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1326091too much and they lose a sense of perspective on what mattes; the reality is that there are few things in life that we should really worry about, the problem is that as human beings we lose a sense of proportion.
1536109about their job salary, their daily life, what they are eating for dinner, it is ridiculous , we should worry about we waste our time on thinking like this trivial thing. unless, you are enjoying calculating your salary, you enjoying prepare a wonderful meal at night, not for some holiday or things like that, just doing for your own pleasure. that will make things different.
1556111about the small issues when they should take step back and look at the bigger picture.
1766132about the little things in the face of major things. I know this is not sentence completion but one of the phrases I used to use when I was a manager was that often that we would get caught up in the "thick of thin things"
2836207I'm too hard on myself (and maybe the people around me?) and that I might collapse under the weight of my own expectations.
2846208what type of future is ahead of us. I don't like getting caught up in those conversations when all they do is complain, whine and vent. It's ok to vent and address a concern but the only way to fix something is to also come with a solution(s) to the problem(s). Let's try to create a better future instead of letting it pass us by.
3106230Themselves needlessly. About matters outside their real span of control. Will my son get into the selective school. Worrying will not improve his chances. About the past and relive it over and over again. No doubt there is some pay off otherwise they wouldn’t but does it help? About the future. While some of the future is within our control some isn’t. As I fly to Colombo worrying about will the plane crash to some extent is a waste of mental and emotional energy. Worrying will not keep the engines going, Nor the pilot professional and focused, Nor stop a volcano from erupting nearby. Can diminish ones sense of agency and power.
4036314and so do I - worry is a feeling inherent in all creatures, this is how the subconscious directs our attention to something that's important to us. When it happens to me, I meditate
5536387...because they tend to project the worst case scenario, or they are uncomfortable with uncertainty and want a kind of insurance that things will turn out well; fear can be a lack of faith, a lack of connection, a lack of resources or an informed caution, but worry often, for me, is a form of wasting energy.
5886400about the economic and political future of our small country. But I am more focused in the long run on whether we continue to focus on our spiritual and social resilience as a nation. We will remain strong not only because we are financially prosperous but because of how we treat one another and watch out for our neighbours.
6856449that I'm too arrogant and not prepared to listen. This is of course true, but I worry about the world around me gently closing in on my aspirations, ambitions and capabilities as I get older.
7456474about things that they cannot do anything about, locking themselves into downward spirals of anxiety rather than gently trying to get in touch with life and hope.
9756580-and I do too, about where we're going as a species. About our impact on society, on the sustainability of our beloved Earth. My purpose is to contribute and accompany towards a more conscious, more systemic leadership, starting with myself.
11346652That I take on too much to the point that I'm overwhelmed. They worry that I'm not happy in my work and that I don't have much joy in my life at the moment.
11946687-about me. About prime minister's high income. About Syrian refugees. While they should better find time and think about themselves and their relatives. My mom is constantly worrying about everything, search me why.
12506708That I won't get remarried or live according to conventional norms post my divorce and health procedure and sometimes the others in my life worry based on pre-conceived notions of what might happen.
13066744-too much on their own viewpoints and not enough on the collaborative group - how do they fit with one another and how can they use differences of the group to grow as a person?
13106746-and sometimes I feel worried too. Together we can help each other more deeply understand our feelings and what’s behind them and then also support one another to make things better.
13666768About day to day issues that aren't as critical as the big picture.
13816772-too much about the details and don't focus enough on the big picture.
14376796about making ends meet, about getting home in time for the kids, about doing homework, about mowing the lawn... about the future, about comfort, about security about the state of the world, about how we will procure a good future for our children (not just ours, but all), about the impact of artificial intelligence, about how we can prepare future generations so they can be better and learn from current and past mistakes
15086833-Unnecessarily, about the small stuff. I see a lot of people consumed in worry and it avoids them from being able to enjoy life. I like to believe everything happens for a reason, and so therefore try not to worry too much about the small stuff. I prefer to spend my time in gratitude that I don't personally have the big things (health issues, financial issues, etc) to worry about, as those are the things that matter.
16796902I am 'all over the place' and that I am 'crazy' when I choose unconventional paths (such as leave my career as a surgical resident, leave my consulting job at McKinsey) because it just doesn't feel right to me anymore. Sometimes after hearing their comments I feel discouraged and sometimes doubt myself and my gut instinct. But I also recognise that they are giving the best advice they can give, and whilst it may not seem like it, it's given with love in their own way. So I hear their views, and then also look inwards to hear my own inner voice as I continue to walk my path.
17486933-whether we have come too far to turn back. I worry too, that as a global society, and especially as a leader nation, we are not ferociously committed to dealing head-on with complex problems of climate change, social inequity, women's (human) oppression, and that without that fierce and maniacal focus, it is too late, and we have heard the door clang behind us. I am not by nature a despairing person, but I can go there.
21127086too much. There are many reasons why anxiety and depression are so prevalent in our society today, and I believe a lot of it is driven by unrealistic self (and societal expectations). People spend too much time now comparing themselves to others, worrying about meeting certain quotas or achieving certain desires because they set unrealistic goals for themselves. I know I have been guilty of this in the past, and may even be in the future as well. In the purest of truth, we are all unique individuals on our own unique paths, and we need to do our best to embrace that and find joy in it as we move forward (myself included).
21197088-about little things, people need to take their time with worrying about things that are actually meaningful rather than the little things
21817122-that my expectations for myself are too high. I do have high expectations because it is important to me to do my best. I can be a perfectionist and I recognize that others worry that I am projecting my expectations on them and that they will not measure up.
22127130-seems to reflect an effort to protect themselves or to control or influence a future perceived to be unfavorable.
24407186- about trivial matters that detract from the challenge that is in front of us
27117265-about small things that really do not matter in the larger context.
27547278-about content that does not really impact the greater vision. It's the larger context we should focus on and is our activity aligned to that.
29707337-and I think about how useless their concern is without realizing that with that thought I'm behaving just like them. Worrying is inevitable, it is part of our nature but we can choose what we dedicate our efforts and worries to.
30897365about the things that have a small impact on our lives and ignore the bigger issues.
33967466- no clue why they worry. Generally, worry is a manifestation of emotional imprints, fears implanted in the past, in the present moment. Everyone has got his own worries and fears. When others worry, I try to provide them with attention and acceptance, and also ask what they feel and why. Frankly, I don’t have much time for it. One should consume less news and various information garbage, peer more into oneself – then there will be fewer worries.
37557537- about their future but I don't; I'm optimistic and I see problems as opportunities to solve, learn and grow even if it is hard and emotionally difficult and their complexity tends to grow.
38907563About external circumstances and fail to see or know their internal resilience and power. Circumstances should be a lot better for a lot more people than we have right now. And, I think we all fail to truly own our own gold.
39187570- about the small things and fail to see larger issues looming behind the curtain.
40737591-about the little things rather than keeping the big picture in focus.....I help with this balance
44437648- for others, which reminds me that we may just in fact leave this world better than we found it
49867740At times others worry about how to work in a changeable, unsure, complex and ambiguous environment. They usually will attempt to straighten things out and make everything clear. This may be feasible in many cases. But as the world is changing too fast, I find that I also need to learn how to behave in a changeable and complex environment, how to deal with problems without complete information, how to make timely decisions and move forward, and how to continuously adjust the process from decisions and actions. It is just like looking for a castle in the fog. At first, you may feel uneasy, but as long as you can concentrate on the environment at your feet and slowly move forward, finally you will make progress and move forward.
50207748about really insignificant petty things which in the "big picture" is not worth spending time worrying about.
50907757about things they have no opportunity to influence or control. They worry how as leaders we can provide them with a better future than the one they can create for themselves. I find others don't worry enough about the things they can control and rather prefer to blame others for their own inadequacies.
51707764- that they won't meet my expectations - that I won't be receptive to their ideas or won't "want to hear" what they have to say - that I can be blinded by my love for others