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3736286about their circumstances (such as health, their place in society or trusting others), but worry is not a functional use of energy beyond being aware of conditions that may threaten us, but for some reason it's ingrained as part of our psyche, with many suffering from inescapable patterns they know are helping no one.
30827363-like a metronome or pendulum. You can hear and feel the tick, tock, tick, tock, and the striking of the pendulum. It confines you to the limitations of range of motion as it fixated on what is at the source of concern.
45357718I feel powerless. I project a desire to fix their worry, because my ego does not like feeling powerless. Though, I am powerless. By seeing this, by accepting this, I see myself in them and am better equipped for compassion, and to assist them and myself in observing the mystery.