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Entry IDGLP #Answers
1026061I don't yet see all the ways I personally need to transform in order to lead my team and client in transformation.
1046063allowing myself to integrate the present offered by life with the inner will to go beyond what is today.
1056064ceaselessly seeking for shelter from sense-making and self-growing, while overlook the meaning of dwelling into the Present and connection with people around
1106069That I cannot be passionate about some of the things that I do, or that some of the things that I do are not my passions
1146073that while I suspect I would benefit most from honesty and dialogue with others who are similarly seeking profound self-discovery and who know me well, I don't feel I have people in my life who can engage in those kinds of conversations. I am eager to become more effective, to grow, to discover my blind spots, experiment with new perspectives yet have, for the moment, exhausted readily available resources. Throughout my life and personal development, I consistently relied on independent strategies for growth - to make progress but also to avoid disappointment in others. It feels like I now need to engage with others to reveal, define, and navigate my assumptions, biases, insecurities, weaknesses, etc. I seek - but have not yet found - a prismatic understanding of on myself that can only be created by painting with others' perspectives, reflections, and opinions.
1206079making sure I continuously stay focused on where I am today and take the time to learn and grow from these experiences - sometimes I want time to move too quickly.
1306089balancing a propensity for both highly considered (strategic) decisions/actions, and impulsive (intuitive, speculative) decisions/actions, often resulting in paralysis.
1356094that I want everyone to align, collaborate and work productively together towards a shared goal. Dealing with short term self interest and entrenched tribal positions can be very time consuming and frustrating, but is a very real part of working life.
1426101I am very impatient and try to accomplish many great things in a very short time, simultaneously. I am also not too disciplined with my physical wellbeing (like regular exercise). Although I am not experiencing it as a major problem. It is difficult to think of a problem, as a problem to me is either a one-off difficulty, which is solvable, or it is something fundamentally wrong with a person, but I believe I am fundamentally okay. 🙂
1486104is navigating ever present duality of having a counter point perspective to damn near every perspective I hold! The desire to 'do good' and be a force of good in the world while realizing that who am I to really say what 'good' is and to just be. To care and want to effect a self-contrived meaningful impact on others and at the same time let go of any need to have a particular impact. Perhaps if I spent more time on long rides with my horse, it all wouldn't matter!
1626118in my head. My ego centred thoughts can distort the picture of my life. It is so unhelpful and I am working so hard to to stop them at source. I've still got a long way to go but it has slightly reduced (I hope)
1676123finishing this questionnaire before my next meeting 🙂 ...feeling like I have to come back to this question for the sake of my development and research. Perhaps that is a main problem of mine? the need to follow directions (even though the directions are in my own head) and accommodating others' needs as opposed to focusing on my self needs (that came out in one of my personality assessments and I still think about its accuracy/relevance).
1716127and likely has always been excessive concern about whether I fit in, am loved, am accepted, and appreciated for exactly who I am and what I bring.
2186155balancing the 'shaper' and 'co-ordinator' sides of my profile, I want others involvement and effectively build networks but when under pressure I will tend to revert to just getting the task achieved and reaching the goal and need to be cautious not to exclude others ideas and opinions.
2806204none. I have many small things to work on but compared to others i am so fortunate. problems are an opportunity to learn and adapt; at least that is how I try to process and work with early life events. and when the universe chooses to challenge me in new ways, i hope i can hold a learning stance
2836207toggling between two things: blindness-- I can't work on what I can't see (self-examination/feedback/...), and, trust-- I've been hurt and trying to heal through lowered levels of trust (of myself, my team, ...).
3106230I do not think critically and systemically enough. I’m not driven. I’m prone to ruminate. I’m still finding my way in life. I’m not assertive. However at the heart of it, an inertia to change. If I had this, all the above could be addressed as they are skills that can be learnt and improved.
3306249being ok and comfortable with myself even though I have not had a conventional life, being a successful single woman without children seems glamorous to other people but it has its challenges when you are responsible for yourself and sometimes it feels lonely, although you can be lonely even in a partnership, whatever !, we all have our own challenges, my main problem is not unique!
3736286currently trying to find ways that authentically come from my truth, give a balance between my strengths and my weaknesses and serve the purposes of this exercise. And sometimes I lack focus.
4276338that i sometimes fear my own potential, so that i cannot contribute fully.
4486347vulnerability and reflectiveness; I keep reflecting on myself, my role, my calling, my power, I am continuously upset about failing at something professionally. I want to relax, stop reflecting and start acting
5536387...being fairly right-brained dominant (non-verbal, slower, spacial, circular-web thinking) and a true 'night owl' in a culture that runs on speed and efficiency, linear thinking and values 'early birds'--though I now strongly claim these differences as gifts.
5716390my presence can be overbearing and threatening to the insecured. I think fast and speak fast. I am Mental-Physical I am a Maverick (ENTP)
5886400that my towering strength of active listening becomes my weakness. I need to influence more strongly when the other person needs it. I need to interrupt and stop the other person from talking too much when it's helpful for him/her to do so.
6016407my self limiting beliefs, I often assume that i cant delegate to others as they are too busy, or invite people as I assume they wont want to come - I constantly remind myself of the role that I play in other peoples' lives, as opposed to just thinking about the role they play in mine
6156413I have an inner critic that plays a never ending record that "I am not enough".... this manifests in self doubt, trying too hard at times, stress and anxiety, perfectionism.....
6286421allowing people to get really close to me, particularly men. I have struggled with this over the years and sought help. However it feels a very slow process of change. Instead I have learnt to celebrate what I have, not ‘fix’ myself and take initiative to build a purposeful and happy life. I am proud of myself for that and increasingly find myself as a role model for younger women in the same position.
6676440also my opportunity. I am restless and constantly seeking – it’s a problem because I never get there and it’s a blessing because I am always moving!
7076453to deal with the many inner unprocessed sorrow I am discovering inside of me and wasn't aware of.
7456474sometimes reacting too quickly in a group when I am with peers, not in a negative way but just jumping in with comments or solutions rather than waiting for others to react - interestingly I do this far less if I am consciously operating as a leader or facilitator with a group.
7936501That I need to finish this GLP assessment soon, but other than that, I need to live life with more intention and openness. I sometimes can seek peace and harmony to a fault and I need to be more corageously authentic in order to improve my relationships and how my work brings positive change to the world.
8016506that being a director as a job for me still is not the hobby that teaching languages as a job sometimes was.
8746536- I have low self-esteem, affected by early incidents of leaders/authority abusing power (inadvertently and intentionally), and I hold back a lot of goodness from the world (that I know I could contribute) as a result.
9756580-I tend not to use the word "problem", I do not feel that I have "a major problem". I see the obstacles that sometimes come to us (or we place them ourselves) as challenges that offer me opportunities, without avoiding them. When I think I need help, I ask for it, in different ways, like at home or in a professional environment.
10106592I am still learning when to rely more on my intuition versus my intellect, and to let go of perfectionist tendencies in aspects of my life that really don't warrant them. I feel like this is a lifelong journey for me - I'm much better at it today, but it's one that requires me to remain present and be intentional in how I choose to live.
10436611-I don't prioritize myself in personal relations, I have personal communications issues under certain circumstances, a quick temper, I am opinionated and argue a lot.
10466614knowing I know the right outcome, the right attitude, the right way to think of things, but sometimes feel they are out of reach.
11576662- Split between overthinking some decisions or being too fast to decide on others
12076694-actually in my life purpose and making sure that I am being kind to myself that I can make a difference in the world. My purpose in life is to develop those around me to change the world. I need to be kind to myself that the level of change I desire for the world while maintaining my and my family well-being should be balance and that achievement can come in small wins along the way.
12096695- also my biggest opportunity - being a female in a predominantly male environment. There are times it can feel hostile and hard to operate in, but I am also aware that I have different gifts and capabilities that my peers don't have.
12116697that I sometimes let fear come in the way of wisdom, "doing" come in the way of "being" and impatience come in the way of inner peace and knowing that all is just as it's supposed to be.
12516709- I tend not to use the word 'problem'. I think challenges we go through in life shall not be a 'problem' to solve. I tend to perceive challenges as a mirror, which I can look into and see more of myself, and bring more unconscious things to consciousness. Then try to be controlled less in unconsciousness. Meanwhile, challenges in the past become opportunities for me, some of them even become blessings. I'm still going through many challenges now, and I still feel frustrated, depleted and helpless sometimes, by going through all these emotions quickly, I can feel myself gradually bounce back more quickly, and generate more and more different perspectives regarding challenges. I think I'm building up my muscle of resilience, slowly but progressing...
12876731-my own ignorance what to do with life in the great sense of the word.
13906776my responsibility - whatever it is. It can vary and change depending on the situation but usually is connected to my 'inner critic'.
14376796that I am enjoying my job, and the security it gives, the benefits it gives to myself and my family (I am the major wage earner) and the people I work with... however I want a new challenge in which i will feel more fulfilled... my main problem at this stage is to find/ define/ look out for that next challenge and build a transformation plan that will have me doing something different, and making a contribution, within the next 5-10 years
14876820- my insecurities.... Those ghosts we carry from our childhood and young adult experiences that are difficult to get rid of and that color everything through a filter that tends to be dark and negative, affecting our responses to others and amplifying our negative assumptions about ourselves.
14976825-I still have a moderate case of imposter syndrome I can't seem to shake.
15086833-A bias to wanting what is comfortable and safe, but knowing that will hold me back and isn't the example I want to set for my children. How to reconcile those two competing ambitions, and truly lean in to the unknown as an opportunity for greatness (vs having a fear of failure and discomfort)
15166837-achieve harmony between the ideal world and the reality world.
15606848that I still haven't worked out what the balance should be between helping others and focusing on myself and my family, but there isn't likely a perfect balance and it will change over time so I will continue to do the best I can in my life in achieving the outcomes I set out to achieve.
16256876- the same as most -- my limited ability to see how much I could accomplish. I do tend to operate from scarcity versus abundance. I'm not sure that I fully embrace that model, but I can definitely see how I have a scarcity mindset.
16796902that I enjoy fluidity and freedom in life. This has led me to traveling and living around the world, taking opportunities across continents and seizing them as they come. However, this has led to me not being grounded in one place for a long time, and a deep part of me is yearning for a home. So now I'm putting a lot of effort in trying to stay grounded in one place and limit my travels.
17836951-I am running out of meaningful challenges. In my proffessional life the business problems or challenges which used to engage and excite me are becoming more and more trivial in my opinion. The organizational changes, the budget cuts, the business issues are the same as before: been there, done that (and it didn't matter in the end). Also the leaders of today are- bottom line- thinking about their own carreer and own best next move; I don't see the passionate leaders I used to see - or was I too naive those days? The context is everything to me, I need to be part of something bigger, something meaningful, something real.
19006990-My brain, body and systems have not evolved or developed enough to not be overwhelmed by all of the things life can throw at me. I can’t even watch the news or go on the internet without my mind being blown by some kind of craziness I didn’t even know existed. I’m not confident that I know how to best engage life now or 5 years from now...I need to develop the capacity to be in the world, present, compassionate and self differentiated...it’s hard.
19116998-that my mind is too full - plays, ideas, compositions, paradigm shifts, images, calculations, concepts, juxtapositions, feelings, concerns, prophetic insights - the shelves are stuffed and their is little opportunity for output.
19767019self-awareness and integration. I have LOTS of knowledge and understanding of what can amplify me. I struggle to apply it in the moment.
20027029- (I believe) not caring enough. Sometimes I wish I had stronger opinions, which would make me care more and, thus, fight harder for what's right. I guess this is the trade-off with being easy-going and easily adjusting to new circumstances.
20157038I do not feel like there are many people in my networks that think the way I do. While I appreciate diverse perspectives and conversations in which multiple perspectives are shared and converged, I frequently feel alone in the way I feel and perspective that I share; I feel like the token unicorn or outlier. I believe that I add value to conversations and that others appreciate my perspectives, but I do not feel challenged by others in the way that I am seeking. I am looking for a wise sage, mentor but feel that many of my friends, colleagues and family are "stuck" in perspectives that inhibit their own development and the deepening of our relationship. I have not found Yoda yet.
20167039-that I hesitate too much. I know why I hesitate--I want to collect information, to have time to review it and analyze it before committing to an action. I think this may get in the way of any entrepreneurial ambitions I could have had. I think partnering with others that have the skills I don't is a good way to temper each other and maybe get to that Goldilocks "just right" spot between analysis and action.
21127086understanding myself and the roles that I desire to play in my life. I have always been interested in many different career paths, and have somewhat straddled the line between different skills and applications of my education and capabilities over time. I have come to accept that there is no individual "exact fit" for what I want to do with my career and my life, and have instead begun to strive for creating my own path in life, where I can do the most good with the abilities and knowledge given to me.
21567109-trying to do it all and make everything perfect. I always forget that I seem to be the only one that expects this from myself. Usually it is my imperfections and my screw ups (a dinner that fails miserably) that makes the best memories.
22127130-thinking that I have a problem. And even this choice is not a problem but simply a choice I have made.
23417165- In Stephen Covey's terms, a failure to consistently keep "first things first." I am far too easily distracted by the "urgent, unimportant" and don't maintain sufficient focus on the "non-urgent, important".
24147176-that i like to change things in my behavior, see above, but that I fail in actually really changing them. Going through evaluations, 360 degr surveys as done over the past 20 years I still see the same elements.
24697195Lack of time, too much "busyness". A powerful mindset for me recently has been to "balance the effort with the ease". I am conscious of my fortunate life circumstances and the fact that there are many people on this planet with problems that I will never come close to experiencing.
24857200-My own abilities regarding dealing with my fears and doubts, which I am working on. It's a journey right now and less of a problem per se.
25357214Accepting myself. I have a sense of shame about myself, and where I'm at in my life, and my approach to life. I also know at the moment I lack long-term vision - I'm patting myself when I get through week by week, but this is not sustainable to taking action to achieve my dreams and the change I want to make in myself, and with other people in society.
25137218- my altruistic beliefs mean I still get so disappointed by so many around me. On the flip side - these same beliefs drive me to keep fighting for those who can't fight for themselves.
25617222that I can get in the way of my own self as I am both passionate to grow and also prone to some stuck-ness.
26397239-I don't know what the future holds for me personally or professionally, and I am not good at allowing myself to be comfortable in that ambiguity. In other words, I think it's normal to not know these answers, but I struggle in not knowing and wish I could have a clearer path forward.
26557250-This was the trickiest qestion in hte questionary. I have some longings but no real problems. In my meditation I have tried to get i contact with "My big life qustion". If i should name one i would be the relationship with my wife. We hav extreme polarities the result in i huge amouts of passion but also a fair part of pulling in different directions, I question my love to her on one hand and on the other hand I realize that the conflicts tells me that someting inside of me have further growt to do.
27767285I sometimes love and care so deeply that it means the hurt is just as deep and can sometimes take longer to heal. This applies to professional and personal life.
27787287I can expect the same level of commitment, energy, professionalism and quality from others as I expect from myself and that's not always a fair expectation.
27937291I haven't quite yet figured out how to balance my hard-charging 'achiever' side with my softer, nurturing side. I'm still trapped in the trance of doing and would rather spend more of my time "being". I'm hoping that once I figure this out, my career and everything else in my life will fall gracefully into place.
29707337-that I want to cover too many things and I also want them all to go well. I am too demanding, with myself and with others. I don't ask for help and I act precipitously.
31907396I recognize that I resist the thing that I know is one of the fuel and sources of my power, confidence and courage... consistent meditation and quiet reflection time; instead I lean towards externally focused activities.
32247404that i tend to "live in the moment" a bit too much; I tend to consider topics in their current context without consciously considering the how that current context fits into the longer term arc
32467409- lack of understanding of who I am and where I should apply myself. Doubts and exploration take a ton of time, energy and money. On the one hand, understanding, embracing and properly applying oneself is happiness, because this is the true balance I am seeking. This balance is the juncture of realization, earnings and minimum energy costs (which are only negative when I overcome internal barriers). No internal struggle can come forth from a natural state, so no extra energy will be spent. On the other hand, this is how my life goes by. Overall, it’s not a problem at all). I would not even say I have problems as such. 
32517411-that I don’t know how to manage conflicts, I don’t like conflicts, I cannot make snappy decisions in conflict situations. Compliance with the feelings of others, care for balance and equilibrium have led to lack of a personal strategy.
32827427-that I don’t understand what I want, I don’t know myself; my inner child, opportunist and diplomat, is not integrated with a self-aware and developed adult. Many programs and fears that stand in my way. My habit of being anxious and emotional about everything.
33897463- my irrational thinking patters when I am very tired or under extreme pressure. I have a tendency to compromise on sleep when I am very busy and this leads to becoming tired and therefore not able to cope well in difficult and unexpected situations.
33967466- fears. Many fears are implanted in the unconscious, and they do limit my thinking and capabilities. I am fucking tired of recognizing them, I even got exhausted lately, but I realize this is the way.
34207476I'm happy in routine until I want out and then when I'm out of routine all I want is the routine.
34547488My main problem is that I often end communication with my opinion, without asking for feedback on my views. I have a tendency to make suggestions to people, without considering whether they agree with me or not. Moreover, I don’t take into consideration what the person I’m conversing with thinks about my opinion. This might be because I usually think I’m right. I feel that Espoused Theory and theories-in-use are buried in my mind so that I don’t actually utilize them. Thus, I want to be a person who can help others become aware of their minds, thoughts, and issues by themselves. However, I usually talk as if I know what people should do without asking for their input.
34957498There are two in my mind: - Not having problems or losing new questions to answer every day. The "irrelevance" is the death. - Inequality makes the world more conflicting, less inclusive, less sustainable, less joyable.
35247504- I've still not fully figured out my "why".. I'm really good at what I do, yet I don't feel fulfilled.
36437521- my relationship with time, though I must admit I have always deliberately chosen to try and live a full life and I like this aspiration, so I don't want to change things too much.
37387534-I set high standards for the service I provide to others at work, and sometimes this means I feel frustrated that I can't meet the standard or aspiration I would ideally like to achieve
38037541-that I try to jump right in to analysis, solutioning and unemotional problem solving ... and when pressed for time fail to let others participate as fully. I tend to feel that if a problem is brought to me without solution that it means the other person tried but could not get to a solution.
38137544- I am not normal. The times of selflessly giving long hours to the company and sacrificing for the good of the company got lost somewhere in the last ten years. I must continue to be a role model for the team and hope to instill that in them while keeping my own life balance.
38237546-Procrastination. I'm perpetually looking for reasons to put things off, and that makes it hard for me to achieve what I'd like to. When I do starting ticking things off it's a great feeling, but it can be hard to get there.
38907563That I've had trouble bringing my aspirations and gifts into the world. I've been in a variety of roles/jobs that very roughly allowed me to bring some of my gifts but they have left even more of what I have to offer behind or in the background. I have had relatively few experiences of feeling like a true member of a great team or of "flow" which I think has hindered my personal development and satisfaction with work. While I've used adversity to work on myself (I didn't really have a choice) and have grown as a result, I am beginning to doubt that I'll ever feel professionally fulfilled.
40597600I don't know what I'm really contributing to in life. I've done "well", maybe even very well by many standards, but I haven't reached what I wanted to and I don't feel I'm contributing much to society. I'm always unstatisfied with what I've achieved.
41637606-that I am negative/critical/fearful inside, especially when I'm alone and at nights. But it turns into positivity & energy when I talk with people.
43517639-I often feel hamstrung by experiences in childhood that I can't control, and can drift to these moments and diminish my ability to deal effectively with the present.
43867643- being as understanding, patient and helpful towards myself as I can be towards others, how I wish that I always could be so insightful when I comes to my own stuff as when I coach others, I guess it's a journey and maybe someday I'll be, good thing that I have my wife that gives me a perspective on things.
45257660-My lack of self belief and second guessing myself - what I know and what I can do. The other thing that is a problem for me is that I still care too much what some others think of me ( I can often see that playing out and get quickly unhooked from it, but it's still there for me.) My other problem is I take on too much and only realise after the fact that it was too much because I am exhausted.
45417665- sometimes I think too much and sometimes I don't think enough. Finding the right balance is tricky.
45707670-that I have a default to thinking I am a problem to be solved. In the moments or occasional weeks where I have slipped through the net of this very alluring thought i have experienced deep happiness.
47267700-I still try to make things happen--like if I see logic of a particular reality that's yet to come into existence, I will sometimes just push for that reality (especially if it makes sense). I pain pictures and then try to bring them to life. Most of the time--it's a wonderful thing to be able to do. But! There are times when getting lost in a picture I'm bringing about, I lose sight of reality, signs that are letting me know that my picture may be a little off:) Impatience is at the root of it AND a heck of a lot of energy and passion to be painting lots of pictures.
47907708... connecting the 'being' with the 'doing'. Deep intuition that needs spontaneous translation in here and now. Let life evolve by just the doing - keep moving and nudging the world to see what gives. In awe of people who say 'my purpose is to just show up'. I sort of get that, but then I don't at all. I'm intrigued by it.
48497723My main problem is trying to figure out the meaning of my life - am I here to go down the path of being in a relationship and starting a family, am I here to go down the path of a being a wanderlust nomad, am I here to help support my family since they don't have access to the same means... I was seeing the number 11:11 quite a bit in 2010 and what I learned - according to book on nomology - that I am a lightworker and that I am uniquely placed where I'm needed to serve as a physical vessel for the energy that needs to be transferred in the moment. If I inventory my life experiences I agree to some extent that throughout my journey I've been placed in the lives of others and others have been placed in my life for a reason. The butterfly effect...
49867740My main problem is also my biggest advantage and speciality, that is to say, to learn everything and change the boundaries. I enjoy learning, challenging myself, and jumping out of the comfort zone. However, I often held myself and my friends under a lot of invisible pressure during the process. Perhaps how to resolve the pressure or coexist with the pressure in the process of learning and challenge is a new and interesting challenge and learning.
50907757knowing that I am always searching for something, but not always knowing for what. I know that my search leads me to question the way we do things, the processes, methods and models that are available now. I have become bored with the same old wisdom regurgitated under a new banner from people who perhaps may not know any differently.