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Sentence Stem Query Details

Entry IDGLP #Answers
726031loyal, loving, hard working and want to be the best I can be
746033very happy where I am with my family and my life, and very satified with the recognition I get in my profession and my career.
756034me. At my core is service, partner, mother, grower of leaders, and love.
766035thankful everyday for my family, my friends and my career. I have always been the youngest in every dept. i have worked in so there is a piece of me that thinks i am ahead of the curve. i do not take that for granted. i just want to be accountable to my responsiblilites and deliver a quality product.
796038someone who cares about other peoples feelings, who thinks that we all have a role to play in making the world a better place for ALL, who has experienced injustice, inequality, racism and sexism! I am a Palestinian from East Jerusalem, and I have experienced the injustice of living under military occupation and what that does to society. When I lived there, I did not have to explain that experience to anyone because we all had similar experiences. So, in Palestine, I was a woman first, and prioritized challenging patriarchal values and the subjugation of women. I have been living in the U.S. for less than two years, and here I am Palestinian first, and feel a constant need to explain the reality of our lives under military occupation, and a context that is starkly different than life in the U.S. This is exhausting, to say the least.
816040extraordinarily grateful for the life I have been given and for my family and my health and my career and my church and the opportunity I have had to give back, help others and contribute to my society and world.
846043trying to improve myself to be the best wife, daughter, sister, friend, colleague, student that I can possibly be.
876046so wildly committed to my work and my family, and who I am makes me proud 9 times out of 10.
986057a passionate, loving, intelligent person, who has much to learn and so much more to experience. I am a woman, a friend, a teacher, a professional, a wife, an aunt, a daughter, a niece, a dog "owner". I am a person who wants to make a positive ripple in the world. I am growing.
996058many things to many different people, and at the same time, I am on a journey of self-exploration to discover who I am and who I want to be.
1006059...struck by this last sentence to complete; I do not know how to express who I am (or who anybody else is) in a single sentence. I am a human being trying my best to live a reasonably good life in a world that makes less and less sense.
1056064a lonely soul aspiring for sublimation
1076066..."that I AM" as I evolve into an individualization of Spirit as I learn to let go,live and move with the loving Omnipotent presence with in that ever was... is... and will be.
1136072someone who is energetic with a sense of humor, who believes strongly that success is found where opportunity and preparedness meet.
1146073the result of innumerable chance occurrences and couplings throughout time, one of uncountable unique individuals toiling, twirling, moving through life at the behest of my impulses, thoughts, emotions, determinations, desires - to unknown end or outcome. I am a blip, really... a spark, a whiff of fresh cut grass, a slight breeze, a hint of cacao, a moment on time's horizon. And I think of myself and my ever-so-slight existence - and my awareness of these - as my most prized possessions and powerful tools to leave this world somehow better than I found it.
119607850 years old, very smart, disciplined, and full of energy. I devoted my life to my family (brother, wife and mother). I have big dreams and ambitions to achieve in the second phase of my career.
1206079so thankful to be where I am and who I am in my life.
1216080always searching for love, more knowledge and better ways of doing things.
1236082enjoying myself in a new career, in a state of constant learning and development and realising with glee that it really is never too late
1256084a thankful person because life is good with my family and me. I am a lucky, loved, needed, person. I have a good balance in my life, my family and I are healthy, we have jobs, we are successful, we have each other and we have what we need. We have the capacity to enjoy what we have and we have more than we asked for. I am still looking for more for my family and me but there is not harm if it does not arrive. I am knowledgeable, good leader, trustable, reliable, accountable and responsible professional that likes and enjoy working with people to achieve business results.
1266085a strong person and want to achieve so much in life. I also love to be loved and get my happiness from those around me.
1286087happy, healthy, enjoying life and looking forward to continuing my journey.
1296088...always looking for personal growth and development and hope to be an inspiration for others.
1306089. (adding anything else here seems either overly contrived, or less of a 'truth')
1316090a passionate, thoughtful, responsible, fun loving, sporty individual
1326091happy at present in my life, I have two beautiful children who are my absolute focus and priority, as well as a lovely wife who keeps me sane or 'honest' as my father used to say about my mother.
1336092challenged more now than I have been for some time and did not expect to be so at my age and while I am somewhat nervous, i am excited about making some changes in my life.
1356094positive, collaborative and action-oriented - learning all the time and eager to make a difference.
1386097Danny. Husband, father, brother, son, friend, advisor, wise-man. I also have a deep faith in God. I am made for a reason and I'm scared of missing it!
1396098trying to find meaning and fulfillment in my life all the time. I have done so in may ways but always in search of ways to help others, which makes me feel important and needed, but what makes me most pleased is seeing their happiness and gratitude
1406099ambitious, hardworking and dependable. I love embracing the diversity of live and people. And I like getting things done well.
1416100me! I know I am not perfect but with every new: experience, challenge, set-back, step up, I am growing and learning more and more. Be this in my personal life or at work. I have lots left to learn and more growing to do..this energises me and I'm glad to have the opportunities to do so.
1506106....still trying to make sense (of myself, everyone and everything).
1516107more than my 'I' might lead 'me' to believe
1676123almost finished with this questionnaire! ok...I am....not finished actually, still forming, still messing up, still loving lots of stuff, having fun, staying inspired, confused at times, content, grounded, able to do lots more.
1686124proud of the person I have become and what I have achieved in life so far.
1726128Who i am. No pretense. I am fallible yet effective in my role. I have good relationships and use them to move things forward. I am intensely passionate about doing the right thing and have other do the same. I believe in servant leadership and humility. I believe that as good jonb will be recognized unto itself without self aggrandizement, I am in the right place in my life and am a good person
1736129complex, fun, flawed, on a journey to learn, smart, confident, driven, always trying to do things well, seeking to contribute to the happiness of others, probably doing too much.
1756131thankful for everyone I met in my life, for everyone I will meet in the future, for every moment I can spend with my family and friends, for every day I am alive and able to do good, for all the experiences I made in life, for everything that made me the person I am today.
1766132worried about my children's futures, my satisfaction with my life and my ability to make a difference.
1866138as young as I ever was, as ambitious, as eager to grown and change, very accepting that I have deficiencies, constantly striving to improve, blessed with many wonderful things in my life, never tired, always looking forward to tomorrow
1876139Tired of writing about myself and I'm smelling the barbecue portabella mushroom downstairs, so it's time to go. More seriously, I'm good with myself and anything that happens to me in life, I own it anyway!
1886140so grateful for the life I have been able to achieve and for my family and friends.
1976144a real mess, just like anyone else. But I'm happy and most of all, grateful. I truly enjoy my life.
1996146a woman, an engineer, a mother, a wife, a manager, the "boss" in my department, 44 years old, spanish, european, world open, I learn quickly, enjoy life
2116149...fulfilled, loved, ambitious, busy, honest, authentic, courageous, committed, healthy, smart, wise, classy and capable.
2146152strong, independent, fierce, loyal, caring, determined, hard-working, helpful, compassionate, and loving.
2186155a sincere father, husband, brother and automotive professional who is determined and persistent to do the best he can to achieve goals, develop people and organization around him. I work with integrity and openness and give everything I can to what I do.
2206157transparent, fair, compassionate, authentic, logical, persuasive, caring, loving, a little too serious a little too much of the time... and am learning to be a better listener 🙂
2256158a very happy father and husband. Career wise I am feeling more and more independent (which feels good).
2326165I am happy with myself, my family, relatives and what I achieved in my live.
2366169a warm, energetic, possitve woman, mother, lover, friend, employee of 54 years old with a drive for the future and an great eagerness to learn
2386171a very lucky lady. I am very happy and gratefull for the life I live and for all who are surrounding me (sweet and beautiful partner and children :).
2406173a strong woman, lover, wife, mother and employer. Businesswise I know what I want but in my private life I let the comfort of others prevale my own hapiness too much.
2416174thankful to have been given the opportunity to live my life in the way that i am , to have fiends and family and a job i enjoy so very much
2456178blessed to have a supportive and loving family and to have work that fulfills and engages me.
2476180happier than I have ever been.
2566186often slightly surprised to observe what my life have become.
2626191me and I will do my best no matter what. I have learned to play to my pros and keep my cons in check.
2656194outgoing, kind, funny, compassionate, helpful, organized, and unique. I am proud to be the woman I am today!
2666195free, happy and eager to live life to the fullest every day.
2726201really looking forward to hearing the feedback from this set of questions and to turning it into useful actions for improvement.
2806204grateful for the opportunity to reflect
2826206Rather awesome, often scared, sometimes lonely, commonly confused, always intrigued, compassionate, kind, intelligent and very loving.
2836207in a constant state of recovery, change, and growth.
3026222hoping i can look back on my life someday and made the most positive difference i was capable of
3066226A joyful and happy father , husband, son , friend . In my professional life , i want to be remembered as a trusted , fair and ethical business partner , a great team leader , one who spends his energy developing his team and the business in a nice and fun atmosphere. I am proud of my family and my professional carreer and I feel I have reached a great level of expertise that brings me a lot of serenity in my job. I am ready to leave the best possible legacy to Mars . Mars will be the last Company i work for . I am happy and have lost this personal drive i had earlier in my life , i am not trying to climb the corporate ladder any longer . It makes my life much easier . My ambition is just to do exceptionally well my job , develop people and prepare the future for the next generations.
3076227husband and father in happy state of mind, excited by what the future still holds both in work and in my personal life.
3146233An optimist. Someone who believes in getting the best out of people. Someone who is prepared to work hard for what is right and what I believe in.
3156234a body, a spirit and a soul, working hard to find a balance and to be in peace. My goal is to be at the service
3186237love, honest, brilliant, friendly, a leader, positive, hopeful, a friend, a daughter, a sister, a role model, a teacher, great, beautiful, funny, unstoppable, wealthy, healthy, learning, happy, free, I am...Amen.
3236242on a journey, much more content with me than 15 years ago, still not finished, glad to be alive.
3276246proud to have had the opportunity to serve my country, humbled by the Teams I have been a part of, and often amazed at how far I have come in life given my humble beginnings.
330624948 years old and the happiest, healthiest and most optimistic I have ever been in my whole life.
3326251really hoping I can continue down the current path of success, overcoming new challenges and becoming better at all areas of my life.
3376256I am ... A proud mother, and a R&D leader of Mars, and happy that I can be both! I am... willing to grow and develop more next month in the CCL.
3396258Thankful for the life I lead, the people in it and the promise of a better day tomorrow. Hungry for wisdom in order to become a better person, driven to help others with what I know and what I can do
3406259who I am and can make a difference if I harness the things I am good at.
3466265grateful to have a loving, healthy family, super friends and colleagues, a job/career i truly enjoy with a real sense of achievement and fullfillment at this stage in my life.
3506269proud of my family, my friends and colleagues, as well as my achievements.
3516270a passionate, driven, competitive individual who will pursue goals and dreams, no matter how lofty.
3546273An optimist who believes in the good nature of people Someone who aspires to be a good leader but has still a lot to learn Someone who needs to be proud about his job
3596277many things, a boss, a father, a husband, a friend and someone who is striving to be the best person possible.
3636280a well appreciated manager with fair attitude and inspiring the teams by quite accurate psychological analysis of the individuals I like to know beyond their job. Dedicated and performance driven at work I find a way to give focus to my relatives but this not well balanced
3646281always evolving as I go through my life and constantly challenging myself to listen to others.
3656282working on becoming a better husband, a better parent, and a better leader on a daily basis.
3696285... still learning, mostly about myself.
3746287happy with the strides I have made in my life, despite many stumbles and falls. What I have learned from that is every setback allows an opportunity to reconsider the next step more carefully on this journey of life. While we all have a lot of baggage we could carry forward, it can be destructive and not allow us to engage in the present and look forward to what the future holds for us.
3836296an open-minded, intelligent, kind, friendly, hard-working and family-loving person.
3846297a positive rationale person who likes to add value whether in business or at home
3886301always trying to do my best both professionally and personally everyday, but so often I fall short. To constantly strive to get better and learn something new everyday is very important to me. I would hate to stagnate.
3966309growing each and every day trying to become a better version of myself.
3976310happy, enjoy life and love being a husband and a dad.
3996311here because I have a mission in life. Everything I encounter is there for a reason to show me something I should learn and to get closer to whatever my mission is.
4006312dedicated, hard working, a worrier, and a work in progress.
4026313I cannot claim I know who I am – I am actually actively exploring it now. So far I can say I am various sets and subsets that exist in various configurations. I am attention, I am mind, I am shadow, I am whole and a part of it, I am a mom, I am a friend, I am a daughter, I am human, I am a woman, I am a colleague, I am a consultant, I am a part of the system and a free individual, I am emptiness and fullness, I am motion and immobility, I am silence and polyphony, sense and nonsense, reality and a hologram, good and evil, simple and complex, smart and stupid, an adult and a child, a successful person and a loser, a student and a teacher. Something like that for now...
4046315someone who has values ​​and convictions and through them tries to make a difference in society. Always willing to learn new things and revise concepts if necessary.
4066317always looking to become a better person, professional and husband/father.
4096320thankful for my wife and son, they are the reason I drive for success. A person that loves life and the everything it brings
4126323continuing to grow and learn with every new activity or challenge that comes my way in life whether it be family or career.
4136324an extremely competitive individual that is constantly trying to be a better person in my personal and business life.
4156326very excited about this training and learning the tools to make me a better, leader and compassionate person.
4186329perceived hopefully as trustworthy and loyal, someone who will get the job done and support where required but I am fast approaching a period where I need to consider myself more.
4226333a person who truly enjoys living life. I love to work hard and play hard, but also enjoy the "experience" of living life. Sometimes you have to slow down to truly enjoy the journey of life and all that it holds.
4256336Happy and content with my life. I have a loving family and great friends and am grateful to enjoy life’s blessings.
4286339a husband and father who loves his family and would do anything for them
4296340thankful for the many opportunities I've been given in this life, and humbled to be where I am today.
4306341...ready for the day ahead of me, the difference it will bring to me and the difference I might make to others.
4376345a caring and supportive husband, father, grandfather and brother who is intelligent, quick-witted, introverted and not particularly open with others until I feel I can trust them, which means that I can appear cold, aloof or arrogant on first meeting.
4576350writing my own destiny, my own evolving story.
4586351... a bunch of polarities: - very rational when facing life in general... but emotional with my close family and friends - I love changes... but have difficulties to implement them - tend to be strict with rules... but forgiving with well intentioned people - love to be alone (introvert)... but enjoy being with a selected group of people
4766356me - a fascinating, self aware combination of billions of cells and chemicals and who knows what quantum dynamics and divine grace that allows me to even say those words: I am.
4786358a canvass for new creations to come forth and for new relationships to build.
4896362constantly pushing myself to explore more, and enjoying my job, family and life hugely. I am very lucky to be in the position I am and very grateful for all that I have.
5016368an imperfect person who understands my faults and strives to be compassionate of others as they go on their personal journey.
5066369A committed and responsible visionary, who is very passionate about what he does.
5526386an individual who likes engaging with others who have different viewpoints to my own so that I can understand the differences that make us what we each are
5556388... proud of what I have done so far. And I am looking forward to new challenges ahead.
5716390an idealistic person who wants to make the world a better place for people who are ill-equipped to enjoy. a person with multiple interests and enjoys sports and reading. a husband who loves his wife as my significant other half... a father who loves his children and want them to be the best they could be... a leader who has made a difference to people and organisations I have served in my first career. a Business man, an Investor, independent director, an Adjunct Professor and a Coach
5746391a father, a husband, a friend, fair, kind, conscientious, not afraid of hard work, occasionally strict , enjoy life , don't take myself to seriously and always retain a sense of humour.
5816394strong, capable, and loving. I am capable of doing more than I do today.
5836395someone who in life has seemingly often been in the right place at the right time, and has worked very hard most of their life to create a career and a position of responsibility having dealt positively with adversity to bounce-back to be a bigger success
5846396A happy person who loves her family and friends and the work she does. Sometimes scared about growing old alone Worried about living in a world without my parents Strong, resilient and loyal Honest, caring and generous
5886400very blessed. My God is near. I have a loving family. My extended family is supportive of one another. I am able to serve in a church family. I am able to do the work which I love - facilitation and coaching.
6046408a positive person, looking to be professionally successful, personally happy, well thought of, and amongst those that i think well of.
6086411Very lucky. I have done the best I can with my talents and skills. I have also been fortunate to be fully supported by my family and friends to make the most of the opportunities I have been given.
6096412very thankful that I am still able to work, coach, mentor to enable others to maximize their potentials and be successful. Am thankful that I can have time with my family, play, travel and most of all, experience the peace and joy from God.
6156413a person that is deeply committed to helping all people I interact with to find and live to their potential, I am committed to leaving every person I interact with better off after our interaction....
6186414a wonderful mother, a coach that makes a difference in people's lives, loving, and lovable.
6226416grateful for what I am and have. I recognise I am not perfect and comfortable with that
6236417a loyal person and strong believer in people potential. kind and sometime too kind. a person who enjoy helping others, being with others...
6256418proud of the life I've created for myself and my family, thankful for the people I've met along the way and grateful for the many opportunities and experiences that have and will continue to make it interesting, challenging and fun.
6276420happy to be in good health, have a lot of loving and caring people around me. As i am getting older I am starting to realize that life does not last forever and therefore I value the days I have even more.
6286421a complex person myself with many aspects. I have a desire to ‘do well’ which can drive over commitment and perfectionism but has made me successful. I am also kind and empathetic and increasingly better at acknowledging ‘what is’ and seeking less change and action. I build in much more reflection and rest time than previously . I am much more aware of social justice and the way society ‘works’.’ I feel powerful and powerless at the same time.
6306422(I think) a fulfilled, joyful individual, who hopefully have made a small difference in the lives of the people whose paths have crossed mine.
6476428a husband, father and somebody with a good career, trying to find the right balance and importance to each element of these. I want to explore the world and new things and play a positive role in the world and other people in order to develop them and make them happier human beings.
6536430always in search of being a better Christian, person, father, husband, friend and contributor to society and work.
6626435enjoying what I am doing now and I am looking for more exciting adventures to add on to the colours of my life.
6746442happy with the life I have cultivated for myself.
6786444perfectly imperfect.
6796445a mother, wife, friend, leader, team mate, mentor and comfortable being all of me
6846448someone who wants to develop, but the process of development and goal-setting has not been defined for me yet
6876451a 40 year old female leader running a creative nonprofit organization. I am committed to tackling poverty alleviation. I am an aunt to 5 nieces and nephews and a good daughter, sister, and friend.
7076453an optimistic visionary with a big heart.
7126454very grateful for the life I have led so far and feel incredibly lucky to have such a close family.
7146456happy to be alive, vibrant and enjoying my life.
7256461a gentle, nice man, who I think has a lot to offer, but whose confidence in his own abilities and talents is sometimes limited.
7286464a sophisticated evolving neural network, connected to many other ones
7366466someone who enjoys life and tries to do their best, but never has enough time because I am forever taking on more than I can manage, and then regretting it.
7416470thankful for everything in my life but at the same time I can't wait for what's waiting ahead.
7426471still deeply engaged with life -- its beauty, its sorrows, and its ability to surprise.
7446473becoming more and more {slowly and surely} {but that's good too, even} who I was created to be.
7456474finding this exercise interesting, but wondering now about all my responses ... I look forward to seeing how it will be used and how I can engage with the challenges it offers me.
7476475optimistic, powerful, a child at heart, fun-loving, smart and mostly thankful for my family, friends and career.
7516478thankful for the life that I have. While there are things I wish were different, they have shaped me and made me who I am.
7566480an influential leader looking to improve and grow our people and organization.
7576481strong, weak, happy, sad, successful, a failure, and always striving to be a better me.
7696490so grateful for everything professionally and personally. I am truly blessed to have an amazing family and career.
7746491lucky to have healthy children, a loving husband, and a great job.
7756492a lucky person. I have a great family, a good job, and good relationships that I have built over the years.
7816494-an optimistic, positive but complicated person, a thinker -a woman (and I am not a feminist - I think that people must be "judged" about what their qualities are: if a man is better, it is! If a woman is better, it is!)
7906498aware of my imperfections and limitations. But I like to challenge myself, and try to reach higher. Because life is too short to just satisfy ourselves with what we already achieved. What Ican do tomorrow is more interesting than I did yesterday
7916499hardworking, conscientious, honest, and want to be a good Jesuit priest.
7936501present here now in this place trying to be at peace, and a force for good in other people, our community and our world. I am grounded in place and connected to people. I am trying to think more about how my interactions based in this place are influenced by other people's stories and how my story can influence the course of our community.
7956502a strong, confident and successful woman looking to live a fulfilling life.
8006505most of the time an optimistic persons who likes his job but also try to spend enough time with his family and his friends. And for me this is a real challenge.
8016506happy regardless of all the things that could be better, thankful (though not enough) for the people and opportunities that have been given to me (and glad this was question 30 and I can now reward myself by going outside and doing some gardening in the sun ...)
8056507driven, competitive and logical. I hold myself to high standards and I'm often critical of myself; I know it's not the best way to be and certainly not the most relaxing but it's got me through this far and I hope it will continue to serve me well.
8156512a person who 1/ loves his family 2/ want to become an outstanding leader 3/ knows what I want career wise
8176514-grateful for my wife, my children, my family, my friends, my work, the people I work with and for, for the gift of life and the experience of being loved.
8236516an ambitious individual who is trying to accomplish my goals through cooperation with others and by being fair and respectful of others.
8286520-happy, with a fulfilling life and lot's of things I would still like to see and do.
8296521-genuine, hard-working, and passionate about my work. I am also happily married with three children.
8436524-at an incredible stage in my life and am filled with excitement for the future.
847652757 years old, a family man, a trusted friend, a well regarded teacher and school leader, a practising Catholic, a lover of sport (cricket, rugby, soccer for starters) and the theatre, a Francophile, keen on the outdoors (hill walking and gardening, as time permits), and occasional cook.
8686534- who I am. Professionally - hard working person, with ambition to lead global teams, drive innovation and influence changes. Personally - proud mother, happy wife and daughter.
8736535-and have always been committed to achieving results at work but lately I am being told by my family I focus too much on work.
8756537- just another mass of organic material trying to find meaning and fulfillment like those before me and those that will come afterward.
8816539... so much happier than I was when I was a teenager, but still feel a bit down at times.
8826540- authentic, trustworthy and act with integrity at all times.
8906545- a work in progress and full of potential
8916546-grateful for all that I have. I am excited for the potential that my role gives me and I am happy to be as committed as I am.
9026547a unique individual who loves to learn and strive for true success in life which means having success at work while having a balance in life.
9106550a wonderful woman that had break a lot of paradigms starting with my owns ones. Im happy and I enjoying what I have in the present moment.
9186553blessed and thankful for the things that I have in my life even though I know I don't always show it.
9246554- caring person with a warm heart and thinking head. Soft on the inside 'they would say'! A good listener and advisor, when the situation calls for it.
9256555...a dedicated father, a loving husband and loyal Beagle owner. I am successful, I am loyal, I am trust-worthy, principled and honest. I am always striving to be better, to learn and improve, and to be a great role model, not only to my family but those i work with day in, day out.
9276557-proud of what I have achieved so far in my life - both with my family and at work and looking forward to more adventures in years to come.
9336561-Today I see myself as a person who has achieved a good part of his personal, family and professional achievements and who is quite happy in life. I wish I could help others more and make more impact on them because I am convinced that they would improve and possibly me too.
9386566-a woman who since I was a teenager got it into my head that I didn't want to become a repentant adult of the life I've led, nostalgic for what I could do and didn't do, with the feeling that I've spent my life without realizing it and sad for not knowing what I've contributed to the world. I am aware of the impact and contribution I make in my environment and in myself. I am fully convinced that in order to achieve a better world, the first step is in oneself, something similar to what is known today as "think global act local".
9426568I sometimes see myself as a minuscule phenomenon on a minuscule planet. Also, no one but us attaches such importance to intelligence
9456569I am driven to accomplishments and at times overlook strong communication skills and do not take the time to effectively nurture my team at work and family.
9516570proud of who I have become and hope that my daughter will have the same ambition and drive to accomplish what she wants out of life.
9526571....grateful that I had the chance to become what I wanted to be ....and at first a little astonished about this questionnaire. At the end it was better than expected;-). Please apologize faults in grammar etc.. Thank you.
9546573-in a good place in my life at the moment. A good balance of physical, mental and spiritual pursuit. Work keeps me stimulated, I have free time to pursue my other interest, family is doing well and happy, many friends whom I can call on and who keeps in touch doing meaningful work. I am able to influence society through my board positions in Singapore and Malaysia. I am consciously aware of a greater being behind my choices and actions, and am confident that I will be given continuing challenges as I have been blessed with the gifts to overcome them so that I and others can benefit from it.
9616574-I am seeking for harmony with myself and with outer world and everything that surrounds me.
9626575a deep thinking person that is inspired by a purpose and vision. I am aspirational, driven, positive, enthusiastic and considerate.
9676576- content and happy with life so far and looking to continue to grow and live life to the full.
9726577- an interesting balance of many different skills that so far has served me well through my career, I'm at my best when thrown in at the deep end with tough objectives and a team of people with the same ambition.
9746579-intrigued by the way this assessment works and how you can extract insight into my personality from the responses to these questions. I am also hungry.
9756580-one more expression of Life, looking for consciousness, a balance in the spiritual, in the corporal, in the emotional, in the physical, discovering what more I am to integrate different parts of my being.
9786582-a wonderful human being, happy, sincere, loved by many people and with the ability to love others. A person with the strength to influence and change opinions. Admired by my family. Considered a reliable person to ask for advice.
9816583-a people person, I love to interact and lead others towards success. I pride myself on me desire to try anything once, twice if I like it. Positivity breads positivity. Where we going next? What's next? let's work together to achieve great things.
9826584- appreciative of everything I have learned in my lifetime; the good, the bad and the ugly. It's those experiences that have made me who I am today.
10016588-a creative and productive woman surrounded by a loving family and good friends who finds joy and pleasure in helping others find their unique gifts and mission in life.
10056591-Nicolas Renzi, I am married to Malena and have 2 children, Bernardita (5) and Juan (1,5). I live in Máximo Paz, the town where I was born and raised. I am very family-oriented and like to host family meetings. I'm a fan of Newell´s and a very footballer. I have been working in Grupo San Cristóbal for 7 years, I have a degree in Statistics, although I have moved a little away from the numbers. I am currently leading the Digital Transformation of the Group and I am convinced that we can transform our business model, our organizational culture and the way we do some things in the company, that is what our TD is all about. We are a team of almost 70 people and we are currently carrying out 5 projects. I enjoy what I do in my work very much, sometimes I think that someone "invented" this project so that I can have fun, learn and develop professionally.
10116593just a happy normal guy, who loves his wife, wants to be honourable and to realise some of his dreams.
10126594-not perfect, and I do not try to be perfect. I just try to be better everyday, than day before. I believe that it will not finish.
10146595-very glad to be who I am, and that's not something I would have said even 3 years ago.
10256599... sometimes called enigmatic. A natural introvert who finds courage and confidence as needed. Naturally honest but completely at home in "applying poker rules" when necessary etc. A visionary and enabler...
10296600- happy about the opportunity to answer these questions and share in an original way who I am, what is important for me, what gives me the energy and as well to have the opportunity to lead to some personal thoughts
10336601-I want to develop, improve and surprise myself, implement socially important projects, raise happy and kind children, see my parents often, grow old in a beautiful place by the sea surrounded by my friends and grandchildren (at least once in a while), manage to pull off at least a couple more follies.
10376605-human. Endowed with a ton of pros and cons, talents and drawbacks. I believe, pros and talents exceed the rest, I have numerous achievements and even more opportunities. I really want to get the kicks out of my life, bring happiness to myself and my close ones, create things of beauty and prominence, rejoice at my environment and little nothings.
10386606-love, I am calmness, I am power, I am joy – that’s my favorite meditation.
10466614someone whose clarity of thought feels familiar, strong but potentially a little existential. I love to think. I love to learn.
10496615- a story, built on a swirl of dreams and a web of human relations.
10536616-always a little skeptical of personal assessments. I wonder how accurate these can be with such a limited window into my soul. I am open to feedback and want to grow so I will continue to take advantage of opportunities such as this in the hope that the insights will be helpful to me.
10546617-I am a 52 year old CEO of a faith based non-profit who wants my life to express my love for Jesus. I'm a wife and a mother to an amazing husband, Marcel, and two college aged children, Anya and Luke. Marcel is Korean/African American and we lived in Southern Africa for 15 years, giving me a love for diversity, other cultures, and places. I am passionate about expressing my faith in action to bring hope and healing to broken world and address deep issues of injustice and discrimination. In summary, I love Jesus, my family, my work and team, our dog, close friends, our church community, beautiful and interesting places, and getting to the gym everyday.
10636620-a person who is keen to learn and get better. One day I am going to become a great person in history.
10716621- in charge of my own destiny, a good father and husband, a person of integrity.
10726622a ball of stardust in human form put on this earth to do good.
10826625genuine, hardworking and truly care about the people around me.
10836626self aware and as a result always working on being a better person
10886629- someone who needs to feel valued and will do whatever it takes to get a job done... but without collateral damage
10956631-I am a calm thinking, good logical analysis, decisive, fair and just, bold attempt, withstand pressure ability is very good, accept change and challenge person
10986633-feeling good about both my family and work achievements to date, improving both as I write this response.
11036634-a driven person with a passion for education and social justice who has made many mistakes, will make many more, and is committed to learning from these mistakes.
11046635a loving aunt, sister, and daughter; an enthusiastic life-long learner; a proud lawyer and educator; an effective communicator, and always striving to be a good/better person!
11056636-in a good place in life, but sometime wonder what else I could do to improve my life and the lives of my family.
11126639-restlessly dissatisfied and constantly looking for growth and change in all aspects of my life.
11176642-who I am and when I reflect on any aspect of my life, personality or physical makeup that I would change I always conclude that I would change nothing. I am very, very lucky.
11206645-working to make a difference in this world and working to live my values of authenticity, independent thinking, curiosity, and respecting the dignity of every human being. I am a person of faith and believe strongly in the power of love.
11226646- constantly insecure about myself but always trying my best.
11286648-trying to learn and improve.
11296649a hard worker, good husband, caring manager, and a thoughtful, humble person.
11326650-both excited and exhausted by the opportunities that I have been given. Never before so tired but also so excited to get to work.
11426655positive, realistic, enjoying life here and now
11576662- Very fortunate to have been raised in a way that I can recognize, grasp and take advantage of the opportunities presented to me and create my own along the way. I am lucky to feel very fulfilled by my journey.
11586663- a happy, optimistic person. A person who cares about his family, his wife and children and his friends. A person who loves his work and sees in it his inner satisfaction, the growth, the emergence and especially the way there, from the idea to the finished product. A person who is guided by basic values: Decency, reliability, duty fulfillment, discipline, reliability, education, imagination, tolerance, diligence, courage
11636666-incredibly lucky to have had a loving upbringing and a fortunate life.
11646667-Proud. Strong. Thoughtful. Engaged. The best is yet to come.
11656668- who I am - I am driven to succeed - to better myself - to understand the way both the world and people function together.
11716671good enough with lots of room to improve too!
11826678-working hard to become more rounded and balanced in my personal and professional lives.
11866682-ready to see what life has in store if i follow my passion fully
11886683happy with what I have achieved so far, and eager to continue to excel, both as a father, spouse, friend and professionally.
11916684DUMMY TEXT
11986688-changing every day and discovering myself every day, for which I am infinitely grateful to life.
12016691-I have done a lot, I am doing a lot, now I want to develop a trajectory for future actions more consciously.
12026692-feeling like I made a lot of very political statements and hope that this is kept confidential. We have some pro-gun and Trump supporters in our office so I do not like to broadcast my political views. However, this is what comes to mind first. Thanks for the opportunity to work with you all. I am curious to learn more about how to become a better leader and person in general! I am thankful for my life and all the God has blessed me with and hope that I can pay that forward to others.
12366699-still working on myself every day. Some days I'm successful; other days I have a lot of work to do!
12376700thankful of all that i have been blessed with at work, family and friends and i strive to give my best to them.
12396702- a product of the influences of my parents, my family, my friends and the culture and family environment in which i grew up and spent my most formative years.
12416704- a faithful person who has a strong appetite to explore and experiment different approaches in order to improve his life and the life of others Good luck with the debrief dear researchers
12526710-proud of my professional success within the organization but sometimes feel inadequate, as if others are more deserving or that I could easily be replaced.
12536711-proud to have a close relationship with my adult children- and who they really are.
12676716- a passionate engineer at heart, who believes curiosity, a dedication to engineering craftsmanship and careful study by a diverse team creates innovative products that excite customers and enrich everyone's lives.
12726720- thankful that I have such a great family and fortunate that we have been blessed with a very nice life.
12746722-someone who is independent, loving and hardworking
12836727-evolving along a journey of self exploration and growth.
12856729-strong, determined and always curious.
12896732I am many things and all of them would mean nothing if I was unable to surround myself with people to share it all with.
12996737-so very lucky to be born when I was, marry the person I did, have the kids I do, have the career I have had, have the health and fitness I do and the friends I have.
13006738looking forward to learning my new role and becoming a better leader so I can continue to work towards my ultimate career goal.
13026740learning more about myself, my capabilities, my impact on the people around me and whats important to me
13226751the consequence of what I did and do and whatever I want to be.
13296753-an open person and eager for new challenges. My motto is “Don’t try to do something, „Just do It” . I am driven by following values: knowledge, integrity, compliance, value creation, customer focus and dignity and respect.
13366756-trying, now probably more than ever, as I realise there is still much for me to change and learn.
13406760strong and caring and kind. I have a good work ethic and like to share knowledge and experience to help others.
13416761- the greatest source of power and knowledge for myself.
13426762- who can sometimes forget that I'm a lucky guy, born in the lucky country with a beautiful family and a great life.
13546765- Rediscovering who I am and what it means to raise children and to leave a legacy. I will always be an optimist and think anything is possible but I need to have singular focus on making those things happen.
13556766Done with this assessment! I'm curious about what it has to say about me and how I will react to that. And I kindof feel bad for whoever has to read and code all these words. And I am grateful for the opportunity reflect, ponder, wrestle with some of these questions.
13746770- I´m a privileged human being with luck, light, nature, and health. Im a normal human being with a huge smile in life.
13876773-happy, but not content to maintain the status quo. I have many things that I want to learn and experience with others. I enjoy thinking about the good times now, but also the good times to come.
13896775- driven, loving, dedicated - able to recognize my weaknesses - open to continued learning through life adventures - fun and engaging - a good mother, wife and family member - a fun facilitator of learning and an advisor to many (through authentic listening)
13916777- thoughtful and compassionate, strong (sometimes too much, coping when I should stop coping), curious and experimental. I don't enjoy doing the same thing twice, and my best experience of doing anything is often the FIRST TIME, when I release myself from the need to be good at it. Once I am good at it, it bores me almost immediately or triggers the worst in me - the arrogant expert. I am tenacious when I want to master something though - and work very hard when I need to, especially to create conditions, contracts and working environments for others to flourish with me in good company.
13926778flawed; complex but also simple and predictable, full of desire to heal others, someone who has a lot of love to give
13966779proud of where I am right now, but am always looking for ways to make a bigger impact.
14106783- happy and grateful to be who I am, and to have what I have
14116784-Excited about the next phase of my life and to be coming on the Leadership course in London later in the month as I know I will enjoy learning and continuing on my developmental journey as a leader. I am a little apprehensive that I will be out of my depth as this is a steep learning curve and I do not have a business background but it feels the right thing to do at this time and I am grateful for the opportunity to grow and to increase my skills to help others develop as I continue to coach leaders and develop coaches and train others to become coaches.
14236789a lucky girl who wouldn't swap places with anyone else. I am also stronger than I give myself credit for. I am fortunate to have a job, wonderful family, brilliant friends, a roof over my head, a car to drive and the opportunities that I have.
14256791-a very happy person, proud of my family and work
14276792-trustworthy, honest and fair; fundamentally positive, balanced and well rounded; highly commercial and pragmatic; good at building trust and relationships; able to lead and inspire; responsible never shying from accountability; privileged to have my family, worked with great people and enjoyed success in my career; constantly driving towards delivering positive change in a business environment; excited about the future and keen to apply my experience and skills in a new environment
14376796Me. Learning, evolving, passionate, transforming and developing.
14496801-a proud father, ambitous and proud emloyee of the company I work for and I think a pretty OK human being:).
14546803thankful for my life both personally and professionally. I'm content with my accomplishments with my career and want to continue to lead my team to be the best they can be. My personal like is full of family and friends that I love. I feel loved and appreciated in return and it doesn't get much better than that.
14556804- a husband, a father, a leader; I am determined and reliable and realize that I have shortcomings that create opportunities to constantly improve myself.
14566805enjoying life more as I get older.
14646812patient, loving, hopeful, questing, resourceful, creative, soulful, anxious at times, encouraging, a talented recruiter, entrepreneurial, a listener, and I have vision but I am not a visionary
14676814-happy with who I am and my place in this world. I love my family and friends. I like my job and enjoy the people I work with. I have been fortunate to not have experienced too many disappointments in life.
14966824a more experienced version of my younger self.
14976825-happy with where I am now, but anticipate wanting/needing to make a change or challenge myself with a new role or opportunity in the next couple of years.
14986826-Doing the best I can and falling short but picking myself up and trying again, every day.
15026830-Successful, energetic, quite fit and healthy, mainly positive in attitude, a good friend and mother, a very good leader
15086833-Grateful for the life I have, and the opportunities that I've been provided. I love my family, my career, and the life that's been formed around that - most of which I never anticipated. I have worked for great companies, and with great people, and that keeps pushing me to be better myself.
15096834a fortunate man to have made it to this point in my life to see my children succeed, my relationships strong and to still remain competitive.
15116836creative and positive, open and honest, and enjoy collaborating with my staff and managing transformation and change
15266839-ready for the day's challenges and I want to make an impact on my community while finding joy and happiness.
15376840-inspired about what my children are capable of achieving in their lifetimes - and hopeful that they will each achieve their own success in a humble and selfless way.
15446842a work in progress, an emanation of the universe, a mother, a sister and quite thin skinned at the moment.
15506843- so lucky! I have had wonderful opportunities, I have a great family, a job I enjoy, friends to hang with and co-workers I like.
15606848energised and excited and am determined to achieve, and support people to achieve, great things for my family, friends, society and business; I am far more than I could ever express in a sentence in a survey.
15636851so many identities, so complex. And at the same time, hard to nail down at all when you strip it all away...an observer.
15646852-usually tired and often stressed, but grateful. And I'm at the beginning of a new chapter in life that hasn't been fully defined. I'm trying to embrace the design and exploration phase without moving or naming it too quickly.
15706854-pleased with where my life has taken me so far and I look forward to the future.
15716855-a really intelligent, funny and good person who just happens to overthink everything in life!
15846858pleased I completed this survey and also surprised by some of my answers. I am also hopeful that by being honest in writing down some of my thoughts will actually help me to be able to put more of what I value into action - both for my family and the company I work for.
15906859-open to new challenges and taking risks more than others ....strong and endurancing in finishing the job ...a people mover in privat and business life
15916860- a flawed human being, trying to do the best I can to make a little difference every day.
15946863pleased with who I am and what I've achieved, but feel like it's a 70% version.
15976864-content in the person I am today and excited about the adventure to come. I am the sum total of all those I've been lucky enough to be impacted by both directly and indirectly.
16016866-proud of the life I have built, even with the flaws. I want to be better every day and am looking forward to this development session and the chance to help influence the future training for the company!
16026867-so curious to better understand how these individual sentences provide insight on my leadership and how I will be able to use this to continue to develop as a person.
16036868-looking forward to this workshop and seeing how it impacts me and my overall leadership development. I'm also looking forward to making new connections.
16096869- here. I exist. That is enough to do something with it. Something meaningful. Or at minimum fun...
16146870- focused on being the best mom, leader and human i can be. i am not always great at managing it all, but i have come to grow well in my skin, have a strong vision for what i want and also have the drive, tenacity and ability to get there.
16246875-this way because of where I have been, because of who I have met, because of what i have seen, because of what i have done, and because of what i dream of being. I am this way.
16256876- living my vision. I realize that total control is an illusion, but I generally love life and am optimistic about the future, regardless of what may come.
16276878a husband, father and a successful business professional. Often, I define myself based on what I have achieved and what others see in me. External validation and recognition is more important to me than it should be. Working on it!
16396882proud and grateful for what I have achieved in life so far.
16406883- a strong, complex and vulnerable person, a mother and partner, a good listener, loyal and honest.
16616889-strong, independent, reserved, hard working, ethical, and passionate.
16626890wiser and more confident today than ever before. While I see my challenges and have a lot of work to do to keep growing, I believe in myself. I have peace in knowing that what is meant to be will be . I have a much calmer state of mind than I have ever had and know I can face whatever challenges or opportunities come my way.
16676893- a French-American woman who left her home country many years ago to go on an adventure and has achieved more than she could have imagined
16746898-eternally grateful for being incarnated at this time, in this place to bring my full beautiful self to help address some of the deep and complex challenges we face
16806903a happy man who has a great family and a great job which gives opportunity to feel needed and help others every day making them happier.
16926907comfortable with who I am, my limitations, my aspirations. I'm enjoying my time of life, the environment around me and what the future looks like.
16936908-successful businessman, a good father and looking to continue to grow as a person.
17266920- on a journey, i am me and part of a greater whole
17406926- grateful for my new job with Episcopal Relief & Development; grateful for a meaningful job/second career and for the flexibility to leave my law career.
17446929-a person that tries to be a contributing, valuable member of every social unit of which I am a part. Honesty, fairness, and communication are, I feel, the most important components of living an upstanding life.
17466931-most happy at work when is see people achieve their potential and frustrated when talent is wasted in my personal life I am happy and grateful .
17476932-a proud husband, father and son. I am excited to learn more about myself and further my career as well. I am also a person that will always do what's best for others and will always be respectful
17586937-a continuous work in progress, in service to manifesting God's abundance in everyone, everywhere.
17596938-part of an adventure I barely comprehend.
17606939-a divine spirit, wrapped in a precious human body, on a journey of discovery, growth, and evolution.
17656942-happily married family man who looks to explore and experience new things at work and outside work. Experiences and learning from others around the world is such a big asset which I cannot live without. I have taken my dream into reality, I have lived in several countries & visited over 70, I have two passports, met my wife in Sydney, got married in Thailand, my daughter was born in HK and son in Singapore. Yet I am still close with my family in Finland and my childhood friends, I am still supporting my football teams which I pick when I was 5 years old and watch every game no matter what time of the night they play. I am a happy man.
17666943me, and I'm proud of what I've achieved in my life, whether that be family, work, my place in society. But I'm also never satisfied, so I'm still pushing for more and something different.
17676944… proud of what I have achieved until now but on the other hand wondering if this is what I really want.
17786947- motivated to succeed because I want to provide for and protect my family, and to lead a fulfilling life - I work hard to do this through learning new skills and meeting new challenges, all with an open mind, absolute integrity and a very happy demeanor.
17856952I am…a wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend, colleague, community member, change agent, contributor to the greater good, always looking for new journeys and opportunities while at the same time creating pathways. I am a connector. I am a person who forms new realities by advancing the realities of those around me.
17886955-a complicated, passionate, driven, appreciative, and humble person who enjoys life's experiences and journey.
17986960- proud to have a lovely family that I love and makes me feel loved and at the same time a fulfilling professional career that challenges me and motivates me and helps me to become a better person; a person who enjoys life and is able to have great time at work AND in the weekends
18086962grateful to wake up everyday and have an opportunity to be a good husband, father and friend and provide meaningful impact to those around me.
18096963energized by each new day, always thinking about what we can do to create a better future, respectful of people, humble and grateful for all I have.
18106964-a strong woman. I do what I do as conscious as possible, trying to make a things better
18126966-searching, loving, father, stable, competetive, impatient
18156968- a Christian who loves God. I am also a loving husband, father, son, brother and friend. I am content with who I am and feel blessed for my life.
18206972Inspired by the first module of the training I did. Breaking through set patterns, which is exciting.
18216973a wife, a mother, a daughter, a friend and a team leader who is constantly learning more about myself and how to make a difference in the lives of those whom I influence.
18306975-a hard worker and overall good person with great morals. I am direct but to the point. No black and white. I am goal oriented and desire a fulfilled life for both my family and myself.
18316976for now a bit confused about this test. It is not easy to answer these questions in English. I wonder how my answers are being interpreted or explained. I am grateful to be in this leadership program, to explore myself and to become a better leader.
18696981-lucky to have amazing kids, family and friends to make memories with.
18856984- Trying to be the best that I can be so my daughter has the best foundation and all those around me can benefit from me.
18966986- a good person and am generally happy with myself. I am open to learning new things and am open to experiencing new things. I enjoy coaching and mentoring 2 or 3 people. I believe I make a big difference to them and enjoy their friendship. I need to like them before I am a good mentor to them, though. I learn a lot from them, too.
18976987-at 61 years old a very happy person and proud of all I have accomplished in my life. I enjoy doing so many different things and have the most wonderful daughters and grand children you could have.
19026991-an honest, dependable, loyal person to both my family and employer, and I am grateful for the opportunities given to me by both of them.
19036992-a creative, loving, rational, hard working, strong, capable, and humorous woman that is blessed to have my family, friends and the opportunity to live the life I want to live.
19166999-a humble and passionate individual. I thrive in faster paced environments and have been effective at motivating peers to perform in way that help steer us toward our goal. I like to be good at everything I do and am driven by results.
19187001- happy with where my life is at and proud of my accomplishments thus far. I am focused on living the best life and providing as much as I can for my families future.
19217004committed to continually growing and being the best version of myself that I can be
19257007-glad that I have a great family and friends, but especially thankful God blessed me with a beautiful daughter!
19797020-beautifully broken and fearfully made.
19827023-conflicted, intelligent, confident, assertive.
19847025me. I know I am not perfect but hope I am perfectly imperfect. I try to improve my shortcomings. I am fortunate to have many good people and dogs in my life. I try to learn from my mistakes.
19857026- optimistic, considerate, empathetic, responsible, always learning and looking for new ways to grow personally and professionally.
19867027-independent, caring, driven, determined, fun.
19887028-I'm happy. Although I am sometimes afraid for the future and health of my family. in my proffesional life - I have the feeling that I could be a much better leader than I am.
20027029- incredibly happy with who I am and very excited with whom I have yet to become.
20047030- happy about myself, I have loving family, wonderful daughter, personally and professionally developing job, I feel I can make difference with my job for the people and that matters the most both personally and professionally.
20057031a wife, mother, executive, daughter, volunteer, board member and friend who takes pride in supporting others and advancing my organization and the community in which I live.
20077033- the calm and smiley one. the one who loves to win even if not taking the credit. I am a talker!
20167039-complicated and I'm okay with that. I think you are, too.
20217043living in a simultaneously beautiful and volatile world; connecting closely with as many people as possible, taking advantage of my opportunities, and practicing gratitude will help me make the most of this life.
20347049-a good person who knows the value of loyalty. In my professional life, "I am" struggling with is this what I want to do with the rest of my life. Is it truly fulfilling to me.
20507060-lucky and happy, I am healthy, have a great family and friends and in addition I am blessed with a healthy dose of intelligence, confidence, perseverance, a good social antenna and a great career sofar.
20527062capable of many things and want to learn and change as needed. I am also looking forward to the new training course so I can grow further with my company.
20537063- happy , i take one day at a time. I am 40 and i take more time for myself , i have worked on myself and i feel more sereine for the next part of my life
20567065- The result of much effort, many hours of preparation and the goals that I have formed over the years
20747069- a mother, wife, sister, daughter, friend, and enemy. I am so lucky to have everything that I do in my life both professionally as well as personally. I am flawed and at times perfectly imperfect.
20757070-I am very proud of my accomplishments in my career and especially in my personal life. I know many challenges have occurred and will continue to occur in both. I am confident that with my teams and family I can overcome future challenges.
20777071excited to learn more about myself and how I can grow and help others.
20807074proud of my family and my career. I am excited to see what is next for my development.
20857076- in constant quest for learning more, improving myself , discovering the joys of life and bringing happiness around me
20877077- a runner, which reminds me every day that there is no gain without pain. I am someone who loves to be confronted with complexity, to master it, make it simple for myself and others, and then improve on it.
20887078-proud of who i am and what i have done but what i am most proud of is the positive legacy i have left in all the places i have worked and with the people i have met but most of all i am proud of my family.
21017082-a calm, kind, educated, intelligent person, with few emotional ups and downs, who likes people, family member, friend of my friends, honest, trustworthy, good person, with good inherited values, who does not like violence or confrontations, clueless, not very detailed
21237090-trustable, curious and easy going
21297092- a strong person who puts out one hundred percent. I always try my best. I think I am always kind towards others and try to leave things better than I received. I enjoy helping others.
21477096-self-sufficient and independent. I try to avoid relying on others for my needs.
21407100a balanced and sucessfull person who enjoys every day in the life. What gives me energy is a variety and combination of activities - my job, my family, my friends and hobbies.
21517101- a good person who strives to development and self-realization and generally wishes the world well 🙂 .
21597106- I have been living on this planet for 40 years and I still feel that I discover something new every day, as if I have a thousand years ahead of me.
21617108- in search for a new ecological life form. I am calmness, breathing, freshness, a slow and restful stream of clear and cold water. I am the people around me who lead clean and restful lives and let others live as well. I am NO to everything I don’t want.
21657111- I feel I can do many times more than what I do now in all areas of my life, but I don’t know how.
21707116- very grateful to everyone involved (including myself) for my existence, as well as the opportunity to think and act.
21737119- human, I am a woman, I want to rejoice, feel full and happy.
21817122-a complex person with many identities and roles. I am a mother, an employee, a manager, a sister, a daughter and a friend. I am different in each role and circumstance and I try to be the best version of myself in each.
22077127lucky, hard-working and honest.
22097128-lucky i have my health three healthy children a good job a warm house and great friends so i am very fortunate.
22297133- stressed, over worked, tired, strong, self-reliant, happy in my home life, critical of my professional life.
22347134an honest, reliable person who works hard but tries not to let work dominate my life. It is very difficult in our organization at Penske to have a work/life balance at times but there has been an evolution in this arena within the past several years. In short I work to live, not live to work.
22737140-content with my life and do regret not taking more chances and opportunities.
22837146- a man who pays attention to simplicity, who loves to work as a team leader/coordinator for his clients, and who hopes to be recognized as a great professional!
22867148- always looking for the opportunities to develop and grow, hope to contribute more to the communities, and be an inspirations for others.
22927149-I am a colorful flower that continues to bloom, constantly unfolding and shedding light on the different buds of curiosity, with the realization that I have much to offer.
22977151the result of my many experiences, hopes and aspirations
23057152doing my best as a husband & father, loyal, witty and trusted to my friends, ambitious & successful at work, sometimes abrasive, but always with good intent.
23107153-a work in progress. I need to be more patient and less structured about being efficient in my day. I would like to be a better listener and leader, and less self-conscious about how I am perceived by others.
23197158-thankful for all that i have been given in life. I was raised in a loving family and work for amazing company. I look forward to great things in the future.
23227159-me and my circumstances... on the way to being very happy (and I'm very happy already)
23417165- a child of God, a lover of my wife, and blessed to be a blessing.
23477166- a temporary psychic and nervous activity of my brain and my body which is perceived as self by my psyche, which influences other people and has certain recognizability of regular actions other people are used to calling Egor Rudi.
23717171striving to become the best version of myself, and in this process I think little about the past and rarely fret much about anything, since there is no point in looking back where you can change nothing. One needs to learn his lessons, draw conclusions and come up with ways of doing it better next time.
23937174-a person with strong values, determined to achieve my goals with a sucessful career and fortunate to have a family and a partner who have supported me in the pursuit of my goals
24177179pragmatic, smart and at my best when focused on a challenge/opportunity.
24237184A great mum to my children, though not a great wife. I am ambitious but nervous about how I move forward and how technically capable I really am.
24397185really proud of the person that I am, and continue to become.
24437188-A passionate, smart, caring person who wants to make a difference in people's lives and inspire them to be the best version of themselves by being authentic, being resilient and being open to experiences and opportunities.
24447189- a person who wants to use my talents and abilities to help others succeed. The phrase, "People may not remember exactly what you did, or what you said, but they will always remember how you made them feel", sums up how I try to live my life.
24497191- proud of the life I lead, in my work and personally; while acutely aware that the opportuntiies I have had come as much from luck and privilege as from hard work.
24837199- a strange blend of deep thinker, father, wanna-be cosmologist and people leader.
24967204a mum first and foremost, a supportive leader and someone with strong values around fairness and respect.
24927209blessed to have everything that I have in life - a loving family, loyal friends and a good job.
25167210a caring and committed person who is compassionate but also pragmatic. I am thankful for the experiences and opportunities I have had, and hope that I have made a difference to some people's lives through my work
25287213- always learning, and grateful for all the good in my life
25397215smart, caring, driven and ready to give to others.
25417216always me everywhere I go, always reflecting (even if it's not obvious to others) and always looking for opportunity to take things forward at work and outside
25497220-a very vital, generous, optimistic person, concerned about new generations and the environment, tolerant, active in social causes that help to improve the conditions of people in inequality, attracted by culture and all artistic form, and a full-time student
25617222capable of more than I know, and that is exciting.
26007230- here to serve and love the world. I am at my best when I share my knowledge, my wisdom, my food and my love with people.
26047232who I am with my strenghts , weaknesses, dreams and fears.......... but I consider myself as being lucky in living in the 21st century, in France, having a great wife and challenging but smart and bright children ( with their own personality ) and working for an amazing company who enables me to learn and grow every day.
26107233-pretty content. I gazing out the window at nature and have a sweet dog at my feet. My children are safe and loved. This earth is amazing. I enjoy this life from many different aspects...as me, my family, my community, my colleagues, and as humans. It's a pretty amazing thing to be in life.
26147234-proud of my achievements but not finished yet...
26397239-forever a work in progress, and the competitor in me is always pushing for more and better--both for myself and for the world around me.
26497244an optimist and confident in the role I have in making a difference at work, at home and in the world - and I look forward to continuing to do that, wherever I am and whatever I am doing.
26557250-Truly greatful for all I have been given. I have got the chanse to be in and feel love, raise children, test the limits of my body, expereince and explore myself, growing up, working with what I love and no bigg sorrows have crossed the path of my life, and so on and so on. Somethimes i reflect over why I i have been given so much. Its like someone or something keep on showling good things over me. I realise that it is my capability to see all the good stuff that surrounds us but that as well is a gift.
26627253-soon to be embarking on a significant life change, which has stirred up feelings of excitement, gratitude, anxiety, and contentment, and I'm looking forward to exploring how learnings from the GLP can be used to inform my journey into this next season of life.
26607254- very lucky person! I love my husband and my kids; I love my job, I believe that I make the difference contributing to the better world
25547256grateful for who I am and what I have in my life. I considered myself blessed in so many respects. I have great loving relationships, including my wife and children, and immediate family. I have had the means to be educated in great schools and developed a long and successful career. I have enjoyed a close friendship with exceptional people. I have traveled across the world and interacted with a number of cultures. I feel very comfortable with who I am and on what I bring to the world. I look forward to my future contributions on a more open and broader basis than through my previous jobs. I look forward to spending more time with my wife and family and making new friends. I am indeed grateful and blessed.
26657260- a constant optimist who loves people, animals, nature and sports
27257269-grateful to be alive, a unique human with tremendous gifts to share, curious, loving, joyous, adventuresome, and passionate about the common good!
24877271- committed to making the world a better place for my son, while also being true to myself, and providing my family with a comfortable, peaceful life.
27427275- always looking at ways in which I can improve myself, whether that be in my marriage, personal life or my professional career. Taking personal responsibility for my own actions is important to me. I am therefore very interested to hear the insights gained from my responses to this survey
27447276a 39 old woman who did not have an happy start in life but who now has the great luck to have a great husband and 4 healthy young children and who is also trying to have an fulfilling career in a struggling family business with poor governance and no support from her father.
27517277- looking for happiness in my life . It means a a good family where we enjoy deep relationships , a good job where i can explore my potential and i can make the call no matter in everyday life or job.
27547278-Ambitious, trustworthy, loving, healthy, prepared to take calculated risks, happy, valuable
27707283-in the final chapters of my life/career and spend more time thinking about who I am as a person and what I want to leave behind for my children and family.
27757284- a condensate of imperfections who tries to get better at life
27787287thankful to all of the people who have provided me with the advice, experiences and education that has shaped me as an individual, a friend, team player and as a leader and I hope that I can develop further by working with Jaguar Land Rover.
27907290- who I am, I like who I am and believe myself to be a generous and rounded person, I have my idiosyncrasies but they are mine, I seem to be comfortable with who I have become and enjoy a healthy and full life. I seem to have a good balance between my family life and work, the work I do is stimulating, challenging, difficult but rewarding. My home is where we want to be in the country, near nature and we can indulge the things we like and share.
28077294Leon, happy where I am, think I can do better, but are smart enough to convince myself that there's still enough time for that
27987295a child of God whose sins have been forgiven, determined to live a holy living that pleases God, committed to family life that is encouraged in God's word and committed to harmony at workplace and everywhere I am.
28287299- an objective-oriented, focused and charismatic person who cares for other people and their well-being but often times cannot identify their emotional needs.
28397304- very happy but also conscious that I have had a tremendous amount of luck in my life - to be growing up in a loving, relatively prosperous family, to meet my wife and conceive a wonderful daughter, to make friends in all corners of the world, to enjoy a really exciting and varied career, and to live in one of the greatest cities on earth.
28467311a student and a teacher. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience and believe that the only way to enable growth in others is to ensure that there is growth in yourself
28717326-who I am...not happy with some parts of my life but also very happy with others and I need to live with that feeling and try to fill gaps
29107328-an honest, vulnerable hard working father that will do all that i can to help others. I am trying to be better every day and consistently trying to learn more and more. I also have my weaknesses which i am trying to work on.
29777339overcome with possibilities for this answer! In all seriousness... I am so very thankful for what I am, where I am and who I have in my life. That being said, I am just getting started 🙂
29857340empathetic, honest, hardworking, tenacious, trust worthy , ethical and a loving husband and father.
29897341principled, trustworthy, hard-working, and strive to make a difference at work and at home.
28037342-living my best life as a father and husband.
30057344- a person with many dreams of living, learning and sharing experiences were work, time and patience are the key factors to make those dreams come true
30087345- a passionate wife, daughter, friend, leader that loves travelling, everything related to healthy lifestyle, to make a difference at work and to be happy... just that 🙂
30107346-a driven person, who likes to succeed and be well respected in both my career and life. I am a good father and husband.
30147347very content with my career, my husband, and my life in general. I am a positive, nice, and generally a happy woman. I am about to turn 60 and am thinking a lot about what I want to do with this last third of my life.
30207350Radek 🙂 - family guy, working hard to earn for good and fun life, trying to be kind, open and supportive to other people, passionate about travel, seeing and learning new things and trying to stay healthy by doing various sports.
30247351fortunate to be where I am today and want to make sure I don't take that for granted. I want to remove barriers for those who will come after me and be available to help others achieve more, faster. I want to make sure I fully realize my potential as an individual, as well as be a force that can makes the world better.
30427354-in process and desire to continue my journey of growth and learning.
30447355pursuing a balanced, happy lifestyle in which I can provide a safe and nurturing environment for my family.
30507358-Happy, fair and honest, respecting myself and others. I am in many way a leader of leaders and I love doing what I do, love my wife, and love my family. I have a strong sense of family at work and at home and believe in both these situations we can do very special things together.
30827363-nothing, and I am everything, and I am glad to be at the end of this test.
30887364- extremely optimistic about my life, feel extremely fortunate and count my blessings every day
30907366- self aware, curious, looking for new challenges and experiences, while caring for my family and friends.
31007367-eager to better myself and be a better teammate to the people around me.
31097371constantly fighting battles to prove myself even though I have the experience to prove it.
31217373-A people person that does at times like being center of attention, I'm the person that people ask about if I'm not at the party, I am the person that thrives on people being happy, motivated, inquisitive, trustworthy, open and honest.
31227374- happy! I have a great family, great friends, a fun job and the freedom to do fun things in my life.
31267376constantly amazed to be a unique synthesis of energy and particles that the universe has created in this form
31367379-a hardworking, religious person who takes pride in what I do to do it thoroughly and correctly.
31727384-grateful for life and the love my life is filled with. I am grateful to family and friends, to my job and to my home. I hope that our wonderful planet will grow to the better so that our children get the future they deserve.
31807386responsible, logical, direct and look for balance in all things
31827388complex, caring, dependable.
31867392always looking to make a difference at work, with my family, and also in this world.
32047399-a thoughtful, sensitive, energetic and very driven woman.
32477412enjoying the rich tapestry of life and reminded daily of ho lucky I am.
31137413- proud of who I am and of what I have accomplished but more so proud of my children and what they have achieved despite hardship and challenges.
31457421the sum of my experiences, and hopefully, that sum can be used to affect people more positively than negatively.
32787423- a person who cannot see and recognize her evident (to others) strength.
32807424- striving to be happy, I want to start progressing and stop worrying.
32817425-what I am. With all my dreams, complexes, quirks and twists, achievements, relations, love, goals and smoking...I am me now, at the end of this questionnaire. I am one of the 7 billion possible perceptions of the objective reality and its interpretations among the human species.
32827427-searching, out of focus in many respects with a high degree of uncertainty and anxiety. Having said that, I see lots of interesting stuff and I try various new things.
33097434- good at what I do, and passionate about the people that work for me, but sometimes burdened by leadership because success of the business is the only option.
33117436-learning more about myself all the time and excited to be taking my coaching and learning further.
33357442-passionate, driven, and never happy with the status quoi. At times this is a fault but I feel I this is what ultimately is going to get me to where i want to be in life within the next 5 to 10 years.
33537446- here for a purpose and understanding that purpose is the main objective of my life and I am not there yet.
33437453fortunate to have the life I do and I am optimistic for my future prospects and for those of my family.
33687455- strong - independent - loyal - resilient - a terrible speller 🙂 - my own self.
33807459-a constant work in progress and that is great
33827461-a single consciousnesss as self seeking to be aligned and one with the universal consciousness. I am me, just one but more than that. I can tap into the universal unknown to go with the flow, be present as and with the universal consciiousness but such a journey is still in practice.
33897463- a strong and focused woman that enjoys developing relationships with people. I am passionate about making a difference in people's lives, supporting others to reach their potential and being a positive role model for others and especially my daughters.
33927464- a creative, driven, hard-working businessman who has worked successfully at a senior Finance level for a number of iconic brands and loves his family deeply.
34017467- incredibly lucky to have raised 2 strong, independent girls, to have loving family and friends around and to have a career doing what I'm good at and enjoy.
34007468Who I am, I can change who I am, once modified I am then a modified version of who I was, but a new version of I am who I am.
34107470-A person that has high expectations of themselves and can struggle to feel a sense of achievement on occasions. I can see the good in others and enjoy investing time in developing them and do feel and sense of achievement when I do this.
34097472-always restless and looking for the next challenge, which throughout my career and life I've been lucky to have on a regular basis. I'm happy and engaged in everything I do, and always look for the opportunity in the next challenge.
34207476loud, stubborn, creative, the king.
34187477- the making of my values, actions and behaviours and choices. I am grateful for the past and looking forward to what the future brings.
34227478Relieved this is the last one ! honest, hard working, loyal and frustrated about my golf game.
34287480- incredibly proud of my family. My Parents for everything that they did for us when I was growing up, all of the sacrifices that they made that I can clearly see now that I have a family of my own. My Brother and Sister for also making their way through the challenges that they have faced; my two beautiful Daughters who continually surprise me with their opinions, whit and characters; and my beautiful and selfless Wife who gave up work to raise our family when I took a change in career that required me to work away from home.
34407482-very happy with life I had so far. Would it be to start again, I'd choose the same. I will make my best to keep this feeling alive as long as possible.
34527484forced to think and reflect a lot when I do these kinds of questionaries
34397485a work in progress. I want to be the person that my kids are proud of.
34647487a human being and sometimes puzzled by what that really means.
34547488I am a human being. I am a person who continues to grow from gratifying my curiosity. I’d like to contribute to human development including sustainability.
34677489imperfect but striving to be better.
34717491A young Brazilian engineer with an absolute passion about the auto industry. I did work on 7 different factories over 6 countries, building 3 million cars from 20 different models. I´m also father of 2 wonderful girls, one born in Czech Republic and the other born in France. I want to keep doing that for the next 20 years and I have good signs from my wife that this is fine. I love to discover new cultures and I love playing tennis and poker.
34737492- trying to understand what people are motivated by and what brings them happiness.
34907497- the man with strong faith. I am blessed having a wonderful family. I am satisfy with my life.
34957498- Gastón Wainstein. A family man. Married and with two adorable children. A good leader that behaves with healthy ambition, try to be a change agent and an innovator. Somebody passioned, curious and decided that in general has strategic view on things and the ability to land them in terms of tangible results. An ethical person and hard worker. A proud jew and devoted to my family origins and values.
35037500kind, honest and caring. Smart and successful. I am also still very much figuring out who I am and how to 'be' in the world as my truest self.
35047501- Grateful for my wife and family and for all that I have achieved
3521750340 years old and would like to change things in my life but don't know where to start from and don't want to take the risk to put my children in difficult situation.
35207505- positively oriented to the future. I am convinced challenging targets can be exceeded thanks to collective efforts. This is in my opinion valid both for professional and extra-professional contexts. I strongly believe in the power of teams, in the power of cross pollination and finally in the power of dreams.
35287506- grateful to have lived a full life with loving family and friends and great job that takes me all over the world
35437509-greatly blessed in life and thankful for: the opportunities I've had to do interesting work; for my beautiful family and for my relationship with God.
35847515-a combination of my DNA, upbringing, education and experience and am responsible for making the most of my life and have a role to play in improving the world around me
35997516-a child of God, a wife, a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a friend, a leader, a learner, a volunteer, a higher education professional, and a student. I am capable of changing this world one small choice at a time.
36457520-many roles (mother, daughter, wife, doctor, consultant...) and many feelings (purposeful, proud, satisfied, ambitious...)
36437521- a very fortunate person, and honouring that fortune is one of the things that drives me to contribute as much as possible and to be as good a person as I can be.
36627522a complex being, who tries my best to use the skills I have to put good out into the world on a daily basis.
37197530- the result of my parents genes and the environment I have lived in together with my experiences up until now.
37217531-Grateful. Grateful for my life. Grateful for my friends and family. Grateful for the opportunity to participate in this program. I wasn't sure when I started the process but I'm now very grateful for being included. And for Alis. I am grateful for Alis.
37297532a good person trying my best to do well in life without hurting anyone.
37387534-someone who has strong values grounded in respect, fairness and care for others, I set high standards for myself and try to give my best to the most important things to me.
37367535Scared that I am getting older and my body is changing without any ability for me to control the changes that are occurring. I dont know what the future holds and feel like I am missing out on some fun stuff with my kids at the moment.
37457536- just a person, living in a complicated world, trying to figure out my place and why I exist.
38037541-a person who strives to be good Husband and Father and to give back in his communities, and who: is entrepreneurial, loyal, builds value, and is a very good problem solver; is not a prisoner of past decisions, is unfraid to fail; and who actively thinks about how people willing to risk with him others receive reward commensurate with risk and the value they create.
38137544- a good man, good leader, insensitive at times, adaptable, reserved, an introvert, and independent.
38237546-reasonably happy, reasonably successful, incredibly lucky, and keen to return that luck by making my country a better place.
37497547-a self driven individual that enjoys working with people and leading by example whether that is at work or home.
38547549-often exploring new information and using the findings to bring positive change to myself.
38627553-a driven, objective, and generally positive person, who wants to squeeze the absolute most experiences out of this short life!
38617554- A shy person; who would love to be more relaxed when meeting or joining people I have not met before - Grateful of the life I have and proud of my family, my career and my life generally.
38657555-blessed to be who I am- with the freedom to be able to make my own decisions...and the gratefulness to want to give back
36717557Proud and grateful for the live that I have created for myself and my family.
38777558- emotional, spontaneous & planned, a mother, a friend, a worrier, a caregiver, needy for others to need me.
38767559- Easy to get along with, Loyal, supportive and consistent.
38787560- self motivated, curious, open authentic, analytical, hard working with the aspiration to achieve things that contribute to make a difference in today´s environment (leave footprints) - a person to enjoy teams and their dynamics.
38957564a dreamer, a singer, a mother, a daughter, a wife, a sister, a leader, a creator, a shopper, a feminist and a change maker.
39107565-always learning and a constant work in progress
39147567independent, smart, and funny.
39177568- loyal, optimistic, hardworking, loving, positive, open to change, always exploring more options, ambitious, dedicated and mostly grateful and happy.
39187570- my mothers son , quiet , confident , empathetic , strong willed , hard yet loving and above all , a family man.
39247571- a daughter, lawyer, a wife, a mother but I am also surfer, a mentor, a loyal and realiable friend and I wish I have time to be many other things in life.
40227584-smart, powerful, beautiful, a woman, CHRISTian, headed in a great direction, destined for greatness, learning, growing, sexy, amazing, a great cook, a great keeper of house, a great keeper of family and community, a sister, a friend, a Mother, a great lover and partner and wife, a worker, kind, tender, strong, wise, loved, funny/humorous, intelligent, fun to be with and around, Godly Woman, fit, healthy, and more.
40437586-not as successful as I wanted to be but happy with my life.
40467587-Josiane, I'm 40 years old, I'm in a beautiful phase of my life. Leaving my legacy where I work is my dedication, as well seek to make a difference to the people and organization that Im working for.
40637589happy with where my life has taken me, I love my family, I love the opportunities my career in Mars offer me, I love the life in Brussels and the future potential of my life.
40917594a decent guy, who made a peace with my demons, with number of defects, aware of some, willing to improve.
40597600a good person, a very proud father of 3 beautiful kids. A work in progres...
41417603happy that I have had the opportunities in life to be successful and continue to strive to be the best husband, father, friend, manager, leader I can be.
41637606- in need to get to a new level: to get enlightenment and liberation to leave free & happy. That Life is not about "HARD" but about "JOY & HAPPINESS"
41877610-a smart, funny, interesting, cool person, partner, mom, daughter, colleague, and friend.
41957611- proud of who I am and how I behave; - grateful; - a loyal wife; - a successful career woman; - loved.
41777612- I am a self-aware individual, who is clear on their purpose, which in-turn provides clarity around decision making in all environments and situations.
41287617-a wonderful intelligent, loving individual who loves life journey. Who believes in positive thinking and actions.
42287618- blessed with a great family and friends. My career has allowed me to grow as a person with failures and accomplishment along the way.
42567619-competent professionally, not good enough at really listening to my body (and having a lasting relationship).
42667623-grateful to all people who have helped me and made me who I am today. I will devote myself to helping others and making the world a better place to the extent possible.
42767624-the one who promotes leadership among others to create a better world.
43017625- very grateful for the upbringing I had (i.e., my parents) and all the opportunities it afforded, as well as for my family (i.e., my partner and kids).
43007626ready to inspire and to lead and to learn, willing to go deep and to explore and to go beyond, and capable of so much more.
43207630a person who tries to improve things, to influence others, to educate my daughter, to make my wife happy... person with imperfections, self-demanding, humble and, I think, happy.
43497638- in my mid-life crisis, I often prove that I can't make up my mind about anything and have no clue where I want to be in 2 or 5 years from now
43517639-a son, a brother, a partner, a caring individual who looks for ways to get better for myself and those around me. I am also self conscious at times, prone to overthought and
43647642- able to appreciate and to be grateful about the family-and friends-situation I am in and I am excited about what the journey of my life yet has to offer.
43867643- godlike, no I'm sorry, I couldn't resist, hope it doesn't ruin your test, I am just human, with strengths and flaws just like everyone else, and obviously a bit of crappy humor, by the way that first part was supposed to be with a very deep and powerful voice 😉
44437648- a mother, a sister, a daughter, a friend, a wife and a professional who has the great privilege of being allowed to be all those things and a responsibility to create a slightly better world than the one I was born into
44777651reaching retirement age but still feel 16 years old in so many ways - not least in still figuring out who I am.
44977653-An ambitious person who has a lot of dreams such as helping to children for improvement, such as Children of Mahak organization, the society to support children suffering from cancer. I am a person who always like to improve , Who like new challenges that learn him new things. I am a person who always looking for learning and experiencing new things in his life. I am a person who always want to make himself better person from he was in yesterday.
44997655- Person of discipline, speaker, coach, teacher and model figure within my circles - both at work and outside of work.
45037657extremely intrigued by your interpretation to the 29 questions above. Whilst many of the stems were straightforward they stimulated a lot of thought and reflection on what I have achieved to date and what I have the capability to achieve in the future.
43587659YOUR sensory organ. Or a hole in a doughnut.
45447664caring, sensitive, shy, introverted and smart.
45417665- who I am. No apologies and only a few regrets. While far from perfect i am reasonably satisfied that I am a good person.
45517666a man that lives with his dreams and ideas and lost in the theories
46167674-a passionate person who enjoys life, works hard and wants to make a difference!
46247675-very proud of my achievements in life. I am an extremely positive leader and bring out the best in people. In business I have developed and learned many skills to become a very effective leader which has resulted in significant improvement in performance of the business.
46207678a single, loving mom, who has potential that has not come out totally yet, wishing to have encourage, time and maybe money to focus on research, enlightenment and changing the system so that we could focus more on those in need.
46467682-created in God's image and blessed with gifts and talents that I put to use in my work and community to enhance this world and bring fulfillment to my life.
46567685- I have got the kicks from this test. I have no clue what picture it paints, but I hope it’s curable.
46657687happy and content. I have an amazing family, wonderful friends, I love my job and the people I work with, I feel challenged and that I'm making a difference.
46687688- still capable of learning and changing my outlook on the world and on my life.
46707689-extremely grateful to my past employer and all the mentors that have given me the guidances to make me who I am today. I will in return do the same for the younger generation.
46717690daring, connected, happy, active (psychically, emotionally and intellectually), quite reasonable, chaotic and structured at the same time, at peace with my self. I know what matters for me in life.
46767692- full of infinite possibilities.
46677693-an honest person and someone who loves to build things, create and seek the truth and the answers in everything I do
46997694curious traveler on this planet who enjoys and learns a lot through this journey.
47037696- happy and lucky to have such a wonderful family and good health.
47057697a bit cranky, speak my mind to much, do take things to heart, but always do my best
47267700-a harbinger of love and compassion in our shared world. Through this love I aim to heal and unlock the same love in others. I inspire life and love of life--in all its forms, moments, turns.
47677704-an uncharted and strange world, which is yet to be explored and challenged
47877707-a warm curious, smart and caring person.
47887709- me! I am comfortable with who I have become and what I have achieved. I'm excited for the future and what opportunities might exist.
48037710-very energetic. I am always changing and looking for learning opportunities. Sometimes I can stress a little those around me in this sense.
48397720stubborn, driven, a very proud mum trying to show her daughters that they can be anything they want to be.
48497723I am... I actually created an I am statement when I finished my MSOD experience at Pepperdine. While I don't remember the details, the essence of it comes to mind and aspects of it still hold true. But in this moment, my I am is different... I am complete. I am who I was meant to be. I am a beacon of light for those who can't see due to darkness. I am a spiritual being in this world of form. I am here to create impact one butterfly flap at a time. I am a student of life. I am a container for the unheard and unseen. I am lovable. I am worthy. I AM ME 🙂
48527724A man in a suit, really fucking tired, of trying to be admired. Ready to let go, release into my womb and just flow... a flower in space, forever a trace, reaching for a grace, beyond time and place.
48877727-blessed and grateful for the life I am living, I could not imagine a better life, my husband and I never made any plans and everything nicely developed in the right way, we are all healthy, we are a happy family with close bonds, I have a very good relationship with my mum and brother and I have no doubts that my kids will lead very good lives too.
48967728- a consumate learner, committed to leading a consciously awake, aware and evolutionary life.
49377732-glad this assessment is over! Someone who tries to be the best version of himself that he can be, to be someone that others aspire to be like, is a good father, a loyal friend, supportive to those that need my time or help, a genuine and effective leader - someone people will remember
49417734-powerful and competent. High in emotional intelligence. Creative. Caring. able to be pushed nad grow from hard experiences. capable. able to function in a variety of environments. responsible. Fun when im at my best. Visionary. able to curate meaningful experiences for myself and others. striving for a great life with lots of meaning and stability.
49727737still learning and will always.
49867740I am eager to believe that everything is possible, and the most authentic and natural look is the most beautiful.
50057743-very blessed with most aspects of my life - family, friends, work.
50067746really excited, but feel some trepidation, about the next phase of my life as I consider new career opportunities and who I could be.
50197747-grateful for where I've been, where I am, and where I'm going.
50477752blessed and proud of where I am today. Married to a wonderful man, who supports my career and equally shares in raising our 2 amazing boys; supportive family and friends; work that I enjoy and I am good at; we are healthy. We are equally excited about what tomorrow brings.
50727753- self aware, part of this universe, continuously trying to be a better human
50857754working on being ok with being me everyday and some days are better than others.
50877756someone who is just trying to be the best person I can be. As I have got older things become more grey. I hope to one day come to peace with who I am and have have left a legacy that really matters.
50907757a seeker, a giver, a loving father and husband. I am a lover of life. I like to think that I help organisations and individuals be the best they can possibly be. As a coach I gain most enlightenment seeing people rediscover their authentic selves and realise their potential.
51157760- So grateful of everything that I have accomplished...As I look ahead, I excited about the future as a father/grandfather and a business executive as my best is yet to come.
51627763proud of who I am. Not perfect - a work in progress... I'm real, I'm not afraid to be me and I'm proud of the career and life I've created and the people I share it with.
51707764- a work in progress moving towards the best version of myself
51767765- a proud dad, a loving husband, self-motivated, energetic, challenging, open-minded, out for new exciting experiences, passionate about work, concerned about our "blue planet" and never like to stand still.
52207768- looking forward to 2020... I really believe this is the year when the effort I've put in, and the work I plan to do, will be fruitful... I'll have clarity and confidence in the work I'm doing, with clients that enjoy and good things will come to me
52337770a very different person to when I was younger - much more content with myself and my values - what I stand for and what is important to me - looking to give back and grow individuals gives me a huge sense of achievment
52477771open to inspiration while hoping to inspire.
52497772-a very lucky person - born into a good society, raised by amazing parents, lucky to find a strong, supportive partner, and be given career opportunities to help finance my family's future.
52897774- a technical leader with an eye for detail and delivery, but understanding of people's motivations and feelings and aware of the challenges along the journey.
52837776-many things at once -- lawyer, politician, policy officer, husband, dad, friend, North Carolinian, American, African American, Norwegian, Native American, South American, English, Irish, Jewish but mostly I am involved in the world and committed to making it better.
52927777- lucky as I have a family who mean everything to me and are safe and healthy and I have a job that is exciting, rewarding and challenging in a good way!
53157787-I want to wake up one day in a more responsible and fair world and feel it has changed partly thanks to me and my ideas. 
53197791-studying myself and discovering more with every passing day.
53317793- positive about the future - content with what I have achieved in my career and life - keen to use my experience where possible to help others in a way that is supportive and engaged, considered, frank and honest - keen to enjoy family and leisure time as much as possible