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746033socio-demographic issues were addressed to provide a better environment during the formative years of our youth.
766035people were accountable for their behaviors
776036we addressed some of the underlying causes of poverty, gave all of our children a good education and used minor offenses as an opportunity to educate rather than punish.
786037People fully understood the impact of the crimes and their was a system that help people accountable in a way that the punishment fit the crime and understanding the why behind the action was incorporated into the decision.
796038Social systems/structures take into account issues of inequality, access to basic rights and access to justice for all
816040we developed a better understanding of and response to the social root causes of the problem
866045our country stopped using Black and Latinx people as scapegoats.
996058we would spend time, money and resources focusing on providing children with their basic needs, giving them caring and loving environments, showing them support, and providing them with equal opportunities to succeed.
1066065society could afford to invest in re-education as much it does in education.
1106069Children were given better access to opportunities, including (but not just) education
1146073social structures ensured basic human rights and comforts for everyone and eliminating discriminatory disparities.
1176076we were more committed to understanding and addressing systemic causes and less about blaming certain groups or types of individuals for crime.
1236082more resources and effort were spent on strengthening the safety net to stop homelessness etc and to rehabilitate people in prison
1286087more effort was made to understand and actually tackle the genuine root causes of the different reasons for crime.
1296088...society, politics and economy understand the root causes and agree to measures to reduce the impact.
1316090prison wasn't our default position for criminals, if more effort was put into sustaining and supporting family life and if equality is something we (governments, communities) prioritise and strive for.
1326091we tackled the enduring problem of social inequality in our society by encouraging social mobility, something which will take at least a generation to improve.
1336092education for all was ensured and improved to suit the needs of individuals and cultures and research shows the large percentage of those in prisons around the world who are illiterate and in need of education.
1346093education, social safety nets, and economic opportunities were improved.
1396098our system/government increased the need to be accountable for our contributions to society and made it harder to live off the system
1406099there was a better social and justice system. Social workers do incredible jobs and are not remunerated or respected sufficiently. And the judiciary is out of touch and requires modernisation.
1416100people followed the rules and respected everyone else! Gender, race and religion can cause a lot of problems - if everyone treated everyone how they wanted to be treated despite any differences each of us have the world would be a nicer place. Respecting the fact that everyone is not the same and that fact is OK!
1486104if we lived in a fairy tale. Given the way we frame 'crime and delinquency', the socio-economic realities and primal human drives will likely always result in some level of crime and delinquency; however it is laudable to hold the elimination of crime as an ideal and work to weaken the forces that foster it.
1496105education, employment opportunities, social justice and wages improve.
1516107as a society and those in positions & roles that can influence we recognised the causes and stopped just treating the symptoms
1566112We created more opportunities to educate youth. We need to recognize that many people are more practical and could benefit from high quality vocational education. Using the skills they acquire they can earn a living and fulfill their potential.
1616117we spent more time and energy understanding root causes rather then immediately jumping to conclusions and judgments about people.
1626118we were to take more time to treat the cause as opposed to the symptom. If we were to focus on building self-esteem and inclusiveness in schools, colleges and prisons.
1636119there was an abundance of life's necessities and the little luxuries that give us a sense of well being.
1686124There was more kindness, love, education and tolerance in the world.
1696125if we improved on instilling the values of education, work, purpose, kindness, compassion, and civility in our society, especially for those who have committed crimes so they can learn to become a more positive influence on society.
1736129guns were banished from the earth. People were held more accountable for their choices and the consequences of those choices. More credence were paid to mental illness. People were more willing to help other people.
1746130everyone was given the best set of parents who believed in the value of education and had steady jobs that paid a livable wage
1796135there were fewer constraints, but those which remained were more consequentially applied.
1876139With education and opportunities to grow and evolve. Education I think is the most powerful tool as mentioned before. US has the most people in jail in the world... I guess we are not going in the right way...
1986145with more education, more equality and fraternity.
2106148There was access to education and equal opportunities for all
2126150we, as a society can work on resolving the root causes of crime and delinquency, which to cite a few examples can include lack of employment opportunities, lack of educational opportunities etc.
2136151we could understand the real root cause of the issues and put in place long term fixes.
2186155families communicated and supported a child's development more from the earliest age. Learning the values of respect and decent behavior shouldn't be left to the responsibility of schools, parents have a major role to play in developing a young persons values.
2276160people committing those crime could be realy learned in which way they are harming other people.
2346167more core values (being good to others/honest living/no steeling/equality/etc.) would have been taught in the youth of a child. Only if self believe in making an honest living is not high, people drift into crime, and try to cut corners. If the crime is done, I do believe that doing "the time" is not always a solution, as everybody deserves a second chance. If anybody does it more than once the punishment needs to be increased.
2376170we change and improve surroundings step by step to create a positive environment
2426175poverty was truly and effectively dealt with through better education, opportunity, and support of families.
2466179everyone had love and emotional attachment with a loving caretaker early on since we are all born as amazing people with unlimited potential, yet raised by humans who have our limitations and histories to overcome.
2486181we didn't marginalize people but rather gave everyone equal opportunities regardless of their gender, race, income level.
2496182more energy and resources were put into solving for the "root" causes and there was collective effort to "solve" vs. "blame".
2546185there were more intact families.
2586188new values were instilled, people were held accountable, and consequences were real.
2666195everyone could have meaningful work or other full-time activity. Excellent (free) education is key.
2686197a) law and order is put in place b) society had a "good culture" / beliefs c) society is fair when it comes to distribution of wealth
2696198... if the civilisation and population would have the same view on basic values and priniciple needs.
2706199we have more police resources. But also if we arrange that all people get a good education and can get a job that suits them.
2806204everyone had equal access to resources like education, medical care etc. if the gap between rich and poor is reduced
2816205..people were loved, valued, and appreciated more at young ages. When small children are neglected, feel unloved, undervalued, or oppressed in any way by family, friends, or society, small seeds of delinquency are planted which may ferment to larger, more uncontrollable issues in their futures. Couple this with a cold, uncaring, individualized society where inequality, pain, and suffering are common and it creates a recipe for more of the same.
2856209we had addressed the whole child in school, created opportunities for all, and provided hope for the hopeless in the world.
2906212all people had a purpose or a vocation, a voice and a sense of belonging. And drugs were decriminalised.
2936215everyone can look into themselves, what they really want out of themselves, and what they are trying to do in this world.
2996220we as a society spent more resources on prevention and education. Giving people hope and opportunity reduces the re offending rate and prevents individuals spiralling into a life of crime.
3046224we recognise it is a toxic baton handed down the generations, and not just obsess on capture and punishment - to borrow a phrase, we need to be "tough on crime and tough on the causes of crime".
3066226Education was accessible to all categories of people ,wealth well distributed and employment available to all .
3076227there was early and sensitive intervention of initiatives which addressed rejection, poverty, isolation and prejudice.
3086228we had more people investing in the development of children and young people who are growing up in tough economic situations.
3136232only we could find a way of helping the less fortunate to lead more productive and rewarding lives.
3156234we teach childrens and teenagers how to be great citizens and how to manage their emotions and to communicate in a peaceful way
3216240education would be higher and social standards increased (but big question for the latter remains the financing)
3236242there was less inequality, more fair chances and more early, quick consequences.
3266245people had better role models who set good examples for them.
3276246people took personal responsibility and accountability for their actions, rather than blaming everything on external factors.
3286247There was greater opportunity for all and if education and society was open to all perspectives, people and ideas
3306249Children were given fairer opportunities to education and good jobs.
3346253those causing it were given the chance for a better education and more opportunities to break the cycle and make more of a contribution to society and improve their situation, and also consequences were more impactful.
3396258We applied influence models that address root causes
3426261we strengthen consciousness of the population and control measures
3466265we had a competent government truly aligning to the needs and values of real people doing real jobs living in the real world.
3506269there is less social motivation to do so.
3526271we can provide opportunities for people to contribute constructively to society.
3536272we focus proactively on understanding the root cause and work on preventing crimes. Education at schools, social programs/policies and awareness are all helpful.
3546273More time would be spent to provide education and job opportunity to people from less favorized circles
3566274we had 1. better education 2. less inequality 3. better health 4. more police 5. less poverty
3636280the society was in a position to provide work to the majority of the people. Being integrated and having a social role is reducing delinquency.
3676283we focus on prevention before it happens instead of punishment after the act.
3696285... more people had greater opportunity - somewhere decent to live, a proper job and a sense of purpose.
3736286we could better shape the formative years of young people in our social systems, offering more support and guidance from people who are close to them and they can relate to.
3786291there was a better social system that supported people who need help whilst satisfying those who don't need the help at that particular time.
3886301everyone had a great sense of self respect generated by making sure everyone can make a positive and tangible contribution to society, no matter how small.
3936306people valued education more, teachers should be the best paid individuals as they are forming the future generation and they need to be be given the time, resource and respect to do so.
3946307people took more time & effort to find a solution for themselves instead of looking at what other have.
4066317everyone had access to the same education and youth were raised with the right ethics and motivation to succeed.
4086319if folks had an equal opportunity to succeed, and a stronger family unit.
4126323more people had good schools & jobs and were raised with better circumstances or family values.
4246335as a society we had more resources to support young families and provide a safe and nurturing environment for children.
4256336People’s basic needs were met and didn’t feel social or political injustice. So many people do not have the basics of Maslow’s hierarchy fulfilled and are struggling with the basics.
4266337they would be seen as symptoms and the systemic causes behind them would be changed.
4276338more mature people worked with corrections and in the social systems. Young people need someone to look up to, not somebody who looks down on them.
4296340more families stayed together, had strong moral values, and parents were more actively involved in their children's lives.
4306341...children were invested in and given a future and a hope, seen by others and by themselves for who they are and for their potential, not for their circumstances.
4326343someone needed it; it’s the natural flow of things and what seems like a crime today may cease being one later
43363441) people would be more self aware 2) people would better understand the pain they cause to other people 3) people would understand that whatever they do, will came back to them.
4376345there was greater respect for others and their property, which is generally the case when there is a greater sense of community, rather than exclusion.
4696354there was a better balance of wealth, health resources and opportunities and nutrition
4766356those committing the crimes could really be made to understand why they are doing it, what a waste of an otherwise fulfilling life it is and empathise with the impact it has on others.
4786358Communities and social structures could consistently advance the cause of justice and fairness for all.
4826360based on changes in government policies and society. Others or myself could properly write a novel about this therefore, I will just focus on one particular example which is currently discussed in the USA - "gun violence". I just can not believe that the US government is dragging there feet so heavily just because of the lobbying of the gun community. Crime could be heavily reduced if the President and the current government would focus on doing the right thing to reduce crime instead they rather serve the wealthy gun community.
4896362we had a better family unit in society, and parenting was taken seriously. It would also reduce if we all held each other to account, especially for bad behaviour.
5066369There were more equity in the distribution of wealth and opportunities.
5526386there was some way of installing a similar moral compass in all of us at a very early age, however this might create many other societal problems too
5556388... all people would have a higher level of education, thus have more opportunities to have a meaningful task and the opportunity to have a reasonable standard of living.
5746391resources were focused to help people attain a sense of self worth (education/work) and community, and that rewards work and contribution whilst retaining sanction against those unwilling meet the rules.
5756392social distinctions, poverty and experienced inequality could be reduced
5806393each human being saw that we are all interconnected and innately abundant. Any act hurts us as much as it does the other.
5856397the culture of entitlement was reduced and people were to realise that their perception of others lives is unrealistic.
5866398if people could become conscious about or would feel for only 1 minute what it feels ike to be the one who is the victim of the crime or delinquency. Sounds like a theory? Coud become true with upcoming technologies ...
5886400parents, especially fathers, were more present for their children, and were more involved in effectively parenting their children.
6006406People were happy were allowed to explore thier inner passions and creativity.
6016407we truly supported our children more in schools, we invested in keeping them engaged and had the time and money to truly listen to them
6086411We looked at providing people who committed crimes with a better future (skills and opportunities to start again). The re-offending rate in the UK is c46% and in Finland it is 20%. We could look at what they do in Finland and how they do it and embed this in the UK penal systems.
6096412those who are involved in it could reach out for help, counsel or support. The family, society, country could be more sensitive and alert to step in to support and help those who are into crime and delinquency.
6186414everyone in the community (parents, school, government, etc) does their part in bringing about good citizens
6256418we focused resources on creating greater connection with/community for the person and ensuring their psychological and physical needs are met.
6286421we levelled the playing field right from the start of life in terms of access to education, safe accommodation, emotional support and healthy nutrition.
6306422everyone takes responsibility for his/her own life, and including those they are leading or taking charge of.
6346423if society was in a proper balance. Indeed it is one of the most difficult questions. Actually I do not believe that stronger punishments or banning people from coming into countries would help.
6366424only they understand their persuit of happiness is impacting others . they are taught to reflect their consciousness and understanding value system.
6376425people cared more for one another, had less need for power and domination, we devoted more resources to education and helping the poor get out of poverty
6466427we have strict rules, clear and understood guidelines, guidance on how to learn from mistakes, encouragement, supportive education for different learning styles, and better understanding of delinquency.
6476428a combination of income equality, social programs and reinforcement of rules
6546431we used our tax dollars to fund schools appropriately. We need to help people attend schools that determine a person's interests, and helped make them successful - whether that is going to college or learnign a trade.
6646437we provide better early childhood care (parent-child relationships are strengthened) and we treat ex-offenders as expansive human beings with great capacity for vulnerability and learning, rather than as caged, otherized criminals.
6656438children were given love, support, morals, manners and role models as well as activities that fulfilled them whilst growing up.
6746442we as a society took a long hard look at the way we treat crime. Too often do we jump to punishment when they are much more successful options.
6786444governments invest resources to reduce poverty and make values and ethics a cornerstone of national education.
6806446parents loved and saw their children and their inner spirits
6846448all people had equal access to any resource. [If there were/there would be – unclear which one is intended here] no need to survive or try to grab estate, money or companies
6856449everyone could see a route forward to a better life for themselves and felt reasonably equipped to realise this through family, education and environment.
6876451we worked to address the underlying inequities in society.
7126454children and teenagers have purpose and meaning in their lives, a level of self-esteem and a mechanism to focus and earn a living from the things they are good at.
7216457...we helped those who have committed crime to sustain important personal relationships and rehabilitated them meaningful employment. Many criminals go in and out of prison and are less and less employable and less and less able to sustain relationships with each sentence.
7246460people were treated equally. Not everyone in today's society are treated equally. This is very unfortunate. It doesn't matter if you are a man, a woman, black, white, blue for that matter, you are a human and all should be treated equally.
7366466there were more opportunities for education and employment.
7376467the government invested very heavily in early years' education and child poverty. Alarming numbers of the prison population are functionally illiterate. This is a waste of human capital and potential. It saddens me. The countries, like Finland, who invest most have the lowest prison populations. It's a no-brainer.
7386468social status, living conditions, opportunities, attitudes, and good will are improved.
7456474all children were well loved and appreciated.
7476475people were kind, present and thoughtful of others. It starts at home. Give kids the attention they need and deserve. Be present means making eye contact and connecting, not half listening and half interacting with a phone. Think of others, everyone has their own battles or something challenging them.
7506477those who were committing the crimes were educated on who they impacted and were forced to deal with those they impacted.
7516478Families stayed together. Fathers were involved in their kids lives. Kids played outside instead of staring at computer screens. Morals were taught in school and at home.
7566480people were more engaged with raising their children, and enrolling them in extra activities to give them something meaningful to do with their time.
7626484structural inequality was addressed at global and local level.
7636485we would just equally enforce the laws that already exist instead of acting like the only fix is to create more laws
7696490we spent more time with our youth. We need to make a difference with the youth, show them we care, give them a safe place to go, and educate them.
7756492everyone stopped trying to be the best. Money is a big reason why crimes are committed. No matter how much money you have you always want more.
7916499there were more opportunities, a more equal society which offered people hope and that we helped people to address the problems that drive their behaviour.
8106510...society funded education to include significant life skills courses. Much of crime is caused through poverty, lack of a way out and a lack of knowledge of the impact of one's actions on others.
8146511-we invested more time and energy teaching kids and young adults morals and values, providing them with good role models, helping them to focus on the important things going on around them and in the world, and redirecting their attention to healthy activities, instead of allowing them to spend their time updating their Facebook status.
8176514- we intervened early enough in supporting families and children who are marginalised and disadvantaged.
8266518people had opportunity and reasons to be motivated to change. Nobody is born a criminal or delinquent, it is a result of environment.
8296521- there was more family and community involvement, educational awareness, and more severe punishment.
8386523-if we could see the potential in every human being. Even prisoners need help to find ways to rehabilitate themselves, so that they can be reintegrated into society as reformed characters.
8436524-youth can be given the proper structure in their lives, held accountable for their actions, and inspired with hope for the future.
8456525gave more resources to help the police and invested in more security in our cumulative businesses (opportunities reduced, enforcement increased, & the consequences / punishments were increased).
8466526-if children were able to be educated, brought up in a stable home life and were given structure to follow.
8586530-we could provide more opportunities aligned to peoples strengths
8656532- we had a more even distribution of wealth and opportunities to learn and develop were more accessible to all
9096549-our society could offer better education and help our children to find purpose -our society could take care of less lucky persons
9106550-We have the right government to have jobs and opportunities but also values in the education of our children.
9246554- the world was a perfect place! Sharing, caring, less poverty and rage and more opportunities perhaps would help prevent or at least reduce the drive for some to commit crime.
9256555...everybody was given the same chance of education and social support; equal access to health care, employment opportunities; reviewing the legal system so that first time and non-violent offenders were not imprisoned so quickly. When people have committed a crime and carried out their punishment, they are more effectively rehabilitated back into society, reducing the risk of them reoffending.
9316559- people were treated better, felt valued and given opportunities to do what they love.
9326560more focus was given to providing people with a meaningful purpose in life and recognising that everyone is different. For example, why push everyone through a competitive education system that doesn't acknowledge more creative styles?
9546573-leaders put a firm stand to eliminate such ills, and implement policies to punish behaviors or reward the prevention of it - private, public and people sector come together and play their part in the prevention, identification or management of it. - the guilty are given a chance to repent and undo their past - the persistent ones are isolated while they are being 'treated'
9616574- Сrime and deliqency could be reduced if everyone would be mindful, loveful, and also see more opportunities to get what he wants in alternative way to making crime or delinquent actions
9626575Education was better, opportunities available for people to reach their potential and people have great support (family, friends and society).
9726577- more people had the benefit of more structure in their life and the right incentives for operating within that structure.
9996586-we had a fairer society with equal access and opportunity to a high standard of education. It would be reduced if more people had a sense of purpose and hope, a belief that they had role to play in life and that people cared.
10016588-children have at least one supportive adult in their lives who would support them and meet their their needs of being loved and valued as they are and would teach them about the wisdom of healthy boundaries and respect and empathy for others.
10056591-there is more education, if we work on culture, if we give all children equal opportunities. It is essential that as a society we can respect institutions and ensure compliance with the law.
10106592we had a brilliant way to help people understand themselves better and a society that was less about 'me' and more about 'we'.
10126594-if the children in the family see a positive example and be properly nurtured.
10146595-more communities took action and responsibility along the 'broken window' principle of joining together and demonstrating what they value and what is possible.
10156596- we all held up the mirror to ourselves and the part we play.
10366604-we had less corruption in this country, if the legal system had not hit the rock bottom, education levels increased, social safety net were more than an electoral slogan, and institutions overall worked better than they do now.
10416609There was less have and have nots We invested more in resources that help to prevent people going down that path in the first place Committing crime was not considered admirable in some circles e.g. you're a big man mentality in gang culture
10466614we tackled the root causes. Crime and delinquency are only reactions to other things, so understanding and building solutions to the root causes would be more beneficial, effective and better for society than tackling the end problems.
10546617-Crime and delinquency could be reduced if we worked to address root causes of poverty, lack of opportunities and quality education, and the impact of generational poverty on individuals and families.
10566618the majority of those involved had more options and were provided with leadership.
10766623-society would provide better educational support for emotional maturity and integration of moral conduct and better economical conditions for all its members.
10906630-parents did their jobs, we invested more in education and had more/better role models for many of our youth.
11036634-we took action to ensure a high quality education for all children and families and addressed systematic inequalities in our society.
11046635people had more exposure to love, support, structure, and opportunity.
11056636-we spent more time understanding what causes crime and delinquency and less time on how to punish for it.
11096637... we were able to have a first-principles discussion about how our society is structured, what we think an "ideal citizen" might look like, and whether or not the various vectors in our society steer people towards or away from that ideal.
11206645- we gave children the support they need as they are growing up. Quality education, safe spaces to learn and to play, love, nutrition, patience, kindness...and be good role models for them.
11226646- if more programs were implemented to help at-risk youths. People who ended up on that path probably had their struggles ignored early on by someone who could have helped them.
11276647- people get a good education, have manners, have a future perspective and have a common sense for society.
11296649education and opportunity were more prevalent in the areas there is crime and delinquency in.
11336651-our families are intact and there is a really meaningful loving relationships within the family
11426655we would promote more co-existence recognizing how differences make our world more rich and fun
11496658those of us in positions to make changes could find ways to make education, jobs, and support systems more accessible than they are.
11516659-if there were more family units that were kept in tact.
11576662- People were raised to have a better understanding of the possibilities in life regardless of the starting point.
11586663- the people treat each other more equitably, when the world's riches are more evenly distributed, when people do not think of themselves. When we have the feeling of charity of respect and respect towards others.
11636666-we spent more time, effort and money trying to resolve the cause.
11816677more people had access to education, support and personal accountability.
11866682-we invested more in educating and empowering children and communities
11916684DUMMY TEXT
12006690-everyone started putting interests and feelings of others above their own ones.
12076694-there was more acceptance in the world of all people, races, backgrounds and thoughts and if more people had the ability to discuss and learn about each others perspectives.
12106696- we had higher standards for respecting authority, accountability in formative years and stronger family structures.
12116697we somehow managed to raise the collective level of consciousness through education, from the very first years of life.
12396702- we could reduce the load that a growing population brings on the education [and social services] system around the world.
12486706-families were stronger and from a young age children were shown proper examples of right and wrong
12536711-more resources and funding were allotted to at risk population at a young age- it does take a village.
12686717We had the patience and skill to stay in relationship and dialogue with all our differences.
12706718-people had more opportunity for work and housing.
12736721- we had more dedicated parents, invested more in our education and our communities came together more.
12796725- we lived in a more perfect world .. somewhere where understanding and mercy trumped justice.
12866730-there was more equality in society and more opportunities given to those in need.
12876731-we make live easier and less complicated (global, digital, as well capitalisme as socialisme)
13016739young people were better engaged by education or activities, and didn't needed to put their intelligence to subversion.
13066744-individuals had an opportunities to rewrite their story: how can they develop to learn from their past mistakes or look at different viewpoints and stories from others that can prevent them from crime or delinquent activities?
13106746-we created the space for others to feel themselves more deeply and connect with one another more authentically; if we listened.
13526764-we find a way to help more people feel that they belong, they can make a difference and they matter.
13676769- we saw people as people - human beings - and engaged more in dialogue and social enterprise - talk to people, be with them - and stick with them.
13896775- we could attend to the basic needs of others; - we could help society in basic skills for parenting, education and financial literacy - we could come together as a community with this focus in mind to reduce crime and delinquency
13926778we improved our education system, created more support systems for families, created a more sophisticated approach to rehabilitation of previous offenders
13966779laws and rules weren't designed to benefit those already in power.
14006780- we are more inclusive and if we manage to establish widespread human connection by forming safe relational spaces.
14116784We stop closing children's centres and removing money from parenting support! We work with children in schools to teach Resilience skills We try to encourage family change through a strengths based approach. I was running a drop in session in a children's centre when a very discouraged single Mum was sent to see me. Her small children were biting each other and a well meaning friend told her to bite them so they would learn! A warring neighbour spotted her and she came under social services report. I listened to her story - 'I never hit my children', 'It was only a nibble' etc. After listening I asked her 'if I was a fly on the wall in your house what would I see you doing well?' She burst into tears and said 'no one has ever thought I could do anything well' After some probing questions she decided she plays with her children well and we unpacked that. She was then ready to return to look at some alternative skills to biting! She went out with her head held high. She had made a slight shift in her identity and was more ready for change! Poverty and the gap between rich and poor breeds resentment and a sense of hopelessness.
14196786respect was culturally more fashionable. The lack of respect to society or property is something that is very hard to reverse.
14236789we took the time to listen and invested money and energy into the most vulnerable and at risk in society. research conducted on rehab in prison for example tells us that those we take the time to help, educate and support are significantly less likely to re-offend. It's sad that we are so quick to judge and condemn as a society.
14276792-more attention and resources are focused on the underlying roots as early as possible in the lives of offenders as well as focusing on improving the effectiveness of policing and rehabilitation of offenders.
14476799-there was improved equality of opportunity regardless of social or economic background.
14536802if we tackle education of our young generations addressing not just knowledge but also values if we had much much better leaders, which could improve the economy of i.e. a country while improving equality.
14676814-economic and social conditions improved for those most impacted. I believe it starts with equal access to education at a young age.
14756817- we turned the focus to breaking the cycle of crime through supporting young people from low socio-economic backgrounds in a practical and relevant way and providing mentors as they travail the tough decisions.
14856818-there was more spirituality in our lives-something to live for besides ourselves or material possessions.
14976825-we, as a society, actually cared enough about children to ensure that every child truly had access to high-quality food, education, health-care, and caring role-models no matter their social or economic background.
15016829- we educate and provide the foundations of a strong moral compass in young people
15026830-there were enough resources to do multigenerational interventions in dysfunctional families to break long terms cycles of abuse and poor parenting
15166837-education is more widely applied and economy standard is to be improved continously.
15266839-our society made great changes to the balance of work and personal life and closing the ever-growing gap between the poor and wealthy.
15376840-the relevant parties worked harder to understand, and invest in, preventing and deterring crime and delinquency. I believe 21st century law enforcement is increasingly recognising this by working more with government, prevention agencies and different sectors to address causal factors in a holistic sense.
15446842people had what they needed for a decent, contributing life, and there was more wisdom around, particularly for struggling young people who cannot fathom why things are as they are and have an energy to make it different in some way.
15506843- people didn't have to worry about the basics of food, shelter, etc and had enough of an education to be able to analyze the consequences of their actions.
15536844- young people had access to the world greater than what's right in front of them and people that are willing to invest in their full potential.
15586847-we improve health and economies of communities with high crime.
15616849- education and opportunity was more fairly distributed.
15706854-underserved communities were given more opportunities to find a productive outlet for their energy.
15906859-common values would play a stronger part in education and at work
15976864-If all children grew up with loving, conscious and self-aware parents and communities. If we completely changed our education system to raise the human, not just the intellect. If we lived in a society that afforded the same opportunities to all people regardless of status and wealth.
16096869- education was prioritised and children grow up in loving households - in whatever varied form that could take.
16146870- i am not sure i am the expert to answer this question, but i do though think that environment is really important. children need to feel secure and have support to see, set and achieve their goals. i think sometimes kids grow up in situations that make them more susceptible to crime/delinquency - and that is both rich kids and poor kids.
16246875-Young people were given more opportunities to further themselves. I don't think many people are born to be bad, they just end up that way because of their environment. Reduce their exposure to negative environments and you will reduce bad behavior.
16256876- education, health care and wealth opportunity were more equally distributed.
16746898-we spent more time and money listening, caring and helping create meaning for people and less time and money locking people up and excluding them from soceity
16796902we could all work together and fix the system, and the socioeconomic problems which are leading to crime and delinquency.
16806903we find effective way to influence on people` mindset and spirituality from their childhood and during all life.
16956910- we did a better job of supporting and nurturing our children and teaching them the power and joy of empathy, generosity and kindness so that they are always looking to 'pay it forward' rather than take for themselves; and also knowing when they need to ask for help rather than to struggle on their own
17266920- society supports and nurtures, not judges, and people feel hope, the ability to create
17366923- we taught our children to problem solve, to be resourcethat life is all about choices and choices have consequences.
17406926- our society were more equitable; mental health needs were met; and people had good options for supporting themelves and their families in lawful, productive ways.
17446929-everyone was given an opportunity to be a successful member of society; many are destined for a life of delinquency by circumstances, not choice.
17476932-people are given the proper education and are raised properly. Positive influence from leaders and mentors in society is and always will be the main reason for sustaining positive behavior
17516934families stayed together, quality education was available to all and kids choose different role models.
17586937-we collectively understood that its root cause is a polarity not a problem to solve. The central tension is between social support systems and personal responsibility, yet we splinter to either end of the continuum rather than navigate the whole.
17596938-we all grew up in supportive systems that told us we are loved and that our gain is not dependent upon someone else's loss.
17656942-we focus more on having the right laws and rules to stop the this, vs. creating or providing environment to give an opportunity to do crime and delinquency. If crime occurs, it is critical to educate, rehabilitate and provide environment which encourages not to commit crime and delinquency.
17676944… everyone would be less selfish and give more attention to his surroundings.
17786947- we break the cycle of disadvantaged youth - we need to focus their energy and creativity in positive ways from their earliest days - no one is born bad.
17806949-family values were emphasized more and people had higher moral character.
17876954- we had equal chances for social mobility by providing equal opportunities.
17886955-we could help more people experience a safe environment to learn, develop, and identify the positive part they can play in our world.
17986960- children would be educated about the true values, all of them will be given equal chances to a proper education, the society will promote the right role models
18086962people are continuously trained so they have marketable skills which are sought after and provide employment options.
18106964-raise our children different and create a more (not pure but more) matriach society
18186971-we can manage that everyone's upbringing is good. Research shows that many criminals have had a bad childhood.
18246974-we were better about investing in our youth's education and opportunities.
18856984- People were more willing to listen and show compassion and learn to let-go.
18966986- people were better educated and there was less poverty. There are some basic rights like education, healthcare, food and bed. As a society, we need to make those available to everyone. When those basic needs are met, human nature focuses on further improvements and stops worrying about where the next meal is going to come from. I am a believer in most people want to be good.
18996989- we develop more empathy among people. There are countries that have very low level of crime (Swiss, Japan etc.), and we can try to learn from their culture and search for the answer.
19006990-There were enough resources available to get all of peoples needs met in a sustainable way.
19217004we had better education and good job opportunities leading to better prosperity in society
19527014-the income gap was reduced and society was more generous.
19747017- if society was less inclined towards selfishness and greed
19837024-people were better educated; a good education should not be a privilege but a right.
19847025We had programs to work with people, understand the root of their actions and try to provide the education, training, opportunities to turn their lives around.
19867027-By increasing and varying education where needed (i.e. more focus on apprenticeships and vocational courses) and by reducing poverty.
20027029- education would be for free, wealth would be distributed more equally and access to weapons restricted more heavily (e.g., psychological tests for anyone who wants to carry a firearm).
20047030- we would concentrate on family relations, also by making our society more considering, healthier and wealthier for all.
20077033-Everybody's "minimum" rights and earnings are enough for them to live easily. If they path to reach dreams are clear and there would be a clear punishment for taking unethical and unlawful shortcuts.
20167039-we spent more time as a society on providing the resources to develop children into healthy adults and less time as a society punishing adults for behaviors that now occur because they weren't cared for well as children.
20187040-every person could find a purpose in life that would make them get up in the morning with excitement.
20197041- efforts to prevent the causes, particularly in deprived areas, were increased including a focus on creating opportunities for the people who live there.
20207042family stability and good parenting were seen as more important culturally and socially, and if people could see meaning to their work.
20227044-we took time to understanding the "why" or root cause and proactively managing the situation rather than being reactive to the symptoms.
20337048if we were all running the same race. Resources are sometimes a results of crime, or lack there of.
20357050- our societies were more inclusive, and individual more respectful to each other.
20377052-people would be more educated. -there would be a lower gap between the high and low (better distribution of wealth).
20397054more people in society were given a chance to participate in the workforce and make a decent living.
20427055resources were provided to impoverished areas to give those people the same opportunities wealthy people have.
20747069- the government spent more money on programs to help those less fortunate and support as they went through. I think that hard work and accountability can help someone learn respect and the importance of striving for more than a life of crime.
20857076- wealth difference would not be that great. Education and ethics are delivered through education system bring the sense of community to people as it exists in Japan where Crime and delinquency is one of the lightest in the world.
20877077-we invested more in education (including to adults), tried hard to give everyone a chance in life, while enforcing the rules of society with clarity and consistency at all times.
21017082-the society were more educated, more respectful, more inclusive and the standard of living of all the people of the country was high.
21147087-we look at it as a systemic issue, not an individual one and if we have a restorative approach rather than punitive.
21477096-citizens and police had better understanding, trust, and communication
21407100There would be more even distrubution of income in our society and support real for people in need
21567109-we took the time as a society to educate, train and support all so there is no need to resort to crime. There are far too many people that get forgotten as society rushes forward.
21657111- people knew each other better and communicated more in families, homes, neighborhoods and cities.
21737119- these children were loved, accepted and supported, if they had mindful adults around them who would pass on their values (humaneness, value of life, respect for others and their property, etc.).
21757121-we invested in support for the family unit
21817122-people shared the same values. I think crime and delinquency are relative and that people do not have the same values and understanding of right and wrong. Laws are needed to keep societal norms, but not everyone can agree on what those laws should be.
21907123there was better education and real opportunities for people born in difficult environments to choose wisely their destiny
22117129-those caught in this cycle could have their world view widened. Patterns are part of our brain and lives and one needs to see different possibilities in order to change those patterns. I also think that education can be liberating and that this is hard to achieve in an environment where it isn't valued.
22347134somehow education was prioritized in lower income neighborhoods. With education comes the ability to be a better problem solver without resorting to violence or other crime.
22717139people held each other accountable and did not ignore what was happening around them.
22827144- there was a stronger social and financial safety net for people that don't receive the opportunities or have the potential to become or maintain productive members of society.
22847147-we would invest more in education and facilitate entrepreneurship to create opportunities and jobs.
22867148- the educational and cultural level can be continuously improved, then everyone will treat others equally, and show more respect to others.
22927149-Crime and delinquency could be reduced if criminal justice reform efforts would ensure that sentences/punishments are suitable for the crime (a reasonable fit), and by allocating more funding toward workforce initiatives that can encourage offenders to feel empowered enough to enter the job market to make a new start.
23107153- we were more willing to listen and get to know people who are different from us, racially and socioeconomically. Also, we need more social infrastructure to support folks in need. And, fewer / no guns
23217157-people received the right breaks in life, received education and a loving, caring, nurturing environment both in childhood and life
23227159-there was more education and citizen awareness and we all cared more about the others.
23387164- we can manage to safeguard a good general education and foster integrity and common values
23417165- (1) communities were nurtured in emotional/relational skills and equipped in ways to nurture others in those skills, and (2) the strong protected the weak.
23487167persons knew or were redirected to what it meant to seek the kind of societal relationships which advance one in the nature of what is good and true.
24007175Had a stronger understanding of the importance of society/ communities and could more positively set them up by increasing education and welfare standards. We increased understanding and use of contraception Acted as a society to properly rehabilitate offenders
24177179valued -- via investment -- public sector & services more.
24237184Parents spent more time with their children teaching them how to be good human beings.
24357187- we worked on providing people with pathways and purpose that challenged, recognized and rewarded them.
24437188-we could address root causes like better access to education, basic needs (like health, safety, shelter), and inequities. I think most people are generally good and if they can do things that give them a sense of pride, purpose and contribution they would be less likely to turn to crime.
24447189- our society found a way for each child to grow in an environment of love and support and in which they had their basic needs met without fail. I also think we can reduce crime and delinquency if we learned how to better communicate with each other.
24497191- we stopped criminalising poverty and disadvantage, which is reflected in the number of women in prisons becuase they have defaulted on fine payments; or the many people at risk of or experiencing homelessness who are charged with public nuisance offences.
21257194- we supported each other more, afforded more people a second chance, didn't judge people's abilities by past performance or lack of experience, spent more time volunteering, paying it forward, doing more with less.
24717196-if more of us benefitted from loving families, quality education and careers in which we can experience the satisfaction of achievement.
24827198everyone owned the problem and sought to change in a more coordinated way.
24837199- there were programs of education that took the time to connect with people and help them find their passion
24917203- if we really understood the challenges that other people might be facing so we could find ways to help them before hopelessness sets in.
24967204our social framework was such that the gap between the 'haves' and 'have nots' was reduced.
24997205-we spent the time and effort in understanding the 'why' and then developed impactful, sustainable and culturally appropriate programs and initiatives to address the issues including housing, health care, education and inclusion.
25167210living conditions and work opportunities were improved and education was more holistic and less target driven and more appropriate for all and not just the academic
25427217-strong enforcement coupled with improved educational standards and outcomes, as well as early intervention with likely problem groups.
25137218- as a community we placed more importance on providing strong social and support structures for our most vulnerable children and youth.
26147234-We understood the real reasons for the crime etc. Politicians have a very short time perspective (and getting shorter all the time with social media) and what we need is a longer term perspective.
26157235access and quality of education would be higher. Know more about the past, about the world, about others, about yourself. And if money was not at the center of everything in life (well educated people are involved in crime and deliquence as well).
26377237That requires an answer longer than I have time for here. But for me the key headings and areas to target would be; - Identifying and resolving the root causes - providing the right level of funding to do the above - enabling the police to have the right resources - focusing on rehabilitation and incarceration
26397239-we were able to provide a more meaningful social safety net (including better health care and child care services) for poor families
26437242-children were taught to respect and treat others as they would like to be treated themselves, and given equal opportunities to learn and grow in a enjoyable and fun environment that encouraged them to achieve and succeed.
26497244there was a combination of more recognition of the rewards of work, more understanding of the causes of the situations in which people find themselves turning to crime coupled with tighter qualifying criteria for government-funded safety nets and stronger penalties for serious crime.
26537247-People had enough to eat, access to education and shelter, and available employment that paid a fair wage. If people felt they had a sense of power over their lives, self determination, self dignity. We treated everyone with dignity and respect and their were enough resources for everyone.
25557249society's value system was shifted to a sustaining model of nurturing and developing people rather than a system of ensuring increased profits.
26557250We work with our indiviual ad collectiv mindsets. A lot of the problems are rooted in a we and them. I we could activily raise the awaernes and self knowledge at a indiviutal basis we can creat a seed bed for a mor human society. Of cours that must be supported by legal and supporing structures. We need to address the issues from a mulipespective way.
26597251- we listened more to others and the challenges they encounter, to give them a voice to share and think through possibilities.
26647252-there was less poverty and more equal access to opportunities and development for all.
26607254- government fight against corruption, terrorism, civil wars, stop cold wars - spend more on education - help development countries - be better people, each of us
27047264- society focused more on kindness and generosity vs. personal gain.
27117265-if families were intact and healthy to serve as a foundational core to mitigate the scourge of drugs and promote education
27257269-we deeply cared for, valued and "see" every human being, and boldly faced and dismantled structural inequality in our all of our systems.
24877271- we improved our education system, really fought to address systemic (and unconscious) racial bias, and provided more consistent, better paying job training opportunities.
27427275- We spent more time talking to our neighbours, educating the broader community and society about what is right and wrong. Offering greater community support may also alleviate some of the tensions which culminate in these inappropriate behaviours. Sport could have an important role to play with people learning to play in teams or with other individuals. Simple values like, trust, respect and honesty would go a long way to a better society
27547278-people took responsibility for their actions and where educated to meet individuals where they are at and motivate their drivers.
27557279-made radical changes to a very large system: improving school quality, addressing the numerous things that keep people in poverty, revamped policing practices that move to reduce racial bias, a complete overhaul of our prison systems, the list goes on....
27697282we took the time to understand and invest in addressing the root causes in society
27757284- education was more equally and easily accessible
27787287we really understood the causes (and interdependencies) better and tackled those
27897289- people get a better education, a chance to get a good and satisfying job and a family that supports them in every phase of their life.
27907290- we created an approach that didn't let people fail, that was generous enough to help and support people and relied less on animal spirits or fear of failure to motivate.
27937291we actually let our boys express themselves and showed them affection as children. We are perpetuating a world of darkness and crime by emotionally starving and strangling our boys instead of showering them with the love, acceptance and affection all children deserve. I truly believe if we can emotionally heal boys and men, our world will be a much brighter, less violent place.
28287299- all children had equal opportunities for education and care from very early age.
28487307there were less broken homes with absentee father figures, fairer society with opportunity for all no matter who you are, no matter what colour and creed.
28597313- equal opportunities for education, health, and support were provided to people and the people took advantage of them.
29107328-We taught the world how to practice inner peace and the education system was more focused on EQ. Also if we ban guns and fixed the inequality issue we have in the world today.
29617333young people were considered to be assets in their communities rather than needing to be policed.
29677335-we would listen people more attentively and if we would give them attention and give them opportunities to learn and be proud of themselves
29777339politicians could work better together. They spend so much time infighting with bi-partisan debate, how do they have any time to solve the actual problem?
29857340we understood the motivations for such actions and took the necessary steps to resolve. I recognise that there will always be dishonest, corrupt and unethical behaviour which through education should reduce.
30037343we had more employment opportunities giving people the ability to work towards creating a better life for themselves
30147347everyone had love, food, shelter, and a sense of purpose for their lives.
30177349-there were more good paying jobs available to people with minimal education.
30277352- people were supported to find their purpose and value in life by creating safe environments.
30487357there was less disparity and more connectedness in the world.
30757362-everyone had better access to an education as it helps individuals achieve and hopefully avoid crime or simply informs them of the downsides to crime.
30827363we recast the purpose, meaning, and practice of marriage.
30887364- we reduced inequality in society and made sure more people felt as if they had a proper stake in it
31207372parents were held more accountable for the actions of their children. We also need to address poverty and education in areas that historically have a lower socioeconomic standing.
31217373-If choose to take a different route as opposed to claiming society failed them.
31337377family lives were more stable
31567382there was more tolerance and understanding in the world and that being human is very different to being a human being
31627383- as a starting point, children were brought up in a safe and loving household, provided with a strong moral compass and understood consequences from the day they were born.
31727384-more people were ruled by love and not by fear. If more people had a safe and happy childhood with good values. If more people were educated. If more people got to feel fellowship with other people. If more people felt needed.
31847390if we understood the route of the problem and applied equitable solutions through collaboration.
31877393family networks were stronger.
31887394if we spent more quality time with our children and gave back to our communities, including providing better resources to teachers.
31897395Greater support systems and deconstructing institutionalized privilege.
31707397- societal inequality (poverty, discrimination, unequal access to opportunities) was addressed.
32027398- all citizens receive good education, social support system is well developed, and punishment is severe.
32207401-there weren't so many people in the world, if everyone had a safe place to sleep, and our schools were stronger.
32227402if everyone understood the importance and value of education along with the impact a parent has on a child which projects their future. They need strong role models.
32247404there were clear paths to gainful employment and advancement via legal means
32257405emotions were understood, empathy was felt, and consequences were enforced.
32487410-everyone shared the rules – could influence their elaboration and amendment – and would find space for self-realization and happiness within these rules.
32527414-we knew the exhaustive list of reasons that trigger delinquent behavior and all these reasons could be influenced.
32537415-upbringing and education were like in Finnish schools, without aggression and violence (incl. psychological), if healthy values were conveyed at all levels of communication, if everyone’s wealth met the basic needs (accommodation, food, daily necessities and rights). 
32567418-everyone maintained a high level of vibration, but that triggers the question if everyone needs to have only rosy experience; some souls need to  collect low activity fields (destructive events/emotions, in order to have the following spectrum and later apply it in world-building) 
33067433-our education systems really inspired and equipped everybody to care for others and understand the impact of their own actions on others.
33117436-the world is more inclusive of people from underprivileged backgrounds
33167437opportunities for employment and gainful income, not welfare, were made more readily available. Giving people a purpose and opportunity to contribute to society is fundamentally what I believe most people want.
33347441- all crime and delinquency was taken seriously and followed up, if someone believes their behaviour is acceptable because it is not punished then they will not change and gradually get worse under the belief that it doesn't matter.
33357442- we develop the right behaviors as young children and stop cutting sport and extra curricular activities from schools. Kids being involved in clubs, sports, camps, etc.. will promote good healthy lifestyle development. It will teach inclusiveness and that will stop a lot of divide we see in society today.
33487444we had a more equal allocation of wealth in our society.
33537446- there was more equality and fairness in society and also a more empathetic approach to human issues.
33507456-we ensured that there were less visible socio-economic divides between groups in society, and had more concerted efforts to create great education and labor opportunities for all. Having officials in local, state, and national government that could focus on their jobs rather than re-election processes would be a huge help to start!
33807459-the social factors around poverty were better addressed, to give people more agency in their lives
33817460-we viewed crime and delinquency as a symptom of deeper issues. By providing educational and economic opportunities, increasing community supports and providing robust welfare options the rates of offence could be lowered.
33887462- it were possible to find meaningful employment opportunities or stimulating activities for free time for all who are at risk of behaving in this manner.
33927464- more funds and energy were invested into giving people better opportunities to tap into their natural talents and achieve what they wanted in life and a brighter hope for the future.
33957465-We redefined it – instant 100% reduction!
34007468We all lived in a fairer society where opportunities where made available for all and it was then the individuals choice whether to take them or not.
34067469-we found a way to educate people and get them to believe in them selves and in their futures.
33917473-we changed politics, societies, education, values we prioritize, messages we give to people about what is important and how they will be good enough, successful and happy.
34147474-people get support through psychologist, education and job.
34247479- there was greater access and opportunity for good education and employment, with appropriate wages. Simple to say, more difficult to bring about.
34287480- people were more disciplined and learnt to respect others from a much younger age, but also inspired by the generations before them, people's stories and lessons that they have learnt. There are very few truly new situations in the world, there are always people who have been there and done that..
34407482- our countries/society would have less inconsitency in revenue/wealth, education and gives real chance to progress the social ladder on one's own merit.
34527484there was more equality in society and more opportunities given to those in need.
34397485we spent the required money and social capital to addressed the cause or social issues (education / broken and abusive families [aka a lack of love] / community) rather thah 'band aid' the effects.
34547488Crime and delinquency could be reduced if people take care of each other and prejudice is minimized. Also, people should feel the place where they live is their home.If people are surrounded by friends and loves ones, they are less likely to misbehave.
34677489there was less poverty and injustice in the world.
34737492There is less of a focus on law enforcement and more of a focus on education and social inclusiveness.
34867496-we find ways to connect people with what is important to them. Help people to achieve a goal even small. Help them to create a future.
35037500People just did the right thing. If people treated others how they wanted to be treated. ## I also feel a little ignorant answering this question as people steal for many reasons, most of which I would never understand.
35207505- people were offered with a future. This is possible through both education and adequate public policies. Giving everyone a chance would in my opinion have a deep impact on crime and delinquency.
35407507everyone felt a strong sense of self-worth had a realistic path to a better life for themselves and their families.
35417508-people were treated with love and kindness, if people were not shamed and had a sense of belonging.
35767514education and support was more broadly available for children
36247519-proactive relationships could be formed between communities and law enforcement
36457520-poverty, education and opportunity could be given to more people when they are young enough
36627522there were robust initiatives to address multiple, intertwined Systems (with a capital S) that have contributed to the permanent disenfranchisement of certain groups.
36617524-more importance was given to education and extracurricular school activities in general. If kids at any age were more involved in sports and in particular arts they would develop healthy interests that could keep them away from certain situations.
36887526-there was a boost in education , less school drop out rate, more extracurricular activities, recreation centers, volunteerism, vocational work
37387534- all children were afforded strong education opportunities and a safe and happy upbringing
37557537-access to education could be improved, prevention and repression could be balanced and inequalities could be reduced.
38037541-Opportunities were more evenly distributed and available ... and the effects of years of systematic unequal treatment and lack of opportunities not compensated for.
38117543the reversible crimes and delinquencies were forgiven once reversed by the remorseful perpetrator.
38427548-everyone was given an education and a job that will allow them to take care of their family.
38547549-we better understood the way the brain works and the things that cause us to think the way we do
38617554- People were better with each other - Education be available to everyone; - People with mental disorders were treated properly; - More investment be made in prevention
38657555-we can create environments of connection and meaning and support. If we could communicate deeply and bring mutual empathy in creating solutions.
38777558- parents took more of an interest and inserted themselves into their children's lives - not in everything but making sure there are connections and open lines of communication, less judgement.
38917562we were to focus more on the small stuff, reinforcing basic rules and providing means of education / work for all.
38957564we spent more time seeking to understand the 'why', I believe the majority of people are inherently good.
39147567we approached it as a society more comprehensively from early childhood on and if we didn't have a justice system that had so much embedded bias against minorities.
39187570- Everyone aspired to get off that couch , have self respect and respect for others , and got in the game of life.
39357572- everyone feels that he or she has a stake in our society and meaningful hope for economic and social progression.
39627576we understood and addressed the real causes behind these problems. For example, we know that women who have served custodial sentences have almost always suffered from one of several things - homelessness or insecure housing, drug addiction, family violence or gender violence. If we addressed these four key challenges then we could almost eradicate women perpetrating serious crime. A similar argument runs true for our indigenous population - alcoholism, education, unemployment, domestic violence and disconnection from their ancestral lands has a huge influence on the rate of crime and delinquency in some states such as the Northern Territory. If we were to truly understand these issues and then apply the resources to these issues in sustainably and culturally appropriate ways then we would be able to improve the quality of lives and vastly reduce the rates of crime and delinquency.
39677577-we used our tax money for programs that support education, families, health care, and communities
39867578-aspirations and taxes were raised and inequality reduced. And there were more police on the street, better prisons and longer sentences
39967579we could understand and ameliorate root causes.
40227584-we actually addressed real issues with truth and understanding. Our laws and rules need to be rewritten with fairness. We need to examine the root causes and be honest about our history and how we got where we are. That should happen in individual scenarios of "crime and delinquency" as well.
40637589education and family values would be focusing more on preventing them.
41007595there was an appetite in the country to address the erosion of values, behaviours and morals both in society at large and in the country's leadership.
40597600people that are not prepared, don't have a good steady job and decent income would stop having children born out of wedlock, and living in miserable homes, places and with very little to no education. The majority of these kids end up in Foster care, unloved, unwanted and this leads to bad things for both themselves and society.
41387602-we improved the quality of life of less fortunate people and provided all children with the opportunity to have a great education and grow up in a safe and loving environment.
41587605- There is not enough space in this box. A better more affordable educational system, higher minimum wages, reform the prison system, reform the war on drugs, rehabilitation vs imprisonment, learn from other countries that have had great success with handling crime very differently, address the racial bias in the judicial system. "The new Jim Crow" was a great read in this respect.
41637606-people believe in "abundance" - that if one gets something, it doesn't mean that the other lost; the universe has enough for everyone
41957611- we understood the root causes of why perpetrators behave the way they do, and help address them; - we increased the number of teachers, carers, police, social workers.....to help deal with the increasing issues; - we pulled together in society rather than continuing to fragment, and looked after each other more.
42567619-there are less differences in our society and if people are really seen and respected from they are born.
42627621-children had balanced childhoods where they were valued and loved and where they could see the positive part they could play in their community and society. If the gap between rich and poor in the world were less. If access to drugs and guns were reduced.
42767624-all the people think we all are one family. Each individual cares more about others as his own family than about himself. We have a truly interdependent society. We have a deep level of appreciation to each other. Then, no one will commit crime against others.
43007626we took more time to understand the mindsets that drive the behaviours and addressed what is creating those.
43147629If we reduced the gap between rich and poor and if groups were treated more equally (read John Rawls' Justice as Fairness.)
43257631- we would invest more time and energy in our education offerings. This could allow people to see different paths that maybe what they are living.
43287632... more points of commonality and empathy were built into our social fabric.
43647642- if the society stops living in distinct classes and better education and support is provided equally to everyone.
43817645-we supported our youth, created more awareness in our communities, uplift others whenever possible, fund education -I could change the way I operate in this world
44397647you give people a purpose and the freedom to pursue it.
44437648- if we explored poverty, hunger and safety as basic needs all human citizens had the right to
45257660-We raised people's socioeconomic, equity and educational levels.
45407662-families were stronger and parents paid more attention to teaching their children good morals; how to be respectful; and the importance of being educated/ education.
45397663- people cared, equal opportunity was present, social acceptance was easy, if addiction was curbed, if economic pressures were reduced, if family is put first.
45417665- the world was more fair. People invested in a system tend to benefit from the structure and therefore are supportive of it. Those that don't benefit feel left out and may resort to illegal or maybe socially unacceptable means of achieving what they feel they deserve.
45647667-we hasd a fairer society and a better education system
45707670-governments started by eliminating poverty and creating sound economic bases in each community so that the elimination of poverty was associated with dignified work and the reduction of criminogenic neighbourhoods. With this basic requirement in place then moving on to invest in young families and young children so that the antecedents of crime/delinquency were prevented - this would involve promoting family bonding & attachment, addressing issues of inter-generational trauma & delinquency, providing children with early education & education and connection to community plus doing everything required to not expose children to family violence and drug/alcohol abuse. Lastly to recognise that some children are more prone to taking up violent behaviours and that this is recognised and responded to early and with firm boundaries and consistent consequences by parents, education institutions and community.
45827671power structures between parents and children were better addressed so that children could be taken on the journeys of their mistakes in childhood with more nurturing love and care
46167674-we spent more time and money on educating and setting up programs to help/support youth and others who are less fortunate so we can try prevent it before it happens
46477679- we were a more inclusive, rather than divisive society. - we reduced the socio-economic gap - more evenly distribute the educational and nutritional resources necessary for brain development between wealthy and underserved communities.
46507681-we better understood what is driving them and rather than rely on punishements we tried to solve the root causes. Also - even if someone got punished we do not help them to return back to society as we stigmatize them.
46467682-family structures remained strong and supportive
46557684- all constitutional regulations were observed at all stages of the legal system and if everyone realized they would have to answer for their actions.
46577686- education, nurturing and well-being were given due attention.
46707689-income disparity is well managed, everyone see opportunity and hope in the future.
46717690-people realize we are all connected and everything you do to others will return to you in some ways -the wealth would be distributed more equally -social problems would be tackled by governments and public institutions -socialization would aim at growing kids potential, not just aligning them to societal standards -families would be more connected and adults more aware of the patters and beliefs they pass on their kids -people would be more empathetic
47237698there was less poverty allowing parents more quality time with their kids, if our early education systems were better, if there were less extremes in our country's wealth distribution and if teenagers all had productive activities to undertake.
47267700-the world had a better social safety net and our institutions (media, marketing, government, other organizations) stopped portraying everything (e.g., plaque, lack of insurance, weather, neighbors) as a problem that's about to ruin your life or threaten you in some way. There's a tendency to push people towards a place of fear from which they are far more likely to get triggered. There's also a tendency to legitimize that fear for lacking basic needs by not having proper access to food, shelter, medicine for people. When you've got nothing, you've got nothing to lose.
47907708... we would 'punish', have consequences, but support and help grow also, make sure we can all make a living in society, support and encourage stable families.
47887709- people had a way to channel their energy into something that really mattered to them or that they are really passionate about. People need to learn to better respect others and the society we live in and consider the consequences of their actions on others as well as themselves and their families.
48037710-everyone had the right to a good education, to decent work, to minimum living conditions that satisfy their basic needs and had people around them who would give them love.
48107714- we work to equalize resources, that help us move away from areas of "have" vs "have not"
47517719- people had more purpose in their lives through better education, fulfilling work and good community links.
48397720everyone had a purpose, a voice, an outlet, something constructive or inspiring to do, something they are passionate about to give them a reason to choose another path.
48497723Crime and delinquency could be reduced if all parents were curious about what factors lead to effetive parenting, if children had access to quality school systems and education, and if people/families had access to resources to help with mental health, and other familiar dysfunction.
48527724we expanded our horizons as to what is acceptable behaviour
48877727-all people have equal chances to grow up in a safe and stable environment including a caring upbringing with values and role models and access to education
49017729-children had a more stable upbringing and appropriate support was given
49147730we focus on childhood and adolescent experiences, have longer prison sentences and turn prisons into places which transform people's life choices through education, skills and coaching
49377732-everyone had an equal opportunity to achieve something meaningful in life
49417734-People would just share resources and not be selfish so that there are so many have nots in the world. if our leaders would get it together in this country and so focused on capitalism. there's anough to go around we just don't distriburte correctly.
49737739People were more connected to genuine community with high relationship and high accountability.
49867740Crime and delinquency could be reduced if everyone can be responsible for their own deeds and respect other people’s demand and consider the impact on the whole system when they make decisions.
50057743-thinking that people were more educated and had the highest consideration for others
50067746we embrace marginalised populations and help them find and feel a greater sense of love, belonging, value and dignity.
50207748there were economic opportunities to keep people motivated and thrive.
50277749- we could improve the socio/economic/education conditions for people living in crisis and with generational dysfunction.
50307751- there was a magic wand. Or secondly, if we could better cultivate a sense of purpose in ourselves.
51107758-people understood right from wrong -Parents took accountability of what their children get up to -Law was enforced correctly and we spend more money on education, Police than we do on benefits -People worked for what they have
51577762will be consistent with this, we will understand the reasons for pathologies, we will give everyone equal chances to start
51627763there was more understanding and compassion. Especially around addiction, homelessness, harm, abuse. Shame can lock people into paths they wouldn't otherwise be on.
51707764- we could truly understand why people choose to act the way they do - we had a system that supported people efficiently, effectively, and early on so they could make better life choices as they grow up - we were more proactive instead of reactive
52207768- there was more meaningful work for those at risk of crime and delinquency, as well as more love and capable parents in the world
52337770giving individuals a feeling of purpose/self worth/belonging/self esteem - locking them up and throwing away the key will achieve little
52477771society was open to a variety of programmes and solutions to address the root causes.
52497772-we had more police presence on the streets and the inequalities of society were being addressed in a fair way.
52567773- Every answer I write feels superficial. It feels incredibly arrogant to even attempt to answer this!
52837776-we really committed to educating every child, providing a baseline of health care and found a way to stop using race and other immutable characteristics as a way of dividing people.
52927777- society helped people, worked with them, and looked beyond the crime and to the cause as people aren't born 'bad', we need to look at their lives and what's the cause.
52947778there was less poverty, better education and those who did choose to commit crime were dealt with appropriately
53147786-we redefined crime and delinquency. To be serious, rules need to be broken at times or development stalls.