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3736286are more than my friends to me, they are the family I have chosen for myself. They express both what I have experienced as influences on my life so far, and where I want to go next. I have brother and sisters that are not of my blood, but who's presence is just as formative, important and devoted as any siblings I know.
3996311are all over the world and from different stages of my life; sometimes I think I do not have them any more. But I carry them in myself and they carry me, so I know we are connected in subtle ways forever.
4036314are, first and foremost, people tested by life and time. Distances and frequency of meetings don't matter. They are my energy and support, community of soul and spirit. It's an important part of my life and myself. My children are my friends.
5536387...tend to be people with whom I enjoy spending one-on-one time doing things that enliven and enrich us (from walks to films to enjoying good food); who engage in mutually deepening support and ongoing knowing of each other; who are fairly autonomous and who love to gather for community or family celebrations.
6856449are few but very important to me. The early part of my life we moved repeatedly (armed forces) and friends were 'temporary' - therefore you did not invest too deeply and this tendency has stayed with me. I find I can get along quite easily with a lot of people, it's the investment of time that stops me going deeper.
7426471are a core part of my base -- they are the rock in which my feet are planted as I reach for the sky. Using this same analogy, I only wish that they understood me better and that we were a forest of trees reaching for the sky together.
7936501are important to me in that they provide good feedback, are a receptacle for ideas and feelings, are a releif valve when I need it and are people I want to help when things are tough for them. Friends are critical to my mental health and I only wish I had more time to devote to friendships because more and better relationships would be good for me and for them.
10146595-come from so many different phases of my life, represent the many facets of who I am and wish that I could or did make more time for them.
11996689-On the one hand, I don’t know whom I can really call ‘friends’. On the other hand, if I broadly interpret it, those who fit the description are great people, and I am thankful to my destiny for meeting them.
12506708are different from my acquaintances, colleagues, and people I meet on a day-to-day basis; they are people I have trialed through light and dark time period ways that have informed a deeper history between us.
12516709- I don't know how to define 'friend'. I used to think a friend in need is a friend indeed. Which somehow I still believe in this. I'm eager to have authentic and deep connection with people, though I'm very selective on whom to connect with. I think a healthy relationship is nurturing and flow with energy, but not feeling tired and time consuming. Though in my real life, I rarely experience the real nurturing connection with a single person, but I will feel the flow when I'm with a group, when I could be easily get in and out a group (as an observer, but also part of the group.) I don't know if friends can achieve this but I'm longing for friends, though I feel wanting to be alone but also feel isolated sometimes...
17486933-are as important to me as my family. I see them in ever-widening circles - the two or three that are closest to my soul who have been with me for many decades on the journey. We have helped each other grow, have held each other through sorrow, have traveled interior and exterior worlds with wonder and joy. Then there are those people with whom I share part of the way, for a year or two or ten, and who then move on or out of my life; colleagues and clients who become friends, friends of friends, the interesting person I met at Pilates. I always think of them fondly and want to see them, but circumstances prevail, and there may not be enough soul glue to keep us together over time. And then there are the people I call friends who I like, but don't know. As life goes on, there are many, many dozens, hundreds maybe, but time is short, and when it comes to who I want to be with, I already have them in my life.
19006990-are a total blessing and gift to my life. I miss the ones that are far away and wish I could be in their presence more. It’s also funny that all of my friends seem to have a set capacity of how long we can continuously spend time together before we need a break of some sort. I guess my wife being my best friend is the same way 🙂
19116998are always saying to me that my perspective is like nothing they have ever heard. Tell us more and we want to go where you are going. I don't have friends that challenge or support me or come alongside me. I do that for others.
20337048are my foundations. Every friend in some way has made a deposit into the bank that I am today. I value each and every relationship even if it had ended in some regard, its a lesson.
25827227- are doorways to my growth, acceptance of self and others and they are mirrors of love. They challenge me to see my most authentic self.
26537247-are the bedrock of my existence. My friends witness me, remind me of who I am, support and walk alongside me on the journey, check me when I forget my values or act out of alignment with my values, help me stay curious, celebrate life with me, provide solace, laughter, comfort, challenge me when I need to be pushed, let me support them, tell me the truth, adore me for all of me and tolerate and even love me for my quirks, trust me with their hearts and I mine, with them. Help me be the best version of me on this crazy wacky journey.
31457421are people that I share a mutual benefit with from our interaction. None of my friendships are the other alike, and the reasons for them being my friends, and I theirs, varies. However, one thing that all my friendships have in common is that the ones that are unbalanced and perhaps one-sided seldom last.
33967466- whew, this is a major part of my life. I believe that what I am today is mostly the product of the people around me. ‘Wanna be a pickled gherkin, go into a can of pickled gherkins.’ We all influence each other a lot. I learn and absorb a lot from friends. Sometimes even through the way they are, through their presence. It seems to be a mutual process, I am told I influence them as well. Sometimes I think friends (and all people in the world) are a single mind, a super computer where every person is a single processing unit, and the better these units are connected, the better this computer operates. Information, ideas travel between these units, get somehow processed in them, thus improving every unit and the computer itself. It’s one of the reasons why connectedness is important. And it also is a buzz!
34377481-are selected people and they mean a lot for me. They are equal for me as brothers and sisters (I have no real siblings). So, friends role in my life mean a lot for me. I value deep rooted friendship founded on universal principles and honesty, openness and giving without expecting any return. Friendship is not a trading business where you keep a record of what you have given versus what they returned. They are not high in number but they are all real friends whom I call as my friends and I am real to them.
38117543have yet to be found, but when they are, the amount of co-creation to come will make up for years of loneliness and senseless suffering.
38907563Come in two broad categories: Friends I can share almost anything with, with whom I can go deep and feel safe from judgment or dismissal. In the second category are friends I have to moderate, or filter myself with. I think friends are essential for a happy and contented life, yet I have more in the second category than I do the first.
40977598-are my resource for information, to consult with, enjoy laughter and good conversation, sense of being who I am and enjoy there companionship, and most of all we share the same values.
43867643- live very busy lives and it's hard to lay the puzzle where my schedule coincides with theirs, which makes me sad since I miss some of my old friends, so I need to put in some more effort, let's make it happen, good thing is that we also have many new friends that I enjoy the company of.
44437648- exist as a a reflection of the journey of my life and to be cherished forever
47907708... are people who can 'see' me. I can share with what I'm working on internally. I can feel alone sometimes, feeling misunderstood or 'on the emerging side of things' as people scratch their heads when I tell them what I care about. I like bouncing ideas off other people. Sharing intimate stories of what you are learning about yourself. Who can also see that has always been me and sit together having shared parts of our lives.
49417734-hmmm. my close friends mean a lot ot me. They are a source of special energy. need be in touch regularly to feel grounded. but lately ive been feeling like i don't have a lot of friends and that others have friends with whom they have regular rituals and times that they see each other. We are so far away from the midwest and east coast where a lot of our friends are, and I don't feel like i have close friends here even tho I've been here for 5+ years. this isn't a true reflection of me or my values or how I want my world to be. I want to have close friends who I can depend on and who depend on me. I watch sex and the city and cry sometimes bc I don't feel like i have enough close girlfriends who are committed to me and I to them... and the ones who are are far away