'm unafraid to speak up
3166235That I'm too though for myself
3196238I find it difficult to switch off from something that is challenging me.
3226241...that I sometimes expect more than I get.
3286247A lack of self confidence and a desire to be liked
3296248not being certain what I want my next step to be.
3386257i talk about being more healthy, and i find excuses not to
3446263I don't sleep enough hours.
3456264establishing better relationships with my staff but not getting too close
3466265sometimes i think i'm not good enough at my job however it's getting less the more experience i gain::)
3476266I don't clearly communicate to myself and others on what I want.
3506269that I like to work under pressure and have challenges, therefore without this becoming bored easily.
3536272sometimes finding solution to a problem. Problems will always exist. Key is to find a way to deal with them when they arise.
3546273To be too sensitive about what people think about me
3566274spending more time with my family.
3586276I like to talk about change too much, whether it is houses, cars, processes at work, etc,
3606278how to maintain a work life balance while maximizing results.
3636280my capacity to manage work life balance
3656282trying to move the standard's up at an increasingly quicker rate. It is hard to see the team not fulfill their full potential.
3676283sometimes not able to achieve a healthy work life balance.
3686284occasionally asking too much of my team.
3696285... I'm restless and don't always make the most of (enjoy) what I have.
3756288sometimes I am restless and not willing to settle for just OK.
3776290that I never have the chance to be bored.
3786291focusing on the most important things rather than getting diverted into less important actions
3796292having enough time for this test.
3816294my own conscience. I have a high standard for myself so I am always short.
3836296paying more attentions to the details.
3846297finding something I enjoy outside of work and doing something about it.
3876300that there just always seems to be too much to do.
3896302the continuous tug a war between customer expectations and Penske expectations. They seemed to be becoming more and more at odds with no end or compromise in sight.
3946307I always find something to do next
3956308sometimes try to change others behaviours.
3976310with those who do not put others above self.
4046315think about not to be able to give a better future for my Family.
4066317that I take on a heavy workload and don't always effectively delegate.
4076318getting more out of each day
4086319very miniscule in the scheme of things.
4106321not being organized in work or personal responsibilities.
4126323I need to strengthen the maintenance team for the long haul.
4136324I worry to much about what people think.
4146325reducing expenses and increasing Profit.
4156326the inability to do my job effectively and efficiently.
4216332confidence that has been limiting me for a long time
4226333caring too much. Sometimes this can create challenges for me not only personally but professionally. I have to understand that I cannot solve every problem.
4236334that I believe I don’t have problems, only issues to address
4246335I take on too many tasks and this puts additional pressure on my teams.
4286339too much to do and not enough time.
4296340I get easily distracted at times, and worry about what other people think of me.
4326343that I think a lot
4476346I am too driven for success, always wanting to be better
4536348flitting between tasks
4546349that sometimes I forget how fortunate I am.
4576350I think everything has a solution - we just need to try harder to find it.
4596352my self-esteem
4816359I always keep things for the last moment
4826360that I am inpatient so that I sometimes want things to get done too quickly.
4936363That I have to decide to leave my country to be able to offer a better future for my kids because of stupid and corrupt politicians !
4946364Don’t have a one main problem.
4986367that I cannot trust that my mind would work sharp every day
5636389trying to deal with all the different things coming at you on a daily basis.
5846396Worrying about the future, particularly about losing those closest to me.
5856397managing my time (at work) and maintaining forward momentum (out of work).
5876399to desire incompatible targets
5966403i over commit
5996405I can be too open to new ideas!
6066409how to say no to the ideas or projects that excite me and those are usually many at a time.
6216415...that I don't feel I have a main problem.
6226416I am too focused on my work and self, not enough on others
6236417when I am caught in strong emotions
6266419that I hold back too often when I should speak up.
6276420that I am often too diplomatic and want to understand where people come with their views.
6366424too balanced in decision making process at times.
6376425too much self talk
6486429that I'm not sure exactly what I want in the future.
6546431I try to please everyone and I wind up disappointing people.
6576433too many good things with not enough time
6636436that I have no clue where my life is going to take me over the next 20 years.
6646437better termed a challenge I am currently working with and that is my self-confidence.
6666439recent inability to balance work and private life needs.
6736441dealing with situations that require decision form others that cant make a decision
6776443having enough time to do all the things I´d like to do
68064462nd guessing all that I do, not being at peace
6866450I second guess myself.
6876451that I have a hard time demonstrating vulnerability.
7216457...the scale of my current workload that I can't seem to tame and lack of time for myself.
7226458doubting my own capacity
7256461how to assert myself against difficult people, to correct them.
7266462I can be a little self-righteous from time to time.
7276463trying to optimize every system I interact with.
7286464trying to be right and prove it.
7356465getting over myself.
7386468hard to determine.
7416470patience in waiting for everyone else to catch up to me at times.
7516478that I am too critical of my family. I am quick to reprimand and slow to listen.
7556479my lack of patience.
7576481as a leader, I don't always feel that my skills in strategy are strong enough to enable me to make the best decisions.
7596482that i enjoy my work but that there are to many inputs into it which does not allow me to solve problems/issues the way I would like to
7616483not stressing when things to not go according to plan.
7636485not asking for help when I hit an obstacle, thinking I need to handle myself
7646486i am not sure what i want to do next.
7656487not being able to influence others to implement ideas.
7686489TIME -- I need more of it for ME and my family.
7746491that I have incredibly high expectations of myself and others.
7796493that I am sometime uncertain because I reflect too much. I want the best for everybody.
7816494wanting to do everything right and wanting to succeed in everything
7826495my reluctance/ hesitation in calling out non-compliant teachers who aren't doing their jobs
7906498my lack of self-confidence
7986504I find it difficult to tolerate people who I don’t think care.
8006505that I can not say 'no'. The result of this is that sometimes I have a lot of work and that my balance is coming under pressure. That it is difficult to find a balance between my professional and non-professional life.
8066508- at the moment taking too long to complete this survey.
8096509- I don’t get to relax as much as I would like.
8106510....fitting everything in.
8146511-I want others to care as much as I do.
8156512my parents are getting old and I don't have the opportunity to see them regularly.
8166513I don't always think before I speak
8226515-I love working and do not take enough time for myself.
8456525that I do not schedule and prioritize enough time to "sharpen the saw".
8466526-sometimes I don't know when to just shut my mouth.
8476527not being able to please all of the stakeholders in school (boys, parents, staff, Board, Jesuits, alumni), all of the time - simply impossible for any headmaster!
8586530-I am very self critical and can withdraw when under high stress
8596531how to maintain the strong connection to my Higher Self and serve from that energy.
8656532-I can be impatient and need to see progress being made.
8676533-I am not able to do everything I and others want me to do.
8806538-organising my time and prioritising my work.
8816539... procrastination.
8826540- I don’t like letting individuals or teams down.
8866542something I try to tackle as soon as possible and reasonable
8876543I take on too much
8896544- balancing my motivation to stay fit and healthy with my love of food.
9026547keep a balance in life
9056548- How to find the sparkle, create the strategy and get people motivated in the new environment of MSSL.
9096549-building constructive relationships quickly
9126551-I sometimes struggle to feel satisfied.
9146552-what main problem? Try to enjoy life while making progress!!!
9186553I try to do everything and I'm too hard on myself.
9246554- trying to get a balance, I find it challenging to completely detach myself from the office on holiday etc.
9266556- I have a tendency to say things as I see them
9276557- I can over think situations (e.g.; thinking about entry for university for my son when he is still at primary school)..
9326560continuing to figure out how I support my daughters to make the most of their lives.
9416567-managing segments of life and stress. Enjoying the now.
9456569My main problem is not taking the time to understand others.
9516570I like to get all the facts before making a decision to ensure it's not hasty.
9536572never saying 'no' to new tasks and challenges.
9546573-my autoimmune health condition. It does not seem to abate and worst still, the cause in unknown. I am thankful I can lead a perfectly normal life with a tiny histamine every few days, but I am aware such conditions do worsen with age. Still, I am mindful to minimise stress in my life so I can be a better person to myself and others.
9616574-My main problem is impatience and intolerance
9736578-Is my lack of self-confidence, and that I usually put the needs of the environment before my own.
9746579-chocolate (real answer, knowing what to do with my life)
9776581-the dispersion
9816583-at times I am to focused on relationships that tasks may suffer.
9966585-the number of priorities competing for my time and attention.
10006587-not having enough time to do all the things I want to do in life
10046590-impatience, my perception of lack of qualtiy
10126594-time limitation.
10206597-I have constant imposter syndrome.
10246598-my own selfish desires and my self-centeredness.
10296600- I am very demanding to myself and to my team. I give a lot of time, trust and support but I have problem to deal with people who are not loyal and honest.
10346602-confusion of priorities and adherence to a precise plan
10356603-lack of a Big idea.
10366604-that I cannot identify the main problem.
10396607-hot temper and lack of restraint.
10406608-dissatisfaction with myself.
10416609Not knowing how to fill in this section!
10426610-excessive emotionality.
10456613- A lack of free time
10496615- prioritising (see Q9 and we'll leave it at that)
10536616-impatience with excessive talking without getting to a point of action.
10566618allowing my introversion to rule my social life.
10716621- balancing my time between my priorities.
10766623- how to turn myself into a better person day by day.
10806624I’m not very confident in my ability.
10836626I jump to conclusions too quickly
10866627-being bored very quickly if I can't experience something new
10876628not always being aware of my ultimate true nature.
10986633-keep life and work balance, trying to win at both daily
11116638- that i have a real lack of complacency
11126639-my inability to relax and not work all the time
11136640-I have trouble showing my vulnerabilities.
11286648-I'm not always good at listening or communicating openly that I care about people.
11296649I don't have enough resources yet to accomplish all I want to do in life.
11356653- that I give out more than I ask for and sometimes it is exhausting.
11456656-there is not always enough time in the day .
11466657trying to stay strategic and getting pulled to the tactical level too much.
11496658aiming for excellence all the time.
11516659-I have high expectations of people.
11556661- I enjoyed my career but I don't seem to be good at anything outside of work
11606664- connecting with empathy
11616665I think we are capable of so much more.
11636666-I don't know when to stop!
11696669-I can't figure out what my main problem is.
11716671my self-esteem and my lack of drive to learn more/do more.
11726672-home work balance.
11786675the speed of change personal/family/corporate
11806676that I forget to be patient.
11836679-sometimes don’t have a clear opinion.
11866682-not following up on creative ideas I have
11926685-inattention to details and processes.
11936686-that my time flies much faster than it really does.
11986688-the habit of first thinking about everything.
12056693-i generally don't seek anyone else's opinion regarding most matters.
12106696-managing time.
12406703how to divide my time.
12456705-I have some self doubt sometimes and that can get in the way of my belief
12496707pushing myself too hard at times
12556713I spend a lot of time working and do not always balance my home life.
12626714- lack of time
12636715at times I underestimate how high I could climb.
12746722-trying to balance all of my responsibilities
12766723I think I can do more.
12776724-being too ambitions.
12796725- seems to change as I go through life
12806726- that I don't know which one is the main one
12836727-I prochrostinate and enjoy sleeping too much.
12846728-internalising issues.
12856729-I can’t remember all the points I want to make at once.
12866730-finding enough time in the day to do everything.
12896732My main problem is that there are times I hold myself back in fear of failure.
12966734I leave things to the last minute. I am a bit lazy!
12976735- not having enough time in the day
12996737-that I limit my own potential.
13016739not something I have predefined; I wouldn't consider myself to have significant problems.
13026740finding the time for everything
13036741to take something personally and to analyze it for a long time
13046742-I am to good, when somebody needs to be punished
13076745-sometimes I feel there are things I cannot change, but I wish I could.
13126747not putting in the time and effort to achieve a better work/life balance.
13146748I am still trying to find what I enjoy doing in life the most.
13166749- I use to think much about the future ...
13226751- I want to do too many things
13296753-sometimes I set myself too high goals
13356755-expecting high personal accountability from everyone around me.
13386758- I don’t know anything important, I’m very lucky.
13406760-my ability to empathize too deeply. I am always the one to see both sides of a situation.
13546765- Lack of self motivation. I feel I have tremendous potential but am not living up to it.
13556766I live in beautiful but land-locked, chilly Colorado when my heart is at the ocean where its 96 degrees in the shade. 3 more years and soon come. I've learned geography is an important aspect of life.
13656767-I often lack the confidence to follow through on the things I want to achieve.
13746770- not a real problem.
13756771- I worry that I might have offended or hurt someone on accident.
13816772-that I sometimes expect too much of myself.
13896775- an inability to sleep if something is not resolved before going to bed at night
13916777- I don't take enough care of myself. I have always had a difficult relationship with my body, and have privileged my mind above all things. I don't do enough exercise, and I kick "into the long grass" any attempt from others who love me to help me to address this before it is too late.
14046781-that I sometimes feel I am not worthy.
14096782- in general that I know lots of things quite well but can not pinpoint deep expertise/skill in almost anything.
14106783- I don't do enough physical exercise
14196786I want to be successful at everything I do. I like to compete. I like to win.
14216787other people's time management.
14226788-wanting to help out and extending myself too thin.
14256791- that I delay things that I do not like doing but should be done - I need more self-confidence
14276792-I can have a tendency to over analyse things.
14286793-Not achieving an emotional balance in my mother **NOTA: En castellano la frase también está formulada de forma extraña (en lugar de “con” mi madre, utiliza “en”)
14346794- that is hard for me to move on.
14356795-balancing my energy levels.
14456798-I am always working to prove myself.
14476799-occasionally not pushing hard enough.
14556804- That there are only 24 hours in a day.
14576806accepting others help in compiling a leadership development program
14596808- to achieve a satisfying balance between professional and private life
14606809- a lack of social confidence and balance in my life.
14626810-not being organized.
14646812I am quite low ego and this can result in me neglecting to put my needs/point of view forward
14716815- getting into too much detail
14726816-I sometimes don't follow good advice.
14936822-medical and eats into my free time.
14956823is myself and my inability to get out of my own way at times.
14986826-I don't have one main problem, I have a multitude of lesser ones.
15006828-not spending enough time with my family and loved ones.
15036831balancing time commitments.
15106835-I often sugarcoat bad news and am reluctant to be brutally frank when this is called for.
15116836-I am quite hard on myself and worry a great deal
15376840-there's not enough time in the day.
15416841-worrying about keeping my kids safe, although not a problem just a continuous focus.
15506843- I am too slow to speak up.
15556845being too hard on myself.
15576846- being consistent
15586847-that I don't read and write enough.
15626850believing in hierarchies.
15706854-that I burn the candle at both ends.
15726856lack of time
15916860- I set my expectations very high for myself and hence can often feel disappointed and a bit of a failure.
15926861- I generally over think things.
15946863I've never quite been able to see/ make full of my own potential.
15996865that I focus a bit too much on myself
16146870- not sure i have a "main" problem. i just try to get through it all and deal with things as they come.
16176872- I am not brave enough. Sometimes fear stands in a way of doing right thing.
16196873-that I don’t always believe in myself.
16386881-sometimes I am too hard on myself.
16396882that I have to do things properly. Once I have started I find it hard to stop.
16476884I don't know when to stop asking for more.
16486885that life is too short.
16506887-not delegating enough.
16596888-Gathering people around me who can perform to the level I can.
16636891-respecting deadline.
16646892-feeling confident when making big decisions
16716896-not taking the lead on things that I know I could handle, not being assertive enough.
16736897... I'm not sure I have only one.
16756899-taking on more than I can handle.
16786901- too many things to do, too little time
16846904I can get caught up in many different projects and my attention can be averted.
16916906- I am taking lots of small things close to my heart.
16936908-I am a planner and I have been through a recent tough divorce and my plan was destroyed and now I have no plan.
16966911-not enough time to do all that I want to do.
17046913self confidence and relationships with others.
17056914- balancing work and personal life.
17116916-overthinking EVERYTHING
17146917- hard worker, sometimes hard to not avoid to think in work topics outside working hours when I´m with my family and friends
17266920- i am to tough on myself, my own toughest critic
17276921- time
17376924-that I'm a perfectionist.
17416927- i appear too laid back at times
17436928- being too hard on myself
17446929-I value my own desires and needs over even those closest to me.
17456930being too critical of myself.
17466931-i often get frustrated with people who fail to take responsibility for their actions
17556935not finishing things through to the end.
17576936managing my time.
17586937-I try to pack too much in to any given moment, not doing any one thing to the best/fullest.
17596938-attachment to what others think of me.
17606939-not really a problem, but a challenge - how to stay fully engaged in my work while also trying to create a different livelihood for myself that allows me to spend more time in nature and supports more compassionate interactions with people
17616940- not doing enough.
17646941that I lately not balance well the time between work, family, friends and hobbies
17716946I want everything perfect now
17796948-a lack of urgency
17806949-I don't have any problems. Life is wonderful.
17866953-I over commit.
17886955-is maintaining and sustaining healthy life habits - diet, exercise, mindfulness
17956958-there is just not enough time in the day
17976959finding the time to do everything I'd like to do.
17986960- I am trying to do too many things in one day and often I am not realistic about what how many things/activities can be done in 24 hours
18096963I do not think I have a main problem. I have things I am working on developing and improving but I do not feel I have one main problem.
18106964-that I underestimate myself
18116965-that I do not trust my own creative potential
18126966-unrest, gooing too fast
18166969-that I always do my best for everyone (to be understand, to be rewarded)
18206972Setting the bar too high.
18216973-is that I am afraid of embarrassment
18246974-I don't like being the bad guy.
18676980-I can struggle with not comprehending others and I have to ask multiple questions.
18696981-my confidence
18796982-I expect others to take responsibility for their actions as I do for mine.
18856984- I am lacking in self-belief and self-confidence.
18966986- our business is one of being great at being reactive. This goes against everything we want and everything we've been told over the years. It is increasing becoming clear to me that we need to accept our situation and be the best there is at being reactive. We need to put in enough flexibility so we can be reactive. We need to share information and knowledge so that everyone can make decisions in the spur of the moment that is consistent with our greater goals and core values.
18976987-confrontation, I avoid it if possible.
19036992-I let fear run my life.
19096996-I am very social and do not want to be serious I just want to have fun.
19106997-people don't take time to teach.
19197002-being to hard on myself.
19217004rarely living for the moment
19247006- I have a tough time speaking my mind sometimes.
19267008-time management.
19287010having enough hours in the day to do my work.
19317012That I am very hard on myself.
19517013I am too hard on myself
19527014-That I have trouble connecting with others right off the bat.
19737016- a lack of time
19747017- being too goal driven
19797020-a conflicting desire to do what is right for a situation versus what is right for me.
19817022-avoiding confrontation and bringing up issues with people as soon as possible.
19837024-I get distracted easily.
20047030- worrying sometimes too much about my family members and trying to fix their problems without listening sometimes enough.
20067032-hard to say. maybe lack of time sometimes to do things only for myself
20077033-I do not execute my own plans and ask other people to execute them. I am a bit lazy doing things myself!
20087034-not getting too far ahead of the organisation
20097035-courage - sometimes I will not follow through, or make point with enough forcefulness to very senior people, because I feel fearful.
20107036-I am impatient with adults.
20217043-distinguishing injustice from ideology.
20227044-that it isn't problem at all or problem to be solved, but instead a situation to be managed.
20267045-that that we are in an environment where there is too much focus on the short term with inadequate attention to long term sustainability. Bringing people to balance short term goals with long term sustainability is my key challenge.
20337048that I like to have control and it feels unnatural when I am not in charge.
20357050-to be able to achieve with is expected from me in each facet of my life.
20367051trying to keep up with expectations in various facets of my life.
20377052-insignificant, I am very lucky. -that I am not aware of my problems.
20397054that I get bored easily when I am not being challenged enough.
20427055wanting to do more than I have time for.
20437056-too much to do in too little time
20487058that I am too blasé with everything.
20507060-finding enough time to do all the things I like to do like
20517061-I feel less than a lot of the time.
20537063be present for every body at the right level
20567065- To put too much pressure on my work team, since sometimes I look for them to take on tasks that should not be specific to our area
20727067-trying to balance and have a work life balance.
20747069- my stress level. I have a hard time NOT thinking about work at home and tend to bring home that stress. I want to be able to leave work at work and relax the second I walk out of my office and head home. That is much easier said than done.
20757070-My main problem in my view is the effective identification, prioritization, and documentation of the projects and tasks that are presented to me on a daily basis.
20807074never thinking I am good enough. Someone is always better.
20847075-I worry too much especially about things I cannot control.
20857076- acting too fast in general terms
20897079- omgaan met dominante persoonlijkheden - dealing with dominant personalities
20917080- that i take too much on
20937081that I'm not very good at organizing things.
21107084getting frustrated with others when they put up barriers to multiple solutions. I do not like offering advice that will not be taken or if you make yourself seem helpless when there are solutions.
21197088-that there is still PLENTY of learning to do with this new role, but I am looking forward to that problem
21207089My lack of self confidence
21237090career is important if it fits my lifestyle
21297092- others not treating people with respect. It is very important to me to be respectful of others and to receive that in return. When someone is disrespectful, especially at a person level it is very hard for me to deal with that.
21427094that sometimes I slide into a fixed mindset and fear failure.
21457095overthinking situations-
21487097- woe from wit
21507099- human [others’] laziness, egoism and ubiquitous consumerism.
21547102- that I want to make tons of money and stay an honest person.
21597106- fears and lack of resources. Also I’m overweight.
21617108- excessive vulnerability to grievances.
21667112- diffidence.
21687114- lack of education and laziness.
21697115- the amount of vital energy, I always want to have more of it.
21707116- fear and low awareness.
21747120- that I too often jump on the last bandwagon as I keep thinking until the last moment that I will manage everything and things will work out fine.
21757121-believing that I can have my cake and eat it
21907123the rollercoaster my emotional life is becoming
22047126-not having enough time.
22207131-understanding the work ethic of the under generation
22467135-My main problem is to become emotionally facing conflicts
22507136-I enjoy going out more than I like to read
22217137-that I need to prioritize even more rigorously than I already do.
22717139time management and low self care
22737140-that I struggle to find direction and willingness to engage in things I want to achieve in my life.
22767141-I am at a crossroads in my life and I haven't decided which direction to move in
22747142-that I prevent myself from moving forward by holding myself back
22787145My main problem is taking on too much and not always asking for help when I need it.
22847147-that the day is limited to 24hrs minus sleep.
22867148- sometimes I can’t express my view points to public quickly in some areas I am not familiar with. It is not easy to make a point without sufficient information.
22977151letting go off things that don't help my personal growth and development
23107153- I am a short Asian woman, not a tall white man!
23117154-I have a hard time making decisions, I almost always look for someone's support.
23147155-always wanting to be seen as accomplishing and doing it well.
23217157-I worry too much what others think and I try to second guess how others will react
23327162I don't feel having a "main problem".
23387164- being somtimes to impatient
23487167me and a lack of consistent integrity to write.
23697170-to find balance and a calm mind in my current ordinary days in life. (HEIDI's NOTE: there is one word for this in Finnish)
23717171inventing, discovering, deciding what I want.
23917173Not having enough time in the day to get my work done.
24157177an occasional tendency to worry about things I can't influence or just don't matter.
24167178-I haven't worked out how to completely relax.
24187180I always need to be stressed or worried about something
24207182- I get distracted by new challenges.
24397185I get bored sometimes because I don't really have a problem to fix.
24407186- I expect too much from people at times
24357187- I am not a very happy person unless I'm successful professionally.
24437188-nothing, really. I don't feel like I have "problems" - I sometimes face challenges (personal or professional) but I usually use them to see if I can learn and grow by finding a way around them.
24487190that there's not enough time to do everything I want to do.
24497191- balancing my clarity of direction with my desire to hear from and factor in other perspectives.
24507192-I have too many operational distractions to focus on strategic issues.
24517193-I don't know what my future security looks like.
24717196-inconsequential when I consider the difficulties that others face.
24797197I am so self critical.
24827198confidence in self.
24837199- I hesitate to really try to find new experiences.
24897201I think fast and sometimes people do not follow it.
24927209I sometimes take toon much on myself.
25177211-The work life balance tends to be too much in the favour of work!
25267212I don't have enough time-
25397215finding time to reflect and plan for the future.
25487219-to believe more in myself
25497220-to be a mother who empowers her daughter and accompanies her so that she is aware of her potential and does not put limitations on her dreams.
25637223- a lack of confidence
25777224that sometimes I have a hard time to explain people what I mean
25817225- hopfully solved - not becoming professional race driver or soccer player but an engineer 🙂
25827227- not definable.
25907228- I tend to jump to solutions too quickly.
25997229-having enough time to do all the things i want to do.
26017231-can be too soft-spoken when it comes to what I need.
26147234-Diabetes. The older I get the more of an issue it becomes alongside normal ageing. Its never held me back but the likelihood increases.
26377237I don't really have a "main problem" . I am healthy, have a wonderful family and am financial stable.
26387240-I get buried in the day to day and have a hard time climbing out of it.
26407241-i dont see the world in problems. Why should I when there are so many mor interesting ways to see it.
26507245- that I tend to play small (back down, talk less etc) when I am around someone that naturally takes a lot of space.
26537247-I don't know in my soul, that I am enough exactly as I am and that causes problems.
26597251- balancing the pressure to deliver with taking the time to go slow and listen first.
26677255-consistently trusting my gut.
25547256moving into the next phase of my career. I am ending my current job this week after 12 years. I am both excited and apprehensive about the change. I am excited because the potential of focusing on activities I enjoy are high. However, I am apprehensive because there is a lot of uncertainty in any new beginning. I have been dreaming about the time when my children are on their own and my wife and I can focus just on our needs and goals. I am planning in this next phase of my career to concentrate on helping the younger generations develop their leadership skills and become proficient in forming and developing teams. I am planning to teach in graduate school and consult in the area of software team development, that will including assessing and developing leaders.
26707257- not to like planning and to be impatient
26657260- I get to theoretical and in my head
26827261- ability to make life-changing decisions
26927262-traveling too much
26937263- that I don't always believe in my own abilities.
27047264- getting distracted from what matters most.
27117265-I worry that my interpersonal leadership style may be deficient and that I am not serving my team well.
27177266- to manage all my business priorities
27197267-I think my ego gets in my way. Need to remember humility and compassion.
27257269-that I sometimes don't believe in myself enough to take big, bold risks.
27287270-Being too sensitive and self critical!
24877271- my lack of self-esteem and belief in my own capabilities.
27347272(at the moment) deciding from everything on my to do list what I need to do next...
27377273- I am impatient often with the rate of progress and can expect too much from others.
27387274-I have too little time
27427275- keeping control of my weight and fitness - recent injuries have made it difficult for me to train over the last 12 months - something which I find frustrating
27517277-not patient enough
27557279-not being present and chasing my to-do list.
27617280- feeling that there is never enough time.
27797286-I am sometimes too passive
27887288- no time for fitness... to find right work + family + health/fitness balance
28027324-Well, probably denial. Because I don't have a main problem.
28067293-I can sometimes be impatient with people and processes.
28077294too little time to get to everything
27987295how do I lead and manage effectively and efficiently, ensuring that the people I lead or manage deliver the required products and at the same time they are happy.
28147297-spreading myself too thin.
28317300when I become frustrated I just clean up issues rather than delegating and following up.
28357301-sometimes I feel I spread myself too thin.
28477305- I don't often take chances and undervalue what I can bring to a situation.
28487307I expect too much from myself and by association from others.
28517308- my challenger mindset is sometimes misunderstood.
28547310-I love to work and I love my family.
28807317I've had a hard time adjusting to a smaller, more ambiguous role as the company has grown.
29007319-I am too organized.
29017320that I don't spend enough time on fitness as much as I used to.
29057322-my lack of patience.
29097323-not unplugging enough. Every once in a while you need a reset.
29597330- I get annoyed when things don't move as quickly as I like.
29607332...evaluating the next step in my career.
29617333discomfort with discomfort.
29647334-I'm pulled in too many directions.
29697336-I like to stay busy but I find I don't include time for myself to recharge
29767338-Driven to a fault at times
28037342-I have to be in control of everything in my life.
30057344- when I do not have balance between my personal life and my work affecting others
30087345- myself, sometimes I struggle to manage my emotions
30147347that I worry about my son too much. He is very different from my husband and I, is covered in tattoos and trying to make it in the music world in LA. I think about him constantly.
30167348- time management & delegation.
30177349-meeting a man I find compelling, equal, and kind.
30277352-keeping all the plates spinning.
30397353-I overthink
30427354-lack of detail orientation, moving too quickly on an idea, and not considering the feelings of others
30437356a balance between work and time with family
30507358-not acting fast enough on occasions where I see things aren't working out.
30497359-the lack of time. I would like more time to understand complex situation.
30567360-that in the past I have not had the same attitude towards others and now I am correcting it
30827363- I need to think and write faster in order to finish this bloody questionaire!
30887364- I don't keep enough of my own time free for health and exercise
30907366- a tendency to over analyse.
31057368I strive to have a work life balance and sometimes fail at both.
31097371being undermined with the decisions I have made
31207372my reaction to percieved critism.
31257375-sometimes I get in my own way.
31267376I feel as though I can never do enough
31367379-how to say no when I am already stretched.
31737385staying on task with something and not getting distracted. I feel I can multi-task very well, but it sometimes can hurt me.
31857391I spend too much time putting things on my list to get them all done.
31877393I don't trust my instincts enough.
31897395I have an inner critic I need to tame.
32027398-that I have high expectations on others.
32117400that i rarely have time to work out
32207401-I still have five questions to go. Seriously, my main problem is that I am in a quandary about taking the next step in academic leadership to prepare for a university presidency.
32237403not having enough time.
32257405over extending myself
32267406-I compare myself with others.
32347408-I worry a lot, especially when I lose my confidence or am unsure.
32527414-that I have a poor understanding of other people.
32557417-overemphasis on people to the detriment of business
32567418-problems are games of the mind, experience. It’s difficult to identify specific elements since everything is interconnected and relative. I can only consider a concrete point in time/space of event series.
32597420lacking confidence in my vision. inner confidence
32857430-poor conflict management
32907432-spending my time wisely on the right things.
33067433-working for people I don't respect or people who are not open to constructive challenge and alternative viewpoints.
33117436-I have lacked confidence and decisiveness in key moments
30267443to make people move faster without them feeling bad about it
33487444I'd like to have more things in my life that give me joy.
33537446- procrastinating on some important things that can be taken care much earlier.
33557447-I'm one track minded at times...
33607449fully exercising the authority I have in my role.
33637450is creating the structure to help us move faster at scale.
33507456- striking the right balance between work and home lives. My natural bias is to devote a lot of time to work and being a good leader, and it can come at the expense of my family and health. I constantly struggle with that problem and achieving the right balance (or making the right trade-offs).
33807459-trying to do too much
33827461-being stuck in an area at the moment that I am still searching to grow from.
33887462- I always want to learn or explore something new.
33957465-That I’m not yet in an effortless and permanent non-dual state.
34007468I do not have a main problem, some challenges here and there but nothing I regard a "a problem".
34067469-making and selling enough vehicles to meet our business plan.
34107470-Ensuring I delegate or eliminate non value added work so I can maintain a focus on the high priority focus areas that need support, coaching and direction.
34117471-I can't focus on one thing for very long before wanting to move on to something else.
34167475-I do not explain myself in a way that makes sense to others
34467483-trying to balance everything.
34567486balancing my morals and ethics with what they require of me at work.
34647487being needy at times, because it negatively affects my close personal relationships.
34677489having the discipline to do all the things I set out to do.
34707490not being able to slow down.
34737492Not knowing how to act on and achieve my ideas.
34757493- I can be a bit stubborn
34907497- not proactively expanding personal/professional social network.
35047501- I often expect more from people than what they are able to deliver
35217503that I want to change my life but feel tire to do it.
35287506- recognizing my own potential sometimes
35417508- deciding between all of the amazing possibilities ahead and picking a focus.
35437509-juggling priorities.
35447510-to continue developing and improving my career in China auto industry and keeping good banance between work and life.
35467511finding what I am truly passionate about.
35737513- that is is difficult for me to be satisfied, it drives me but it is also a burden.
36127518- get fast results
36617524-being insecure of not doing the correct thing.
36907527- we all believe we have the best solution until we actually get the opportunities to try things out
36987528- im very critical of myself
37217531-I don't really have a 'main problem'. There are many things I'm concerned about but I can work through those. Future security is always on my mind.
37557537-I value relationships more than tasks.
37967539-that I tend to take on too much. I don't say no.
38107542I tend to be a little short and quick to get resolution.
38117543that I forget to enjoy life along the way.
38177545-inability to be social despite the need for more social opportunities
38427548-I feel frustrated when people are reluctant to change for the better.
38557551-cultural unawareness
38617554- Being unable to attract the volume of work that is necessary to increase productivity and support the reasonable career expectations of certain associates within my business unit.
38657555-Is the one I don't see coming and am not prepared for.
38687556I work too hard and care too much about matters that I consider important.
38787560- that I do not enjoy politics and political and half hearted decions - that I generaly stick to my convictions and voice opinions.
38957564is too much self doubt.
39107565- not following through quickly, especially if there are competing priorities
39117566- I do not have enough time for everything that I would like to do.
39187570- not everyone thinks the same way I do.
39247571- to care very little about people's status.
39357572- How to grow my team quickly.
39447573-overthinking situations.
39427574I am not physically fit as I want to be and I don't spend enough time with my family.
39967579that I can be too focused on my own needs.
39987580-I am always on a run
40097581-I try to do to many things in my life and sometimes in consumes me.
40157582-not truly knowing my own purpose. And maybe now it's to late in life to figure that out.
40177583-I sometimes fixate on things too much instead of moving forward.
40227584-not using time and energy well. I need more faith too.
40247585- I have the same expectations for others as I do myself and not everyone has my work ethics.
40437586-I can't get everything done.
40507588-wanting to solve everyone's problems and taking on more than I should.
40657590- a lack of confidence.
40807592- I am too analytical.
40897593-lack of time
41057596-work life balance
41387602-I am too direct and get frustrated when people do not see things the same way that I do.
41417603that I try to accomplish to much.
41847609-being intentional about time with my son.
41877610-I have a difficult time understanding the perspectives of others and putting myself in their shoes.
41777612- My problem is that I care too much and always strive for the best possible outcome in everything that I do.
42117613-that I would like to be stronger to cope with more problems and solve them
42187614-caused by being unable to decide between to options.
42237616I can become overly committed to solving certain problems
42567619-my health and my eager to do good in the world.
42587620-I don't say no very much.
42667623-lack of confidence. I never truly satisfied with myself.
43017625- having enough time to do everything I want to do.
43147629Attending to my health challenges and figuring out what to do with my time remaining.
43257631- i don't know how to say "NO" enough and i expect new or added task that will take away from my personal lift time frames
43287632... my unresolved tension between a stressful career, desire to advance in it, and my other personal goals.
43237635wanting things to be right at all times-
43457636- to accept decisions that stay "in the air" for months and that we need then to deliver in one week.
43487637always questioning myself if have done the right thing
43577640-dishonesty with myself
44397647too much to do and too little time.
44607650-not being forceful enough
44777651balancing wanting to have a bigger impact with wanting to step back, do less and take more time for myself.
44807652some time not aggressive.
44977653-Inappropriate situation of my country and my compatriot.
45017654-focusing and completing what needs to be done by a deadline.
45287661- I do not invest enough in relationships with others and take others for granted -
45397663- Being concerned about others, about their actions - Worrying about little things
45447664being afraid of others.
45827671due to recent events I am unclear about my career path for the next 5-10years and am highly ambitious from a career and financial perspective
45907672- I worry about the future too much.
45947673-that time is flying and I have still so much to do!
46247675-not giving myself enough quality time for my own professional development.
46277676-My expectations are too high.
46477679- indecisiveness, no I mean, not completing what I set ou... - masking my issues with humor.
46497680-I am self critical and I often put my own needs last.
46507681- lack of discipline. And lacking the main goal in life ... am i just cruising along ....?
46577686- the tendency to overcomplicate
46687688- I think too much.
46707689-I aspired freedom in life but I can’t rank it on the TOP of my priority.
46717690-I don't see any major problems in my life now -I have worked a lot on myself in past years to overcome my weaknesses
46677693-my unconscious desire to please or be accepted / admired by others
47017695I have too many other problems.
47037696- I am not good at detail.
47057697people expect to be given things on a silver plate instead of earning it, or they are given it and did not deserve it
47237698that I procrastinate.
47347701-my low self-confidence .
47657702-inability to find time for everything I want
47677704-the impostor syndrome
48047711-how to balance my work-family time
48067712...I have problems, challenges, worries, frustrations, inconveniences -- and yet I don't have an answer for a "main" thing.
48127715-my desire to ensure everyone else's happiness, sometimes at the expense of myself.
48197717-inability to say No
48397720that I constantly need to be doing something, to have a challenge, to have a target. I cannot just be.
48467721-maintaining balance. And harmony.
48477722-multitasking at work – prioritizing sometimes fails and I may miss something.
48557725that I find it difficult to have conversations about topics that I am not familiar with or have an understanding with.
48967728- my tendency to not ask for help and to try and do things on my own.
49017729-I'm too critical of myself
49457736that I am lacking self-confidence and I don't like to be in the spotlights.
49727737spending to enough time with my wife.
49837738-I thrive on being busy and feel unfulfilled if not.
49737739My lack of determination to stick with a life giving rhythm of life.
50057743-I do not always strike the right balance between work and personal time
50177745I put work before family and friends
50197747-trying to balance the professional and personal needs of the people around me.
50207748right now is work/life balance.
50287750-how I bring together two companies that together will total 70000 - there are many issues to the acquistion
50727753- trying to be on top of things so that decisions and judgement made using the data points have long lasting positive impact
50837755Directness in very tense situations
50877756things will never be good enough. I am too self critical.
51107758-I never give up, there is always a way to solve problems -I am really focused -I do not take No as an answer easily -I want the best for me and my family -Things have to be done properly
51137759- that I often over-thing things and therefore cause more stress for myself.
51157760- I want to solve more problems than I have time to.
52127767-trying to do too much
52207768- getting traction with building the business while working in the business... and I have invested in a business coach to hold me accountable to working on the business, which has helped me get focused and deliver some good results.
52307769-is feeling guilty at times for the impact of my divorce on my younger children.
52927777- I think life is unfair for so many young people and that they all deserve a chance to succeed, be safe, be happy.
52947778that sometimes I check up because I do not trust people to do what they said they would do
53087780-lack of a clear direction where I would like to take my life
53107782-dodging problems. 
53117783- lack of confidence and inner calm 
53127784-that I don’t know what my main problem is, also I have difficulties with finding balance.
53237792-I am unorganized.
53477794-I can be bullied unless I am very resolute.
53537795- gluttony. Desire to have it all: experiences, friends, community, purposeful work, good, clothes etc
53857796...the inability to switch off
54017797- the Pacific Ocean calls my name, but I am obligated to the land for the foreseeable future.